To Love an Ancient 3: The Last Seven Days: An Aeris and Sephiroth Finale.

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Chapter 11: Seal Evil


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Midgar: Shinra Building - Floor 66


"Heh-he. Hehehe."

Have you ever laughed so hard over something that was so far from funny, and yet it seemed like the most suitable course of action? Well, for a Turk such as Reno, such responses seemed all the more appropriate these days. After everything his Director expected of him, the wily Turk was sorely tempted to throw in his electro nightstick, sod his job, and spend the last few days on the Planet pleasurably laying on his back in the %*&$ room, nursing a dirty martini in each hand, whilst in the company of the hottest Honeybee girlies a man on his sizeable salary could afford.

However, Reno knew that if he gave into such guilty vices, there wouldn't be much time to truly enjoy them, especially as the Planet had a date with destruction in less than a week's time.

So that led Reno to comply with the President and the Director's plans to save the world without question. However, what bullshittery could Shinra expect a Turk of his calibre to face in the early hour of Armageddon?

"Heh, heh-heh he."

Reno promptly closed the door of Shinra's private meeting room, and began coolly ambling towards the central elevator, metal suitcase in hand, deliberately ignoring the pair of footsteps following him from behind. Reno knew he had to ignore them, for one look at his current companion would be enough to send Reno into raucous laughter. Gods… Reno could handle solo missions. What he loved even more than solo missions were missions, which involved his best partner Rude. But Reno had been given a mission not with his best buddy, but with this…this…?

Reno dared a small chance look behind him…..

And immediately regretted it. For that simple action was surely his undoing.

"Hahahahahahahahahahahah*cough*cough*hahahaha!" 'Oh Lord! This is Shinra's secret weapon to stop Sephiroth?!' "Hahahaha!" 'Oh my fucking God! This Planet is so screwed!' "Hahahahahahahhaahahahaha!" 'If this plan somehow works without me dying, then I'll die my hair pink and eat an iguana.'

"Um? Excuse me Reno, but could you tell me what you find so funny?" A little voice asked in mild confusion, as it brushed its whiskers, and rubbed its tiny nose with a small, gloved hand. "I believe our situation is quite serious, as is our task. Did you not hear what Rufus and Reeve said in the meeting? Meteor will collide with the Planet if we do not find a way to stop it from falling… And now, with Tseng still out of service, Rude and Elena have been sent to Junon with the President to look over Scarlet's and Heideggar's Mako Cannon project, while you and I have been ordered to locate and contain the target of the audio upset we received from the Northern Continent. A target we can undoubtedly assume is General Sephiroth from the recordings we picked up from Icicle's Intelligence team."

"Hey! Chill cat, chill." Reno answered with a rather suave smile, still in disbelief that a cat was temporarily replacing his best buddy Rude. Hell even Elena would've been a more preferable buddy to protect his collar than this…. "Errr…remind me what your name is again ….?"

"Cait Sith."

"Whoa! Your name is Cat Shit?" Azure eyes ignited with genuine surprise, just as he reached the door of the elevator. Removing his prized keycard from his scruffy blazer, Reno ignored the seething toy at his feet, and lazily swiped the activation panel, before calmly entering inside the elevator.

"My name is Cait Sith Mark 2 I have you know! And I am certainly not a piece of kitty excrement," the small form answered in a rather offended voice, as it scurried into the glass elevator behind Reno, before the door snapped shut.

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say, Number 2," Reno yawned lazily, scratching his messy ponytail, while the toy cat seethed in its tiny brown boots.

"So what is our plan of action?" Cait bemoaned, watching with squinted eyes as Reno tapped a few careless buttons on the elevator pad, wishing now more than ever that it was his maker who had his back on this mission, and not this scruffy suited Turk. At least Cait trusted Reeve. Unlike this…"Gah!" The toy jerked in surprise, as the elevator began to descend down from the 69th floor to the ground floor.

"Our plan?" The Turk's sharp gaze snapped back towards the little cat toy. "Keh, and here I thought you were seated in the same meeting as I. Don't you remember the plan lil kitty? The Prez has ordered us to head on up to the Northern Continent, to this funky little hell-hole previously known as Icicle Inn. As for our plan…you are going to act as Solid Cait, and infiltrate whatever scariness and ghoulish screams will be found in there. When you locate our target, you have been issued a gun especially crafted by our top weapons specialist Scarlet. A gun that contains bullets infused with highly reactive Stop materia. Your role kitty is to use all five bullets on our target, and thus contain him, while I will transfer our acquired target back to Midgar, where our Director will be in charge of all future negotiations…."

