Beautiful Eyes

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Kagome smiled down at the small bouquet she held in her hand... she couldn't wait to show them to the person they were meant for.

It was still strange, when she thought about it, that Sesshoumaru's little group was now traveling with theirs - she suspected it would take a while for everyone to grow at least marginally comfortable around the stoic, silent Lord, but the best part, to her, was that now she got the chance to spend time with Rin.

That was one little girl that could tug your heart out with just a tiny smile, and in Kagome's eyes at least, she could do with a bit of mothering.

She had no problem taking on that role.

She glanced down at the flowers in her hand again, and nodded. Rin loved flowers more than anything in the world, besides Sesshoumaru, and Kagome knew a great deal about them - she'd taken a liking to them herself when young, and had studied up on the subject - and on their specific meanings.

Thus, the particular flower she held in her hand now, as she hopped through the bone-eaters well, and headed back to the feudal era from her own. It hadn't escaped her how beautiful Rin's eyes were - doe brown, melting, and achingly innocent, they showed every emotion within her to the world, and Kagome wanted to show her that through a flower.

She'd chosen a variegated tulip - it meant beautiful eyes, simply stated, and had no other meaning associated with it.

Perfect for the tiny child.

Landing softly on the bottom of the well five hundred years before she'd jumped, she considered the flowers in her hand for a moment, frowning then as she looked up.

How am I going to climb out of the well without damaging the flowers?

Just as she was thinking about settling the flowers in her pack, and hoping they didn't get crushed, a silver and red streak landed in the well, and she squeaked as she was grabbed rather roughly and hauled out of the dank hole in the ground.

Once she was set down, she shook her skirt out and smoothed her shirt with her free hand, then glanced at her companion.

"Thanks, Inuyasha." Smiling a bit at his muttered "Feh", she asked, "Is everyone gathered and ready to go?"

With a sour look, Inuyasha grunted. "Keh. Yeah, if you're asking if the Ice Lord is there, he is - along with that kid of his," he said, with a glance down at the bouquet in her hand. "So let's get a move on, eh?" He took off at a faster speed, trying to get her to hurry, and as she began to trot after him, Kagome couldn't help but grin.

Always so impatient.

When they arrived in the clearing where the two groups waited, Kagome slid her pack down and walked up to Sesshoumaru, ignoring everyones greetings. With a low, respectful bow, she spoke.

"Sesshoumaru-sama, I brought a gift for Rin. May I give it to her?"

The daiyoukai stared at the girl for several moments, silently weighing her request. "What did you bring her, miko?"

Kagome brought the flowers up to her chest, and let him look his fill, watching carefully as his brow furrowed slightly.


"Hai, Sesshoumaru-sama. Rin loves them, and these flowers have a meaning. May I?" she asked again.

He nodded abruptly, calling his ward to his side with barely a word, then nodded towards the priestess.

"Rin, the miko has something for you."

He would admit to some curiosity.

Flowers have meaning to humans? What use would such a thing as ascribing meanings to flowers be?

Rin smiled up at Kagome, then noticed the flowers being held out to her, and with a squeal, she clapped her hands together, then held them out tentatively.

"These are for Rin, Kagome-sama? Rin has never seen flowers like this before." At the young priestess' nod, she took them gingerly, and held them to her chest gently. "You told Rin that flowers mean things, right, Kagome-sama?"

Kagome nodded, a gentle, tender smile curving her lips - one not noticed by her, but to Sesshoumaru, very clear, and his brow furrowed a bit deeper as he waited to hear the meaning behind the gift.

"These flowers are called Variegated Tulips. Variegated Tulips mean 'beautiful eyes', and I thought these would be perfect for you, Rin, because they describe you perfectly - your eyes are very beautiful."

A happy look crossed her face as Rin grinned at her and blushed. "Rin thanks you, Kagome-sama," she said, softly. She leaned forward a little and whispered in her ear, "Rin thinks your eyes are very pretty, too." Then she stepped back, and waited for her Lord to give her instructions, nodding happily and immediately heading off when told to ride Ah-Uhn.

The rest of the group watched silently, not at all surprised at Kagome's words or actions.

Sesshoumaru, on the other hand, was taken aback, though no one could see it.

She is correct... Rin has very beautiful eyes.

I wonder... what does she see when she looks into them?

Is it the same thing I do?


A/N: So... you've got it, this story has a flower theme, and will be updated as new ideas come to me. Rin will be central to this story-line, as her purity of heart warms our favorite dai, and opens his eyes to Kagome's purity of heart - all through the medium of flowers and their various meanings.

Hope everyone enjoys...


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