Ginny sat there, shocked. She was at Dumbledore's funeral. Dumbledore was dead. He was the Head of the Order, the Hogwarts Headmaster, the hero.

And then, the most horrible thing in the world happened. Something that completely tore her heart apart. Harry had broken up with her. How could he do this to her? To say she was surprised would be a lie. Since the day Dumbledore was murdered, she knew it would happen. She wasn't sure when, but she knew it was coming. But, she couldn't' have prepared herself for the pain she felt, even if Harry would take her back. She would take him back.

Ginny watched as he spoke to the Minister across the lake. She felt jealousy rage threw her veins, as Ron and hermione walked over to Harry. The Minister walked away as Ron and Hermione approached. He gladly accepted their presence.

'He doesn't need me.' Ginny thought.

'Obviously I'm not important enough. Or strong enough. He thinks I'm weak. EH doesn't need my help, or want my help.' Ginny thought. Even though she only half believed these thoughts, the pain was still there.

Ginny noticed the chairs slowly empty. Everyone went up to the castle to finalize his or her things. She also noticed the tears that slowly fell down her face.

'How could he?' She thought.

She felt the jealousy again as Harry hugged Hermione.

'That should be me!' She thought.

'He's moved on.' One voice in her head told her.

Ginny felt like running up there and punching Hermione, or better yet, giving her the famous Bat Bogey Hex.

'Hermione did nothing wrong.' Her conscious told her. But, her heart couldn't handle logical thinking. She felt the stinging tears fall down her face. She didn't even feel like brushing them away.

"Gin, are you alright?" A worried voice broke her out of her deep thinking. She looked to the seat next to her, to see Fred. She looked to her side, and saw George.

She almost answered, 'Yes', but right now she didn't feel like holding up an image.

"No." She chocked out. Fred pulled her into his lap, and she didn't struggle. George moved to the seat she had just vacated. She burrowed into Fred's chest.

"It's over." She whispered. Not realizing what she meant, Fred just held her tighter.

"What is Gin?" George asked cautiously.

"Me and Harry. He broke up with me." She managed a short explanation through her sobs.

"Oh Gin." Fred whispered softly and held her even tighter.

"But I still love him." She sobbed.

"How could he?" She sobbed harder with each statement she made.

"I thought he cared about me."

Fred and George were at a loss for words. They weren't sure what to say, considering they didn't know the whole story.

"I'm sure he still does." George said after a while.

"What exactly did he say Gin?" Fred asked.

Ginny slowly stopped her sobs and settled on hiccups, before she told them what had happened mere minutes ago. When she was finished, Fred and George realized what he had done, and why.

"Gin, you have to understand." George soothed.

"He just wants to protect you." Fred put in.

"I don't need protection!" She started to become hysterical.

"All I need is him! Can't he see that?" She cried harder and harder.

"I thought I was what he needed."

"You are." Fred reassured her.

"That is why he broke up with you. He wants to keep you safe, so he can have you in the end." George patted her back.

"He doesn't want to loose you."

"But he doesn't have me now." Ginny pointed out.

"True, but you're safe." Fred told her.

After a moment Ginny spoke up again.

"And why doesn't he want to protect Ron and Hermione!"

"I obviously don't compare to them!" Fred didn't know what to say to that, but George did.

"Gin, they've been with him through all of it. He needs them."

"I want to be there for him too." Ginny sobbed.

"We know Gin." They both spoke soothingly together. George started to rub her back.

After a few minutes in relative silence, they heard their mum call to them.

"Fred, George, Ginny! It's time to get going."

"Carry me?" Ginny looked up pleadingly at Fred.

"Of course Gin." Fred stood up, and Ginny climbed on his back for a piggy back ride. George stood right next to them, and patted Ginny on the back.

"Thank you." Ginny whispered before falling asleep.


A/N- I know Ginny understood, but that doesn't mean she has to like it. I think she would take it HARD! Even if she did understand. Harry was her soul mate, and still is. And I can just see Fred and George being such good big bro's!