Unnatural Attraction

Chapter 12: Too Hot to Handle, Too Cold to Hold

By: MikeJV37


Author's Note: First, this chapter has a small lemon in it, sorry it isn't more, but there'll be more, bigger lemons later. Secons, there's a poll in my profile for my fic 'A true Bloodline' please check it out and vote. Oh, please leave a review if you liked this chapter.


===Spring Break Day 2, 8:03 PM, Snow Flower Resort, Penthouse Suite===

It was faster from the outside, when I first transformed it felt like it took 10 minutes, but when you feel like you're burning alive from the inside out that's expected. Mizore and Tsurara were born monsters so they didn't understand it like I did, I knew what she was going through. After about 2 minutes of watching her body do strange things the glow faded and the change began. I glanced at Mizore and Tsurara and wasn't surprised by their expressions, I was nervous and excited and couldn't really hide it, Jessica was as calm as always, but that was expected considering the things she'd probably seen and done.

They watched Heather change, it started with her hair turning blue, her skin turning a pale, blueish-white, then her hands changed.

Tsurara and Mizore gasped in shock. "She's a snow girl!" Mizore said excitedly.

"No, she's not done... LOOK!" Tsukune said.

They watched as 8", dark blue, blade-like horns sprouted from her upper forehead, then huge, bat-like wings erupted from her back and a long tail sprouted from the base of her spine, at the end was another blade-like spike. Heather shook briefly and took a minute to calm down before standing tall, showing that her breasts had filled out and firmed up some, but not gotten bigger.

"She looks like she's..." Tsurara said, stunned.

"She is... I must say this is very rare." Jessica said.

"I don't understand, what is she?" Tsukune said, confused.

"Heather is half Snow Girl and half Succubus... hmm, and the first Greater Succubus to come along in... years." Jessica said calmly, but with a proud smile.

"Wait... you mean she's half Snow girl and half Succubus... does she have abilities like Mizore and Kurumu?" Tsukune said.

"Hai, and more. She'll need training to use her abilities though. Heather, how do you feel?" Jessica said.

"Uh.. really good actually... and horny as Hell. So, Succubus are real too?" Heather said.

"Very real, almost every monster you've ever heard of is real, but not how you think they are. Jessica, would it be possible for you to take her to that place you taught me to ski and train her since our time here is limited?" Tsukune said politely.

"I can... but in exchange you must defend in class for the next month, and you know I'll be increasing their training with Mizore now pregnant she'll be getting specialized training since she can't participate in our normal sessions until after the baby." Jessica said.

Tsukune looked at Mizore who paused a moment and reluctantly nodded. "Deal. Can you have her back by morning for work?"

"Hmmm. I believe twelve hours will be enough. That will give her time to shower and be in by Eight-Thirty... if you want her properly trained so she can safely enjoy herself." Jessica said with a smirk at the end.

"Excuse me. I don't mean to be impolite... but I get the impression I'll be gone overnight here, but for me it'll be much longer... how long will I be gone, from my point of view?" Heather said.

"More than a day and less than a year... the actual time depends on how well you adapt to your new body and how much control you have." Jessica said.

"I've been doing yoga and meditation for almost ten years, so..." Heather said.

"Oh really, well that will help a great deal... shall we go then?" Jessica said.

"Yes, but before I go... I'd like to see Mizore and Tsukune." Heather said.

Mizore stood and transformed.

"Wow... just like Tsurara only smaller, and still very cute." Heather said.

Tsukune stood, moved into the open and transformed.

Heather's knees buckled for a moment. "Dear Kami you're gorgeous... I don't know what you are, but you look like you're half lion." Heather said with a blush.

"I don't know either, but I am a Lion man, watch this." Tsukune said then changed back.

Heather gasped when his shredded clothes reformed on him like nothing had happened. "Wow, that's cool! Bet it saves you a fortune on clothes."

Tsukune laughed. "It does, could you do the same for Heather?" Tsukune said.

Jessica nodded. "Come along, I'll provide your clothes." Jessica said then she and Heather simply vanished.

Tsurara sighed sadly. "Now I have to wait for tomorrow night to fuck her."

Tsukune and Mizore laughed.

