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The Return

A man with a fearsome white porcelain mask stands over the village of Konohagakure of Fire Country. Red, vertical slashes run across each eye giving it a vicious look. Amethyst eyes lie beneath the white mask, a perfect blend of crimson and cerulean. His hair is wild and untamed, jutting out in spikes on his head. A ponytail falls down his back, reaching the small of his back. A bamboo hat sits on his head, the chin strap under his chin. He wears a high black coat, the collar covering the lower part of his face. On his feet is a pair of getas and on his hands adorn fingerless black gloves. A katana is strapped to his perpendicular to his right shoulder, while a pouch of kunai wraps around his left thigh.

The man hops off the branch, touching the ground like a feather, no sound emanating from his landing. He walks along the path, his hunter-mask still clearly attached to his face. Soon enough, the gates of Konoha come into view, two Chunin level guards at the entrance. The two begin to tense up, their eyes never straying from the approaching figure. As it inches closer, they can begin to see the hunter-mask on the man's face, his amethyst eyes boring into their own. They can see the katana on the man's back and they can tell by his posture that he means business.

When he stops in front of them, he produces some papers, handing them over to the two guards. The two guards inspect it, their eyes giving a cursory glance while also keeping an eye on the lone figure. Giving one more look at the papers, they hand them back and lets him through, both of them not seeing anything amiss with the papers. Walking inside, he draws stares from the passing bystanders, but he ignores them. He can see women staring at him in interest, but a woman passing by with red eyes pique his.

Her attire consists of a red dress with the left sleeve cut off while the right sleeve covers her whole right arm. Black and white bandages wrap around her curvy figure while her hair darkens in contrast. Her hair is unkempt and wild, giving her a wild look. Tape wraps around her hands, covering both wrists. Tape wraps around her thigh where the dress doesn't reach while on her feet are a pair of red shinobi sandals. Her face is angelic, the features on them nothing short of dazzling. Her ruby eyes stand out on her pale face while her red lips are luscious and plump.

Two men also accompany her and he recognizes one of them as Hatake Kakashi, the Copy Ninja. He wears his leaf headband over his left eye to cover his Sharingan while a blue mask covers his mouth and cheeks, exposing only his right eye. His posture is slouchy while his nose is stuck in an orange book. He wears the normal Jounin garb with a vest with pockets for scrolls and other various items. Blue sandals adorn his feet while long gloves cover his hands. His white hair defies gravity, spiking upwards towards the sky.

The other man he recognizes as well, but not as much as Kakashi. The man's name is Sarutobi Asuma, the son of the Sandaime. A cigarette hangs out of his mask, the smoke wafting heaven wards. Spiking black hair adorns his head while a goatee manifests itself on his chin. He wears the same Jounin garb as Kakashi, but he also wears a white bandana on his hip with a red symbol outlined in a black circle. Rings wrap around his wrist, while his hands hold a two trench knives, the blades short and curved. Tape wraps his shins and a pair of blue sandals finishes his ensemble.

He assumes they are all Jounin and with his analysis done, he walks past them, all of them turning their heads towards the mask figure. He ignores their pointed looks and continues to walk towards the Hokage tower, his blond hair swinging back and forth in the wind. His black scabbard lies against his back and twin dragons wrap around themselves along the scabbard of his sword. They all notice his white porcelain mask, putting him off as a hunter-nin, but they can't just shake a strange feeling from him. They all look at each other for a second, all of them debating what to do.

"Should we follow him?" the woman with red eyes ask.

"I think we should. He seems like a shady character and he's moving towards the Hokage's tower," Asuma says.

"I agree. we can't be too cautious. Kurenai, cast a genjutsu to cover us," Kakashi says, nodding for Kurenai to cast the genjutsu.

All three of them disappear and run up the side of a building, trailing the mysterious man from behind. They can barely feel his chakra signature, it is that suppressed. They trail him discreetly, following his every movement. They watch him stop in front of the Hokage's tower and look up, admiring the height of the building. His mouth moves as if saying something, but they do not catch it. They watch him walk inside and they quickly follow, all of them moving past him to get to the Hokage's office. Standing at the end of the hall, they watch him walk down the hall and converse with the ANBU outside.

The voice is emotionless, "I'd like to talk to the Hokage."