The toy cat blinked owlishly at the tall red head. "Um…so I'm expected to locate and restrain Sephiroth all by myself?"

Reno nodded his head with a genuine smirk. "Yup. Reeve has enough faith in your espionage skills to locate and restrain our target, no problem. All I'm here for is to take you from A to B. And our target back from B to A. Simple."

The toy cat's ears wilted. He at least expected some backup for this awfully difficult mission. "B-but…this mission seems awfully dangerous Reno to complete alone," Cait answered mid wilt. "Do you think Scarlet's bullets contain the power to stop a man like Sephiroth?"

"….Ummm." 'No?' the red haired Turk thought with an inward smile, while his eyes crinkled at the corners with genuine jollity. "I'm sure you'll be fine little Kitty. Sides, shouldn't you be paying more attention to the sky beyond this elevator? Think of it this way. That Meteor winking down from the sky is much more dangerous than any man or creature we could fight on this Planet. So facing Sephiroth should be easy compared to facing Meteor."

"Sephiroth? Easy?" Cait blinked in complete confusion, unsure whether they were talking about the same silver haired General. "B-b-ut that audio report we received from the Police Station of Icicle Inn… all I heard was screaming." The toy cat shuddered in a genuine semblance of fear. "Oh deary me. I don't know if I have the heart to face this."

Reno rolled his eyes. "You are a toy fucking cat. What do you have to fear from a man such as Sephiroth?"

"Um…." Cait paused for a moment to press a small button inside his crown.

A static sound emerged from the little figure and echoed inside the elevator.

"Oh God! What the Fuck is he? Silver Hair! His Sword! Oh my God he's killing us all! AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! We need BACKUP! BACKUP! BACK-AGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Cait stopped the audio with a nervous shudder. Even the hairs on the back of Reno's neck were stuck highly on end. "Um….How about fearing that?"

Reno scratched the back of his neck, and thought for an answer. When none were forth coming, the Turk shrugged indifferently, and a perpetually suave smile materialised back onto his handsome features. "Hey Cat, Chill-chill. You're probably worrying over nothing. Sides, aren't cats meant to be lucky? So play to your strengths. You never know, Sephiroth might have an unnatural fondness for cats," Reno answered with a hapless laugh, as the elevator finally reached the ground floor, and slid open with a high-pitched ping. "And sides, if you play your cards right, and act as cute as you look, Sephiroth might decide to adopt you after being overwhelmed by your.. um…" The Turk paused to stare down at the toy's feet. " Brown leather booties."

"Sephiroth likes cats…and booties?" Cait blinked slowly and innocently stared down at his feet, before looking up to find that Reno had left him, and was already working his way through the lobby, past many suited co workers, and towards the building's exit. The little toy eeped in surprise and quickly chased after the lanky red head, his long black tail flailing madly behind him.

"Reno! Wait!" The little toy cat cried out meekly, catching up to the Turk before he left the Shinra premises. "What do you mean about Sephiroth liking booties?"

It was only by mere coincidence that an older male Shinra operative entered the building just as Reno and Cait exited. As the male suit passed the strangely paired duo, he paused only for a moment then made a visual double check at the sight of a talking cat speaking about Sephiroth liking booties? The bearded operative shook his head in wild disbelief, and walked past a rather amused Turk, muttering how he certainly needed a trip back to his psychiatrist. For there was no way a cat could talk, let alone talk about Sephiroth's sexual interests. A future signing off was definitely in order.

And so Reno quietly sniggered to himself, and waved smoothly at the other man, before brushing past the doors and outside into the cool Midgar air, with an inquisitive little toy cat following him from behind. The Turk paused for a moment to gaze in transfixed awe at the glowing ball of destruction in the sky, which looked far more prominent than it did the day before. "Whoa! Hello there death ball," Reno greeted the meteor with a mock salute of his head, before gesturing the cat to follow him towards the air strip, which was located on the other side of the car park.

The toy cat blinked in confusion and followed Reno. "Um Reno, you still haven't properly explained how you know Sephiroth likes cats and booties."

