Unnatural Attraction

Chapter 01: Love Hurts

By: MikeJV37

Author's Note: This is my first EVER atempt to write anything i teh Rospio Vampire World, and while I'm familiar with it and th charcters, they aren't embedded in my mind like Naruto, so I may not get them quite right, personality-wise, but will do my best so bear with me please. Also, she won't appear for a while, but I have borrowed the OC character Ria from RV fics by Lord of the land of Fire, with his very kind permission, (because she's a crazy bitch but I love the character) just so everyone knows there was NO stealing going on, Ria is HIS character I borrowed and HOPE to do justice to when she appears in the , I don't own any of the characters, not even a tiny bit. Hope you enjoy. Please R&R.


----7:51 AM, Yukai Academy Grounds----

She'd overslept that morning, barely had time to put on just her basic makeup.... which was some eyeshadow and lipstick, and had been stressed all morning, so before heading to the Academy where she'd get her throng of fanboys, she'd taken a stroll through the woods to relax and clear her mind.... which took about 2 minutes. She knew the Academy was about 30 yards around the corner she was about to turn. She glanced at her watch. "Plenty of time to get to class.... I'll have some boys get my books for me, I'll pick up my class schedule from the office, any boys waiting in line will let me cut in front of them.... afterall, what boy could resist a beautiful girl with a set of full, bouncey F cups in a tight yellow sweater?" Kurumu said and giggled.

"LOOK OUT!" A female voice screamed.

Kurumu spun around in time to see a pink-haired girl in a green Yukai Academy jacket pedaling furiously on a bike.... 6' in front of her.

The odds against it happening where literally astronomical, but for Kurumu Kurono and Moka Akashiya, fate and the stars had conspired to bring them together. The front wheel went between Kurumu's parted legs, the front reflector on Moka's bike went under Kurumu's blown up short skirt and smashed into her panty covered crotch. The impact and being surprised caused Moka to fly forward off her seat, sending her crotch first into the steel frame. The bike flipped as the girls foreheads collided, the back wheel going between them catching both girls shirts and ripping them, the front reflector catching and ripping off Kurumu's panties as it threw both free. They crashed to the ground, Kurumu on her back spread-eagled and out cold, Moka laid on top of Kurumu also spread-eagled and out cold, her face between Kurumu's huge, almost bare breasts, covered only by a skimpy bra.

----7:58 AM----

"What the Hell happened.... oh my pussy!" Kurumu exclaimed and tried to grab herself only to grab a panty covered butt. She fully opened her eyes, saw the pink hair and everything came back to her. With a yell of rage she transformed and threw the girl off her and leapt to her feet. "Oh shit, my pussy.... oh by the first one it hurts!" Kurumu said as she bent over and cupped her throbbing crotch with both hands, she'd never felt such pain before, it was taking everything she had just to stay standing, even transformed. "My clothes.... my beautiful clothes....." Kurumu leapt to the pink haired girl's side jerked her up to her knees with a handfull of hair and slapped her awake. "You crashed into me, ripped my clothes, made me late for class where I could be sitting with my destined one.... and you hit a the pussy...." Kurumu yelled then saw her hand had a little blood on it, and finally felt it, as a Succubus it was an ability they had. Kurumu screamed as her rage erupted. "YOU BROKE MY HYMEN.... YOU TOOK MY GREATEST GIFT FROM ME! For that offense you fucking cunt I going to take your head off! Succubus are not violent by nature, but even we can be pushed too far!" Kurumu yelled in her face as she extented the claws of her right hand, ready to carry out her threat and decapitate her. She'd never killed before, but at the moment she was boiling mad. For a Succubus, her virginity was her ultimite treasure, the greatest gift she can give and it was always saved for her Destined One.

"Please.... I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please don't kill me.... it was an accident." Moka sobbed out, her hands pulling at her rosary, though she knew it was futile.

"What are you doing you little bitch.... tell me who and what you are, I want to know who I killed." Kurumu asked, she'd noticed the pink-haired girl's attemps to rip it off, a strange thing to do in this situation, any other monster would of transformed as she did and fought back or tried to escape, this girl just sat there crying and pulling on her rosary. She knew a little about charms and seals, and figured this girl's power had to be sealed by the rosary around her neck.

"Moka Akashiya, I'm a...." Moka said, mumbling the last part.

Kurumu kicked Moka hard between her spread legs, making her yell in agony. "Answer me you little bitch or I'll do worse than kick your pathetic little pussy.... I'll rip it out!"