The ANBU looks over at the man and can feel the power rolling off him, "G-Go ahead."

"Thank you."

The ANBU opens the door, letting the man through and is quickly followed by the three jounin. They disperse, all of them hiding in a corner of the room. The Hokage is currently sitting behind a stack of paperwork, his nose buried in the latest Icha Icha book. Kurenai's blood begins to boil when she sees the leader of their village reading the indignant orange book. The Sandaime himself, Sarutobi Haruzen is getting along in his old age. He wears a red and white hat with a red kanji on the tip. He wears the normal white Hokage robes and his face is withering, the wrinkles and liver spots apparent.

The door opens, breaking him out of his reading and he looks up to find a fairly tall man, 5'8 looking at him with his head tilted. Sarutobi chuckles sheepishly while the pipe sticks out of his mouth.

"What can I do for you Hunter-san?" Sarutobi asks.

"It's been too long old man."

The pipe drops out of his mouth, his eyes wide and he looks up at the mask searching for the cerulean eyes. All he finds is the depths of his amethyst eyes and it looks like he is searching his soul for something. His body freezes up, and he tenses.


Three collective eyes widen in their respective corners, all of them having not heard that name in years.

Naruto nods, his eyes scanning the room and landing on all three shinobi hidden in the room, "I know you've been tracking me since I stepped in the village. You can come out now."

They all wince at the voice and are surprised that they were detected. The genjutsu unravels to reveal the three Jounin from before looking at him from the street.

The Hokage coughs, his hand covering his mouth, "Kurenai, Kakashi, Asuma, can you leave? This is important."

A chorus of "Hai" is his answer and they leave, but not before bowing towards their leader. One more look pointed towards the mask man is given off by the three before they walk down the hall, their mouths running a mile a minute at the new information. No doubt the news is going to spread about the "demon" brat.

"Is it really you?"

He removes the mask, showing his face.

His eyes widen again taking in his appearance, "Minato…"

"Yeah, I look like my father. Hanzo-sensei told me that."

His mouth opens in an "O" as the name processes in his mind, "Salamander Hanzo?"

"The one and only old man. What do you think I've been doing all these years?"

Sarutobi shakes his head, the news apparently shocking him, "You trained under Hanzo?"

"Hai, he taught me all I know. He also took me away from this hellhole of a village. The only reason I'm back is because this place means a lot to me. It is the birthplace of my father and I want to protect this place because it is my birth land. Make no mistakes; I am not saying I feel at home here. Maybe in time Hokage-sama, but not now, not when I've lived in Ame for the majority of my life."

"I understand Naruto. I assume you're here because you want to be a shinobi of the Hidden Leaf?" Sarutobi questions.

"That is what I'm intending to do. I am under the assumption that the genin test have already passed?" Naruto asks.

"I'll have you tested by a Jounin panel. I'm going to assume that you are much stronger than a genin," Sarutobi states bluntly.

"Your assumption is correct Hokage-sama. When will this take place and what is the test?"

"All in do time Naruto. Be at training ground 8 at 10 AM tomorrow. Here's the key to your apartment. It's good to see you again Naruto. I thought I lost you all those years ago," Sarutobi hangs his head.

Naruto finally smiles, baring his teeth, "I've missed our talks, old man. It's good to see you too. I'll be there. Take care and here's a hint for the paperwork."

Sarutobi perks up, "What?"

"Shadow clones," Naruto says, chuckling while he leaves and walks out of the Hokage tower. He slips on his mask and walks outside.

When Naruto steps outside, he looks up at the window of the Hokage's office. When he looks, he sees Sarutobi looking down at him, a smile on his face as he watches the boy. They make eye contact, when Sarutobi mouths, "Thank you."

Naruto nods his head and turns back and continues his walk down the street while people stare at him. He passes a group of three genin and he recognizes one being a Uchiha. He walks by ignoring the looks of the lone Uchiha survivor. He disappears around a corner, searching for a place to eat. He walks into a fairly crowded dango shop, noticing all the shinobi milling around inside. Stepping inside, he walks up to the counter and takes a seat next to a woman with purple hair. A tan trench coat sits on her shoulders with a mesh shirt under it. She wears a short, orange skirt and ANBU bracers on her shins.

