Sometime during the night, Suzaku took up his usual sleeping position; curled up and facing the edge of the bed. When he woke up, it took him two seconds to realize that he wasn't in his room. When images of last night flooded into his mind, it only took him two more seconds to realize that yes, it had happened – and if he still had any doubts, the fact Lelouch had his head snuggled up behind Suzaku's bare back with one arm lazily slung over his chest, made all of them disappear in an instant.

Suzaku carefully turned himself around so he was facing Lelouch, trying his best not to wake him up as he did so. He picked up Lelouch's arm and moved it so it settled on his waist in case it would fall as he turned positions. When he was finally facing his friend, Suzaku looked down at Lelouch and smiled to himself. Rays of sunlight that filtered through the curtains cast a warm glow to Lelouch's normally pale cheekbones. Suzaku had always known Lelouch was an attractive guy, so he had always wondered what his reason was for not having at least twenty girlfriends during his time in Ashford – he just never thought the reason would be him.

Almost as if Lelouch's senses were as alert as ever when he was asleep, a small frown flitted across his features before he opened his eyes, blinking twice before looking up at Suzaku. He didn't say anything for a few seconds, and just like when Suzaku woke up, it looked like he had a number of things running through his mind until he cleared his throat. "How… long have you been awake?" he asked, blinking some more, the sunlight casting a yellow tint on his violet eyes.

"A while," Suzaku answered, propping his head up on his hand.

Lelouch frowned. "And you've just been staring at me the entire time?"

Suzaku shrugged and grinned. "Pretty much."

"Oh, dear God. You're the sentimental type," Lelouch scoffed, rolling his eyes at Suzaku.

"Says the person who had his arm around me while he slept – and still does," Suzaku answered back, tilting his head towards Lelouch's arm, which was still resting comfortably over Suzaku's waist.

Lelouch scowled as he retracted his arm. "Oh, shut up," he muttered, turning away and resting on his back so he could look up at the ceiling. Meanwhile, Suzaku yawned, covering his mouth with his free hand. He was thinking about getting up, when all of a sudden, Lelouch practically tackled him onto his back so he could lie on top of him again.

Suzaku chuckled. "So, I'm the sentimental – "

"Oh, shut up," Lelouch cut in. "I'd kiss you to shut up, but your breath stinks."

"Like yours doesn't."

A small, amused smile played on Lelouch's lips before he rested his head against Suzaku's chest. "Do you know what day it is?" he murmured against Suzaku's chest, his fingers running up the length of Suzaku's arm, lazily tracing the lines of his muscles.

"I think… it's a Thursday," Suzaku answered, closing his eyes as he enjoyed the feeling of Lelouch's fingers running along his skin. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure it is."

"Shit," Lelouch muttered. He shook his head, as if he was a small boy who didn't want to follow an order. "I don't want to go later."

Suzaku lifted his head from his pillow so he could look at Lelouch. "Go where later?"

Slowly, Lelouch's fingers ran over his arm, traced the line of Suzaku's collarbone, then rested flat against Suzaku's chest. "Since last month," he began, his breath warm against Suzaku's skin. "I've been teaching evening law classes at a university."

"Oh, wow," Suzaku said, clapping a supportive hand on Lelouch's shoulder. "Why'd you decide to teach?"

Lelouch shrugged. "I needed something to do… to take my mind off things," he answered slowly, saying only enough for Suzaku to get an idea of what he was talking about. "Besides, it's not like work has been really heavy… and I thought maybe a second job would be good for me."

Suzaku scoffed. "Like you even need to work in the first place," he said. "You're rich enough to live three lifetimes without having to work."

He could feel Lelouch frown against his skin. "I don't want to depend on my family's dirty money."

Suzaku sighed, his hand rubbing Lelouch's shoulder in a comforting manner. "I know, I know."

Lelouch's father was the quintessential politician. He could put on the perfect smile, say just the right words and convince you that what he's doing is right – all the while stealing your tax money and spending it on his lavish homes and cars. His corruption was something everyone was generally aware of since their Ashford days, but no one really talked about it. Lelouch had always been embarrassed whenever he'd get picked up from school in a new car every month, and Suzaku was pretty sure that's why he took up law – to make up for all the laws his father broke, despite the fact Suzaku had told him many times before that he didn't need to make up for his father's deeds, because he wasn't his father.

Suzaku was just about to tell Lelouch to get off him so he could make some toast when Lelouch's fingers found themselves around the nub of Suzaku's nipple and started playing with it.

"Lelouch – "

Lelouch sneaked a small glance at him, his violet eyes possessing a mischievous glint in them. "Suzaku, you know better than to make me think of my horrible family life so early in the morning," he said slowly, although there was no trace of anger in his voice at all. "I demand retribution."

"I, ah – "

All breath left Suzaku as Lelouch's hot mouth hovered over the sensitive skin. When the tip of Lelouch's tongue flicked across the already hardened nub, blood rushed to Suzaku's lower regions so fast, Lelouch made a small, excited noise as he felt Suzaku's cock immediately spring to life beneath his own crotch. Suzaku felt Lelouch spread his legs wider, so he had both knees on the mattress on both sides of Suzaku's body. Lelouch's hands traveled up to grip Suzaku's shoulders, holding onto them as he lifted himself up to a sitting position on top of Suzaku, his erection sliding deliciously against Suzaku's.

