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"Put that down, Genesis," Sephiroth commanded, his every step forward making the auburn-haired man feel smaller and smaller.

His weapon fell from his hand as if he had no choice in the matter. Sephiroth was getting closer and closer, but Genesis couldn't do anything about it. His heart was racing, not only with fear but with a twinge of excitement as well. The emotions in Sephiroth's eyes were even more difficult to read than before, though the vibes Genesis was picking were just intense, not malicious at all, really.

Cerulean eyes widened in shock as Sephiroth moved within arm's reach and gripped his chin with strong fingers beneath black leather.

"Come here," the former General ordered with something that was almost a smile on his face. Shutting his eyes and expecting a cruel, heartless prank meant to deliberately wound him, some sort of tender gesture followed by cruel words, Genesis obeyed against his better judgment and stopped fighting and running, allowing the other man to tilt his head upward as he was pulled forward.

Genesis' eyes opened back up wide when he felt the first feather-light kiss on his cheek, and another followed right at the corner of the mouth, the soft brushes lingering and gentle. As he tried to get a look at Sephiroth's eyes, to maybe guess what the man was thinking, he saw that they were closed, the expression relaxed as another kiss was pressed on his lips.

Only a moment later Genesis' thoughts scattered hopelessly as he willingly parted his lips for the gently probing tongue, his eyes slipping shut once more as his legs very nearly gave out beneath him. One strong arm around his waist halted such a thing's happening, Sephiroth's right hand moving to the back of his head, sliding into the coppery strands of hair.

The way Genesis had almost instantly responded had both surprised and pleased Sephiroth…this would be a simple task. However, the tongue swirling and sucking on his own, and the way the other man was leaning against him made tingles race up and down his spine, and his blood to pound in his ears.

Would it be that bad to draw out the encounter?

Yes, Sephiroth thought, a bit disappointed, I need to hurry.

But then Genesis was clutching at the criss-cross straps over his chest, groaning softly as a black-clad thigh pressed between his legs, where his growing desire was evident.

"Sephiroth," Genesis gasped, his head tilting as the silver-haired man's mouth relocated to his neck, a hand pushing the collar down so that his lips and tongue could explore the sensitive, soft skin. His own fingers threaded into the moonspun silk that was Sephiroth's hair, gently massaging his scalp as soft gasps of pleasure forced themselves past his reddened lips. He shuddered hard, trying to pull his thoughts together. Something was wrong about this. "W-wait," he blurted, shutting his eyes even more tightly. He needed to stop this, he needed to be able to defend the world against this man, not give into some twisted game he'd come up with. Too late, however, did this thought cross his mind.

"I'm sorry," Sephiroth whispered, fingers putting pressure on a point on Genesis' neck, rendering the slighter man unconscious and causing him to go limp in his arms. He caught Genesis, holding him in his arms as he took a moment and examined every little detail on his face. Even in his forced state of unconsciousness, Genesis looked distraught and betrayed.

It was that expression which prompted Sephiroth to smooth a gloved hand over that porcelain face in a soothing fashion, wishing his gloves were off so he could feel, but not willing to allow himself the pleasure…Genesis was indeed beautiful. How hadn't he seen it before in this way? Perhaps because Genesis had never expressed a desire for him in an obvious enough way for him to pick up on. But, Genesis was not Sephiroth's to take. He had lost his chance with the Crimson WEAPON long ago.

Kill him while he's unaware, a feminine voice murmured. Make sure that no one else will ever have him. Sephiroth shook his head slowly.

No, Genesis would remain unharmed, he decided, as long as he did not harm Cloud. Settling the auburnette onto the grass, Sephiroth pressed one more kiss to the soft lips, the kinder part of himself wishing that he could have made this one happy too. As he straightened and left one of Gaia's WEAPONs in peace, he smiled at Jenova's frustrated.

After all, the alien voice wasn't his mother. Was she? No, he remembered Zack telling him while he was still in the lifestream. He had no reason to listen to her anymore.


"Cloud?" Tifa called, having woken up shortly after the blonde had. He seemed to be in a rush to get some of his stuff together, and considering he was bringing the First Tsurugi with him… "Is something wrong?"

Cloud looked at the woman who had grown up with him, giving her a strange look, making her feel as if he was saying goodbye.

"Stay here," he said firmly, "Keep the kids here with you—don't leave until I call you." With that he leaned close and pressed his lips to hers, pulling away before she could respond. And he was out the door within moments.


Cloud was moving; Sephiroth could sense it. He was coming closer, not directly, but he could feel the mental link created by Jenova cells drawing closer just ever so slowly. He smiled a smile that to anyone who couldn't read his thoughts or didn't know who he was would look serene, and perfectly sane, and forced his wing to manifest.

It wouldn't be too much longer now.



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