"From very reliable sources of intelligence of course," Reno answered with a sly wink. "Us Turks have to be frequently updated on all the secrets in this company. And sides, even though I'm no official member of Sephiroth's silver fan club, it doesn't take a genius to guess that Sephiroth is definitely the sort of guy who wouldn't mind a bell-necked kitten purring in his lap… if you know what I mean... heheheh," Reno thought aloud. "Heh... and now that I think about it, Sephiroth by image alone can really draw in the chicks without really even trying. No wonder his old fan club still exists, even today."

The more Reno spoke, the more confused the poor little toy became. "Kittens…? Chicks? Booties?! " Cait blinked rapidly at the azure eyed male, trying to assemble all the information Reno had just offered him freely. "So then…Sephiroth likes animals that wear booties… and this brings him fans?"

The cat's answer had the Turk in complete stitches across the car park, to the confusion of many passersby exiting their vehicles. "Hahahahah!" 'Oh God this cat is gonna rupture my colon.' Reno answered with genuine tears of hilarity in his eyes. Despite death lurking ominously from above, all Reno could think about was how Sephiroth would respond to such a stupid question from a small, talking cat.

'…With Masamune. Obviously.' Rude would have answered in a no nonsense tone.

"Keh." Despite the sadistic thoughts whirling in his head, the amused Turk sent his first genuine smile at the still puzzled toy.

"I really think you're starting to grow on me Cat Shit."

"It's Cait Sith," the cat muttered in a dour tone, knowing the excitable Turk would not listen to anything he said.

"Anywho Cat, no more dawdling! Our flying carriage awaits!"

'Flying carriage?

Oh dear…


This Turk might be the end of me…'

0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o 0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0


Meanwhile… Back at Icicle Inn


0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o 0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0

In the midst of all the chaos…

And the endless running…

Aeris finally found what she needed…

A strength she believed she once lacked…

It was something she carried within her all along on her emotional journey…

Something quite intangible…

And yet it possessed a far greater power than any legendary piece of materia the Planet could dare bestow upon her…

This power Aeris had found, was not something as simple as magic. It was an ancient embodiment of energy, which could transcend all thoughts of darkness into light.

And although the world around her was raging with such strong and turbulent emotions, Aeris had never felt such a surreal sense of peace in her heart. Even as the morning snow continued to drift down upon her and Yazoo, the brunette felt no fear, not when Yazoo carried her on his back with an immeasurable grace. His speed across the ice was unfathomable, as it was indeed necessary. For someone was hunting them both. Someone they both knew all too well. Someone they both desperately wanted to protect…and to save.


0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o 0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0


'Why the fuck has Yazoo taken Mother!?'


Kadaj could no longer hear the sound of the wind, nor the cold of the falling snow around him. For a rage had taken hold of his heart. A rage, so strong, so deep that it heated his mind with a toxic fire. Kadaj did not wish to comprehend what was currently happening, even when the truth seemed so blatantly obvious. His body was panting with anger? Or was it fear?

NoIt was fucking frustration!

'What is going on?!

Where was she? Where were they?

Why did Brother take Mother?

Did Mother go willingly with Yazoo? Or was she forced?

But if she went willingly, then why did she leave her ribbon behind for me to find?

Why have they left me behind?

When are they coming back?

Are they coming back?'

Kadaj desperately sought for a sign of his Mother's footprints, which had disappeared halfway upon the ice. His acute mako eyes snapped downwards to the bloodied grounds, then up towards the snowy rooftops, as he sought out a sign, a hope that he would catch sight of her, around the next corner, or perhaps the next.

'Mother? Where are you?!'

Kadaj's panting was growing heavier now. His head was jerking side to side in raw agitation. Kadaj had so many questions running rampant in his head. Thoughts he could not seem to answer.

'For why would Yazoo attempt to hide Mother's footprints from me? For what purpose would Yazoo wish to hide Mother from me?

And why did Mother leave her ribbon behind?

Did Mother leave it as a sign she wanted to be saved from Yazoo?

Or did Yazoo leave it as a sign to taunt me?'

It was not for the first time that Kadaj felt disturbed by his Brother's disturbing and unpredictable behaviour towards Her. Kadaj knew Yazoo had always been so unkind to Mother. Yazoo had been downright cruel from the beginning. He spoke to Mother in such a disrespectful manner. He insulted her. Berated her. Belittled her. Humiliated her.

Kadaj tightened his fists angrily at his side.

The signs were always there…

The capacity for his Brother's malice was always fucking there!

And Kadaj knew Yazoo all too well. He knew his Brother acted without repentance. At his utmost worst, Yazoo was a completely spiteful and unfeeling bastard who cared for nothing but his own selfish merits.

