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Chapter 5: And Just Plain Hard to Follow

The Bleach Gang were walking back from the Christmas tree lot.

"I think we must all agree… we're never doing that again!" muttered Ichigo.

"Hey Ichigo! Do you want to forget everything every happened?" asked Renji.

"Yeah!" said Ichigo.

"What?" asked Orihime.

That was when Rukia watched the two in the head.

"How could you want to forget this Christmas?" asked Rukia, "Sure it didn't go very well… and some of the things mentally scared us for life. But were together and that's what Christmas is about."

There was an awkward silence.

"Okay Ichigo." Said Renji taking out what appeared to be a lighter, "Are you ready?"

"Do you think this van erase my memories from the last Christmas?" asked Ichigo.

"It's doubtful, but let's try." Said Renji.

Rukia loomed over the two and began to beat them with her mightiest weapon… her sketchbook!

"Stop it Rukia! We were joking!" yelled Renji.

"I doubt that!" shouted Rukia.

Little did they know Minoru and Mitch were watching this.

"Damn it! I missed all the good parts." Muttered Mitch.

"Um…" said Minoru, "You are aware this would have happened even if I was alive."

"Wow you are a broken record… no wonder you were going to commit suicide." Said Mitch.

"Um… I wasn't going to commit suicide." Said Minoru.

"Sure you weren't." said Mitch, "Sure you weren't."

Meanwhile… where ever the Straw Hats lived… Chopper and Usopp returned home.

Usopp entered the kitchen.

"Surprise!" yelled the crew, "Oh it's just you."

"Hey!" yelled Usopp.

The crew decided throw a surprise party for Chopper as it was his birthday.

"Why are you so late?" asked Luffy.

"Well you see! I was walking home when a crazy girl kidnapped me!" replied Usopp, "And then fortunately she had no use for me, so I managed to escape."

"That's lie." Muttered Zoro.

"Not… really… that sort of happened." Said Usopp, "I ran into the S.O.S. Brigade and Haruhi made me help out with a move they're making."

"You know… the truth is way to similar to the lie." Said Nami with a sweat drop.

"Did Chopper come with you?" asked Luffy.

"He did but he just went to bed." Said Usopp, "He had a busy day."

Everyone slowly turned to Nami.

"What?" she asked very innocently.

"It's your fault you know." Said Luffy.

"What do you mean?" asked Nami.

"It's you fault that he had to work." Muttered Zoro.

"You're the one who rented him out for the Christmas display… without his permission." Said Usopp.

"You should go apologize." Said Luffy.

Everyone stared at Nami.

"Fine… I'll go…" muttered Nami leaving the room.

He went into the boy's room and woke up Chopper.

"What do you want?" asked Chopper grumpily.

"I wanted to say I'm sorry… about renting you out." Said Nami.

Chopper glared at Nami.

"Do you know what this month was like?" asked Chopper.

One excusing long list later…

"And that kid Shin… flashed me." Said Chopper.

"Okay… I'm really, really sorry…" said Nami with a big sweat drop, "Come on let's go the kitchen and talk about this."

They went back to the kitchen.

"Surprise!" said the rest of the crew.

"Oh it's for my birthday! I've been so busy that I forgot about it!" said chopper happily.

That's when Chopper fell to the ground asleep.

"Nami... you're never doing that again." Said Zoro.

"I know!" yelled Nami.

Meanwhile with Naruto he arrived at the Hyuga mention. He rang the bell and Neji opened it.

"Oh… you." Said Neji with a stern face then smiled, "Hinata is in the training room."

Naruto got to the training room, to find Hinata practicing.

"Oh Naruto!" said Hinata happily, "What are you doing here?"

"I came to give you this!" said Naruto holding her present, "It's your gift."

Hinata began to blush bright red, she opened it and blushed even brighter and hugged Naruto.

"Merry Christmas." She said.

"Merry Christmas to you too." Said Naruto.

NaruHina forever!

"We get it! You like this pairing!" yelled Naruto.

Meanwhile at the S.O.S. Brigade Clubroom… for some reason… it was open on Christmas Eve. Kyon was editing the movie as per Haruhi's order. As the remaining . Brigade waited for it to be finished.

"Yes! This will be the perfect Christmas Special!" said Haruhi crackling evilly.

"Um… Haruhi…" said Kyon.

"Yeah?" asked Haruhi.

"Tonight is Christmas Eve… right?" asked Kyon.

"Yeah… what about it?" asked Haruhi.

"How are we supposed to show if it's late?" asked Kyon.

Everything become deathly silent in the room.

"Uh-oh…" said Haruhi, "I ran out of time."

"We could always show it next time year." Said Itsuki.

"That's a perfect idea! Let's show it next year!" yelled Haruhi giving the thumbs up.

"Please tell me this isn't going to be next year's Christmas story…" muttered Kyon.

I don't know… But it could be… it could be…

Kyon sighed and shook his head, hopping that it wouldn't be the case.

Meanwhile with Minoru and Mitch.

"And now I will show something truly shocking!" said Mitch.

"You're really not an angel but some sort of prankster spirit sent buy the evil spirit of Christmas?" asked Minoru with a sweat drop.

"No…" said Mitch with a sweat drop, "But how cool would that be…"

Minoru sighed… "Just show me already."

"Now this one… you will truly see the impact you had a life…" said Mitch.

That's when they arrived at a concert, the crowed cheered all over.

"Who's concert is this?" asked Minoru.

That's when the MC showed up.

"Now everyone I'm sure you're all ready for the worlds greatest idol!" said the person, "Now give it up for Akira Kogami!"

Everyone cheered as Akira, looking exceptionally more beautiful and taller.

"Now is everybody ready for my song!" said Akira in a genuinely cheerful voice.

"Yeah!" cheered the audience.

"So if I was never born then Akira would be the world greatest idol, prettier, and happier." Said Minoru.

"That's right." Said Mitch.

There was an awkward silence as Mitch realized what happened.

"Oh crap!" said Mitch.

"So if I was never born, I would have no effect on any one's life except for one who's life would better?" asked Minoru.

"Uh… yeah…" said Mitch.

"Can you take me home?" asked Minoru "So I can pretend that this was just a weird dream?"

"Sure… I think that can be arranged." Said Mitch with a big sweat drop.

Mitch returned Minoru home and he pretend nothing never happened.

And so everyone had a merry Christmas…

Expect for Santa who was in the hospital after getting attacked by Hayate.

The End!

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