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'I can't do this!' George thought as he lay on his bed in the Burrow. He knew he was hurting a lot of people by the way he was handling the situation. He'd locked himself in his old room and hadn't talked to anyone sinceā€¦since he found out. He didn't want to see anyone else's grief when he couldn't even handle his own. Hell, he just couldn't handle his life anymore.

'I can't live my life without Fred.' Thinking his brother's name brought every image he had tried not to his mind; his brother's body with the ghost of a smile on it, the coffin being lowered in the ground, and his seemingly plain gravestone. Crying in earnest now, George screamed in his thoughts.

'No! How could you do this to me Fred? You left me alone! I don't have a partner in crime, a comrade, a friend, and I don't have a twin now. I'm not part of a duo anymore. I can't do this without you! ALONE! I don't want to be alone. I don't want to be without you. I thought we would go together. Why did this happen?'

As he felt the sobs racking his body, George wondered if he should just give up. Just give up and go join his brother. It wouldn't be hard, he mused. All he had to do was pick up his wand, point it at himself and say the Unforgivable Curse. He could be reunited with his twin. He could hug his brother again. He knew if he saw Fred again, his heart would heal. It would be like Fred's death never had happened. He would be whole and complete.

Sitting up George picked up his wand. 'I need to see Fred again.'

Slowly turning his wand, he pointed it at his heart. The heart that had been broken the minute he had found out about his brother. Yet he wasn't the only one that was heartbroken. Everyone else in the Burrow was feeling Fred's loss. Finally George thought about them, about what would happen if he did this. The sadness would be doubled, because no matter what, losing both twins would be pure anguish. With George around, they still had a connection to Fred. If George was gone, they wouldn't have anything, only pictures and memories. They wouldn't be able to handle both of their deaths.

Flinging his wand across the room, George lay back down again. 'It's unfair! Just UNFAIR!'

Gripping the bed sheets until his knuckles turned white he fought to keep his sobbing and his thoughts under control.

'Can I ever live again without you by my side Fred? I don't even think I can move ever again. I CAN'T DO THIS! I can't be two people! FRED I NEED YOU! COME BACK! Please just come back Fred and say this is just a new joke you were working on. THE JOKE IS OVER! How am I supposed to overcome this? I can never be who I used to be. I will never be able to laugh or smile again. Will this get any easier, Fred? It will be only George Weasley now. It won't ever be "Fred and George" or "The Twins" anymore! I miss you Fred, oh God I miss you so much. I honestly don't know how to do this without you but I will try. I'll keep your memory alive. I won't ever forget.'

Hearing the birds greeting the new dawn with their chirping George knew that today he would get up and finally talk to his family. He would help them while also finding comfort in their arms, but now with the weight of his exhaustion, sadness, and pain bearing down on him he was content to find some sort of peace in sleep.

"I love you Fred," George Weasley muttered just before sleep claimed him.