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What Lies Beneath

Bonnie Bennett placed her bag down onto the picnic table and sat, letting out a loud yawn. She rubbed at her dark green eyes and glanced around, waiting for her best friend Elena Gilbert to join her for lunch. The small courtyard of they school was quickly filling with other students, some who wanted to eat and some who were just happy they had a couple moments of freedom. She smiled and waved to Matt Donovan when he noticed her, who in turn waved back before heading in the direction he saw their mutual friend Caroline tread.

Absently she began to daydream, thinking about all of the school activities that were still to come. Dances and finals, she seriously hoped she could focus on the regular long enough to make it through. But things had changed this year so quickly, and Halloween had just passed. She shuddered to think what else might lie in store for the simple town of Mystic Falls and all of the people she cared about. If her scrambled visions were true…death would soon be knocking at their door.

Sighing, she pulled at the v-neck collar of her pretty blue blouse, feeling an invisible weight settle around her throat. Swallowing hard, she tried to shake it away but nothing would destroy the memories imbedded in her brain of that night. The night she'd been possessed by her great great grand whoever and forced to do her bidding. The night she'd nearly died at the hands of Damon Salvatore…the vampire.

I should have just given him the damn necklace. She thought, fingering her skin. Even though it was shattered—even though she had exploded it in a ball of colorful fire, she could still detect it hanging from its long golden chain around her neck sometimes. It didn't make any sense but perhaps it all dealt with her witch-y powers and the séance they had done. If she could take it back she would tell herself to stay far away from ouja boards and psycho ghosts with a hidden agendas.

Pulling her leg up to her chest, she rested her chin to her knee and yawned again. Since that night, she hadn't exactly been getting a full eight hours of sleep. Her dreams revolved around the vampire brothers—especially Damon—and the power she'd felt coursing through her veins while Emily used her body to perform some weird ritual. It scared her to think that one day she'd be able to conjure up much more than fire or make feathers float.

What if she touched something dark? Scary? What if she crossed a line and was never able to come back?

She shivered at that line of consciousness and checked her watch; where was Elena? Probably with Stefan her mind supplied in the same tick. While the idea of Stefan being a vampire totally freaked her out, she knew he wasn't like his brother. He was—well he was nice for lack of a better adjective. He'd saved her life and was making her friend happy so she had nothing but good things to say about him.

Running a hand through her long black, slightly curly hair, she decided to go ahead and start eating. Her stomach growled thankfully and she opened her bag, pulling out a sandwich and a small container of chips. The sound of a cawing bird drew her gaze up and to the right, and she stared at the black crow that seemingly watched her. Probably after my food. Tearing a tiny bit of bread off, she tossed it at the bottom of the tree and the bird dropped to get it, devouring it with its black beak before hopping onto the table before her.

Bonnie blinked, staring into its beady black eyes as it stared right back. Almost as if it were totally aware of her…as if it had something to say to her. "Shoo! If I give you my entire sandwich, what am I gonna have to eat?"

The crow ruffled its feathers in response.

"Bonnie, hey!" Elena smiled as she walked over with Stefan in tow. "Are you making friends?"

She snorted teasingly. "I think it wants my food."

Stefan however did not look amused. "Leave. Now." The bird cocked its head at him before flying away, disappearing into the sky.

Bonnie tried to remain calm at the fact that A; vampires were real and B, she was going to be having lunch with one. After all Stefan was the nice person. From everything that Elena had told her, he appeared to have a firm grasp on what was right and wrong. He didn't even feed on people and hadn't in a very long time.

His dark, brooding gaze settled onto her a moment after her thoughts quieted. "If I make you uncomfortable I will leave."

"No it—it's okay." She smiled with a shrug. "Just taking in the whole vampire concept and everything. I shouldn't be surprised however; I mean I'm a witch. Odd things exist."

Stefan gave his charming smile and sat down across from his girlfriend. "How are you feeling by the way?"

"Alright." She admitted. "Still trying to come to terms with what I know now. But um, thank you for saving my life."

