Email received Saturday, June 21, 8:03 PM

Hey! As some of you may know, I bought a new house last month and now that it's all furnished and in perfectly habitable condition, it'd be great if you could come for the housewarming party on the 28th! Gifts aren't necessary, but we'll be having potluck – so make sure to bring some food!

Hope to see you there!

PS. Okay. You probably know by now that this isn't Lelouch. In fact, he'd probably kill me for making a big deal about his new house – and oh, also the fact I hacked into his email account to invite you all for the housewarming party he doesn't know about. But really, don't let the risk of my wellbeing stop you. I hope to see you guys there!


A small smile crept on Suzaku's face after finishing Nunnally's letter. It was so like Lelouch's sister to meddle with her brother's personal life. He noticed that she didn't use Lelouch's work email, but his personal one instead; the one he had kept since high school, the one that probably only had less than fifteen people in its address book. He recognized some of the other email addresses the invitation was sent to… Kallen, Milly, Rivalz, and others. He highly doubted C.C would come though, since the last time he heard, she was in some jungle in Southeast Asia, looking for a new species of frog… or something.

Sighing, Suzaku shut his laptop down and made his way to his bathroom to brush his teeth. It wasn't like he was going to go, anyway.

To be honest with himself, when he sat down earlier that night to check his email like he always did before going to bed, he hadn't been expecting an email from Lelouch. In fact, the sight of Lelouch's name sitting in his inbox with the title of his message, 'Are you free?' nearly gave Suzaku a heart attack. Well, he was pretty sure it was a heart attack considering how he fast his heart was beating at just the sight of the email. By the time he realized it wasn't Lelouch behind the email, his heart only started beating faster at the possibility of Nunnally finding some of the... well, risqué emails he and Lelouch used to exchange whenever Suzaku was off in a business trip for a week or two. Dear Lord. He knew talking on the phone would have been just fine, but no, Lelouch had insisted on writing everything down.

Suzaku gulped, squeezing a bit too much toothpaste onto his toothbrush. He wouldn't be able to face Nunnally if she had opened some of them.

But then again, knowing Lelouch, he had probably deleted all of Suzaku's emails – the risqué and G-rated ones – after things ended. In fact, Suzaku was surprised Lelouch hadn't deleted his email address along with everything else.

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