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Ch. 4 Forks


I laughed as seconds later an "Anonymous" message popped up onto Fang's site. Minutes after, fans left message after message about the letter from this "Anonymous" reviewer. The letter in question read:

Hello Flock.

I'm so "happy" to finally be able to write this to you. What has it been, two years, since we have last talked? Well when you technically kicked me out of my own Flock, I mean. Oh yes you know who this is now don't you? Yes, I escaped. Yes, I still hate you. Yes, you shouldn't look for me if you value your pathetic lives. Answer your questions,yet? Oh, I'm doing fine by the way, thanks for asking. You know, since you were the ones who betrayed me and all and gave me to the crazy-ass scientists I spent my whole life protecting you guys from. All their little experiments made me into the new wonderful Maximum Ride today. And this Maximum Ride is taking down Itex with or with out you.

A Dark Angel Flies Tonight

"Try being the perfect heroes everyone sees you as, now." I whispered as I clicked the power button and the screen was flooded with black like the forest around us. In the corner of the clearing, Night stood on the tips of his toes jumping up and down as he uselessly flapped his dark wings. "Fly. Fly. Fly."He chanted to himself quietly, his face scrunched tight with concentration. I just couldn't help myself, I burst out laughing. Night looked at me with his big blue eyes and pouted, "Help me, Mommy!".

I smiled as I limped over, still sore from all the experiments, "Well, first thing first, take a deep breath and close your eyes." Night did as I told him. "Now, relax. Let everything come loose and limp. Don't think of your wings as these strange limbs. Think of them as part of you not their own things. Now move them, slowly back and forth. Get the feel of them. You control them. They are a part of you.". Slowly he got the feel and started hovering maybe an inch of the ground.

"Mommy! Mommy! I'm doing it!" He beamed, momentarily losing his balance and landing softly back on his feet. Time passed as he tried, unsuccessfully, to get himself higher than a few inches. He grumbled in the corner, sitting on a log with the cutest pout on his face.

A loud grumble rang out from his stomach as he suddenly grasped it, mumbling "Hungry.". Night blinked up at me with his big blue eyes as he feel to his knees, grasping his stomach. He crawled towards me, hands clasped, a big smile on his face. He stuck out his hand and smiled, simply saying "Food."

Idiot!, I mumbled to myself, smacking a hand to my forehead, Of course we need food! I just need to find some first.... I scanned the forest for anything edible, and finally decided I needed to head to town. I grabbed the duffel and pulled out my old ratty backpack from the "Flock" days. As I poured it out, something came to rest on my boot. I looked down to see a single black feather before I was pulled into a flashback.


I sighed as my feet repeatedly hit the edge of the cliff I was sitting on. Most people would be like "Oh my god, are you crazy? You're sitting on the edge of a 500 foot cliff where you could fall to your death!" but remember, wings? I'll be fine. I watched the Flock flying and laughing as a soft thump sounded next to me. I didn't even turn to look as I kept my eyes trained on the Flock as I sighed, "What, Fang?".

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Fang turn his beautiful, dark onyx eyes toward me. No Max! Bad thoughts!, I inwardly shook my head as I turned to face him. His face was scrunched tight with concentration as his eyes scanned every part of me. It was as if he was trying to...memorize me. Weird...

"Nothing.", He answered with one of his oh-so-informative one worded replies. Suddenly, he reached back and yanked a single silky, midnight black feather from his wing.

"What the heck, Fang?", I jumped up as I looked to make sure he didn't start to bleed.

He simply handed me the feather before giving me one of his famous "look-of-a-thousand-words". It was like in that moment he was reliving every moment we had and storing them into memory. He slowly started to lean forward before his lips were inches from mine. His breath blew on my face smelling like everything I loved. Yes, Fang's smell was in that category. He smelled like a dark summer night with pine trees all around and the spray of an ocean wave. It's cheesy, I know. But hey, I'm a teenage bird-girl, I'm allowed to have my moments. And this was one of them, I thought as I closed my eyes when Fang's lips touched mine. This is how I want to spend everyday.

-Flashback Over-

I shook my head and though I tried, it wasn't in me to throw the stupid feather away. I tucked it into the bag and shifted through the pictures of the Flock from way back when, notebooks, other pictures and keepsakesuntil I found the Max card. I pulled out my ponytail moving my hair into my face and brushing dirt off most of my clothes. I had to at least look decent if I expected to show my face in this town again. I slipped on my old windbreaker before layering up again. I wasn't risking anything.

