This one goes out to all the Zidane/Dagger fans! Oh yes, there are many many many of these, but mine is a smidge different, I promise! Perhaps it's even quite different. :p It could be looked at as a continuation of "Between the Lines" because it shares the idea of why Zidane was gone for over a year and a half... .

Disclaimer: I don not own any of the interesting people in this story, for they are copyrighted to Square. If you wanna use the boring, lazy, whiny, bitchy, 19 going on 2 noble boys I have created for this in one of your stories, be my guest.

The world stands out on either side
No wider than the heart is wide;
Above the world is stretched the sky, --
No higher than the soul is high.
The heart can push the sea and land
Farther away on either hand;
The soul can split the sky in two,
And let the face of God shine through.
But East and West will pinch the heart
That cannot keep them pushed apart;
And he whose soul is flat -- the sky
Will cave in on him by and by.

(from Renascence, by Edna St. Vincent Millay)

The Ways of Will

Baku gathered his crew for the obligatory strategy meeting before any performance. Needless to say, these meetings had been getting less and less interesting as of late. What was the fun of sneaking away into a hidden closet just to get told, "break a leg"? Nevertheless, it was done anyway. However, the "understudy" did not come.
Zidane stood on the enclosed stage, reveling in the silent excitement of the place. Alone at center stage… Such was the magic that breathed all and every possibility.
Possibilities… Zidane was loath to consider too many. His reputation amidst the Terran people might do little to help his reputation in Gaia: that of a low-class orphan and a thief. But, he had his ducks lined up to try, for his deepest hope was never to be separated from his Dagger again.
He shook his head to clear his thoughts. He knew better than to think to far ahead. The best way to move forward was to carefully place on foot ahead of another. And Zidane was resolved to tread lightly. But also steadily… Provided he was given the chance to tread at all.
It did not matter now. Not yet, that is. It would be enough just to see her again. He did not want to ruin the moment. Would it not be interesting if even her majesty were thoroughly surprised when the lead threw off his cloak? Zidane certainly thought so. Closing his eyes, he extended his senses through the vacant stage, reading the energy of the place in a whole new way. And yet it felt familiar.
There was indeed a universal energy, a nearly divine power, which existed in front center stage. And soon, it would be Zidane's to command…

Don't freak out; it's just the prologue! Good grief. More will come soon, although I cannot say exactly when, what with school starting up again and crap. Heck, with all that going on, should I continue or would I just be wasting my time. You, the reviewer, decide!!!