The woman looks up for a second, checking out the newcomer. She catches his eye, the amethyst color peering back at her own grey eyes.

"What are you looking at?" Anko says.

The man doesn't answer, choosing to stay stoic and silent.

"I asked, what are you looking at?" Her tone is more indignant, more demanding.

He tilts his head to the side, and says, "Nothing."

Returning his face to its original position, the waiter takes his order and he sits silently, waiting for his food to come. Meanwhile with Anko, she is shaken by his answer, never having anybody answer her in that kind of tone before. She usually strikes fear in the heart of many, but with him, she can feel no fear, just the aura of a person confident in their own skills. She goes back to her food, not noticing the man has taken off his mask.

He begins to put the food into his mouth, chewing methodically and thoroughly, crushing the grains of rice under his teeth. He attacks each skewer; putting it into his mouth and eating them clean of rice balls. He finishes 10 minutes later, while the other woman is still attacking her food. He sweatdrops, and the least he can do for her is pay her back for his silence. Waving the waiter over, he gives the waiter enough money to cover his food, Anko's food, and the waiter's tip. Nodding his thank, the waiter runs off in a bustle and heads back into the kitchen to cash away the money. He leaves the restaurant, walking towards his apartment to catch up on the sleep he's been missing for the last couple of days.

Anko begins to finish up, waving the waiter over to get her check, "Can I get my check?"

"The man sitting next to you already paid for you. He said something about paying you back for staying silent or something. He left some money, more than enough to cover for you," the waiter explains.

Looking at his empty seat, she wonders who he can be when her best friend, Yuuhi Kurenai occupies the seat she is staring at.

"Hi Anko-chan, binging on dango I see."

"Yup! I got a free meal too, some guy paid for me," Anko says, using a toothpick to get anything between her teeth.

Kurenai raises her eyebrow, but shrugs it off, "Well, I have some news for you. Uzumaki Naruto is back in town."

Anko looks over at her friend, "Impossible, reports said he died years ago. How is he alive?"

"I don't know, but we saw him enter the village and we followed him. We didn't know it at the time, but we figured it out when he entered the Hokage's office. Apparently the Hokage knew it was him and sent us off, but not before we caught the name."

Anko shrugs, "So he's back. I can't blame him for getting out of here for a couple of years."

"Miss, would you like anything?" the waiter says, eyeing Kurenai up and down.

She looks over, and says disgustingly, "No, I'm fine."

The waiter walks off, his face turning red at the obvious rebuke, "You know Nai-chan, you didn't have to be so harsh."

"He was a pig, didn't you notice him checking me out?" Kurenai says indignantly.

"Hey, if I was a guy, I would check you out too," Anko teases.

Kurenai rolls her eyes, "So, do you know who paid for your food?"

"I didn't get a name, but I know what he looks like. He wore all black, a porcelain face mask like ANBU and a bamboo hat. He had purple eyes and a long blond ponytail," Anko shrugs, still messing around with the toothpick.

Kurenai pails, "Well, it seems like you've met Uzumaki Naruto then."

Anko cocks an eyebrow, "How so?"

"That was him. That was what he was wearing when he entered the Hokage's office."

After her statement, a Chunin arrives at their location, "Kurenai-san, Anko-san, the Hokage requests your presence."

Nodding their heads, they disappear in a swirl of leaves towards the Hokage's office.


Walking inside the office, they meet Asuma and Kakashi chatting inside, "Hey, do you know what this meeting is about?"

"No, but I'm going to assume since it's so close to his return that it's about him," Kurenai says,

The Hokage clears his throat, "I'm pretty sure most of you know why you're here. Kurenai, Asuma, Anko, Genma, Gai, and Kakashi, you will be examining one Uzumaki Naruto and decide what level he will be. Kakashi, you will engage him in a spar and you will evaluate his skill level. I will be there to watch, understood?"

A chorus of "Hai," is his answer, "Okay, be at training ground 8 at 10 AM. Dismissed."

All of them leave, while he holds back Anko.

"Yes Hokage-sama?" Anko asks.

"Anko, you will be pairing with Naruto from now on. I need somebody I can trust to tag onto him as he is still a liability. I don't know what he's been doing for the past couple of years. Watch him and tell me if you see anything suspicious. This is an S-rank mission, don't tell anybody," the Hokage stresses.

