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Chapter One: Papa

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Papa can you hear me?

Somewhere in Konoha, a four year old Naruto ran through the alleyways, his small legs pumping with adrenaline in a desperate attempt to escape the mob chasing him, unfortunately for him his attempts weren't successful. What happened that night was cruel to say the least. It was the very pinnacle of human disgrace and the cries of an innocent child became the proof.

Papa can you see me?

Bones broke and shattered under large hands, flesh tore from bone and bruises became a commonplace on the small body. Scream after scream was pulled from his throat and ignored in place of adding more bruises to his skin. Eventually the screaming stopped as his throat became raw. The sound of a zipper opening filled the air in the final act of sickness. Small pants were ripped off the body and a child was violated brutally. If he had the strength to scream he would have, if he had strength to fight he would have but in the lack of either, he cried. His tears fell down in thick soundless drops, running down soft downy cheeks until they fell to the unforgiving pavement below.

Papa can you find me in the night?

He didn't notice when the man was forcibly pulled back or when he was cradled in the arms of someone far gentler. His eyes had gone blank and in a final defense he had mercifully passed out. The man holding him shook with tears as he gently stroked his hair, lovingly taking one small hand in his and kissing it.

Papa are you near me?

''Hush, love. Hush daddy's here now, and nothing is going to hurt you anymore.'' On the last words the man's face darkened with rage.

The mob lay dead at his feet but it wasn't enough. Nothing would ever be enough. He had sacrificed the child he loved so dearly for a village he used to adore. He had known that he would only be gone for four years and in that time he had hoped that his beloved village would treat his baby with care. Unfortunately, he was wrong and was going to have to have a few words with Sarutobi.

However, that would have to wait as he had more important things to take care of. Gently, always gently, Minato shifted his son in his arms as he teleported home.

The Namikaze estate was still as large and well protected as he had left it. His baby hadn't been living there. No, his baby had been living in some rat infested warren known as an orphanage which had thrown him out on several occasions. He had only been back for an hour and he had learned that much from the matron. When he had finally found his child it had been too late for him.

Quietly he made a promise to the small boy in his arms.

No one is going to hurt you again, ever.

Little did he know how far he would take that promise or how much terror he would instill to those who attempted to harm his son in any way shape or form.

Papa can you hear me?

Softly, he rocked the miniature blond in his arms as he pushed his own chakra into him. Naruto healed almost immediately, from the combination of his father's chakra and the fox's. His bones mended and bruises faded but the fourth knew that those wounds were nothing compared to the ones left on the inside. He bathed his baby and took note of the ribs poking out of delicateskin. The small chest heaved with the effort it took for him to breathe. The rage in him built until it boiled under his skin. Most likely he would be out for a few days, enough time for Minato to sort everything out.

In those two days, Minato was reinstated as Hokage, had yelled at Sarutobi, and had removed every single council member, personally. He had also stated a brand new and unspoken law.

Do not hurt Uzumaki Naruto.

After that ordeal, Minato simply created a kage bushin to do the rest of the work for him as he went home to greet his son.

The smaller blonde was under the care of yet another bushin who was dispersed as soon as Minato came there.

He had been unconscious for the past two days and on the morning of the third he was finally waking. Long lashes fluttered on his cheeks as he revealed a stunning pair of blue fear filled eyes. It took him four hours to calm the child down and explain the entire situation to him. All of it. Even the part were his own father had let him down in the worst way. Minato closed his eyes and waited for the hatred and the anger that truthfully, he was completely unprepared for. It was true that he had cared for Naruto's mother but he had never loved her. It had been a political alliance more than anything. It was true he loved his village and cared for his precious people, but Minato had never loved anyone or anything like he loved his baby boy.

The hatred would sting far worse than anything; anyone could possibly do to him. So imagine his surprise when small hands reached out to hug him and a shy voice said...

''Welcome home Daddy.''

Tears filled his eyes and he clutched the small body to his own, guarding him in the sanctuary of his arms.

Papa can you help me not be frightened?