A second later, Lelouch moved his hips, electricity shooting up Suzaku's spine in every stroke of his hard, leaking erection against Lelouch's. Suzaku tilted his head back and shut his eyes, spreading his legs wider as Lelouch continued to rock against him, angling his hips perfectly, the friction building up so fast between their slick cocks. He wanted to pull Lelouch close to him, to kiss and swallow the pleasured moans leaving his lips, but Lelouch had pinned him down on the bed.

"Ugghhh, ohhh," Lelouch groaned, his head thrown back, his neck fully exposed and Suzaku wanted to kiss it terribly, to lick and mark that bare expanse of skin.

Lelouch picked up the speed of his thrusts, and judging from his leaking cock, Suzaku knew he was coming soon. With one final will of strength, Suzaku freed his arms from Lelouch's grip, and just as he pulled Lelouch's face down and shoved his tongue into that hot mouth, Lelouch came. Suzaku swallowed Lelouch's entire cry of ecstasy and he joined Lelouch in his orgasm a second later. He came in pure, white heat, the heat of the friction between them sweetening the sensation as he came between the both of them.

Lelouch was a heap of tangled limbs on top of him, practically breathless as he tried to catch his breath.

Suzaku was still basking in the tingly sensation running through him when he remembered it was still a weekday – so he still had work. Groaning, he propped himself up on his elbows, and looked down at Lelouch, who looked like he wanted to get back to sleep.

"Hey," he said, moving his chest side to side so Lelouch would move. "Get up. Let's eat."

"I want to sleep," Lelouch mumbled, shaking his head.

"Fine. Go to sleep," Suzaku said. Without a second of warning, he turned his body to the side and set his feet on the carpet, nearly throwing Lelouch off the bed.

"Hey!" Lelouch said, sitting up and glaring at Suzaku as he picked up his boxers from the ground. "A warning would have been nice."

"Come on, Lelouch. Get up," Suzaku said after putting his boxers on. "And to think you're supposed to be the responsible one."

Lelouch let out an indignant huff and glared at Suzaku one more time before swiping his briefs from the ground.

After a couple of minutes of arguing how to make an omelette, Suzaku and Lelouch were seated around Lelouch's small kitchen table. Suzaku had reminded Lelouch of the time he nearly burned his sleeve in Home Economics class, but Lelouch insisted on making the eggs himself. So while Lelouch made the eggs, Suzaku prepared a couple of slices of toast and made the coffee. By the time Lelouch was done making the eggs and set an omelette on Suzaku's plate, even though Lelouch was busying himself with preparing his own slice of toast, Suzaku could feel his eyes watching him for his reaction.

"Well," Suzaku began, giving Lelouch a small shrug. "Your eggs could use a little work."

The way Lelouch narrowed his eyes at him nearly made Suzaku laugh. "I'm kidding!" he said, raising his hands up in the air to tell Lelouch he meant no harm. "They're good, they're good! But come on. It was pretty funny how you just blew up when I talked about how my secretary made great eggs."

Lelouch was still glaring at him, and Suzaku could actually feel the annoyance emanating from him. "Well, Suzaku, I'm telling you now – I am not a good cook." He stood up, holding a slice of toast. "So if you're looking forward to having some great eggs, you might as well – "

Suzaku sighed as he grabbed Lelouch's hand and pulled Lelouch toward him. Lelouch tried to resist, but Suzaku had always been the stronger one out of the two of them, so he yanked Lelouch onto his lap. Lelouch tried to get off him, but Suzaku wrapped his arms around his waist and kept him still.

"I was kidding, Lelouch," Suzaku said in a soft tone, pressing his forehead on Lelouch's shoulder. "You really need to take jokes a lot better."

After a while, Lelouch stopped struggling in Suzaku's arms and sighed too. He ran a hand through his dark, disheveled hair and gave Suzaku a small glance. "You're right," he muttered, a small blush forming on his cheeks. "I apologize."

Suzaku nodded, then lifted his head to nuzzle his nose behind Lelouch's ear. He could feel Lelouch relax in his arms, and he slowly sat up a bit straighter as Lelouch turned in his lap and brought his other leg around him. Despite the fact Lelouch complained about being treated like a girl when Suzaku carried him to the bed last night, he seemed to have no problem with straddling Suzaku's lap. One hand held half a slice of toast while the other was caressing the side of Suzaku's face, Lelouch's knuckles running along Suzaku's cheek.

Suzaku was silent as Lelouch's eyes scanned his, as if he was trying to look for something in them.

"You're… serious about this?" Lelouch finally murmured, his eyes never leaving Suzaku's.

Suzaku looked up at him with a smile on his face. "Lelouch, can you shut up? If you ask me that one more time, I might just change my mind."

Lelouch didn't say anything, but Suzaku could see his eyes brighten almost immediately. Just as Suzaku had asked, instead of talking, Lelouch bent his head to give him a full kiss on the lips.

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