"He's only 15, he can't be stronger than any Chunin. He's just going to be a liability on any missions we take," Anko protests.

"Anko, just trust me. Everything will show itself at the evaluation tomorrow. You can go now, but keep an eye on him."

Looking at the old man, she can see that he is adamant about this so she walks out after bowing towards the Hokage. Walking into the cool night air she looks at the moon, admiring its beauty and simplicity. She continues to walk down the street, getting glares and looks from the people passing by. She sticks her hands in the pockets of her trench coat and tries to whistle a tune to drown out the poignant looks from people. It begins to bear down on her, the eyes unnerving on her skin.

When she reaches her apartment building, she walks in and immediately runs to her apartment. Slamming the door shut, she walks into her bedroom and tosses herself onto the bed and begins to shed tears, tears of sadness and tears of anger. They stain her bed sheets and clothes; they run into her mouth, the salty taste assaulting her taste buds.

Watching from the crystal ball, he watches as Anko breaks down, her sobs tearing at his heartstrings. The truth for bringing her and Naruto together is to help her get over her emotional problems and fear of commitment. He understands her better than most, maybe except for Kurenai. He knows how broken she is, being betrayed by the only person who seemed to care for her. Once he left, she broke, faking insanity and hiding behind the mask.

Sarutobi wishes he can break it, but no matter what, he can't seem to get her out of her shell of insanity. Bringing together two people who are broken sounds like a pain in the butt, but maybe, just maybe, they can fix each other. That is what he's hoping for.

"I hope you can fix her Naruto," he whispers, smiling sadly to himself.


9:55 finds most of the Jounins at training ground 8 to watch and evaluate the skill level of one Uzumaki Naruto. The blond himself hadn't shown yet, but everybody else is there, even the infamously late Kakashi. Everybody chats, wondering what kind of skill the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune has. They all wonder what he's been doing for the past few years, wanting to know how he survived. The clock hits 9:59 and all of them look around, trying to spot the blond anywhere. They look around, not seeing him and they begin to grumble.

The clock hits 10 sharp and he appears in a swirl of flames, making all of the Jounin cock their eye at the specialized shunshin. His porcelain mask adorns his face and his hair is left to itself, no ponytail just a wild mane of golden hair. His amethyst eyes dart from person to person, evaluating and analyzing skill level. Satisfied, he nods towards the Hokage to start.

"We gather here today to evaluate the skill level of Uzumaki Naruto. This will consist of a one versus one spar between Hatake Kakashi and Uzumaki Naruto. The match will end when one or both is knocked out or at my own discretion. Fighters, please meet in the middle."

The two walk into the middle, eyeing and predicting movements. Kakashi takes a taijutsu stance while Naruto stands in a nonchalant posture, seemingly not worried about this. This confuses many as people should not, and would not underestimate Kakashi.

Looking at the two fighters, he worries for Naruto a bit, looking at his posture, "Fighters, HAJIME!"

They stand and stare, neither daring to make the first move. This goes on for another minute or so before Naruto tosses a single kunai at Kakashi who picks it out of the air, and tosses it back only to find Naruto is gone. Looking around, he can't feel Naruto's chakra signature anywhere, making him worried as Kakashi doesn't know where he is. A volley of kunai fly at him from the trees and he back flips out of there, a trail of kunai spearing the ground in front of him. Another round of kunai comes at him from behind and he manages to jump out of the way only to meet an elbow to the back, sending him to the ground once more.

Quickly getting up, he turns around searching for Naruto, seeing nothing in the trees. A twig cracks from behind him and he turns around, finding Naruto rushing him, kunai held in a backhand grip. Kakashi quickly draws a kunai, and blocks the backhand slash and they begin to dance, kunai twirling and dancing in a path of destruction. A few moments later, they are in a deadlock, their kunai pushing against the other in a battle of dominance.

And then he smiles.

"Bunshin Daibakuha (Clone Great Explosion)," a voice rings out from the forest.

