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Author's Note: AU. Follows Yeterdays, Today and Months.


Silent Night


He had told McGee that he had somewhere to be that Christmas and he wasn't lying. He and his Dad were going to lay Christmas flowers on his Mom and sisters graves and then they would go home and have dinner. The next day they would open their presents and have Christmas dinner that night.

They were finally done with the case and it was pretty late. Tony was lucky that he had already packed his bag to spend the night with his Dad, so he arrived at his Dad's house at the same time as his Dad did.

"Hey, Dad."

"Hi, son. I'm glad that you were already packed. We'll go put the flowers on the graves tomorrow."

Tony nodded and followed his Dad into the house. There were two pretty Poinsettia's sitting on the coffee table in the living room. His father had already ordered food from a place that was open late and dropped them on the dining room table.

Tony looked at the tree and plugged it in. They had decorated the tree a week before putting up some of his Mom's and Kelly's favorite ornaments and some of theirs. He put some of the presents that he had in his bags under the tree while his dad was getting the food ready.

Tony went back into the kitchen and sat down when the food was on the table. They both ate and then cleaned up and then went into the living room. They watched a couple of Christmas movies and then went upstairs to go to sleep.

The next day before they opened presents and having breakfast they gathered the two Poinsettias' and went to the cemetery. Placing the flowers on the graves. Tony stood there.

"I wish that you two were here with us celebrating another Christmas with us. I miss you two a lot."

Tony walked a little bit away and let his Dad talk to his wife and child.

"Our son is a great guy, Shannon. You would be so proud of him. I miss the both of you so much. I too wish that both of you were still here to share Christmas with us."

They made their way towards the car again and then made their way home. Gibbs went into the kitchen and started getting ready for Christmas dinner. Tony helped a little bit and then went upstairs to get showered and dressed and then came back downstairs and switched on the TV. When Gibbs was done he too went upstairs and showered and got dressed. When he was done he went downstairs he sat on the chair and watched TV with Tony. Gibbs got up and got the presents for Tony and Tony got up and got the presents he had gotten for his Dad.

After opening them and throwing away the wrappings there was a knock on the door. Gibbs went to open it. "Hi, Abby. You know you don't have to knock. You can just open the door it's never locked.

"I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to my two favorite guys."

"Come in, Abs."

"Hey, Tony." She said as she hugged him.

"Hi, Abby."

"How was your day, so far?"

"It's good. My Dad and I have been getting ready for Christmas Dinner. We already opened our presents."

"Well, Merry Christmas to both of you."

"Do you want to stay for Christmas Dinner?" asked Gibbs

"No, thanks. My parents are here and they are cooking dinner at my place, but thank you for asking."

"You're welcome." Gibbs said.

"I have to go back to my parents."

"Goodbye, Abs and Merry Christmas."

"Thank you."

She left and Gibbs went to go check on dinner. When it was almost ready Tony set the table and then glanced at what his Dad was doing. After dinner they put away the leftovers and watched a little bit more TV. They had a good Christmas this year both of them thought, but they both wished that there were two more people there.