The swordsman gritted his teeth.


Anger rippled across the swordsman's thoughts.

'You deceived me Brother. All along you deceived me. You claim you are family to me…and yet you take the most important person in my life away! What have I done to you Yazoo? How dare you hide Mother from me? Do you hate your own Brother so? I never betrayed you Yazoo. Never! So then why? Why?! Why are you doing this? Why have you taken Mother from me? Is it because you know I'm her favourite? Is it because you envy me? Don't you realise Mother is mine Yazoo! Not Yours! Never yours! You know I pledged myself to her first. Not you. Never you. You never dreamt for Mother like I. You have never cried for her like I!'

'Why have you betrayed me Brother?!'

The teen shook his head, to remove the falling snow off his lashes.

Kadaj knew he was most certainly dealing with a very fucked up situation.

He had so many questions… Too many questions… and nothing seemed to be making any sense. One thing was for sure though; Kadaj knew he had to find her!

"I'll find you Mother. Don't worry, I'll find you, I promise." Kadaj swore to himself, as he quickly scaled up and onto the rooftops. His eyes narrowed with an acute intensity of emotion, while his mind intelligently mapped out all the potential routes his dear bastard Brother might have taken her. However, Kadaj knew he had no time to set up any intricate plan of action, so he began hastily leaping over building to building, crying out at the top of his lungs, hoping his Mother would hear him.


And yet no-one answered.


There was still no sign of her…

Kadaj released a keen sound of desperation out from his throat. His thoughts were not guiding him any closer to finding her. He cursed his own foolishness.

"Mother!" He wailed. "Mother!" He called out to her once more. Begging for the heavens to offer him a sign. An answer. But all Kadaj saw in the early morning was an awakening sun and a strange red smear in the sky, a mysterious moon, which harkened no answer to him.

"Give her back to me. Please give her back," Kadaj begged to the red moon in the sky. "Please…" Silence answered him. "Please…give me a sign…"


The teen immediately pivoted towards the sound of his beloved Mother's voice.


There was only one face frozen in his mind, as Kadaj sacrificed every thought and emotion for speed and haste.

He had to get there.

He had to reach her before it was too late!



Street after street. Alley after alley, the flower maiden felt her eyes close into a guileless calm, for she trusted Yazoo with all her heart. The demi-Cetra knew that Yazoo's physical strength and speed far surpassed her own. Even now, his strong gloved grip was tight and unyielding against her thighs, and Aeris knew that no matter what, Yazoo would never let go of her. For Yazoo was taking her back towards the path of her intended destiny.

A destiny Aeris no longer feared…

For what was death but a graduation for the living?

The brunette inwardly smiled. Aeris knew she no longer had anything to lose, for the Planet had gifted her far more extraordinary wonders in her short life of experiences than those who blindly lived beneath the oppressed shadows of Shinra's plate, and for that Aeris was eternally grateful.

Once upon a time in the past, Aeris knew she was once guilty of being shrouded in the corrupting dark. A dark, which gave birth to very real human fears. Fears born from a lack. Of not having enough. And it was in this land of irrepressible fear that Shinra's power began to manifest in Midgar. An unholy power, brought about by the united anxiety of those who believed they lacked true worth in themselves. Those who felt powerless. Those who admitted they were weak. Those who felt tired. Afraid. Alone…..and Loveless.

The brunette's eyes snapped open wide in realisation.

Everything she felt, …were born from the same emotional anxieties she experienced from living in Midgar. In Midgar she had always feared being different. She always feared the dark, and yet many years ago, she even admitted fearing the sight of the blue sky above.

How had she been so blind!?

Aeris had allowed herself to become so handicapped by fear and oppression. All her negativities monopolised her thoughts till what she feared manifested into the reality she lived today. After all, was that not why Aeris felt so alone? For in the past, she once believed she deserved to be alone, as she was different, and in doing so, she taught herself how not to love herself. Aeris realised it was this energy…this need to express her lack of love which drew Him to her in the first place.


Aeris now knew that Sephiroth mirrored a form of love in her life that she constantly rejected within herself. For once Aeris believed she did not deserve true love, due to her differences, her strangenesses, her weaknesses...why should she expect love from others when her crippling anxieties kept on getting in the way.

