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Chapter 6: Missing

* Song: Charlotte Gainsburg: Heaven can wait

She's sliding, she's sliding down to the depth of the world

She's fighting, she's fighting the urge to make sand out of pearls

Heaven can wait
and hell's too far ago

Somewhere between
what you need and what you know

And they're trying to drive that escalator into the ground

She's hiding, she's hiding on a battleship of baggage and bones
There's thunder, there's

lightening in an avalanche of faces you know

There was something sad about him, Jiro noted. Something so very sad.

Blue eyes were the last thing the enemy saw before the blonde tore his throat out.

Moving through the bodies, swift and terrifying, Konoha's demon took up his namesake. Bodies piled on the ground. Blood oozed form fatal wounds and clung to blond hair. Blue eyes, once soft and sweet, hardened into chips of ice, cold and unwavering but as the fallen enemy had thought there was something sad about him.

It wasn't the look on his face, blank and empty as he took the lives of the people around him. Or the way he carried himself, smooth and confident. Instead it was simply present, as if it had always been there. It was as if he had nothing left to lose, and he didn't particularly care that he was moving or fighting. It was as if he could have been planting a garden, and his expression would have been identical to the one he held as he threw a kunai into another enemies neck.

This was Naruto Uzumaki.

Too far gone to care, he built a name for himself, as a hunter nin, and unknowingly gained the respect of the council and village. Silent and deadly, he walked through the world untouchable. He was mortal, as all humans are but he could not be hurt. He had nothing left to hurt.

The rest of the nin's avoided him like the plague and he didn't really speak to anyone. They simply took it as him being a quiet type of person. At the age of 15 Naruto became what he was always meant to be in the eyes of the village, a weapon. Trained to kill and slaughter, all those lessons he learned with his father as a child cam back to him in the worst way.

Everything that had been good, and fun about that time became twisted as he used them to steal the lives of the enemy. The nameless, faceless enemy, who not only did he not care for, but for whom he despised.

Into them poured his rage, and his hatred. The world shook in terror as he unleashed the scorn of a betrayed lover upon the bodies. His enemies, were a joke. He couldn't have possibly cared less for them if he had, in fact tried. They came in swarms of misdirected anger, one after the other, each more useless than the rest.

Still , then beast ached and stormed for blood, but stayed far away from the source of the anger. The blood of the betrayer stayed within the confines of his skin, because after everything Naruto still loved that man.

His father was still the earth and moon to him and nothing could make him love him less, even when Minato had done the unthinkable.

So Naruto stayed, a silent protector. An enforcer of his father's will.

He would keep him alive. He would keep a pulse in his veins until his father fell to the ground because that was all he could do. He could not love him or hurt him, so he would stay, silent and vigilant until one of them fell.

There was no praise to be won, or medals to be had, but he got to see the man he loved, alive and breathing, and that had to enough.


Minato on the other hand was happy, well as happy as a Hokage could be. He had a beautiful wife, a gifted son, and yet he was still missing something. It was as if he had lost a very large part of himself, but he didn't know where it was. He was missing something, and it was that same something that left his chest aching whenever he saw his son.

Son. Such a strange word for a boy he could barely remember. A boy who had helped him with everything he needed to do, and made sure he wasn't killed or manipulated in his time weakness. The word son, left a bitter taste in his mouth.

He was beautiful. With soft blonde hair and large blue eyes and he would walk by him, quietly with his shoulders slumped. He was so silent, yet Minato had noticed him. He was someone important, but the words son made him flinch. He wondered about what the boy wasn't telling him. Minato knew, he knew that he hadn't said something and it was that something that left him aching. He also knew it was hurting the blonde. When he though Minato wasn't watching him, he looked at him with this painful longing look, as if he had lost something incredibly important.

Minato assumed it was him, after all his son had lost the only father he had ever know, but there was something else, something that sparked fire and ice down his veins at the same time and it was that same something that made him flinch.

Something was gone, missing and for a few moments in time Minato thought about finding it, but thoughts came and went to be scattered in the wind. His wife and his son were alive and he could content himself with that, after all, what else was there?

So, the days passed in the Uzumaki household. The air cold, and and frigid for inexplicable reasons. Nothing changed and nothing moved, as if everything was put on some kind of standstill.

No one dared to breathe, as I that would effect the delicate balance of everything.

Change however stalled did come. It came slowly and crept up unseen in a house called fire. Change came in the form of one Itachi Uchiha.

