Chapter 4

Dripping saliva before him turning into puddles, was the blue alien Stitch!

"Are you going to show me my shadows of yet to come?" The crab asked. The alien nodded, still looking creepy and drooling.

"Okay let's go." Mr. Krabs said. Stitch nodded, grabbed Mr. Krab's claw, and went into a commentary where he let go. Mr. Krabs felt a sudden chill.

"Burr!" He shivered, trying to get warm. "W-why did we go here?" Stitch pointed north. Mr. Krabs looked at where he pointed to, it was Mario and Luigi.

"Hay bro!" Mario called. "Did you hear the news?"

"What?" His brother wanted to know. "That you can watch Blue Clues evreynight and everyday?" Mario shook his head.

"No, that cranky old Mr. Krabs finally met his death." Luigi's eyes grew wide in shock.

"Really? I was afraid that day will never come. When did he meet his demise?"

"Late last night."

"Where did he leave his money?" Mario shrugged.

"Beats me." He replied. "Maybe in his company perhaps. Not with me I know that."

"Not with Larry Koopa or Wario." Mario laughed.

"Yeah not with them!" He and his brother laughed as they made their departure.

"W-who were they talking about?" Mr., Krabs asked, still shivering. "Not about Magby I know that. He can't afford that money in his condition. I only give his father a penny a day. He's poor, wait! What did happen to that poke?" Stitch pointed to a small gravestone. Mr. Krabs watched as he saw Psyduck and family visiting, tears in their eyes.

"Oh why did he have to die?" Torchic sniffed. "Why?' She blew her nose on Treeko's tail. Treeko jumped, started.

"Come on kids." Jugglypuff told them. "Let's go home."

"Aw mom!" Azuril moaned. "I don't want to leave."

"Come on children." The girls still moaned as the family started to leave. Psyduck stayed behind. He slowly placed the crutches on the dirt and made sure it was study enough.

"You were a good kid Magby." He said. He wiped away a final tear as he stood up, and followed his family.

Mr. Krabs looked at Stitch. Tears welled up in his eyes.

"Stitch?" He weeped. "Why did Megby die so young and poor? Who made him not have the right comfort, warmth, and food and drinks to consume?" Stitch pointed at the gravestones in front of them. Mr. Krabs looked at them. One read 'Here lies Squidward's hopes and dreams part 2'. Mr. Krabs didn't look amused.

"Man, Squidward is still a baby." Stitch shook his head and pointed to the grave next to it. Mr. Krabs looked at it.

"Who in Davy Jones Locker is Charles Dickens?!" He asked when he read his engraved name. Stitch slapped his face and tried again. Mr. Krabs looked and gasped, for he saw his own name on a gravestone.

"Please Stitch." He said. "Tell me my eyes are foolin' me and I don't see my name engraved on that tombstone." Stitch nodded. Mr. Krabs then went on all knees and weeped at the alien's feet.

"Oh Stitch!" He cried. "Give me another chance. I finally understand the errors of my ways. I'm not the crab who I once was. I'll keep Christmas in my heart for eternity. Just give me another chance, please! I can change, I can…" He looked up to see Stitch was no longer there.

"Stitch?" He looked around. "Stitch?" When he saw the alien had abandoned him, his tears welled up again.

"Don't leave me here to die, please, I'll be good!" He cried in the snow again. "Please, I can change…I can change…I can change." His teardrops fell onto his tomb. "I can change."

When Mr. Krabs noticed he was crying on the floor, he looked up. He stood up to examine his surroundings.

"I-I don't believe this." He said shocked. "Am I back in my own room?" He looked at his bed curtains.

"My curtains are still here." He toughed himself. "I'm still here. My window, fireplace, sofa, there still here." He then smiled. I-I can't believe it." He then cheered, dancing around the room. "I'm alive, I'm alive!" He opened his window wide open.

"Whoo hoo, I'm alive everyone; oh what a wonderful feeling." He then saw Pichu pulling his sled.

"Hay Pichu!" Pichu looked up. When he realized it was Mr. Krabs waving and whistling to him, the yellow mouse pokemon quickly took refuge and hid behind his sled. He nervously looked up.

"W-what's you wamts?" He shivered. "I dom't haves amy momys. So please sir, dom't kills me! Lets me be spared!" Mr. Krabs gave a jolly laugh. Pichu looked at him, still frightened.

"Oh, you really get me lad!" He said. Then he called ""Can you tell me what today is lad?"

"T-Todays?" Pichu emerged from his hiding place. "Y-you wamts to kmows the date?"

"Yeah. What's today kid?" The mouse looked puzzled and starched his head, removing his elf hat.

"Umms let's sees, its mots my birthsdays, Easter, Halloweems, Thamksgivings," He then snapped his finger.

"I kmows!" He cried out. "Let's asks nys special applemasause." He took a glob of applesauce out of his right ear and looked at it. "It kmows everythimg. Uhhhhhhh…." He tried making out the words on his calendar in the gloppy mess. He showed it to the crab. "I dom't kmows, dos yous?" Mr. Krabs squinted at it to see what it read. It read: 'Dec. 25th." Mr. Krabs was shocked.

"Christmas Day." He said to himself. "I haven't missed it. The cartoons did it all in the early morning." Pichu put away his food, looking puzzled as ever.

"Hahs?" He asked. "Whats, Christmas Day?' Mr. Krabs jumped up excitedly.

"You know the prize Turkey down in the shop market? You know the one big as you?"

"Uhhs, lets ask my special applemasuase for the amswer." He was about to dig in his ear again when Mr. Krabs interrupted.