And then came along Kadaj…

Kadaj embodied another kind of love. A heartbreakingly raw form of love. A love, which bore fruits that, could not be eaten. Aeris knew, the deleterious love Kadaj felt for her, was no greater than the love Aeris felt for her own dark apostate angel. And so Aeris did what most sane females would have done in the face of dire unreciprocated emotion. She avoided it. She ignored the pure love that had been offered to her freely. But in doing so, Kadaj's love had shifted. It had warped and grown, like an evolved cancer from which there was no remedy.

And that was why Aeris knew she was to blame for the destruction of Icicle Inn. Kadaj might have used his hand to create the chaos. But his initial intentions were pure. Trapped in his naivety, Kadaj had admitted his fear of losing her. That he would protect her. That he would kill for her.

All because he loved her.


Aeris was beginning to understand what it meant to truly love someone, and why it kept passing her by. For deep down Aeris was still so terrified of being truly loved. So when someone like Kadaj accepted and loved her without discrimination…she had to reject all his impassioned advances. She literally ran away.

But no more.

This had to stop.

This had to stop now!

"Yazoo Stop!" Aeris cried out suddenly.

In a sudden moment of clarity, Aeris felt her physical world dangerously snap to an unnatural stillness. Her mouth offered a soundless gasp, as she tried to find a grip on the gunman's shoulders once more. In a manner of speed that was quite inhuman, Yazoo had pivoted his body around in a complete 180', despite the fact that Aeris' arms and thighs remained momentarily locked around his shoulders and sides. Now the gunman's chest was breaching against her own, her legs dangling helplessly against his narrow waist. Aeris released a small whoosh of air, when she was suddenly pushed back into the shadows, her back lightly impacting against the wall of the alley. Her small body was now trapped painfully close against the gunman's lean form. From breast to breast. From her thigh to his waist. And all the while his eyes remained fixated on her own. Then his face moved closer before dipping delicately to the side. Aeris nervously shivered, as the pale tendrils of Yazoo's hair glided down her right cheek, before his lips touched the inner curve of her ear.

"Sssh!" Yazoo hissed at Aeris, alarmed and surprised by the immense anxiety resounding in his own voice. "Do you want Kadaj to hear you?"

Aeris' gaze was now steady and calm. She knew she needed no words to communicate the truth to the elder warrior.


The gunman's gaze sharpened in surprise, completely disarmed by the brunette's expression.."…w-what?"

"…" Aeris stared calmly back at Yazoo and made no sound.

"No more running Yazoo," Aeris answered serenely,as Yazoo pulled away from the brunette.

"What? But when? Why have you decided this?!" Yazoo answered in alarm. His mind had been completely thrown.

"It is something I have decided to do my own free will," Aeris affirmed softly. "I intend to face Kadaj."

Mako eyes dilated with nervous surprise. "But if that was your plan all along, why did you hide and run from Kadaj in the first place?!" Yazoo uncharacteristically hissed aloud. His eyes were bereft of his usual passivity. His fists were shaking with emotion. Yazoo did not know where his fear was coming from. Fear for her? Or was it for Kadaj? Or himself?!

Oh why did this girl have the power to break down all vestiges of control inside his being? Why did Aeris allow him to be exposed to such constant pain?

"Yazoo…please don't worry anymore," the brunette tried to reassure the tall male. "I believe-" the brunette paused for a moment and shook her head. "No, I know I can seal the evil in Kadaj's heart."

Yazoo released another hiss of emotion and pivoted away from Aeris, feeling more like a marionette dancing to a senseless rhythm he had yet to comprehend. He could not do this. He did not want to play the role of the foolish puppet any more.

And yet his lips moved off their own accord. A curse of weakness he could not seem to control no matter how he tried.

"What would you have me do Aeris?" Yazoo sighed wearily, as he brought a hand to cover his eyes, his shoulders sagging with a frailty he rarely showed. He stood alone for a moment before the brunette's hands drew around him from both sides to embrace from behind.

"Nothing Yazoo. I can face him alone." Aeris answered softly.

"Alone?" If Yazoo was stunned before, now his brain had given up thinking altogether. For surely Aeris had not just announced that she was going to face his Brother all by herself?

The brunette serenely nodded an affirmative, before turning on the balls of her feet and stepping away from the stunned warrior.