"You're welcome."

"Elena said you've been looking out for her and Jeremy—I think that's sweet. And if she can see past what you are to be with you, then I can see past what you are to be friends."

"Thank you, Bonnie. It means a lot to me that you are willing to accept me…especially after what Damon did to you."

"Yeah well, you're not like him."

"No he's not." Elena interrupted with a cute grin. She pushed long brown strands of hair off her shoulder.

The three fell into a random conversation next, leaving talk of Immortals behind them. They talked about the most arbitrary things, from class work to the oddness that was Matt handing out with Caroline. But it was nice to be normal for a change instead of dealing with death and blood. True it would probably only last as long as the lunch period, still it was better than nothing at all.

"See you guys later." Bonnie waved at her fellow cheerleaders, hiking her small duffel bag onto her shoulder. She hummed as she strolled towards her cute blue car, her ponytail bopping behind her. The cool night air wrapped around her, seeping through her red sports bra and tiny shorts, and she was thankful she'd remembered to pack her hoodie for a just in case situation like this.

Stopping at the first available flat surface, she fished it out and threaded her arms through the holes, leaving it unzipped. Scattered voices sounded around her as more people either packed up to go home or headed out onto the field for more football practice. Obviously that is the reason Caroline was still hanging around, twirling her blonde locks as Matt and Tyler ran several different plays.

She would really have to ask Matt when the sudden turn around happened.

Smirking, she stepped through the long fence opening and headed to her car, her simple tennis shoes soundless on the pavement. As she walked, the overhead streetlight flickered and she frowned, feeling the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. She scowled at herself though and kept going, getting closer and closer to her vehicle, the tiny voice in her mind saying that once she reached it she would be safe. Safe from what, she had no idea. Probably just her paranoia getting the best of her now that she knew what went bump in the night.

Itching at her eyebrow, she rounded a little bend and jogged to her hybrid, fumbling with her keys, trying to get them into the lock. They fell to the ground with a clink and she cursed, yanking them up quickly. A dark figure to her left caught her eye and she jerked, pressing her back to the driver side door.

"Get away from me."

Damon Salvatore stared at her with ice blue eyes, his face devoid of emotion. His hands were tucked into the pockets of his dark jeans, but the silver of his family ring still managed to twinkle in the false light. "Hello Bonnie. It is Bonnie I'm speaking to right? Or is Emily still rattling around in there…"

"Get away from me." She repeated, her voice strong despite her nerves. "I'll scream."

"And I'll rip out your throat before you ever get the chance." He replied with a touch of boredom. "Now, why don't we just play nice for a moment? I mean if I wanted you dead I could have done it already."

Unfortunately that was very true. "What do you want?"

"Hm. What do I want?" He made a face. "Good health. Riches beyond my wildest dreams. A 1968 Porsche with all the trimmings."

She rolled her eyes. "What do you want with me? I—the necklace is gone so—"

He lifted a finger. "Yeah I wouldn't bring that up if I were you. Seeing as how I've been holding a grudge against Stefan for more than a hundred years, I highly doubt a few days is enough time to mellow me out where that is concerned." He took a step closer. "Especially considering the fact that Emily reneged on our deal."

"I don't know anything about your deal." Bonnie said, pushing herself back against the car as much as she could. "I can't even remember what happened that night."

Damon smirked. "Right. Anyway, there is still a way for you and your witch-y powers to help me get what I want."

Damn it. "No."


"I—I—I can't open the tomb. Those vampires would destroy the town."

"Thought you didn't remember?"

"It's fuzzy…comes and goes."

Suddenly he was right in front of her, the material of his jacket brushing her bare stomach. He leaned, placing a hand by her shoulder, crowding her space. "Who said getting into the tomb is what I want?"

She gulped noticeably. "Then what is you want?"

"I'm looking at it." His voice was soft, hypnotic. "I figure if Emily can change the terms of our agreement then so can I."