Kakashi's eyes widen as the clone begins to gather chakra. Dropping his kunai, he springs backwards trying to get away from the blast area. A moment later, the clone explodes, expelling a chakra enhanced explosion that produces a bright light. Everybody covers their eyes from the flash of the explosion. Sadly for Kakashi, he is still in the blast range and is caught by the tail end of the explosion. He is forcefully launched into a tree, shoulder cracking on impact with the tree. He gingerly makes his way to his feet as the cloud of dust begins to dissipate to show a fairly large crater where the clone and Kakashi were.

A single kunai with an explosive tag flies at Kakashi and he quickly Kawamiri (Body Replacement) out of the way. The explosive tag fizzles until the tag detonates, leaving the ground charred and the tree in ashes. From a branch in a tree opposite the explosion, he watches the damage unfold from the explosion tag. A voice drifts into his ear from behind.

"Hello Kakashi-san."

Turning around, he ducks a punch to the face and he hops off the branch and back into the clearing, still defending against the flurry of punches, sweeps, grapples, and kicks. When Naruto throws a right hook, Kakashi sees his opening. With a side step, he watches as the punch flies by his face and he gets a punch into Naruto's gut, making him stumble forward.

The clone then poofs out of existence.

Everybody stares at the prowess of Naruto who managed to shake up Kakashi with a mere clone. Not a moment later, another jutsu sounds out.

"Suiton: Suiryudan no Jutsu (Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet)."

5 water dragons descend towards Kakashi, each of them coming from a separate tree in the forest. Jumping into the air, he somersaults in mid air out of the range of the water dragons. Quickly wiping his brow, he begins to descend towards the ground.

"Suiton: Tajuu Suikodan no Jutsu (Water Release: Multiple Water Shark Missiles)."

10 water sharks begin to form out of the puddles on the ground and they all streak towards Kakashi. Quickly flying through handseals, he yells, "Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu (Fire Release: Great Fireball).

Spitting fireballs as fast as he can, 7 of the 10 fireballs manage to block the incoming sharks, but three of them are still intact and coming towards him. They race through the steam produced by the fire making contact with water. He times the moment perfectly and as they descend on his position he jumps back out of range, simultaneously pulling up his Hitai-ate. Looking around, he finds Naruto standing in the clearing, arms crossed, foot tapping on the ground in waiting for Kakashi.

Naruto looks around, and spots Kakashi in the trees with his Sharingan out, "Ah, finally, the great Sharingan of Hatake Kakashi, the Copy Nin. Things are starting to heat up."

Naruto blurs out of vision and Kakashi is barely able to see it with his Sharingan. Sensing a presence to his left, he manages to grab Naruto's foot and throw him away, quickly following with a flurry of punches which Naruto dances around, not even moving to block them. Kakashi throws a quick sweep, managing to catch Naruto in the shins and he back flips, landing on his feet 30 yards away.

Making a single hand seal, he whispers, "Ninpou: Kokuangyo no Jutsu (Ninja Arts: Bringer of Darkness).

The world grows dark for Kakashi, but it is quickly dispelled with his Sharingan. Looking back at the spot where Naruto was standing, he finds him gone and then he senses him from below. Quickly jumping away from Naruto's arm, he quickly flies through hand seals, "Katon: Karyu Endan (Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Missile).

Holding his fingers to his mouth, he quickly exhales a fire dragon that races towards Naruto's rising body. Quickly forming handseals, he shouts, "Suiton: Suijinheki (Water Release: Water Encampment Wall).

A wall of water shoots up, covering Naruto from the fire jutsu. Quickly flying through another set of hand seals, he shouts something everybody gawks at, "Hyoton: Kokuryu Bofusetsu (Black Dragon Blizzard).

A black dragon with red eye flies out of the water, heading straight towards the falling Kakashi. Kakashi, having not seen the handseals for the jutsu, jumps out of the way of the dragon and watches as the dragon turns the solid patch of ground into a pale blue ice. He gulps, wondering what would have happened if he were hit by the jutsu.

The wall of water around Naruto falls in the midst of him doing more hand seals, Katon: Fenikkusu Endan (Fire Release: Fire Phoenix Missile).

The flame shooting out of his mouth forms into a phoenix, chasing Kakashi around as he lands, forming the same handseals as Naruto, "Suiton: Suijinheki."

A wall of water surrounds Kakashi, but little does he know, he's in for a surprise. The phoenix fire hits the water wall, sprouting into steam as the water absorbs the fire.

