A Pretty Little Love Note

Ginny cried, and cried and cried. She didn't care that many, many people were around her. She didn't care that she was showing her weakness, something she hated to do. Nothing, no one, could help her. The pain she felt was almost unbearable. She put her face into her hands, and wished it would all end. All this pain, she just wanted to feel normal again. She wanted to breath, and not feel guilty for everyone else that didn't get any more breaths.

"…and so, laugh. That's what Fred would want from all of us." Kingsley, the new Minister of Magic, smiled sadly, and stepped down from the podium after a speech. A speech in which Ginny didn't listen to a word. She was too lost in her own grief and pain. Fred was really gone, forever.

Ginny walked over to her family, her family that was minus one, her family that would always be one short. They were all standing around Fred's coffin. Ginny felt someone slip their arm around her waist.

"Thank you Harry." Ginny whispered. She took back her last thought, that no one could help her, because Harry could help her through anything, and everything. He had helped her through the past few days, and he had helped her.

"No, thank you Ginny." Harry whispered back to her. They all turned their heads to the grave.

"We will miss you." Ginny heard her mother whisper.

"Always." Percy added.

"Forever and Always." Fleur muttered poetically

"We will always love you." Ginny's father muttered.

"No matter what." Ginny added.

"Damn right!" Charlie exclaimed quietly.

"I know I wasn't really your brother, but I will always think of you as my brother." Harry whispered. We all smiled at him.

"Me too." Hermione added solemnly.

"And we will always remember you." Bill whispered.

"For your laughter." Ron muttered.

"For your caring, loving side." Fleur whispered.

"For your ability to help people." Molly added with a tear.

"For your courage and bravery." Harry added with a nod, as if to say thank-you-for-that.

Everybody looked at George, who hadn't said a single word during the "discussion". George had his face in his hands,

"Fred…" They heard George mutter. They all strained to hear him.

"You were my whole life, my other half. I don't know what I'm going to do with out you." Ginny felt her heart break. She looked around, to see everyone with the same expression.

"The joke shop won't be the same without you. But, I know you'd want me to keep it up. No quitting. We worked way to hard."

"Amen." Charlie whispered. "Don't give it up George."

"Don't give anything up George. You know that's not what Fred would have wanted." Bill put a hand on George's shoulder.

"You've got me still." Ginny whispered as the dam in her eyes broke yet again.

"And me…" Percy nodded his head.

"Don't forget about me," Bill squeezed George's shoulder.

"Or me." Charlie said firmly.

"And I am 'ere." Fleur smiled at her brother-in-law.

"I will always be here to talk to you." Harry nodded his head dramatically.

"I would never rather be anywhere but here. George I am here too." Ron tried to smile, but it turned into more of a sad grimace.

"I'm not your sister either, but I feel really close to you and I felt close to Fred." Hermione said.

"And your mum and I will always be here for you. All nine of you." Arthur smiled at his children, daughter-in-law, and surrogate son and daughter. Molly nodded.

"Thank you guys." George whispered.

After about an hour, all the guests had finally left. Ginny was sitting against a tree, in Harry's lap, when George came up to her.

"Ginny, can I talk to you." Ginny leaned back, and gave Harry a kiss.

"Of course you can." Ginny stood up, and followed George across the lawn.

"I have something for you Gin." George reached into his pocket, and pulled out a small piece of paper. "Me and Fred wrote letters to everyone, in case we didn't make it out of the war, and this is the one he wrote to you." George handed Ginny the note, and he left to give her some privacy. Ginny's shaky hands opened up the envelope, and she took the paper out.

'Dear Ginny,

If you're reading this, it means that I didn't make it out of the war. I am sorry that I won't be there with you when you go through the rest of your life. I'm sorry that I won't continue to help you grow, and become the wonderful woman you already are.

I want you to know that I don't regret anything that happened. I don't regret fighting in this war, and I don't regret what I had to do to end this war. As I write this, I assume that the war is over now. I told George not to give this to you until the war was over. This is my way of comforting you, since I am no longer on earth with you. But, I will always be with you. Ginny I love you so incredibly much, and I am hoping you get out this war alive. I want you to be able to live the life that I won't be able to live now.

Go marry Harry. Make sure you get into that thick skull of his. I know he loves you, and you love him. Marry him, love him, and have a family together. As much as I don't want to think about you two doing any of that, I know that it will make you happy. And I know that you both need each other.

Ginny you are the most amazing young woman I have ever met. I love you with my whole life. You have always been the closest sibling to George and me. You are so strong, courageous, kind, smart, beautiful, and you kick ass at dueling! I hope you know that no matter how many times I prank you, no matter how many times I annoy you, or how many times you annoy me, I have always loved you, and I will continue to love you; even in death. Don't forget me little sis, and I will never forget you.

If you ever feel alone, hurt, scared, neglected, or anything else, always know that I am right next to you. Always. Don't ever forget that Gin. Always.

I will see you again soon.

I love you,


Ginny wiped to waterfall of tears from her cheeks. She wanted to be able to tell Fred that she would never forget him, and that she too loved him forever. Then she remembered.

"I love you Fred." She whispered into the wind. She knew he heard her. "Always."

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