Her head swam as she made the mistake of looking into his eyes. The iris danced around the dark pupil, fluttering uncontrollably as if it were breathing. He's trying to entrance you! "St—stop…"

He could hear her heart thudding against her ribcage and he grinned, inhaling the smell of her fear. "So I have a question. Was Emily completely gone when I bit you?"

"Yes…" She whispered. She decided it was better to play along and hopefully live to tell the tale.

"Thought so. Have you thought about that night at all?" He tilted his head to the side.

She averted her gaze and wet her lips slowly. Truth be told she had. She wasn't sure why since it wasn't a pleasant memory, but it was as if his feeding on her had caused other sensations to stir up. Sensations that made no sense. "Hard not to think about the time I almost died."

The vampire chuckled lightly and dragged his fingers down the side of her face, feeling the shudder that ripped through her entire body. She was so warm and blushing now, her heat radiating out of her pores to ghost over his knuckles. His stomach twitched and he looked her over appreciatively, his eyes lingering on her breasts and the way they lifted and fell do her heightened breathing. They weren't big but just enough for a handful.

"Mm…" He grunted.

Bonnie balked and jerked the sides of her hoodie together. It didn't take a genius to know what he was staring at. "Why are you here, Damon? To torment me because Emily didn't do what she promised?"

Was that why he was here? "No. Well maybe a little but not entirely. I just wanted another whiff of…" Trailing off, he pressed his face to her neck, smoothing his nose along her skin. "…this."

She just knew he was going to bite her and finish the job. She could feel it deep down in her bones. All she could think about was the pain of it and the sensation of her life slowly seeping out bit by bit. Drop by drop. Fear boiled up in her stomach like hot lava and she gasped as it leapt out of her body, slamming into Damon's chest without a single movement from her.

He staggered back, actually skidding a few yards on the concrete. "Ow."

Go! Running on autopilot, she unlocked her door and dived into her car, willing her hands not to fumble as she jammed the key into the ignition and made the engine hum to life. Scared that he would rip the door off, she slammed her foot down onto the gas and roared out of her parking space, refusing to look back. The thought that he was running behind the car made her gasp aloud.

Damon Salvatore officially scared the living hell out of her.

Watching the road, she dug into her purse and pulled out her cell phone, hitting the speed dial. "Hello? Elena?"

"Bonnie, hey." The brunette said cheerfully. "What's up?"

"He—I saw him." She stammered. "Damon. He just…he was waiting for me after cheerleading practice."

"Oh my god, are you okay?" Her friend asked, concerned. "Did he hurt you?"

A sigh. "No. My strange powers—thank God—pushed him away from me before he could bite me." A beat. "Elena I'm scared."

Elena wet her lips slowly. "Don't worry. I'm gonna tell Stefan and he'll make sure that he leaves you alone. Just stay home and don't invite him in under any circumstances."

She nodded. "Okay. Okay…"

A strong, pale hand slid its way up her caramel colored thigh, pushing the lacy white gown with it as it went. Soft lips cascaded down her neck and she tipped her head to the side to give them more access, letting out an airy sigh. His body was pressed tight to her own, his skin cold but smooth where it touched her. The smell of his cologne made her head swim, and she was thankful that they were lying down on his large bed.

Even though her eyes were closed, she knew it was Damon's weight on top of her, pinning her to the mattress. She knew it was Damon tickling her leg and Damon slowly pulling down her soft cotton panties. His fingers were surprisingly gentle as they pushed inside of her, zeroing in on a pad of nerves that made her moan in pleasure. He stroked them with his fingertips until she was damp and trembling beneath him, his free hand ripping the bodice of her gown so that he could suck a hard nipple into his mouth.

"Damon…" She whimpered, arching to him. "I—I've never—"

"I know." He sounded amused. "Don't worry. I'll take care of you."

Her hips bucked when his thumb brushed her swollen clit. "Ah…Damon…" Swallowing, she finally allowed herself to look at him. To take in the splendor of his magnificently toned body. "Do—do it. I want you to…do it."