"Hyoton: Haryu Moko (Tearing Dragon Fierce Tiger)."

The dragon and tiger of ice race forward, freezing the droplets of water it passes into ice. Kakashi, unaware of what the jutsu does, begins to form handseals and screams, "Suiton: Suiryudan no Jutsu."

The water dragon begins to form out of the water, but is stopped short as Naruto's justu hits Kakashi's waterwall. The wall freezes over, trapping Kakashi inside. Cursing himself for getting into this mess, he quickly makes handseals, "Doton: Dochu Eigyo no Jutsu (Earth Release: Underground Projection Fish).

Moving his way underground, he appears under Naruto, grabbing his feet, "Doton: Shinju Zanshu no Jutsu (Earth Release: Double Suicide Decapitation).

Pulling Naruto under until his head is the only thing left, he watches as Naruto squirms, trying to get out of the whole. Flicking a kunai out of his sleeve, he puts it at Naruto's neck, "Now that, was an amazing display of jutsu. I may have just learned a few. That still isn't enough, this spar is over."

Hokage looks over at Naruto and back at Kakashi, "Shousha Ka-"

He is stopped by a shout, "Fuuton: Renkudan (Wind Release: Drilling Air Bullet).

A gust of wind flies from Naruto's lungs, pushing and throwing Kakashi into a tree, creating a big crash as the tree falls over. Quickly forming handseals, he gets out of the hole and waits for the dust to dissipate. The cloud of dust finally blows away, revealing a standing Kakashi, right arm holding onto his left as lightning chakra flows into a concentrated ball in his left palm. The sounds of birds chirping emanate from the ball of lightning and Naruto smirks, most of them staring at him if he is insane.

"Oh, the famous Raikiri. I was hoping you'd pull that out. Now I get to test one of mine."

Everybody stares at him, including Kakashi, all of the interested in what he's going to do.

"Shoton: Kyojin Kesshou Shuriken (Crystal Release: Giant Crystal Dart).

Crystal begins to form around Naruto's right arm and the ends come to a point, producing a giant dart on Naruto's right hand. All eyes go wide, never seeing this move before.

"Surprised? This is my Kekkei Genkai. It allows me to use crystal techniques like this one here. You ready Kakashi?"

Kakashi looked at the gigantic spear of crystal and shakes his head, trying to clear his mind of the gigantic spike in Naruto's hand. Charging at the same time, Naruto runs, the crystal point dragging across the ground, creating giant strips along the ground. Reaching up, he prepares to plunge it into Kakashi's Raikiri, but Kakashi jumps, running across the ice crystal. Naruto smirks, yelling Shoton: Suisho To (Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Blade).

A blade of crystal forms on his left arm and as he plunges the Raikiri, Naruto brings up the crystal blade, blocking the Raikiri, making everybody's eyes go wide. With an explosion, the Raikiri blows up on the two, sending them both back in a big explosion. Black smoke rises from the clearing, wafting heavenwards as people watch for who is the lone one standing in the smoke. The smoke begins to dissipate, revealing a single figure standing and one on the ground, apparently unconscious.

When the smoke clears, it reveals a broken porcelain mask lying at the feet of the man standing. The mask is cracked in half, the face lying upwards staring at its wearer. Panting heavily, he looks towards the Hokage who has his mouth open at the display of the Kekkei Genkai Naruto has. Naruto's skin begins to crack, pink flakes falling off of Naruto's skin and onto the floor of the clearing. Everybody stares in amazement as Naruto sheds what appears to be a layer of crystal around his body.

"Kesshou no Yoroi (Crystal Armor)."

Everybody looks at the unmoving form of Kakashi, but they can still see his chest rise and fall in tandem with his breathing.

"S-Shousha, Uzumaki Naruto."

The clearing is quiet, nobody believing what they just saw happen to one of the strongest Jounin in Konoha. Turning towards the crowd, they now get a good look at his face and women blush at his handsome face. It looks like the Yondaime's except he still has the three whisker marks on his cheek. His eyes are a deep amethyst, seemingly capable of looking into your soul.

Recovering from his speechlessness, the Hokage coughs, "Your evalutations?"

"I, Yuuhi Kurenai, nominate Uzumaki Naruto to Tokubetsu Jounin."

