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Waking up at eight in the morning wasn't always fun, but today was different. Clary was excited. Which usually didn't happen at eight in the morning. Luke, Jocelyn and herself had left the Glass City a few weeks ago to come and fix the book shop. They were also moving Clary and her mother in. Yet everyone else had to stay behind. Jace, the Lightwoods, Magnus, and even Simon all still had business to attend to and Clary was missing everyone like crazy.

When Clary couldn't take the boredom or the intense moments of loneliness, she drew. She had drawn the demon towers and their glow, the Alliance rune, and Lake Lynn but most of all she drew Jace. Every time Clary had finished a drawing of him she would slip into daydreaming. Day dreams about his golden hair or the way his eyes shone with passion after she asked the Angel Raziel to bring him back, but most of all she thought about his lips. The lips that had been forbidden during the dark times when they thought they were siblings. Now after Valentine's downfall and learning the truth, she could kiss and fantasize about those lips without the taint of disgust. Which was exactly what Clary was going to do. Today was the day they were all coming home.

They would be arriving by portal in the afternoon. Clary couldn't wait to see them all, she knew that she would run into Jace's arms and kiss him worth a weeks' filled passion, not even caring who would be watching. She couldn't wait to feel-

"Clary!" Jocelyn called.

Breaking herself from the daydream she hauled herself downstairs toward her mother's call.

Arriving in the kitchen Clary was met with the sight of her mother and Luke in a tight lip-lock. While she was glad that they were finally together, she was also hoping that she wouldn't see any of this. She had been lucky up until today. Noticing that they didn't even see her she walked right next to them and spoke.

"While I accept you guys are together, I really don't want to walk in and see you guys trying to eat each other's faces." After seeing them jump apart and blush while clearing their throats, Clary headed to get coffee and breakfast, laughing the whole way.

"Good morning," mumbled both Luke and Jocelyn, recovering slightly from being caught.

"Good morning!" Clary replied with a smirk.

"So…I guess we should get on with it," said Luke while looking at Jocelyn. Seeing her mother and Luke giving each other significant glances worried Clary.


Jocelyn, seeing the worried expression on her daughter's face, rushed in to help.

"Don't worry Clary it's nothing bad."

"Okay…" Clary's expression now moved to doubtful.

Blowing out a gust of air, Luke said, "So Jace and the others are coming back today, and you'll start your Shadowhunting training tomorrow. We talked to Maryse already about this and we all decided that should you want to move into the Institute for your training, you can."

"Seriously?!" Clary blurted out.

"On one condition," warned Jocelyn.

"Oh…" said Clary, feeling defeated.

"You and Jace will have separate rooms," Jocelyn said, spearing her daughter with a parental gaze.

Getting the subtle hint from her mother Clary blushed.

"I can live with that."

Giving them hugs while thanking them, Clary couldn't wait to move in. Practically living with Jace sounded heavenly. After finishing her breakfast, she moved to the couch with a book, trying to occupy her time until Jace arrived.

Walking towards the Institute, Clary felt her heart beating wildly in excitement. She could feel her fingertips tingling, knowing that she would touch Jace in a matter of minutes. Spying the Institute, Clary had the urge to run but held back. She could feel her mouth breaking into a wide grin at the sight of the familiar building.

Going around to the back, she settled herself down on the grasss to wait for everyone.

Clary thought about what it would be like to live at the Institute with Jace and everyone else. Waking up every day to see Jace would be amazing. To train with all the Lightwoods would also be wonderful, she thought. Even dealing with Izzy's forced makeovers didn't seem all that bad.

Clary was pulled from her thoughts by the sight of the portal opening. Standing up she saw Maryse and Robert Lightwood coming through. Giving them a slight smile, she was pulled back by the sharp cry of "Clary!"

Turning back towards the portal, she saw Izzy followed by Simon.

"Izzy! Simon!" Clary ran towards them both. Giving Simon a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek, she then turned to envelope Izzy in a hug.

"I missed you gusy! How are you Izz?"

"I'm doing okay, Clary."

"Good. And you Simon? How are you?" She turned to back to Simon.

"Good, glad to be back home."

"That's good, I'm glad your back too."

"Clary," a voice whispered.

She probably wouldn't have heard the whisper if she didn't know that voice so well. Turing towards the voice, she saw Jace standing like the avenging angel she always thought he was.

"Jace," Clary whispered just as quietly, her face breaking into a wider grin. Jace was standing there staring at Clary like she was the only thing in the world. His eyes blazed with passion and love.

Without conscious thought, Clary was running towards Jace. Acting on instinct she flung herself into his arms and kissed him like there was no tomorrow. In the back of her mind she could feel herself being spun around in a circle by Jace. Yet the better half of her mind was being melted by the heat of their kiss. Their kiss had the intensity of seven burning suns but was as soft as a flower petal caressing the skin. Jace and Clary were completely lost in each other. They didn't break apart until they heard several throats clearing and one low whistle.

"Now that's what I call a reunion," Magnus said. Being let down, Clary hid her face in Jace's chest in a desperate attempt to hide her blush. Even though she knew she was going to kiss Jace like that, she didn't expect the embarrassment to be so great. Looking up into Jace's face, she saw him trying to hold back laughter and his eyes filled with a wicked glint. Clary knew he was about make a sarcastic comment.


"Jace, don't even think about finishing that comment," Clary said, cutting across Jace.

She could see him preparing to challenge her, so she gave him a glare. She saw with surprise the teasing glint leave his eyes.

"Alright, I won't say it," said Jace.

"Wow, she already has you whipped, doesn't she?"

Turning back, Clary saw only Simon still there, smirking at Jace. She knew that if something didn't happen fast, things would quickly go downhill.

Moving rapidly to cut across Jace's angry retort, Clary said, "Enough!" Fixing another glare at Simon, she was glad to see a small flicker of fear in his eyes.

"Simon I do believe you have a mother missing you right now."

Simon, getting the hint to leave, left the backyard, muttering the whole way. Clary thought she heard something about "Friendship" and being "unfair".

"I missed you Clary," Jace spoke.

"I missed you too Jace," responded Clary, leaning in to give him another kiss.

After awhile, Clary broke the kiss, thinking about the Institute.

"Let's go pick out my bed!" she said with a big smile.

"What are you talking about?" asked Jace, giving her a questioning look.

"You don't know?"

"No. So tell me before I take that last comment in a wrong way."

"Well, my mom and Luke talked to Maryse, and I get to move into one of the rooms here until my training is over." Her smile grew wider again as she told him.

"One of the rooms? What, they don't want you to shack up with your boyfriend?" Jace said this with a smirk.

"That's the one condition they have; no shacking up." Clary blushed.

"Ok. Let's go pick out your room, I can just sneak into it tonight."

Clary was about to shout that he couldn't just sneak into her room, but thinking about it further, she decided not to say anything. Instead she just replied with a smirk, "After that, we get some dinner."

If Jace was surprised by her comment, he didn't show it. In fact, his smirk just grew more wicked.

Dinner with Jace consisted of hand-holding, small tender kisses, and of course, eating. Neither of them did much talking, even though they hadn't seen each other in weeks. Clary thought they said more than enough with their eyes and those tender moments. After dinner Clary returned to Luke's place one last time. Tomorrow while Clary was busy training, her mother and Luke would bring all of her belongings to her new room at the Institute.

In Clary's mind her new room was perfect. It had large windows which gave her amazing views, perfect for drawing and "coincidentally" was right across from Jace's room. Clary had fallen asleep that night at last perfectly content since finding the Shadow world.