Nodding, he sucked in a breath and his eyes bled to black, the veins surrounding them pulsing dark as his mouth opened wide. Lowering his head, he sunk his sharp fangs in around her nipple deeply, his throat working as he began to drink. A stilted scream died within her vocal chords at the first initial strike, and then all she could feel was the erotic thrill of the bite itself. He had her life in his hands…took too much and she could be seriously injured. Knowing that she had to give up all of her trust to someone who terrified her sent a chill up her spine.

"Da—Damon…" She breathed, entwining her fingers into his soft hair. "Make love to me."

His lips were stained with her blood when his lifted his head and covered her like a blanket, his erection rubbing between the moist lips of her sex, making him hiss. "Say pretty please with sugar on top."

With a sharp gasp, Bonnie sat straight up and willed the air to flow into her lungs. She yelped when the heavy dresser in her room thudded back to the floor, along with all of the contents on top. Chest heaving and skin glistening with a light layer of sweat, she blinked to keep the tears at bay. She didn't know what was more horrifying; making things float in her sleep or having another sex dream about Damon. Where in the world were they coming from?!

This one had been more graphic than the last, but with the same underlying theme. Her in his bed, begging him to make love to her. To take her. Except this time he'd bitten her. Idly her hand went to her breast and rubbed, just making sure there was no wound there. Honestly she was a little surprised to find nothing…it had been so vivid.

Clink! Clink!

Frowning at the noise of something against glass, she crawled out of bed and pulled back her curtains. Sitting on her windowsill was a crow, its beak tapping in a sort of Morris Code to the shiny panes. She thought about trying to make it leave, but what if she opened the window and it flew into her room? She'd have to call her father to get it out and she didn't want to disturb him at this hour.

Maybe I could blow it away with my powers. That or accidentally blow it up. Shivering, she slipped on her robe and continued to gaze out into the night, seeing streaks of moonlight dart from behind the clouds. Although she didn't know how she knew what was running through her mind, she was sure that he was out there. Watching her. Perhaps he'd caused the dream but why? To screw with her head because he could?

Sounded like something he would do.

And yet while Emily had possessed her, she had felt no fear that night in the woods. However Emily had been a powerful Salem witch, not some teenage girl who could put out candles without air. Magic was effectively ruining and enriching her life all at the same time.

Come out, come out and play sweet Bonnie B. Deep into the woods you'll find me. Huddled against our special tree. Come out and play Bonnie B.

"Stop it!" She grabbed her head, gritting her teeth against the phantom voice. "Leave me alone!"

The bird cawed loudly and smacked the glass with its head, making a tiny crack. She jumped and closed her curtains, willing it to go away. Instead it continued to bang against the window over and over again, tearing the splinter open wider and wider. Petrified, she sprinted out of her room and downstairs, nearly tripping on her own feet. She ran to the front door and threw it open, feeling the cool air lash across her face.

I don't wanna go out. I don't wanna go out. I don't wanna go out! But I have to.

Bonnie didn't understand the strange influence forcing her out of her warm home in the middle of the night, but she also hadn't understood waking up in the freaking cemetery and not comprehending how she got there. And yes her magics were often off, she still had faith they would protect her. They just would.

Exhaling deeply, she stepped across the threshold and ran. She ran with bare feet on the frosty ground, passing toasty houses where people were locked away safely inside. She ran like something was behind her, cutting through yards and then into the woods, batting bushes and long hanging branches out of her way. Before she realized it, she was standing in the midst of the charred earth where the burnt leaves still crunched underneath her foot.

The moon finally broke from its confines and she could barely make out a few spots of red on black. Red. Her blood. The blood that Damon had nearly drained out of her in his angry rage to punish Emily.

"Why am I here?" She asked aloud. "Emily? Did you do this? Did you make me come to this dreadful place?"

"Guess again." His voice cut through her like a knife. "Mighty late to be out alone isn't it? Never know who or…what could be lurking in the shadows."

Her big green eyes searched him out. "Are you going to kill me?"

Damon shrugged. "Eventually. Maybe. When I run out of games to play."