===Spring Break Day 3, 8:30 AM, Snow Flower Resort===

She sighed as she hung up the hotel phone, the front desk had just called her about a troublesome guest. "My first day back, I just get comfortable in my new executive chair, and this happens... eight months away from this place and all my friends, not to mention all the pent up sexual frustration, and I can't even get to enjoy my new office. Dear God am I horny... I hope I can make it to tonight without raping someone. She warned me about the sex drive of Succubus." Heather said, stood and headed for her door.

It was just a 20 second walk from the Manager's Office to the front desk. 'What seems to be the problem?' she heard Heather say behind her, then turned around with a very sexual smile. "The new manager of this place to too sexy to resist." Tsurara said.

Heather's entire body twitched when she saw Tsurara, but she instantly stopped herself from raping her right there in the lobby. A BIG smile crossed her face. "I can agree with that... so you're my trouble maker?"

Tsurara smiled and nodded. "I've been a bad guest... maybe the manager should personally deal with me in private?" Tsurara said with a very perverted smirk on her face.

Heather nodded and lead Tsurara back to her new office. Once inside Heather turned to her former boss. "Before I, punish you, I want to show you something I learned." Heather said, then put her hands together in the prayer position and started chanting to herself for a few moments before her hands glowed green. "Seal of Silence!" Heather said, the glow on her hands pulsed and faded a moment before the walls, floor and ceiling glowed green briefly and there was a locking sound.

"Did you just cast a spell?" Tsurara said excitedly.

"Yes, a C rank spell I believe Jessica called it, I sealed the room so no one can hear us... the phone should still work according to what she told me, she uses this spell all the time... but she does it with a simple hand gesture. I could of used this back in college, those dorms could get really noisey." Heather said and laughed briefly. "Enough talk... I was there eight months and I'm so fucking hot I can barely see straight, if I don't get some relief soon I'll go insane." Heather said.

Tsurara smiled. "Succubus sex drive, I remember, I knew a few back at the academy. I've been a bad guest, and the only way to teach me a lesson is by force... I need a good, hard, kick in the pussy, then a bare assed spanking over your knee... and if I'm still not respectfull enough..." Tsurara said said then smiled pervertedly. "You may have to force me to my knees and make me eat your pussy to several orgasms and cum all over my face... that'll teach me a good lesson in humility. You have to be hard on bitches like me, don't let me push you around, and for busty, vain, bitches like me... a good, hard, tit mauling is always a good way to put me in my place... understood?" Tsurara said in a sexual, playful tone, the last word seriously, hinting at what was really happening.

Heather nodded, she knew Tsurara very well and despite her raging hormones and new job, she knew who was really in charge and what she could safely do to her friend, former boss and soon to be lover. Then there was Jessica's friendly warning if she broke certain rules, Jessica would be... 'annoyed' as she'd put it, but she knew what was implied... Jessica would give her pain beyond mortal comprehention. After she'd said it Jessica just glanced at a boulder the size of a 3 story house... and it shattered into nothing.

Tsurara paused in concern a moment when Heather seemed to shudder in fear for just a moment. "You okay?"

"Yes, just remembering something from my training." Heather said, let out a sigh as she refocused, then glared at Tsurara.

"So what are you going to do about this... or do I have to go over your head to someone that isn't just tits and ass." Tsurara said angrily, but with a small playful smirk.

"Oh, I'm going to fix your problem." Heather said calmly as she moved a little closer to Tsurara, then buried her right foot in her pussy.

Tsurara screamed in agony... and pleasure... grabbed herself and dropped her her knees.

"Your additude is the problem... bitch!" Heather said as she reached for Tsurara's breasts, highlighted by her sweater.

===Snow Village, Ice Tower===

"I wish to meditate, dismissed." The Priestess said, waited a few moments for them to leave then stood, opened and dropped her kimono revealing her flawless, stunningly beautiful body. Fit, firm, toned body, full, firm E cup breasts with large, but not overly so for her breasts, almost silvery-blue areola, on her mound was a trimmed, groomed, patch of silvery-white hair like on her head, above smooth lips. She walked out into her room without making a sound, near the center, and stopped, slipping her right hand between her legs to rub her pussy... which a few moments later started to literally steam. "Oh yes... so handsome..." She said with a slight sexual moan blended in, suddenly stopped, raised her head and sighed, composed herself and waited a moment.

