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This can't be happening. Tell me I'm dreaming. This can't be real.

"This is the only way, Max. You're just to much trouble to keep around. We keep getting followed and captured. We want to live normal lives, have a house, go to school.....and we just can't do that with you around. But don't worry, we all voted and we want Fang to be the new leader.", my Angel, my baby, stated.

"Wh...What? This...This is a joke, right?," the Flock just glared at me, hate visible in their eyes, "What happened? We're family, I've been their with you guys through everything! You just can't do this to me....You're all I have!" I sobbed.

I, the almighty Maximum Ride, was sobbing. You would be too, if your family, your everything, were kicking you out and pushing you into the waiting arms of a couple insane scientists. Yeah, not only was the Flock kicking me out, they were giving me to the School. They made a deal, give up me, and they would be free. Such loyalty amazes me.

I searched my Flock member's faces looking for any remorse or guilt or pain. Iggy, my blind pyro, was a rock statue, anger etched into his features. Nudge, my chatter-box, was silent, but her eyes spoke measures, she didn't care what happened to me. Gazzy, my little soldier, stared at me with hard eyes, his hands clenched in fists. Angel, my baby, just sat at her spot on the ground, with one hand twisting her blond locks, the other clutching Celeste, while she stared at me with a cold look in her baby blue eyes. Then lastly.....Fang, my second in command, my best friend, my rock,....my love, had a blank look on his face but in his deep onyx eyes all I could see was hate.

They all just stared at me until the deep voice that used to make me weak in the knees called out, "Just leave, Max....and don't come back." . I looked up at Fang and the Flock one last time as I ran straight into the crowd of Erasers surrounding our cave, with a look of determination on my face. I spread my 13-foot wingspan, taking a second to marvel at the tan and brown beauties sprouting from my back. I felt my body prepare itself for an attack and I knew one thing for sure. I may be broken-hearted, but I wasn't going out without a fight.

I woke up later in my favorite place. Let's guess. On Fang's chest? With Angel snuggled up next to me? In a nice cozy bed? In a cold, hard dog crate, smelling of anesthetic and chemicals?

Congratulations to all who picked answer number 4! Your prize... you're not actually in the dog crate. "Aw, look the little birdie woke up.," An Eraser cooed at me, "Wanna play with me, little birdie? We could have lots of fun?".

"Aw, how bout not, Lassie?" I cooed back. "You little...." , Lassie snarled, bringing his claws into my cage, latching on to my arm. Which I responded to be biting him. He started howling in pain, trying to fling me off.

When I slammed back into the back of the crate, I spat out all that nasty stuff. "Disgusting." I grumbled. "What's going on here?!" a familiar voice bellowed.

My favorite person in the world walked up to the bars and yelled at the Erasers for being "complete imbeciles for almost harming the subject", while I just smiled innocently at Lassie's glare. "Max, how are you doing?" Jeb asked.

"You know, Jeb, I'm just doing peachy. I got kicked out of the Flock, gave over to the School by the Flock, and got to see you! What a great day!" I said sweetly, sarcasm dripping from every word.

"Max, listen to me. The Flock did the right thing. You belong here. You just can't fight your destiny or us." Jeb said in that I'm-a-adult-and-I'm-better-than-you tone. God, that tone pisses me off.

"Jeb, listen to me.", I mocked him, anger barely covered in each word, "The Flock betrayed me. I belong were ever I damn want to be! I will and always fight you and my destiny!". By that point, I was screaming and yelling, pressing against the bars and throwing punches on anything I could touch.

I was thrown out of the cage and immediately held down by 4 Erasers, one holding each limb. I bucked and twisted, trying to escape but it was useless. But it didn't stop me. I twisted and moved harder when I saw Jeb approaching with a needle in his hand. I felt something cold prick into my arm before things started to get fuzzy.

The last thing I heard was "Don't worry, Max. You'll get used to it here.

2 month later


I tried to block out all the cries and moans, tried being the operative word. I had only been here for two months but it seemed like years. Constantly strapped to a metal table, in a dog crate, and having experiments performed on me is what mainly happened. And let me just say, some of those tests were cruel.

"Move it!" Lassie barked at me. Ha Ha, barked, you know dog....Eraser....yeah. "Gosh, Lassie, who's pulling your chain?" I smiled back.

"O, your going to like this new test so much, Max." Lassie said cruelly, a smirk on his face. I immediately tensed, knowing what was in store had to be torture for Lassie to have such a look on his face. He looked happy. God, that's just sick.

I was shoved into a room and strapped down into a metal chair, my head strapped towards a T.V. "Enjoy." Lassie smirked before closing the door and taking the only light source with him.

I sat in the chair, tapping my foot for a couple minutes and humming a song out of pure boredom, before a blue light flickered as the T.V. turned on...and images started moving across the screen.

Fang, Fang with a red head, Fang with another girl, Angel, Angel and Nudge laughing, Gazzy covered in paint, Gazzy and Iggy bent over a bomb, smirks on their faces, Iggy cooking, Nudge on Iggy's back joking around, The Flock smiling and laughing, The Flock flying and laughing and living and not caring how I was stuck here.

I felt something wet drip down my face, and realized in the back of my mind that I was crying. But really at that moment, I didn't really care.

1 year later


It's been one year. A whole year. One year since I saw my Flock's faces. One year of complete torture and experimenting. One year since I lost the will to care. I sat in my dog crate and stared down at the words scribbled at the bottom of the crate, in my writing.

It's funny

How someone can break your heart

And you still love them

With all the little pieces

I remember that day, I had gone through watching the Flock's lives then been laid on a metal table and cut up deeper and deeper seeing how long it took me to heal. I then had been thrown back into the crate, bloody and exhausted, and as the lights went out, I dragged myself to the back of the cage and used my fingernails to write. I finished writing with bloody nails and a broken heart.

"Maxie! I have a fun test for you today!" Lassie said, with that sick little smirk on his face. On the outside, I kept silent and blank, while on the inside I was screaming and sobbing. How much more did these people think I could take?

I was brought into a glass tank and was slipped into a wetsuit and breathing mask. I flopped into the cold liquid, with a sense of dread in my stomach. I looked with mild interest at the scientists scurrying around and yelling at each other. Then everything got quiet as the tank lit up in a bright green glow. Then slowly the liquid started rising in temperature until it was scorching. I let out a silent scream as the liquid started seeping into my skin and into my body. Then slowly the temperature started rising more and more until it felt like I had been tied down and thrown into a blazing fire. My wings started burning as did every part of my body. Hours seemed to pass before the liquid cooled. My body felt exhausted and worn out as they pulled me out of that death chamber.

I distantly heard gasps and murmurs of the scientists around me and felt my wings being spread out and my body being exposed. The gasps got louder even as I started drifting further into unconsciousness. I felt myself being picked up and being laid down on the floor of my crate, almost lovingly. Right before I drifted away I heard, "I'm so proud to call you my daughter."

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