Trembling and unable to stop, she hugged her waist. "Well I wish you would just do it already."

He chuckled. "Yeah but what fun would that be?"

"Punishing me won't get you what you want."

"You're not a very good listener, are you? I have what I want. You."

"That doesn't make any sense. You never even knew I existed before the other night. You were too busy manipulating Caroline and…feeding on her."

"She was weak and easy—and why buy the milk when you can have the cow for free? Besides I gave Caroline what she wanted."

"Pain and severe brain trauma?"

"Attention. That's all a spoiled little brat like her wants and she didn't care how she got it. We had a nice arrangement going before Stefan rode into the situation like a knight from King Arthur's table. But then again he does love being the hero. Doesn't he?"

Her pulse skipped. "At least he hasn't lost his humanity."

The handsome vampire walked closer to stand in front of her. "Humanity is overrated. After all, humans burned your great grand witchy at the stake and humans tried to kill Stefan with wooden bullets. Who's the real monster, Bonnie? Least I show my real face."

Brows narrowed. "I've seen your real face. Trust me, you are the monster."

He tilted his head and watched her. "What are you doing out here?"

His question took her by surprise. "Yo—you called me out here."

"Uh yeah, no." He replied with a grin. "I was just fucking with you before. I can't summon people to me."

Liar. "I…" Massaging her temples, she turned in a slow circle. "If you didn't call me out here, why are you here?"

Damon seemed to be weighing whether he wanted to answer or not. "I knew you'd be here."

"How?" She asked quietly, though she had a sinking suspicion she knew the answer.

He rubbed his chin. "Do you know it had been decades since I'd fed on a witch? Their blood tastes differently than your random jogger or soccer mom. Sweeter. You can literally feel their power throbbing in each sip." He met her eyes, reaching out to touch her face. "I took a lot of your blood Bonnie. You were nearly dead. So now I guess we're kinda…connected."

It took all of her willpower not to flinch from his touch…or lean into it. "Lucky me." A twig broke in the not to far and her head whipped to its direction.

Obviously Damon heard it too, because he frowned deeply and faced where the trees threaded together at their tops. Seconds passed before a foreboding shape emerged, a man neither of them had seen before with pale blonde hair and light brown eyes.

He blinked at the sight of them. "Young lovers out for a midnight make out session in the woods? I guess it's good fortune for all of us then."

Damon was annoyed already. "Who are you?"

"Patrick. I'm just passing through." He remarked.

"Good answer. Keep walking." Damon motioned with his head.

However Patrick appeared to have other ideas. Bonnie suspected that he was a vampire—why else would he be wandering out in the woods at this hour? She also suspected he had no idea that Damon was also a vampire because he didn't seem threatened in the least. In fact he walked right up to him, looked him up and down, and then aimed his hungry stare at her, making her step back instinctively.

It all happened so fast that she hardly had time to react at all. Patrick lunged at her, teeth bared and eyes black, and she screamed; memories of her previous attack shocking her still. He didn't have time to touch her, to even graze her with his pinky. Damon grabbed him around the throat and hurled him into a tree, sending bark and branches flying.

Confused but not deterred, Patrick pulled himself up. "What the fuck? Well excuse me for invading your prey. How about I just take the last few drops, huh?"

"I never learned to share. No…" Damon smirked. "I did learn I just really don't like to do it. So if you don't want to be put down completely, you'll turn and run with your tail between your legs."

He won't do it. He wants to prove he's stronger. The pretty witch thought. I should run. But what if running just makes him want me more?

Sure enough, Patrick got his bearings and leapt at the other vampire with super speed, driving him back into a thick tree trunk. They snarled at each other, throwing rapid punches that echoed like thunder. Stumbled into left over pieces of foundation and fought like two wild animals over a fresh kill. The victor would get…

Bonnie wet her lips and focused as hard as she could, grasping the twisted ball of energy in her gut and dragging it higher and higher. As she did, a thick broken off root rose into the air, hovering, waiting for her to command it. Patrick pinned Damon to a large boulder, hands around his neck and squeezing forcefully. With a flick of her wrist, the root cut through the air and stabbed into his back where she prayed his heart was. Both men cried out, but it was Patrick who staggered back and fell to the ground, slowly shriveling in on himself.