Yazoo felt oddly powerless when Aeris turned away from him, shielding her expression from him, as she gazed towards the exit of the alleyway. Feeling uncharacteristically nervous, the warrior uneasily clenched and unclenched his fingers.. Yazoo did not know what to make of this new Aeris. She seemed to possess a resolve greater than his own. His mounting worry must have glimmered in his eyes, as the brunette turned her head back to smile softly at him, reassuring him, creating a warm burning sensation in his heart. The gunman visibly flinched. Her eyes on him were far too painfully warm, and so Yazoo forcefully broke his gaze away, feeling more alienated by this female who seemed to resonate light in his dark and bloody world.

The gunman's widened further, when Aeris suddenly threw her head back and suddenly cried out.


"No Aeris don't!" Yazoo instinctively cried out, shocked by his own words. Why did he want to stop her? Did he really not want his Brother to find her? Or him?

"Don't worry Yazoo." Aeris reassured the pale male once more. "Everything will be all right…"


"The Planet is here to support me." Aeris affirmed calmly. "Gaia won't let me fail."


"Believe in me Yazoo. I can stop Kadaj."

"Stop him?" The warrior's morbid mind leapt at the first thought, which came to him. "But the only way to stop Kadaj is to kill him."

"You are indeed right, Big Brother."

An all too familiar, frightening silhouette appeared at the end of the alley. Both Aeris and Yazoo whipped their heads to the right in surprise.


"Stand aside Aeris," Yazoo softly commanded, but Aeris' gaze remained trapped on the silhouette at the end of the alley. In the shadows, Aeris' eyes were not fine -tuned enough to see the hawk-like intensity that was being directed upon her person. However Yazoo could see the zealous insanity..the obsessive need…in those constricted pupils.

The swordsman stalked forward, and Yazoo instinctively stepped forward to try and block Aeris' form from the young teen's vision. The action greatly displeased the young male. It was made perfectly clear when Souba slid from its sheath, and Kadaj took a few practiced swings in the air.

"Why are you hiding Mother from me Brother?" Kadaj asked in a pseudo-gentle tone, deceptively calm, despite the threatening tension rapidly building in the alley.

"Hiding?" Yazoo echoed calmly, trying to ignore the severe aura of rage emanating from his Brother's eyes. "I am doing no such thing."

"Indeed," the teen hissed. Kadaj was no fool. He knew he was being lied to, and at this very moment, the last thing the volatile teen wanted to do was play such foolish games. Not when his Mother was standing there. "Mother?" the teen called out to the female standing behind his older sibling. "Are you alright Mother? Yazoo, he hasn't hurt you has he?"

Kadaj took another step forward.

"He hasn't touched you? Has he?"

Kadaj moved closer and reached a hand out towards her, his gaze becoming nervously soft as he took in his Mother's face.

"Mother. You needn't be afraid anymore. I will not allow anyone to harm you." Kadaj stated gently. "You are safe now."

Yazoo stepped in between the two, before Kadaj could reach the brunette.

"Get out of my way Yazoo!" Kadaj snapped, literally shoving the older male out the way and grasping the brunette's shoulder with one hand and bringing her against his body protectively.

He crushed his face against her breast and wrapped his arms around her waist in a vice like hold. It was a terrifyingly strong grip for one so young. It was inhuman in desperation. Aeris was once again made aware that Kadaj embodied the spirit of both a monster and a child.

"I was so afraid Mother. When you left and I couldn't find you, I was so very afraid. I followed Yazoo's footsteps, and then I heard your cry, and it brought me here. But I don't understand. Why did you go off Mother? You scared me." Kadaj seemed so relieved to see her. And that is what was so heartbreaking.

I wish there was a way for me to remain inside you Mother so that we could never part again. I want to stay with you. Please don't ever leave like that again.


"?" Kadaj glanced up and down his Mother's profile, as if looking for a sign that she had been manhandled. "Are you alright Mother? You're not hurt, are you? Please…don't be hurt Mother…as I no longer have my cure materia to heal you." The teen's gaze shivered with genuine emotion. "You should be resting Mother. Let's get you out of the cold and into the warmth. It was selfish of Brother to force you out here when you could genuinely freeze to death. Let's get you somewhere safe and warm, ok?" Kadaj offered herwith a shy smile. "Then I can get some clothes for you, and how about a hot drink. What was that hot chocolate you were interested in the other day? How about if I get you some so we can share and experience together."

Despite the softness of his words, in the teen's eyes, Aeris could sense the teen's clinging desperation. It literally bled from each word he uttered to her… I can provide you anything you need. Just tell me what you want and I will give you it. You have no need to fear when you are with me Mother. I am all you will need to be truly happy. Just don't let me go Mother. Don't leave me alone.

