Thirteen. Damien.

A/N: So sorry for the long delay…college sucks. This chapter is sexy and too graphic for this site. Oh well. I warn you of, angst, oral, and other sexual activity.

I woke up the next morning beneath a cloud of bliss. For the first time in months everything felt peaceful. It was as if I had fallen in love with Jack all over again. Each morning after that remained under the same pattern. My days became so simple, when before each hour had seemed so hard. I would perform my academic duties, as well as completing my obligations within the Dark Daughters organization. Then all my spare time became devoted to Jack. Sometimes I'd talk him into studying, and sometimes he would let me read one of his stories. There were days when we were insanely passionate. I'd lock up my bedroom door, Jack would insist on drawing the curtains closed. I could have spent weeks on what we did during the few early morning hours. However, we still were virgins. That would end soon. I could almost sense it. We could only do so much in bed before it just happened.

In addition, life in general returned to normal. The Twins and Aphrodite weren't pleased with Jack, but they were starting to accept his return. Moods perked up and I felt at ease. After so long a period suffering different types of peril, this was definitely a long overdue break.

I shouldn't have let myself relax so much. That is when the fates get you. Unsuspecting, underhanded, cruel twists that alter your entire existence.

Jack was curled up against my side, sucking gently on my left nipple. I could feel his sharp nails scraping my chest lightly. The bed felt so warm. His teeth dug in with every flick of his small tongue. A mangled groan was stuck in my throat. My hands spread out blindly all over Jack's body. While one dragged down his back, the other skimmed his chest, past his curved hips, between his soft thighs. He gasped into my nipple as I cupped his semi-hardened cock. My fingers rubbed at the head, precum dotting my wrist. I looked up and was amazed for the millionth time by Jack. He had pulled away from my chest. His hair was ruffled up like a baby duck. His plaid shirt was rumpled and the top four buttons had opened, exposing part of his pale chest. His lips were wet and slightly parted as he tipped his head back slightly. I wanted to hear him, have him pant and wiggle and moan for me to let him release. I could feel myself harden by just looking at Jack, making my tight slacks even more uncomfortable. Jack looked down at the bulge and surprised me. Slowly, began to unzip my pants. He slid them down my thighs as I wobbled back, sitting on my heels. Jack bit into his lower lip, pulling my stiffening dick out of my boxers. He pushed it up towards my stomach, rubbing precum against me.

It intrigues me, how one's mind lapses into a fog when involved in sensual activities. My vamp soc test was the following day, and it just didn't seem like a concern anymore. It had been the most important thing on earth no more than an hour before. I couldn't even really recall what was on the blasted exam. Suddenly, Jack's head dipped down between my thighs. His tongue slid slowly over the tip of my cock, wrapping around it. He drawled me into his mouth and began to suck. A moan that was too low and too deep bubbled up in me and released over my lips before I could stop it. Jack seemed pleased. His hand cupped my testicles, toying with me. Slowly he edged me down his warm, small throat. My thighs trembled and I had to try to hold still so that I wouldn't gag him.

Jack's slick throat began to move against me, contracting tight around my length. He swallowed vigorously, spit and precum filling his mouth. Small droplets of the mixture escaped his mouth, running down his chin. I could feel the need to ejaculate burn inside my abdomen. But before I could, Jack pulled his mouth away. A string of saliva connected his lips to my cock. A weird, whiny, uncharacteristic moan burst out of me. Jack giggled. His eyes watched me curiously, and slightly frightened. I had to resist the urge to touch myself. Jack tugged off hisplaid shirt, getting it stuck on his arm. He was always so slow about it. I had seen him naked numerous times, but it just never failed to embarrass him. Sure enough, when I looked over at him, his cheeks were blushed bright pink. I threw his clothes aside into a pile with mine. Then, I turned to Jack and waited for instruction.

I went at his pace. It would always be that way. He stared downwards, biting, almost gnawing on his lips. I was about to speak when he suddenly scooted back from me. He laid down, spreading his legs open. Jack took my wrists and pulled me forward a bit, so that I was between his thighs. I knew then what he wanted. My heart began to beat even louder. I could hear the blood rush. Beside my bed in the end table drawer was a small bottle of lubricant. I darted around Jack's shoulder, pulling that out as well as a condom. Jack grasped my wrist again and shook his head.

"No condom."

I blinked about five thousand times. Then I dropped it back in the drawer. "I thought you'd want one."

He shook his head again. "What I want is to feel you cum inside me."

My spine quaked along my back. I felt the shiver deep down to my tailbone. I threw the drawer closed so hard that it bounced back open on the rebound.

I settled back down in front of Jack. His legs were shaking, his cock slightly hard. I rubbed it gently, opening the small bottle and setting it against my knee. My hand traveled down from his cock to his testicles, to which I gave a rough squeeze. Jack's lower half jolted against the mattress but his eyes remained focused on me. My index finger trailed down the leg joint of his groin. I made it circle around the skin and brushed my fingertip against his small opening. It would be so tight…that excited and scared me all at the same time. It would hurt Jack, I knew that. He did too from the way his face looked…so nervous. I spread a little of the clear lubricant onto my fingertip, and rubbed it against his hole. His eyes slipped closed then, but before I could insert my finger, my cell phone rang. It was the low and slow funeral march ringtone that signaled my Mother was calling. I picked the phone up and hit ignore before tossing it onto the carpet. It landed in the clothes pile beside the bed.