"Oh my god." She gasped, staring at his mummified corpse. As if she needed more things to give her nightmares.

"Ugh, better aim next time would be great." Damon grunted sarcastically. He ripped open his button down shirt to reveal a grotesque hole in his mid-section. "I were any shorter and you'd have two dead vampires under your hat."

She rolled her eyes. One could only wish. "Stay away from me. I mean it."

"Oh you mean it?" He teased, wincing in pain. "Yeah, okay. I'll stay away from you if you stop calling to me."

"What are you talking about?"

"You think I was out here for a moonlit stroll?"

"I didn't request you or summon you or anything else. Why would I wanna see you?"

"Even I…don't have all the answers. All I know is that I knew you'd be here."

"But why come?"

"Don't know if I had much of a choice. Your blood is in my system and my bite was deep enough to cut through steel. Guess your kooky powers are having a laugh at our expense. Or maybe it's Emily's doing so I won't kill you and be done with it."

"I thought that was your whole purpose. To kill me."

Watching the hole in his body mend, he sighed and crossed the space to her. "I'd love to slit your pretty little throat and hope that somewhere Emily is watching. But I need a witch to get into the tomb—at least that is how I see it. You happen to be a witch." A pause. "And…"

She swallowed thickly. "And what?"

Suddenly he grabbed her and hauled her against him. "And if you're dead, I can't have anymore yummy witch blood, can I?"

Bonnie shivered, finding it difficult to think with him so near. "N—no. Never again."

He grinned and slipped a hand into her robe, trailing his fingers up her back. "Once other vampires learn about how delectable you are, they're gonna be gunning for you. Do you really think your little parlor tricks are gonna be able to keep them at bay?"

"Sto—stop." She tried to pull away. He was too close. They were too close, and the fabric of her tank top was riding up, making their stomachs touch. He was cool…just like in her dream but firm.

Damon's eyes flashed. "You know I'm right. You need me."

Did she? She couldn't think; everything was happening too fast and none of it made sense. Could that be the meaning of her intimate dreams? Had Emily linked her to Damon to keep her safe? For the time being anyway…

"I have to get home." She said softly. "My dad might be worried about me…"

Smiling, he leaned down, his lips mere inches from hers. He heard her breath hitch but ignored it. "Hurry hurry." He let her go.

She of course did not need to be told twice.

Damon climbed the stairs to his room and strolled inside, tossing his leather jacket onto a chair. He stretched and fell onto his bed, kicking off his shoes. Putting both hands behind his head, he slicked his tongue across his bottom lip. That Bonnie…she might be of some use to him yet. But why hadn't he figured that Emily would have something else up her sleeve? No way she would leave her descendents unprotected. While he could still kill Bonnie, the flavor of her blood was making him think twice. One hit was obviously not enough.

He loved Katherine, he wanted Katherine or her poor man's substitute Elena, but something about Bonnie's blood called to him.

He wouldn't be able to play this like anything else. He'd have to earn her trust and all that bullshit, which wasn't gonna be easy. But it was better than sulking, mourning Katherine or being consumed by wrath at what was done to her and the others. He'd see her again in time. He just had to practice patience.

His door opened and the bronze haired Stefan breezed in, eying him distrustfully. "What are you up to, Damon?"

"Hello to you too, brother." He sighed. "How was dinner with the fair Elena tonight?"

"What are you up to?" Stefan inquired again. "What happened in the woods had nothing to do with Bonnie. You can't chastise her for Emily's decision."

"On the contrary Stefan. I don't plan to punish her at all." He waved a hand, his expression devious yet pleased. "I like Bonnie. I think we're going to be…very close from here on out." An image of the pretty witch writhing half naked on his bed, begging him to take her flared through his mind. "Very close indeed."