"I, Sarutobi Asuma, nominate Uzumaki Naruto to Tokubetsu Jounin."

"I, Mitarashi Anko, nominate Uzumaki Naruto to Tokubetsu Jounin."

"I, Genma Shiranui, nominate Uzumaki Naruto to Tokubetsu Jounin."


Everybody sweatdrops at Gai's outburst while Naruto chuckles, "Way to liven it up Gai. Thanks for that."

Gai gives him a thumbs up, a gleam coming from his tooth, "You're welcome Uzumaki-san."

"Obivously since Kakashi is unconscious, I, Sarutobi Hiruzen, Hoakge of Konohagakure, bestow the rank of Tokubetsu Jounin upon Uzumaki Naruto. Congratulations Naruto," Sarutobi smiles.

"Thanks old man. Thank you all," he says, bowing towards the Jounin judges.

"Naruto, see me in my office. Anko, you come too."


"Asuma, get Kakashi to the hospital. He is no doubt suffering from chakra exhaustion and maybe a few broken ribs. You are all dismissed."

With that, the three leave in their respective style of shunshins, leaving everybody to walk off, all of them whispering about Naruto's Kekkei Genkai.


Once inside, the Hokage sits down in his chair and Naruto and Anko remain standing.

"Congratulations Naruto-kun on your promotion. That was a great display of jutsu and hijutsu. Your Kekkei Genkai lets you manipulate water and earth to change them into crystals?" Sarutobi asks.

"Hai Ojiji. Taking minerals from the Earth, it allows me to crystallize them through water and they harden to create crystal structures such as my Shoton: Suisho To. I am the last of my clan as I activated my bloodline when I was 10. I mastered it when I was 14," Naruto answers.

"When the council hears about this, they will no doubt try to facilitate your Kekkei Genkai through the Clan Restoration Act. They may force you to marry and have children with girls from different clans to combine bloodline limits," Sarutobi sighs.

Naruto snorts, making Sarutobi look up, "Hm, if the council is going to force me, they are going to lose a very valuable Kekkei Genkai. I will not be coerced to breed with woman I do not even know, that is just ridiculous. Besides, passing on my Kekkei Genkai needs more than me just fucking another woman 8 ways to Sunday," Naruto finishes.

"What do you mean?" Sarutobi asks.

"The wife must either have an affinity for Suiton or Doton and the husband must have the other. My father had an affinity for Suiton while my mother was Doton. The Kekkei Genkai came from my mother's side as my father was Konoha's "Yellow Flash". Once that has been established, there also has to be an emotional connection. To sum it up, I actually have to love another woman for the baby to have my Kekkei Genkai."

"Interesting, we'll see how the council will take that. For now, take these," the Hokage says, handing Naruto a Jounin pin and a Jounin jacket.

"Arigato Ojiji. Now, what is Mitarashi-san doing here?"

Anko shoots him a glare, growling, "It's Anko, not Mitarashi."

"Okay Anko. What are you doing here?"

Hokage clears his throat, "She is your new partner Naruto. You will work missions with her ranging from high C-ranks to A-ranks. Understood?"

"Old man, I've never done anything less than a high B-rank. I've done over 10 S-rank missions for Hanzo," Naruto pleads.

Ankos' eyes go wide, "Hanzo? As in, Salamander Hanzo? The creepy looking dude with the rebreather?!"

Naruto smiles at her description, "Yeah, your description pretty much sums him up. And yes, I trained under Salamander Hanzo."

Looking into Naruto's eyes, he can tell he is ready. Looking into Anko's eyes, he can see the determination as well and he sighs, relenting, "Okay, I will give you the occasional, and I stress occasional S-rank mission if any ANBU aren't in town for the mission."

"Thank you Ojiji," Naruto cheerfully says, stepping behind the desk and giving the Hokage a hug.

The Hokage shots out his pipe, surprised at the blond's actions, "Um, thank you Naruto. Now, you're dismissed and you probably want to know more about Anko-chan I assume. Introduce yourselves over food or something, I'm sure you're tired after the fight with Kakashi."

"Hai," they chorus, disappearing from the room.

Sighing, he smiles gleefully, reaching into his drawer and grabbing his copy of Icha Icha Paradise, "Kukukuku, Shira you naughty girl."

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