After repeatedly telling Night to stay put and stay quiet, I started to run. The damn rain made it impossible to fly so running was the other logical answer. The pounding of my feet on the forest floor and the adrenaline pumping through my veins sent me farther and harder with every breath I took. A couple minutes later, I was about a mile away from the town.

I stared at the ground as my feet moved me closer to the town and farther from Night. I had to fight every instinct in me to not turn around right now and race back. But something was just telling me to leave him there and everything would be alright. Then I headed into the town of Forks (Come on, really? Who names a place after a piece of damn silverware? Is their rivals, the Spoons? I mean, seriously!).

Thirty Minutes Later...

"For the love of God!", I mumbled as I came out of the store two bags on each arm and one in each hand.

After buying the necessities, blankets, food, and stuff to stay clean, I bought Night some extra stuff. Like candy and a stuffed wolf toy, with soft fur and big brown eyes. Besides Erasers, I always loved wolves. And the thing was just too cute not to buy!

But seriously, how long does it take a cashier to check me out? A blond bimbo named Lauren chomped on her gum and talked into her phone for ten minutes before helping me. As I left, I flipped her "the bird" which by the gasp of outrage behind me, I could tell she appreciated.

The rain still poured down so I couldn't get to Night so I sprinted. Dear God, please tell me nothing has happened to my baby, I thought as I poured on the speed. About half a mile away, I smelt and heard it. They're were people in the camp.

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After moving to the camp, using years of experience of staying quiet and undetected, I laid the bags in the bushes a few feet away from the camp. I looked above me to see a tree with the perfect view into camp. I climbed, almost falling out of the tree onto my ass,blowing my cover, before I found the perfect area. Where I could still see into camp and safetly jump down without breaking something. As I peered from the leaves, I saw three people, who appeared to be on steriods by the way, scattered around the camp. One tall, beautiful russet women stood next to Night, staring at him with adoring eyes as he prattled on about something or another. Two muscled, handsome men (who for some reason had their shirts off?) also were there, as one stood guard and the other shifted through my duffel, thankfully having not found the backpack with the photos and papers which could reveal our secret. I silently fumed as the one going through my stuff held up a sports bra of mine with a raised eyebrow and a smirk on his face to his companion. Asshole, I snarled to myself as I jumped down, snapping a stick beneath my boot. "Shit."

Their heads snapped towards my direction as I walked into camp, already in position to fight. The women growled as Night jumped up to hug me before pulling him back to her. "Bitch, let go of him before I snap that pretty little neck of yours.", I snarled pouncing towards her, pulling Night to me.

She crouched down, preparing to spring, before Night hugged me, yelling "Mommy! Mommy! Did you get food?". She stared shocked, while I dropped the scowl from my face and molding it back to a smile while nodding my head.

"Where? Where? Where?", he screamed looking everywhere. I laughed before smiling at him, "Over in those bushes, sweetie. Why don't you go see what Mommy got you while I deal with these nice people here?".

He nodded before rushing into the bushes, random squeals being heard every few seconds. I glared meeting the women's eyes as she scowled back at me. "You leave my family alone!", I hissed at her as I clenched my fists.

"Ha! As if you could stop me!", she growled back at me, as her body started to shake.

"Ohh, seems like someone has a bit of a temper problem.", I smirked, "And I could have you on the ground,pinned, in less than a minute, with one arm tied behind my back.".

"Is that a challenge?", she bit back. By now the trembles weren't small, they were shaking her whole frame.

"If you care to accept it...Bitch.", I smiled sweetly back at her as I knew each word was challegening her into a fight.

"That's it!," she screeched, as she tried to fling herself at me. Key word, tried. Well before she was tackled by tow gaint men on steriods, that is. I was so caught up in the fight I had forgotten they were even there.

"Calm down, Leah. Sam's going to be pissed just because you threatened a girl. Don't make me tell him you beat her up, too.", one laughed in a way to sexy vioce, as he pulled "Leah", (I like Bitch better myself), into a headlock. The other muscle man sat on her kicking legs as loud laughs came form his mouth.

"Screw you!", she screamed as she strugged. I turned my back on them, scoffing, as I scanned the trees for Night, seeing him snuggled up on the ground with a blanket and the wolf toy.

"Yeah, as if that Bitch could even touch me!", I laughed before turning around and coming face to face with a beautiful pair of brown eyes that filled with shock, anger, happiness, and wonder as they meet mine.

"You're freaking kidding me!", Leah moaned as the creeper stared at me like a blind man seeing sun for the first time.

I knew one thing for sure, right then and there. This Forks place was pretty damn weird...

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