Moka sobbed and whimpered pathetically, she hated her other self, but at the moment she'd give anything to let her out. "I'm a.... vampire."

Kurumu's head shot up as she ran that last name through her mind again, something was vaguely familiar about it.... then she remembered. "Akayashi.... your father is Lord Akayashi, an Elder Vampire?" Kurumu asked, her anger quickly faded and was being replaced by fear, of all the monsters in the world, an Elder Vampire was 1 you NEVER pissed off if you valued your life.

Moka nodded.

Kurumu released her hair hold, helped Moka up and transformed to her human form. "I think we got off on the wrong foot.... Kurumu Kurono, a Succubus. I'm sorry I hurt you, but you do understand why I was so angry. As much as I want to I can't kill you .... please, don't tell your father about this, there aren't many of us left and if I killed you he'd slaughter us all and my disgrace isn't worth the lives of my entire race." Kurumu said sincerely but very sadly.

Moka was still afraid, but the sudden change n her attacker was helping. "I don't want to hurt anyone.... it was m,my fualt, I wasn't watching where I was going. My Roserio seals my power, I wear it to fit in.... everyone hates and fears vampires.... I don't want anyone to hate me or be afraid of me." Moka said then sniffed the air as she'd detected a familiar scent. "You're bleeding!"

"I .... hey wait aaaHHHH!" Kurumu said, her statement turning into a scream as Moka suddenly dropped to her knees, flipped up her skirt and sunk her fangs into her upper thigh next to her bare pussy. She fell to her butt, legs spread wide as the vampire girl drank her blood from the artery in her thigh.

After a minute Moka released her bite, then without even thinking licked the blood from the outside and inside Kurumu's pussy from her broken kymen, then sat up, licked her lips clean and paniced at what she'd just done. Not only had she drank blood from a girl without permission, but licked it from her pussy! "Oh no ,please forgive me I'm so sorry, I haven't eaten in two days and was starving... oh please please please forgive me, it'll never happen again." Moka said apologetically.

Kurumu laid there a moment in a sexual haze, Moka's tongue had worked her pussy like she'd done it for years, she only half heard what Moka said, that was the most intense sexual experience of her life.... and it was with another girl! She sat up, slightly shakey and light-headed. "Oh, um... I think this makes us even. I kicked your pussy, you sucked blood from mine licked me.... just ask me first next time." Kurumu said and started to laugh, she just couldn't help herself. She knew how to pleasure a woman, most Succubi didn't decriminate sexually, pleasure was pleasure, but she considered herself straight, as far as her preferred partner. As unlikely as it sounded to outsiders, a lesbian Succubus was extremely rare, almost a myth among her race.

Moka smiled a little, then slowly began laughing.

Kurumu stopped laughing a few moments later. "I can't stay mad at anyone that can lick my pussy like you did....friends?" Kurumu said and extended her right hand.

Moka smiled and took Kurumu's hand. "Friends.... Kurumu-chan. And if you don't mind me saying this.... you were delicious."

"Of course I was, who has better pussy than a Succubus?" Kurumu said and started laughing again, but pausd briefly to check where Moka had bitten her, there was only a small bruise and 2 little puncture scars from her fangs.

Moka blushed. I meant your blood...." Moka said embarrassed, and though it shocked her to even think it, she had to admit Kurumu's pussy did have a rather nice taste.

----8:27 AM, Yukai Academy, homeroom----

The class froze and turned together when 2 beautiful girls walked in together.

"I'm sorry we're late, we got a little lost, but it won't happen again, promise." Kurumu said with a big smile at the teacher.

She looked at them a moment then saw the rosary around the pink-haired girl's neck and knew who she was.. "Okay, I'll let you slide because this is the first day, but from now on please be on time for class. You must be Kurumu Kurono and Moka Akashiya. I'm Nekonome-sensei, please take your seats." She said, saw them nod to their names then go to the last 2 empty seats that happen to be next to each other, row 2, center. 'A Vampire and a Succubus best friends.... that's a pleasant surprise.' Nekonome thought.

Kurumu felt the boys staring at her, glanced around and noticed some were staring at her new friend Moka. She should of been upset and offended she wasn't the center of attention, and was for a moment, but for a reason she didn't understand she didn't mind. Afterall, she was best friends with the other hottest girl around, the boys didn't stand a chance against them. 'We'll rule this school by the end of the day.' Kurumu thought proudly and smiled happily. Succubi were a sisterhood afterall and shared almost everything, and having her own little sisterhood made her feel secure... and she was a vampire, the elite of the monsters, though that rosary made her worry, if Moka couldn't remove it to show her power, did it even come off? If it didn't she could get in trouble if Moka couldn't protect herself. She was well aware of how macho most boys were and how most thought of Vampires, the chance to kill one would be irresistable to some, and that worried her, she didn't show it though.