"Go buy it! Tell the manager to come by my place and then I'll take care of the rest. Go on, Merry Christmas!"

"Okays whatevers!" Pichu hurried off, pulling his sled in the snow. Mr. Krabs shat the window and quickly got dressed and ready.

When Mr. Krabs went outside, the cab pulled by a ponyta pulled up with the turkey inside. Tayce T looked at the smiling crab.

"You want me to deliver this sir?" He asked. Mr. Krabs gave him the money and told him the direction to Psyduck's house. The driver then went off. Mr. Krabs jumped merrily as he walked the streets. He bowed his hat to passing by cartoons.

"Merry Christmas." He said. Cartoons responded back.

"Merry Christmas and a happy new year!" He then passed Phineas and Ferb. They stopped Phineas looked puzzled.

"Mr. Krabs?" He questioned. "I thought you would be hard at work."

"On Christmas? Oh…" He laughed. "You got to be kidding me, work on Christmas? What a joke!" Phineas looked at his stepbrother who only shrugged.

"By the way I have something for you guys." He pulled out eight heaping bags of money from his sack, and gave it to them.

"Is this for us?" The boy asked. Mr. Krabs nodded.

"Yep! Every last cent for the poor." Phineas looked at Ferb, then at the crab.

"Mr. Krabs, are you feeling all right? You seem really out of it."

"What you mean? I'm just being generous for the needy is all. Merry Christmas you two and happy New Year." He pranced off.

"Ferb?" Ferb just shrugged. "Maybe it's a miracle." He said. "Christmas is a time for miracles you know."

"Hay you're right. I guess miracles do happen when you least expect them, even on mean Eugene Krabs." The boy then called back. "Merry Christmas Eugene!" Then he and Ferb dashed of to show their family what they collected.

Next Mr. Krabs passed Lilo and family. The crab took his hat off and bowed. "Merry Christmas." He said. Lilo and family gasped, they couldn't believe this.

"Meley Kalkimaka." The blue alien replied. Mr. Krabs laughed, put his hat back on and laughed.

"That's Mele Kalikimaka!" The Hawaiian girl corrected as they walked on.

Mr. Krabs approached Psyduck's place, laughed to himself, then cleared his throat and looked serious. He rang the doorbell. Jugglypuff answered it.

"Yes Mr. Krabs?" Jigglypuff asked. "What do you need?"

"Is Psyduck at home?"

"Why yes he is but…"

"Then move away." Mr. Krabs pushed aside the puffy poke as he barged inside, looking grumpy.

The kids were playing with their new remote controlled cars that they got from Santa. When they saw the crab, they stopped at what they were doing, and hid behind their father.

"Merry Christmas sir." Psyduck told his boss. "What brings you here?"

"Christmas?" Mr. Krabs snorted. "Is that what you're using your lame excuse for not coming into work? Psyduck, you got to work if you want money. You can't have any day you choose off."

"But sir," Psyduck protested. "It's Christmas. You promised I could have the day of so I can spend the day with my loving family."

"I didn't promise anything!"

"But sir, I vaguely remember yesterday you said in my face that…"

"Psyduck, I'm tired of your complaining, you are…"

The family gasped, dreading what might come next.

"Oh no!" Azuril cried. "Mr. Krabs is going to fire daddy on Christmas!"

"I can't look!" Torchic said, closing her eyes tight.

"being promoted as my new partner!" The crab finished. The family sighed in relief. Mudkip nudged her sister.

"You can open your eyes now." She told Torchic. "The coast is clear." Torchic opened her eyes and looked at Mudkip.

"What coast?" She wanted to know.

"Promoted?" Psyduck asked surprised. "Really?"

"Yep!" Mr. Krabs shook his partner's hand. "Congratulations, you are one lucky duck…literally!" The kids all hugged their dad except Treeko.

"Congratulations dad!" Megby said.

"We knew you could do it." Mudkip informed him.

"We love you daddy!" Azuril added.

"Well done dad." Treeko said, and smiled. "You really pulled through." Psyduck smiled.

"I think this calls for some turkey and lunch." Jugglypuff exclaimed. All of the kid's eyes went wide in excitement, as they all ran to the table. Megby slowly walked in his crutches. The adults just laughed and joined them.

"Someone gave us this turkey." Megby exclaimed as Jigglypuff sat the turkey on the table. "We have a secret Santa among us."

"I'm your secret Santa kid." Mr. Krabs confessed. "I told Tayce T to deliver it this morning." The kids gasped in amazement.

Then all of the cartoons came in and joined them at the table.

"My!" Jigglypuff said. "We weren't expecting all of your guys."

"SURPRISE!" The cartoons all said at once. Phineas turned to Mr. Krabs.

"Mr. Krabs." He said. Mr. Krabs turned to the boy. "We greatly thank you what you did for us back there. We showed our family and they were all thrilled. Allot of families will be happy this holiday, thanks to you. Not only that, but you helped us pay for Perry's food so he won't starve." Mr. Krabs stroked the platypus's chin, who was under the table with the other cartoon pets.

"Just helping out." He responded. "Just helping out."

"God bless us." Megby said. He turned to the readers with all the other cartoons. "God bless us everyone."

"Remember readers," SpongeBob said. "Don't be a jerk, it's Christmas."

"Merry Christmas." Mr. Krabs said and a Happy New Year." The cartoons all cheered and ate their food while listening to Christmas music on Psyduck's new stereo.

"And let that Christmas Feeling glowwwww."

Happy Holidays, Boolia