A cloaked figure appeared in front of her, with a simple hand gesture sealed the room, then dropped the cloak.

The Priestess bowed. "Good morning Mistress, to what do I owe the pleasure of your visit."

"Did you set things in motion as I requested?" She said.

"Yes Mistress, and I spoke to him privately, I expect his answer before they return to the Academy." The Priestess said.

"Her power has been revealed." She said.

"What is she?" The Priestess said with a slight tremor of excitement in her voice.

She smiled slightly. "She's half Succubus... half Yuki-Onna." She said.

The Priestess stood straight. "Does she have, the gift?" She asked, almost nervously.

"She does." She said.

"Finally... the veil has lifted and my path is clear." The Priestess said and smiled happily, not hiding her emotions for once.

"Your people may see you as divine, pure of mind, body and spirit..." She said the reached out and gently grabbed the Priestess by her chin, pulled her closer and tilted her head upwards to look down into her white eyes. "But I know what you really are... a whore. You also chose to carry a great burden, and for that you are one of my special Guardians. You guided and protected them into the New Age... and you have only your final task to complete before the new Priestess is chosen. Even I can't see the full outcome, but I trust you and believe in you... I know you can do it." She said then leaned down and kissed her on the lips.

The Priestess smiled. "Thank you Mistress... I."

She held up a hand, stopping her mid sentence. "I know what you want to do, and while I do miss the tingles your cold touch gives me, we can't, and you know why." She said.

"Forgive me, I haven't seen you in decades and forgot myself for a moment. Tell Shyko I miss her and her friends are welcome here anytime." The Priestess said and saw her Mistress nod. "Allow me to cover you.". The Priestess said, stepped behind her, lifted her cloak and fastened it before stepping in front again and bowed.

She smiled, closed her cloak, pulled up her hood and vanished.

The Priestess walked back to her throne, picking up her kimono and slipping it on as she went to the wall to her right of it, put her hands together she chanted to herself a few moments before throwing her hands apart. An ice door appeared in the wall, she opened the door, which should of just opened to outside, but instead lead to her hidden temple deep within the mountain, when she closed the door it vanished as if it was never there.

===Snow Flower Resort, Manager's Office===

A topless Tsurara was kneeling before Heather, cradling her sore breasts in her arms, her expression was of fear.

"Please, no more... my poor breasts... please, don't hurt me any more, just let me leave and..." Tsurara said.

"No, I beat you but I didn't break you. Within a month you'll be the same arrogant bitch you were before." Heather said, then pulled her pants and panties down, stepped out of them and grabbed Tsurara by the hair.

Tsurara's eyes got big as saucers, but despite her terrified expression, she couldn't fully hide her excitment or arousal. "No, not that... please, I'll never come back here, I swear... just don't make me... do that!" Tsurara said trying to sound scared, but her excitement came through in her voice for what she was about to do.

Heather smirked at Tsurara for a moment, she was looking forward this moment too. "We'll do this properly tonight." Heather whispered. "Oh yes you are bitch, now lick my pussy!" Heather commanded then shoved Tsurara's face between her thighs.

===7:03 PM, Penthouse Suite===

"Come on mom, how was she? How'd she taste? How big was her clit?" Mizore said, basically begging.

"Forget it Mizore-chan, I'm not going to tell you. She'll be here any minute, she wanted to change first." Tsurara said.

"Make mom tell me Tsukune!" Mizore said, turning to her husband.

"I could... but won't... and don't try anything cute Mizore-chan, I think it's only fair Tsurara-chan get first taste of Heather's pussy and the right to keep it between them if she chooses. She's known her the longest... and unlike you, she's a widow, can't get pregnant again... and before me, she hadn't gotten laid in over a decade, with a man or woman." Tsukune said firmly.

Mizore glanced down, subconsciously rubbed her belly a few moments then looked at her mother and sighed. "Sorry mom, I didn't mean to be a selfish lil bitch... Tsukune's right, and I can wait. I'm not a single girl that can sleep around anytime she wants... I'm a wife and mother-to-be, I have to grow up, we're equals now... Tsurara-chan." Mizore said and smiled.

"I've been waiting for this moment Mizore-chan, though I admit I didn't think we'd also be lovers." Tsurara said and smiled.