A few minutes later Nekonome started class.

"I forgot to get a pencil.... could one of you boys be a dear and give me one." Kurumu said sweetly, sticking out her huge chest slightly and smiling. She looked around amused as every nearby boy scrambled to get her a new, sharp pencil. She turned behind her when she was tapped on the shoulder.

"Here you go, I had a few extra pencils." He said, holding out the pencil.

Kurumu took it, thanked him, and smiled to enhance her charm, then almost lost her composure when he just smiled, said 'your welcome', blushed slightly when she stuck out her chest a little more, then looked away like she was just some girl, nothing special. 'HE IGNORED ME!' Kurumu screamed at herself in her head, she couldn't believe a BOY had looked right at her, in her eyes and at her chest, and not fallen all over himself, he'd actually ignored her charms like she was.... average! "What's your name?" She asked nicely, she HAD to find out how he'd resisted her charms, no male had ever done that to her before, she knew he wasn't gay because he blushed at her chest.

He looked at her and smiled. "I'm sorry that was rude, I'm Tsukune Aono. I'm glad someone here doesn't want to beat me up." Tsukune said with a nervous smile.

'Beat him up?' Kurumu thought then glanced around and saw the other boys glaring at him full of hate because she was paying him attention. 'I can't let that happen until I know how he resisted me, he might be my Destined One.' Kurumu thought. "Would you join me and Moka-chan for lunch?"

"I'd love to, thank you.... uh, Kurumu, was it?" Tsukune said.

"Yes." Kurumu answered.

"Quiet please." Nekonome said.

"He seems nice." Moka whispered. She didn't have any friends at her last school, and now had a best friend and she hoped would soon have a second friend, a kinda cute boy. She smiled happily at the thought.


It had only been a few classes, but she already had almost 30 boys hovering around her begging for attention, kisses, and offers to help and join them for lunch.... in other words a bunch of mindless drones she expected to have, she waved them off with a few carefully worded lies and fake promises, then headed for a smiling Moka. "Boys." Kurumu said politely, but she was exasperated, almost bored with them.

"Having fun Kurumu-chan?" Moka said, smirking.

"Oh shut up you little bitch, you're just jealous." Kurumu said playfully. She hadn't told her, but while flirting with all the boys, Moke's image kept popping into her mind and that is what made her smile and her heart beat a little faster.

Moka giggled. She'd never had a best friend to do these girl things with, and was truely enjoying herself. She'd had a few boys around her between classes, but she was more polite to them tham Kurumu. She wasn't use to this kind of attention, but she wasn't going to let a boy get close to her until she got to know him, and even then she had to like him first. It wasn't really snobby like her inner self treated people, but she wasn't nieve either, these weren't human boys, they were monsters, and with her power sealed she didn't want them finding out what she was, it'd put her and her new friend in danger and she wasn't going to let that happen. If she fully trusted someone as a friend she'd tell them, not before then though.

"Over here Tsukune!" Kurumu yelled happily and waved him over. When he got close she let him put his tray down then leapt up, grabbed his head and shoved his face between her breasts

Moka giggled a moment. "Let him go Kurumu-chan."

When he was freed, his face was bright red. "What did you do that for?" Tsukune asked, shocked, he'd NEVER had a girl do that to him.

Kurumu pouted cutely. "I missed you Tsukune.... don't you like me?" Kurumu said, now pouting sadly.

"I do like you, but we just met this morning.... and it was only three hours ago!" Tsukune said, he was very embarrassed, a little arroused from being so close to such a beautiful girl, but was being as nice as he could, despite what she did he didn't want to hurt her feelings. "A regular hug would be better though, if that's okay.... I mean, since we aren't dating or anything.... um, do you do that to all your friends?" Tsukune asked, hoping he hadn't offended her, that might just be how she was.

She was a little hurt by his reaction, then smiled as an idea formed in her mind that would let her get closer to him and see if he really was her Destined One, if he was he'd be able to resist her normal charms and would fall for her because of who she was as a person, not just love her for her tits. "Of course I do." Kurumu said happily.