One could say that he simply had too much time on his hands, or perhaps too much curiosity, but the seemingly emotionless man, took it upon himself, to figure out one Uzumaki Nauto. Konoha's Kyuubi. As a child Itachi had bee fascinated by puzzles. He would pour over them endlessly until he made everything fit, whether they were complex codes or humans he would eventually find out just what made them tick.

The blonde however remained a mystery.

His eyes blue and distracted formed, brilliant battle pans and executed them far from anyone else. If asked, any of the ANBU would have Naruto a one man army. A killing machine designed to protect Konoha.

But there was os much more. Their had to be so much more. He was the undoubtedly one of the best, and for that Itachi respected him, but it was the absolute sadness that he carried with him that made the Uchiha so curious.

It reminded him of a sadness he had seen once before in the eyes of his mother. Mikoto, was a strong woman. Married into the Uchiha household she carried the name with pride and dignity. But her smile was always a little off, and when the rain poured and the wind howled, she always seemed so much weaker.

As a child Itachi had once asked her, why. Surprised at the boy's perceptiveness Mikoto told him a story. Even now he could remember the soft hum of her voice as she told him, old stories that had been long forgotten memories until once upon a time.

Even now he could smell the sweet smell or butter and bread on her apron as her hands smoothed his hair. They shared a sadness, an ache that Itachi had never been able to fix in his mother. That boy had his mother's pain, and the child that Itachi Uchiha had never been raged against the perpetrator of the heinous but unknown crime.

Once upon a time. There was a girl. A young girl, who was a lot like me but different. Far more innocent , far happier.

She was a girl who had no use for fear, and who had grown up in a small, village, just on the Outskirts of Konoha. It was a simple village of merchants and farmers, but it did well. The mothers would walk by with their children and the smell of spices filed the air.

She was such a free little thing tied down by nothing and no one.

On day she met a man in the woods. He was injured, and dying. So the girl, young and foolish helped him. Every day, she dressed his wounds and brought him, and every day he said nothing. He was too heavy to carry and the girl, well she hadn't thought of getting help.

The man, was tall, with dark brown hair, almost black and hazel eyes. His nose was strong and sharp and under one eye he had a scar.

She never even knew his name, but slowly, he began to speak.

When he got better, he came to village and helped out as a farmer. He was young and strong, but battle weary. He was ready to settle down. The injury he had still ached form time to time but he worked none the less.

The girl, well they still met. Every day they would sit and talk, and he would tell her about places he had been, and she would listen to his voice rough and weary.

She would sing him old songs and he would laugh at her innocence an they were happy.

When they feel in love no one can say, but they did and they loved so deeply that they forgot about the world round them. It may have seemed silly, but it was the complete and utter truth.

Everything became wonderful, because they were so happy together. He was her world, and she was his.

Now you see, the problem when someone becomes your everything and when you love them so deeply, is that loosing them feels like you died. When that man, that wonderful nameless man died that girl, broke down and cried like their was no tomorrow, and for her there wasn't.

All her tomorrows and yesterdays came and went with that man.

When he died, it was a cold and dark night, when the rain poured and the wind howled. It had been coming for months when he had began coughing up blood. To see a man so proud and strong become too weak to hold a spoon made that girl weep. To see him dead made her die over and over, even though she knew it was a long time coming.

So that girl did the only thing she could and buried him in a nameless grave. She spent a lot of time, just looking at that grave wondering why she wasn't right there beside him.

One day this man, came to the little village looking for a wife. Now the girl was beautiful, and sweet, so that man asked her to marry him.

Now he was a very important man and he had a lot of power behind him, because his family was so important, but she said no. Now that man came back every month and asked her to marry him.

On the fourteenth month just over a year, she told him yes. They settled down, got married and had children, but that girl, she never forgot that man with the hazel eyes. He was her one and only love and nothing not even this new man could make her love anyone else.

The child he had never been, ached to make it better, this familiar suffering, and so this was the puzzle that had caught the prodigies eye. This was the specimen he would twist and turn, and get absolutely nowhere with.

''Why did she marry him then?''

Mikoto chuckled. '' Because at that point she didn't quite know what else to do.''

Itachi looked up at her his eyes bright and curious.''Did she ever stop loving him?''

She smiled a sad smile and looked down at her first born child. ''No, darling, she didn't.''

''Then did she regret marrying someone she didn't love?''

The arms holding him tightened, ''No, she didn't.''

Somehow Itachi always thought of that as a lie.

''Do you love me?'' A smaller and gentler Itachi asked. The hands around him yet again tightened.

''I will love you for forever and a day, never forget that.''


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