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Edit: Someone asked me where I got the prompts. The ones I used in plotting out this story:

100_colors (one table of 100 prompts)

iy_no_kakera (both tables – one hundred prompts each for a total of two hundred prompts)

25_foods (Table One – twenty-five prompts)

30_lies (thirty prompts)

30_dates (thirty in the table and ten extra for a total of forty prompts)

50_shinobi provided 50 prompts.

30_beverages provided 30 prompts.

30_lies provided 30 prompts.

I… think that's it. If you know of any more really awesome/fun prompt tables, I'm always looking for more! (Although I'm beginning to suspect that IY has the best prompts…)

001. Red

As she fell through the darkness, Sakura automatically tried to reinforce her body with her chakra. It was impossible and foolish since her body was somewhere far away but it was impossible to fall to her death without trying to save herself. When she landed, it was not with a jarring thump but rather with a soft splash.

A flagstone floor wavered under the surface of the shallow river that she was standing ankle-deep, giant metal bars gleamed dully, and a humongous, shadowy form paced behind them.

When Sakura's eyes met the malevolent, red gaze of the kyuubi, she shuddered.

096. Writer's Choice – Metal

"You have to help me heal Naruto!"

"I cannot."

"If you don't, you'll die with Naruto!"

The Kyuubi chuckled. It was the worst sound that Sakura had ever heard.

"He's dying because I'm dying." Sakura literally felt her heart skip a beat. The creature's grin forced her back a step. "I'm dragging that brat to hell with me."

"No! You can't!" Enraged, Sakura surged toward the vicious creature. She pounded her fists against the unyielding metal bars of the kyuubi's prison. "Naruto isn't allowed to die! I won't live in a world without Naruto!"

"Then… you'll have to… save us."

079. Scarlet

The triumphant note in the kyuubi's voice made Sakura hesitate. The kyuubi was evil. If she saved it, she would never get that smut off of her soul. If she let the kyuubi die, she would have to live in a world without Naruto.

Sakura squared her shoulders.

"What do I have to do?"

Long sharp claws flashed between the bars and ripped into her flesh.

Sakura screamed. Burning, searing pain ripped through her abdomen then ate through her being. She had a fleeting impression of a wicked grin with too many teeth before the world dissolved into scarlet flames.

006. Green

Sakura groaned. Her abdomen ached abominably. She glanced around warily. She was still in the clearing where she and Naruto had been ambushed but now it bore none of the marks of the previous battle – the trees were intact, the ground was flat, and there were no mangled bodies in sight.

It was beautiful.

But there was no sign of Naruto.

Sakura tried to force herself to her feet then fell back with a gasp of pain, her fingers digging harshly into the green grass. Sakura grimly molded her chakra into a healing jutsu.

"You'd better not be dead, Naruto!"

041. Forest

Sakura sprinted through the forest. The rough bark scraped her fingers bloody as she threw herself from one branch to the next. Her heart, lodged in her throat, pounded in time with the mantra echoing through her head.

'Let him be in the village! Let Tsunade-shishou have healed him! Let someone have come looking for us when we were late!'

She should have known better than to go and ask the kyuubi for help! She should never have dropped her guard! She should never have left Naruto unprotected!

'I'll save you without the damn kyuubi! Wait for me Naruto! Please!'

010. Gray

She spotted the Hokage's monument long before she saw the village itself. It loomed over the village, a symbol of protection and reassurance to those who lived in its shadow; an ominous threat to Konoha's enemies. When Sakura got a clear look at the monument, she skidded to a halt so suddenly that she literally fell out of her tree.

Stunned and bruised, she scrambled to her feet. Sakura was at the very top of the tree a heartbeat later. Horror pounded through her body.

Sakura pinched the inside of her arm viciously.

There were only four giant, gray faces.