Moka's eyes got big as she paled slightly, she knew what was coming. "Oh no..." Moka whimpered quietly, the first time this happened Kurumu almost took her head off. A moment later all she saw was yellow, then darkness, not wanting to hurt Kurumu's feelings, she let it happen, even hugging Kurumu's waist like it was normal. She was actually surprised at how soft her breasts were, she hadn't noticd the first time, though embarrassing she had to admit it was oddly comforting, she found herself not wanting it to stop.... then she was released.

"See, I hug all my friends this way, my way of showing my friends I care about them.... its a family tradition." Kurumu said, but she wasn't lying about all of it, her mother did the same thing, but when she hugged. you, your head dissappeared.

"Well, okay. If that's a family tradition.... I'd hate to be impolite." Tsukune said, he thought it was a strange tradition, but he'd seen worse, that was kinda fun he had to admit. No girl at his old school would even kiss him, and here was a girl with the biggest breasts he'd ever seen, and that was how she greeted friends.... he could live with this, and her friend was really cute too.

"Give'em back ya big bullies, Desu!" A high pitched voice rang out.

Kurumu turned toward the voice and saw a group of 3 or 4 boys, one of them that Saizo jerk from homeroom. He'd tried to bully Moka into being his girl in the hallway after class. Looking closer she saw them holding a lunch box and what looked like a wand.... then saw a small girl in a drooping pointed hat jumping around trying to take back her things. She frowned.

"They can't pick on a little girl like that." Tsukune said, got up and headed for them.

Nervously biting her bottom lip she grabbed Moka's arm. "Come on, we have to help him." She said and smiled when Moka followed, but she could tell Moka didn't want to, and she knew why.

"Leave her alone!" Tsukune said as he took the wand from the other boy's hand and gave it to the girl. The next thing he knew 4 boys much larger than him were staring angrily at him.

"Back off punk before you get hurt." Saizo said.

"Pick on someone your own size. Its no wonder you pick on little girls, the older girls won't touch you with a ten foot pole.... I sure wouldn't." Kurumu said.

"Me either." Moka said from just behind Kurumu to her right.

"Beat it bimbos or your next!" Saizo said then lunged forward and shoved the boy and busty girl hard in the chest, knocking them back off their feet, the blue haired girl with the big tits knocking down the pink-haired girl that turned him down, then he turned back to the little girl. "Now where was I you little bitch." Saizo said.

"You dare attack your superior?" A very powerful demonic female voice said, her demonic aura filling the courtyard and terrifying everyone.

She looked down and saw Moka's rosary clutched on her hand. "Oh dear Kami." Kurumu said as she saw Moka's true self and felt her power, even her mother wasn't that powerful, she had a feeling this Moka could tear her mother in half even in her Succubus form. "KNOW YOUR PLACE!" She heard Moka roar and a moment later the four boys had been smashed to the ground, blood pouring from their faces.... or what was left of their faces anyway. When Moka turned and headed for her, she paled in terror, she knew her life was over, this Moka wasn't the same person she'd befrienfed and spent the morning with. She closed her eyes and waited for the beating to start, most likely her breasts or pussy would be Moka's first targets. Knowing how they'd met, she spread her legs, Moka would most likely destroy her treasured womanhood and there was nothing she could do to save herself. She whimpered as she pictured Moka ripping her apart.

"On your feet." Moka said firmly.

Kurumu's eyes snapped open, saw the near 6' tall, bigger breasted, silver-haired Moka standing over her, glaring coldly down at her. She jumped to her feet as fast as she could, happy for the moment she still had something between her legs that identified her as female.

"Tsukune, and you little one, over here now." Moka said and saw them instantly obey. "Tsukune, for one so weak you're brave, a quality my other self admires, even if she lacks it, if anything happens to her you will die, now get out of my sight. You little one, take your food and leave before I suck you dry." Moka said then turned to Kurumu, her expression turned cold. "As for you Kurumu Kurono.... I should kill you for what you did.... but this isn't the time or place for that, I will not be stared at like this. You will give me back my rosary. When my other self returns she'll be too weak to protect herself, so you wil take us back to our room and stand guard. If we awaken and you are not there.... you will forfeit your life. Understood? Good, we will discuss this further another time, you shouldn't be able to remove my rosary." Inner Moka said, took back her rosary and clicked it back on. She immediately changed back to the smaller, pink-haired Moka and fell into Kurumu's arms unconscious.

Kurumu swallowed nervously, lifted Moka bridal style and headed for their dorm room, they'd been late for school and had to share the last room.


End Chapter 1