And so Aeris placed a hand over the back of the teen's head, in an attempt to bring him closer.

"Kadaj. Look at me," Aeris voiced quietly, and ever so softly.

The young teen raised his head. "Yes Mother."

Green met green. "Do you trust me Kadaj?" Aeris asked him quietly, as she felt her own eyes begin to grow damp with emotion. The brunette silently swallowed. She could not cry now. She refused to cry now.

"!" Kadaj, who had always been intuitive to his Mother's moods, could see the tearful colours glistening in the brunette's eyes. The young male never liked seeing his Mother upset. For it made him deeply upset. "Without any doubt Mother. You are the only voice who commands the beat of my heart."

The brunette blinked back her tears. The love Kadaj held for her. It was beyond human in intensity….and the trust the young teen had for her…it made Aeris feel like a complete monster for what she was about to do next.

As Kadaj leaned his face towards her own, parting his lips open with a nervous need, Aeris quickly grasped the teen's head, and instead turned it downwards, bestowing a kiss upon his brow, even as the warrior shook with unstable emotion.

'I'm sorry Kadaj. I'm so so sorry.'

Cradling his head in her hands, her lips brushing shyly once more upon his brow. Aeris' soul called out to the Planet to rise forth and aid her with her divine plea.

Cocooned in the warmth of the female before him. Kadaj was hopelessly blind to the glowing green that was rising from the brunette's feet to encircle his own, spiralling upwards, and entrapping the pair in a evanescent mist of green. Soon the snow of Icicle Inn began to fade, along with the blood, the cold, his Brother. Even his anger. Everything in his vision was beginning to fade….except her…

The teen's gaze dimmed as he held onto his Mother. Everything seemed to be disappearing around him, and yet the light before him was getting brighter and brighter. "Kadaj." Aeris called out his name, and for reasons the teen could not seem to understand, tears began to sheen in his own eyes. The teen tried to open his mouth but no sound emerged from his lips. All he could do was listen to the female before him, and fixate on her light, and her scent so reminiscent of flowers. "Kadaj," Aeris repeated once more. The young vulnerable male could not look away."Listen to me. If you truly love me. You will stay here. Here, in this place." Aeris kept on repeating, even when the teen's face was contorting, trying desperately to communicate to her. But the spell had been already cast. It was only a matter of time before it would be fully complete and he could no longer speak. "You will be safe here from all dark thoughts of Him Kadaj. Then…when everything is all over.. I will come back for you. I will find you here…I promise."

The teen's tears spilled out of the teen's eyes just as a sudden flash of green surrounded the teen and the brunette cried out "SEAL EVIL!"

'No! Don't leave me! Mother-Mother! Please! No! Don't leave me…here- alone. Please…Don't go… Come back.. Come back…'

The brunette eyes flooded over with her own tears, as the spell allowed the brunette to hear the teen's final pleas in her own mind, even when his lips and mouth remained still of all motion. As the green dissimilated from the teen's body, Aeris stepped away from the now frozen standing form, hand over mouth, before she helplessly dropped to her knees.

The spell had been cast. The Planet had sealed the teen's vulnerable will. The brunette screwed her fists over her face and wept. She would have cried longer if it wasn't for a certain gunman hauling her back up to her feet, grabbing her shoulders and shaking her violent in a way reminiscent of Him.

"What did you do!" Yazoo demanded angrily. "What did you do to Kadaj!?" The gunman cried out when Aeris made no attempt to answer him. He fleetingly thought of back handing her. But as the thought came to him, it soon vanished when Aeris quickly answered.

"Don't worry Yazoo. He's alive. Kadaj is alive," Aeris turned tear stained eyes up to the tortured warrior. "His will has been sealed."

All pent up emotion stilled in the gunman's heart. "Sealed?" Yazoo repeated slowly, pulling away from Aeris to confront the form of his Brother. If one was to look at Kadaj, he did not appear any different than a statue, and yet his hair still shifted in the wind. Yazoo raised a gloved hand and ran his fingers down his Brother's jawline and leaned in closer. His Brother was still breathing. Yazoo could hear the sounds of life through his parted lips. Yazoo could not feel more relieved.

However as the gunman stared at the teen's restricted pupils.

'He looks frightened.'

The older Brother grimaced. It pained the gunman to see Kadaj like this…but..

