Chapter 1, Part 1 - The Awakening

I could hear and feel the thundering roars and endless vibrations in both walls and floors from the engines that worked below us. Every day re-enact the same things; wake up from the engines, get bullied by the guards, work, hardly eat, work, then sleep.

With a discomforting effort I turned my head to look at the watch on the wall to ensure I was not going to oversleep. You wouldn't want the Slave Pen Guards to catch you while sleeping, then they'd do horrible things to you. As I tried to awake from my cloudy and sleepy state, I tried to remember the date of the day, and year. Minutes went by and I still couldn't figure out what date it was, the frustration just grew of not knowing.

I rose to get my legs more alert, being slow when the guards shows up could get you into troubles as well. They are relentless, mind controlled, numb servants of the so called priests and their council. Nothing but brutes, all of them.

I walked silently over to the only window in the cell and tried not to wake the others up. The window disgusted me, it was filled with filth and dirt that had been gathered there for years, I did not even want to think of what nasty sickness you'd get from touching it. As I watched out into the dark voids of space, I could get a glimpse of the nearby lying ship. From the distance we were from the other ship, made it hard to make out if it were a ship with fighting abilities or just another convoy ship.

"Huh!" I thought to my self, "Why'd they put a convoy so far from "home" if we are at war? Stupid..."

An echo made from the hallways of metal boots and chains dragged along the floor, came gliding in through the ventilation systems. I froze with fear, as I always do when that particular sound erupts, it's the call of bad omens. My eyes got caught and stared at the door as the lock turned...