Knock Knock

"COME IN!" Tsurara and Mizoe yelled together.

The door opened and Heather walked in then shut it behind her. She had on a red, short-sleeved sweater, loose black pants, old sneakers and a bag ver he shoulder that she dropped and did the spell she did earlier in her office, "If I don't have something long and hard in my pussy in the next five minutes. I'm going to go insane... an arm, a cock, I don't care, just please fuck me into a coma."

Mizore stood, a little stunned. "How long were you away?"

Heather grabbed her sweater and ripped it off, her nipples as hard as steel. "Eight months with no sex and a Succubus pussy. Tsurara-chan, I loved what we did earlier, but I should of waited. It was like giving a cookie to a starving man, all it did was make me want more... and my control has been slipping all day." Heather said.

Mizore looked at Tsukune a moment. "We've heard about that from a friend, she's a Succubus... how bad is it?"

Heather ripped off her pants, she had nothing on under them. "almost four hours now... please, it hurts."

Mizore, Tsurara and Tsukune were stunned. Not because Heather had a giant clit, they expected that, or that it looked harder than diamond, but because it was strapped to her right thigh with a belt and almost reached her knee. Tsukune stood. "Heather untie it. Mizore, since we're married and you're pregnant..."

"Go ahead Tsukune... she needds to take the edge off before se can really enjoy herself... and even if she teransforms, I know she can't hurt you, but she might accidently hurt me. Tsurara-chan and I will be fine... go on, have fun." Mizore said.

Heather smiled. "thank you Mizorechan.. I'll repay you for this, I promise."

Tsukune steped up to Mizore, leaned down and kissed her passionately. "This is why I love you so much Mizore-chan. Tsurara."

Tsurara nodded, after he stepped away she stood, quickly stripped, pulled Mizore's pants and panties down and off then knelt between her legs.

"Go ahead." Tsukune said, saw Heather transform, then he did the same, both now nude.

Heather gasped in shock when she saw the size of his cock, the again a moment later when he got hard, and it got bigger. "I hope she was right about my pussy, because I'm gonna bury that monster cock in my pussy down to the balls." heather said then jumped forwarf onto Tsukune, hands on his shoulders, feet gripping his hips, SHe lined up and with no hesitation impaled herself on Tsukune's, monsterhood then wrapped her arms, legs and tail around him. 'OH YESSSS, BREAK ME TSUKUNE, TAME MY PUSSY" Heather yelled.".

Tsukune grabbed her waist and using his strength overpowered her and begand slamming her down on his cock as he thrust up into her, making Heather scream in exstacy.

Mizore and Tsurara looked at each other a moment and smiled, they knew exactly what had happened and how heather had taken his full length. Any human woman, and even most monsters, that would of killed, but Heather was part snow girl, and their women were special when it cam to sex.

===10:13 PM===

Tsukune, still in his monster form, put down the now empty 2 gallon water bottle he'd just chugged, it was full when he tok it out of the fridge, then walked back to the livingroom where Mizore and Tsurara were lying on the coucj happily, on the floor the last 5 minutes catching her breath was heather, back in human form, and knelt next to her. I'm all warmed up now... how about you Heather-chan, still horny?" Tsukune said.

Heather looked up at Tsukune in shock. "How in teh Hell... did you fuck me that hard... for three hours straight... without cumming even once, or losing your erection... then tell me that was a warm up? I'm just getting the feeling back in my lower body... I've never cum so many times, so hard, in my life... Mizore-chan, how the fuck can you even walk?"

Mizore and Tsurara untangled and sat up. "Mom, would mind... I think she needs a recharge." Mizore said.

Tsurara smiled got up and headed for the kitchen.

"Recharge? What are you talking about... I'm done for the night... he put my pussy to sleep." Heather said.

"Didn't she tell you about how our bodies work? You are one of us, half anyway, so you should know this." Mizore said.

Tsurara walke up to Heather, knelt and held out a tray full of a certain type o junk food. "Eat."

"What do you mean... if I eat this I'll be okay again?" Heather said, stunned.

"Succubus are similar, but this is especially effective for us. Since you're both, this should work even better on you." Mizore said.

"I am hubgry... kay, I'll eat, you explain." Heather said.


End Chapter 12