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Chandler was on a business trip in Tulsa for two days, so Monica left her children in the care of Ross and Rachel and was returning to his home. She wanted to take that would be alone in your new home, not that she did not want to take care of their children, but she felt tired for some time.

She needs a break for it, did not know that having children was something complicated, comprehensive and felt sorry for not having consulted with Rachel when she had to take care of Emma. She felt disappointed, but she now knew he had to fight to be a good mother and she would try.

Monica parked his car in the garage and shortly after that came home, someone knocked on the door. She went to answer and to his amazement the visit was ...

-"Richard?" - Monica said amazed.

-"Hi, Monica."

The last time Monica saw Richard was almost two years, when they were just friends, before he moves.

-"Richard, but what are you doing here?"

-"I 'm just making a visit since I moved a few blocks."

Monica found it strange because Janice also almost had moved close to their homes, but for some unknown reason it Janice not moved more to the neighborhood. Did the ex-boyfriends and her Chandler were behind them?

-"So, okay. - Monica said."

And Richard went inside and looked around the room.

-"So how are you?" - Asked Richard.

-"I'm fine".

-"I hope that Chandler does not bother with my visit, since we got together ..."

"Okay, he's on a business trip and I think he will not mind too much."

-"Well, then it ..."

Richard swallowed hard, thought before speaking and then continued.

-"So how's your marriage?"

-"Is it well and you, by chance got a wife?"


Monica remembered when Chandler was with Joey to Richard's apartment and found the tape was a recording of his sex scenes with a woman who allegedly was recorded over the sex scenes between Monica and Richard.

-"But I want to know one thing." - Said Monica


-"Chandler went to his apartment and found our video with us having sex, but you used the video to record with another woman!"

-"But what you want to know?" - Said Richard confusing.

-"Why have you recorded above our tape? I thought you kept the memory ... Your miserable!"- Monica said a little irritated.

She was so nervous as he knew she knew the rewrite of the tape.

-"But Monica, I thought you had passed the end of our relationship."- Richard said, shocked.

-"And overcame!"

-"So what are you complaining?"

Monica was silent and he realized that this was true, she felt sorry that he could still feel something for her and was angry when he thought that his feeling for her was over. And then what she wanted? She was confused!

-"Well, is that our relationship was so good and I had difficulty to forget you ..." - Monica said.

But, Monica, you do not beat yet? Or just physically tried to forget you forgot to think our entire relationship? - Asked Richard.

-"Good ... But you overcame? Not exceeded? Slept with each other and recorded the relationship with her on top of our tape ..."

-"Never met someone who broke up after all and went back to feel for one another?" - Richard said the defensive.

Both have faced. Monica recalled Ross and Rachel, and recalled the lost time for them to accept, as Ross tried to marry several times and the first marriage lasted seven years and Rachel also tried to marry, but in the end they were together ...

Monica tried to understand why ended with Richard and remembered the children who wanted to quit because he did not want children.

Just because your mother has led to want to have children, whom she rejected both liked it and because it was desperate and went to Chandler in London because her mother suggested that she would never marry and despair was so great that Monica was looking for Joey Chandler and not in London, she herself admitted this.

But she hated her mother, she did not think Chandler perfect for romance and she only married him because he was desperate for what her mother said! She was spoiled and obsessed with what others said, she tried to follow what the others said, but it was not what she wanted ...

She had to have what she herself wanted, but she has always depended on the other unconsciously and therefore felt was a weak person. She wanted to change that.

Monica did not think twice and hugged Richard kissing warm, he returned and logos separate.

-"Richard, I ..." - Monica said.

Monica, I better not think now, do not want to ruin everything again. - Richard said.

-"Do not speak" ...- Monica said anxiously.

Monica and Richard did not waste time and kissed passionately and one thing led to another ...

Continued ...