"W-who was it?" Jack asked softly.

"Mom…" I shook my head. I had to get back to work.

A beep from the floor suggested a voicemail. I started pushing my index finger inside Jack. He gasped a noise that was close to a hiss. His nails dug deep into my bedspread. And, I could tell he wanted to scream. After I had one finger in completely, I edged my middle finger in next. Jack's strangled cries burst out as I began to brush my fingertips against the tight muscle walls. I didn't think I could get so aroused from his little mewls and hisses. Perverse thoughts entered through my head as Jack continued to make noises like an abused kitten. My brain filtered images of Jack as a kitten, dressed like a kitten…my three lubricated fingers thrust hard inside his tight cavity. Jack's forehead and stomach gleamed with shiny perspiration. His dick was now so stiff it was in the same league as mine. My hand just wrapped around his small cock when the phone rang again.

Jack's eyes fluttered open. A moan had paused in his throat.

It was the low, deep funeral march.

I almost growled.

"Damien…you should…" Jack spoke, choking around his stunted groan.

I had cut him off. "No."

"What if its important?"

I locked eyes with him. "She never has anything to say that is worth my time. And nothing could be more important than what we're doing right now."

Jack's face turned even pinker. He sat up, pulling my wrist away. My fingers slid out slowly and made him moan.

The phone went quiet, but then rang immediately after the last call ended. I honestly didn't care what my Mother had to say. But Jack batted his eyes at me.

"An-answer it…" his voice wavered, probably due to his erection.

I sighed and picked up the slender, silver phone. It had fallen into the pant leg of Jack's jeans. It was still lit up in blue light and playing the mournful tune.

"Mom?" I answered, trying very hard not to sound like I wish she would fall off the face of the planet.

Her response was a soft sob.

My skin prickled against my bones. She never, ever cried. Especially not to me. Maybe about me to others, trying to gain sympathy from them…but never to me.

"M-mom…?" I tried again.

"You need to come home, Damien."

My fiery rage returned but was now twice as hot. "Mom. I am a vampyre fledgling. I can't just leave because you don't understand…"

"Damien…you don't…it's your father."

I blinked. So the old man "missed me" now, did he? Yeah right.

"I'm staying here, Mom. He wouldn't want me home unless he wanted to mock my life or something-,"

"He's dead, Damien."

My throat closed. I guess I must have looked as shocked as I felt because suddenly Jack was next to me. His hands touched my side, warm and comforting.


Mom wept again. "Suicide…I have to hang up now. Your Aunt Emma will be up to get you at school at three today."

She hung up. The dial tone whirled in my ear.


My heart stalled and froze between my ribs.

"Damien! Who died…what's wrong?" Jack clung frantically to my chest.

Images of my father sped through my brain. He loved me once, when I was small. He would take me everywhere. To the hardware store. To company picnics, where he would show me off to his co-workers. We would play ball and go swimming, and when the weather was perfect, we would fly my homemade kite in the clearing behind the house. He took me hunting and fishing. I have albums chalk full of photographic proof that he loved me at one time…

Then I turned fourteen.

The feeling had been creeping up on me for awhile. When I went to high school, everything changed. I had always found boys more attractive than girls. Girls were my playmates. I preferred spending time with them inside during gym class, rather than outside playing football in the grass. I didn't want my father to know…I didn't want him to hate me. So I would pretend to be the same old Damien he had always known. When he found out…he hated me. He didn't understand…I had always been like this. No one had to teach me how to be homosexual. I was his only child, his only son. Mom almost died having me…another child would have killed her for sure. So they spoiled and doted on me from the second I existed.

Just because I ended up gay, it was as if they wanted to take back ever having me. I did nothing right. All fifteen years were just a waste…and it was my fault. Like I had done this just to piss them off. They became suspicious of everything I did, everywhere that I went, too. I made my own father hate me.

Then I was marked. You would have thought it was done by Satan. I should have just died instead of coming here. At least, that is what my parents thought. In my father's eyes I would burn in hell one day.

My father's eyes. Dark. Cold. Glassy.


Tears stung the corners of my eyes. I touched them awkwardly, as though the salty droplets were an unknown substance. I could feel Jack's arms wrapped around my chest, his soft hair rubbing against my bare side.

"My Dad's dead." I mumbled bluntly.

Jack rubbed his head into me harder, not seeming to care about how stiff my body must have felt to him, or that I couldn't even raise my arms to hold him in return.

"I know." He said quietly.

The tears became too much. My head slowly dropped into Jack's hair as my knees collapsed together against the mattress. He knew because of our imprint. Jack felt every inch of the sorrow and pain that now erupted within me. A loud sob wretched its way out of my throat as I burrowed into my one and only life mate.