"Well, what do you think?" Jasmine turned around shyly. Her normal white dress had been traded in for a green dress with a white coat. A big red bow completed the brand new ensemble, like some ridiculous human present. Volkner looked his foreign girlfriend up and down.

"Isn't it wonderful?" Whitney gushed. Volkner looked at Jasmine, then at Whitney, and then back at Morty. The Johto's ghost Gym Leader shook his head, as if to say 'don't ask me for help.'

Disappointed, Volkner turned his gaze back to Jasmine.

"Well?" She asked him. She hated it, he could tell. He hated it too. It was very green and that bow was very red. It was bright colorful, where Jasmine wasn't. She looked good in simple, he liked simple. This wasn't simple.

"Anytime soon, Star Boy." Whitney prompted impatiently.

"Get rid of it." He muttered.

"What?" Whitney shrieked.

"Oh thank goodness..." Jasmine breathed as she went to go change.

"What was wrong with it? It was perfectly nice outfit. Only you could ruin the fun Star Boy!" Whitney continued to rant as Marty chuckled softly behind her.

"Come on, hon, you can pick out your own outfit." He led the fuming girl away, beyond amused. Volkner smirked.

He liked white much better.

I hate Jasmine's outfit with a burning passion. Seriously, it's the only thing irritating me about Heart Gold and Soul Silver...