Post-game bit of fluff set in Flanoir with Lloyd, Colette and Noishe.

Dedication: for Manna/Kitten Kisses who gave me the prompt for this fic. I hope that I've done the prompt justice.

Disclaimer: I don't own Tales of Symphonia. It belongs to Namco.

Lloyd smiled as he and Colette put the finishing touches on the snow sculpture they were building. Having been inspired by the other snow and ice sculptures that were scattered around Flanoir, and insisting that they could use a little time to relax, Colette had suggested that they made one of their own.

Lloyd had been unable to say no to her playful smile and had laughed when, once he'd agreed to her suggestion, she had told him what she thought the subject should be. It was, he thought, something that he should have guessed would be an obvious choice.

"It looks so much like Noishe I'm tempted to offer it a biscuit," Colette laughed happily as Lloyd backed away from the sculpture a little after putting a small pebble in place for the nose.

"You should take a picture, I bet the others would love this," Lloyd said, a slight hint of pride in his voice.

"OK," Colette nodded, rooting around in her bag for the camera Regal had given them the last time they'd passed through Altamira.

"You could stand next to it, that way everyone will be able to see how big it is," Colette suggested as she moved to a good position to take the photograph from.

"Good idea," Lloyd agreed, moving next to the sculpture and putting his arm around its neck in a friendly way.

Colette began to lift the camera then paused as a small furry creature dashed by. She frowned slightly, confused, then smiled as she recognised the pawsteps of a larger animal coming around the corner.

"Noishe, stop playing tag with that mouse a second and come and see what, uh oh," her tone changed from one of happiness to one of slight horror as Noishe slipped on a patch of ice and went skidding towards the sculpture.

"Noishe no, stop, sit, wait!" Lloyd yelped, his arms flung up in the air in a futile gesture to try to get the dog-like creature to stop.

Noishe was going too fast to stop, however, and Colette found herself unable to look as the inevitable 'whump' sound of him crashing into the snow sculpture reached her ears. When she turned back, however, she found herself erupting into laughter.

"Now we've got a snow Noishe and a snow Lloyd," she said between giggles and pointed at the pair who were now covered in snow.

"Noooisheeeeee" Lloyd whined, trying to shake snow from this hair, then he blinked as he heard the distinctive click of the camera.

He turned around to see Colette giggling as she took another photo.

"Hey, wait, I thought we agreed not to take embarrassing photos of each other when we got that thing," he whined.

"Too late," Colette giggled happily, sticking the tip of her tongue out playfully at him. Then she lifted the camera above her head as she ran away.

Her escape was, however, hampered by a patch of ice which caused her to skid into a large pile of snow.

Lloyd, seeing the ice patch she'd slipped on, carefully walked around it, calling out her name worriedly. He sighed in relief as Colette emerged, unharmed, from the snow.

"You're as soggy as I am now. Come on, let's go back to the inn and have a bath," he suggested.

"Sounds good to me," Colette beamed happily as she looped her arm around his and began, carefully and slowly this time, to walk in the direction of the inn.

Lloyd smiled at the thought of getting to share a bath with Colette, something they both always enjoyed. That was worth getting covered in snow for. Although, he thought to himself, he'd have to make sure he got the film out of the camera later, and think of a plausible excuse for how he'd 'accidentally' opened the panel on the back.