How long will Kadaj stay frozen like this?" Yazoo asked carefully.

"Until the Planet sees fit to release him." Aeris replied in a soft, yet honest tone.

The gunman snorted.

"I guess we should get going now Yazoo," Aeris continued on, as she brushed the remaining wetness from her eyes with her gloved fists.

The gunman frowned in surprise. "And what? Leave Kadaj here?"

"The Planet will protect him for us." Aeris answered simply, as she momentarily clasped her hands in prayer. A small farewell to the boy who saw her as 'Mother.'

'You are going to leave Kadaj out here like this?' The gunman's eyes narrowed sharply. There it was again. The brunette's capacity for spite. Yazoo knew Aeris could not see it within herself, but to Yazoo the brunette's cruelty was so blatantly there. And so again, it was up to Yazoo to do the deed that was most honest and true.

The gunman turned back to his younger sibling and moved forward


"Yazoo? What are you doing?" Aeris cried out in surprise, as the gunman moved towards Kadaj, and quickly took him in his arms. The warrior mentally noted how Kadaj was neither lighter nor heavier than he expected since the spell had been cast.

"I care not what spell you have cast over my Brother Aeris. You should know that I do not share your trust in the Planet," Yazoo answered roughly, as he turned to move out of the alley, an unmoving teen laying silently in his arms.


"I will take Kadaj back to the house we stayed at previous," Yazoo stated simply, refusing to look at the female behind him. "He will be safer there."

"But the Planet-"

"!"The gunman's fiercely cold glare brook no room for further argument.

And so Aeris followed the warrior out the alley, trying desperately to ignore the signs of death and debris scattered across their route back to the house.

A large sum of time before Aeris mustered up the courage to talk to her angry companion.

"I'm sorry Yazoo…"


"You know I did not want to hurt Kadaj."


"And I didn't want anyone to be hurt because of me."

"Just Shut it Aeris," Yazoo muttered in a rather bittered tone. "Shut it."

The brunette's resolve froze momentarily, and so Aeris remained quiet until they reached the house once more. Aeris was about to follow Yazoo in the building, but then the gunman stopped her.

"Wait out here Aeris. This will only take a moment."

The brunette emotionally wilted. "O-ok."

Yazoo disappeared inside the house, leaving Aeris in the cold. The demi-Cetra did not know how long she waited alone before the gunman returned to her side with a coldly distant expression on his face. Aeris had no idea what the gunman was thinking, and in many ways she didn't want to know. Not when his face could look so callous...and apathetic.

"We will head for the exit of this town and then turn east," the gunman stated to the brunette in a cool, distant tone, as he calmly strode away from Aeris, and made his way down the still bloody road.

"Ok but-" Aeris began, pausing mid speech when Yazoo sent her his most vilest of glares. 'Don't bother talking to me Aeris. I'm really not in the mood to handle any more unnecessary bullshit.'

The brunette's brow furrowed in mute surprise. It had grown apparent now. Yazoo had closed up. Completely. It was like she had gone back in time...from the first time she had met him in Icicle Inn. Cold. Cruel...and disinterested.

At this very moment, Aeris had never felt more alone.

'But I guess it is for the best. At least this way Kadaj will be safe. And the Planet will be saved from Meteor.'

Aeris thought sadly as she jogged after the callous male, knowing that the old Yazoo had no patience for idleness.

'Remember Aeris. Yazoo never liked you. He sees you as a means to an end.'

"Hurry up Aeris or I'll leave you behind," Yazoo called out in a cool, indifferent tone, his voice lacking all previous inflection of warmth.


Aeris jogged even faster, and forced herself to smile instead, even when she felt like crying…

'For it seems like madness to cry now...

Afterall, isn't this what the Planet wanted.

After I complete my Cetra Burden...

I will return to the Planet.

My sacrifice will make the Planet happy.


And I'm sure after the deed has been done…

Yazoo will rejoice from my sacrifice as well.'

A tear slipped down the brunette's face as she stared at the gunman's back, watching the pale shimmer of his silvery hair dancing in the wind….So reminiscent of Him, that it made her entire heart ache and bleed with painful nostalgia.

'So don't worry Aeris…

Try to stay strong for a little while longer.

After all, all these sad memories you have endured…

Wont mean anything when you finalise Holy's prayer.

And soon, you won't have a need to feel anymore pain or sadness...

So keep on fighting...child chosen by the Planet..

For Gaia is watching...'


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