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Chapter 01: Prologue

-Year 438: Venus-

It was a dark and eerie night. Venus was nothing but a cold and dry land in the darkness, and adding the thick fog only made it eerier. Any Venusian knew to not travel at night or even step their foot outside their house. However, that night, sound of hustled footsteps was heard. In the thick fog, revealed a figure in a black robe, running to the endless foggy land. The figure was not alone. A group of cavalier with their pacing horses was not far behind.

Then, the figure stopped when she realized what in front of her. It was the edge of a cliff. Far down, she could see a thin line of river. It was a dead end. The figure in the hood turns to see the enemy has surrounded her. There was no way to run.

"Give us what we want and you shall be left alive"

The figure blue eyes looked them with pride and calmness. She tightened her arm around the bundle.


That the last word they heard from her as the figure stepped back to the cliff. The enemy tried to catch her but they were too late. By the time they reached the edge, she had gone to the bottomless abyss.

-6 Years later: Month 2 Year 444: Earth-

A small figure was running on the wet street of Neo Olde Tokyo, the capital city of the Earth Alliance. The robe that the figure wore was wet by the. Under the wet hood, hoarse breath could be heard from her extensive exercise. To her, it was not exercise. It was about life and death.

Then, she stopped, thinking that she was far from getting caught when she actually near the trouble itself.

"Gotcha, young lady"

The girl turned to the source of the voice. She shrieked as the man in blond hair walking towards her with dagger in his hand.

"Don't worry; I will make it quick and painless"

Before the man was able to strike, a woman appeared from the sky and landed between the man and the small figure. Her long raven hair flew gracefully upon her wet cape and her masculine clothing was still showing her slender figure. Her dark amethyst eyes were staring fiercely at the man in front of her.

"Well, well, it's not your lucky day, pal"

The man dumbstruck as he saw the well-know raven hair and dark amethyst eyes. "M-Martian!"

Without reply, the woman sped to the man and slashed her hidden dagger through him. Seconds later, the man dropped dead on the wet ground. The woman looked at the man in disgust and then looked at the 'prey' that man was after. The small figure hid behind the crates, crying between the sounds of falling rain.

The savior walked toward the small figure. As she approached her, she knew that every step she made scarred the little fellow. Once she was close enough, the raven woman bent down and voiced out her soft voice.

"It's okay now, no one is going to hurt you"

The small figure still cried in fear when her hood fell down. The raven woman surprised. She could see that the little figure was merely a child, about five or six. What surprised her more was her hair. It was the most beautiful blond hair she ever seen.

Suddenly, an image of the exact same hair came to her mind. Then, she felt another presence behind her. She turned around to see a girl with long raven hair appeared out of nowhere. The girl stood far apart from the woman and the blond girl. Rei blinked her eyes a few times and the girl disappeared to her surprise.

'What was that about?' the raven hair woman shrugged her head, wondering why she had to remember it again. They had to get out of the rain before she got sick and so does the girl. She stopped her trail of thoughts and returned her attention to the blond girl. "Where are your parents?"

No answer.

"Do you know where you live?"

Still, no answer.

"I'm going to bring you somewhere dry so you won't get sick"

The woman just signed. She understood how the girl felt, fear and loneliness. She looked up and seemed the rain was not going to stop anytime soon. She took off her cape and something from her belt. It was a small dagger. The girl alerted when she saw the weapon and suddenly she was warped with Rei's cape.

"There! That should warm you up and take this", the girl saw the small dagger from before on Rei's palm. "I know it is hard to trust stranger so I entrust you my favorite dagger, it's called Aphrozakroz". The woman placed the weapon on the little palm. She was just staring on the weapon, mesmerized by the shining stones decorated upon it.

"Beautiful isn't it? I entrust you with it so use it well, understands?"

"Yes", the voice almost inaudible but Rei still caught it.

She smiled at the girl and held hand out. "My name is Rei, what's yours, Chibi-chan?"

The girl looked up and for the first time, Rei noticed the girl's eyes. She has similar colors like hers, big round dark amethyst. She never saw other people to have that color, not in Earth at least. Both of them looked surprised and no one knew who more surprise than whom is.

This time, the girl spoke clearly. "Um, can you say your name again?"

That was the first time Rei heard the girl voice. It was still a little hoarse from the crying but her tears had dried up. The woman smiled and did what the girl asked.

"It's Rei"

Once the girl heard it clearly this time, she smiled back to Rei. "That's just sound like mine!"


"My name is Reiko"

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