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Art of Love

I'm saying sorry in advance

Cause this won't always go to plan

Though we don't mean to take our love for granted

It's in our nature to forget what matters, yeah

And when the going is getting tough

And we're all about giving up

Things that we never thought we'd say

Gonna say 'em

Things that we never thought we'd play

Gonna play 'em

"I love your daddy's assistant, Amanda. He always calls me Sir Wilder." Wilder grins, entering his girlfriend's spacious mansion with a giddy expression on his face. " Sir Wilder, Sir Wilder, Sss-iii---rrr Wilder. " Wilder drawls out. " It's actually quite catchy."

"Maybe I could use it while I'm off in Spain in my new bikini and the waves crashing beneath my feet with a baby crying somewhere in the midst."

"Ah! The unfair pout. Well I guess it makes sense, I mean, step- mom's bound to pop it out soon. She's gotten even more pregnant. I mean, if another pregnant mom saw your pregnant step-mom she'll stop and be like 'whoa, dude, I thought I was pregnant."

Amanda giggles, making a goofy smile tug at Wilder's lips as she saunters into his arms. "You sure know how to cheer a girl up."

"Yes I do." Wilder replies, making Amanda giggle once again. Wilder couldn't sustain the development of his smile. It always managed to make his heart race faster just at the sound of it. It was cute. It was cute and melodic and pure innocence and he couldn't help but admit to himself that this was one of the best advantages of dating Amanda Peirce.

Unless you happen to meet snappy Amanda Peirce. Now that was scary.

"This is nice." Hums Amanda, a smile drifting on to her face as mischievousness danced around in her eyes. " You didn't hear it from me, but Amanda Peirce is really going to miss you."

"I'm going to miss you too, Amanda. I mean, how suckish is it to not spend valentine's day with the girl of your dreams when you just got the girl of your dreams? I blame the media." Wilder ranted.

"Well could you stop? I think the girl of your dreams would rather spend Valentine's day making out with her boyfriend instead of paying away charges of harassment."

"Well I suppose I could, wait- what?" Wilder exclaimed with shock, feeling every bit of his body blaze with delight. "You're really?"

Amanda nodded. "I didn't have the heart to leave you behind. Well I did but I didn't have an outfit to match." Amanda jokes. "That's why we're leaving two weeks after Valentine's day. Right on schedule."


"This valentine's day means a lot to me, Wilder. I couldn't leave that behind."

"I'm sure you've had better. I mean, you've had valentines that bow and curtsy and know how to put on a tie." Wilder couldn't help but mention sadly, referring to himself and the fact that he couldn't do any of those things right. Atleast without a disaster. "This Valentine's day its just you and some normal dude."

"I guess it's why its so important to me." Amanda admits, intensely staring into those swarm of majestic blue eyes. " For the first time, I'm spending Valentine's day with someone I really, really… like."

Wilder remained silent. It was like all his dreams were falling into place. His heart was thumping harshly against his chest and his hands were clammy with sweat. His mind reeled with thoughts and his knees felt like it might just wobble into mush.

Her words kept running around his mind, captivating him, mesmerizing him, running him speechless each and every single time.

He couldn't contain it anymore, all the sentiments surrounding him, all the emotions running around. His hand crept up her beautiful flawless face, brushing that perfect cheek with such tenderness before it slightly moved up to brush away the bangs falling into her eyes.

He wanted to memorize this moment. He wanted to remember this moment. He wanted to remember everything. Slowly and tantalizingly, he leaned in, her breath shortening before her lips parted and his lips met hers.

The kiss was slow and passionate and the chemistry kept fueling within each second. She winded her arms around his neck, pulling him closer and he ran a hand through her long strand of perfect brunette hair, feeling the sparks zap throughout the whole of his body.

The passion was building, the emotion was rising, something was happening. Something big and extravagant and a form of perfection and beauty that he simply couldn't understand.

And then he pulled back.

"Awestruck." He mumbled dazedly moments after, fluttering his long lashes open as he looked at his stunning girlfriend.

Amanda smirked, giggling a bit. He always got like this, she thought with a smirk. She relaxed into his arms, closing her eyes as she felt the sensations of his arms snaking around her body, wrapping her into a hug.

Wilder, looking down, felt himself being blown away at the sight in front of him. Beautiful, frustrating, fierce. Sassy, intelligent and perfect. Her beautiful face was glowing as she snuggled into him. She was wearing that smile, and her face lit up even more in the light and in that moment, he found something tugging at his heart.

He's in love.


It ain't perfect


But it's worth it

(Worth it)

And it's always getting better

It's gonna take some

(Take some)

Time to get it right

Cause I'm still learning the Art of Love

I'm still trying to not mess up

So whenever I stumble

Let me know, oh-oh-oh

"I'm telling you something is wrong." Rebecca Harper states to her companions, making the two men beside her roll their eyes with exasperation.

"You disrupted our valentine's day to come down to buzz and watch Wilder stare at a picture of Amanda?" Noah asks incredulously. " I'm beginning to regret having girlfriends."

Rebecca rolled her eyes. " Noah." She pouted. "It's true. He hasn't taken an eye off that picture all day."

"It's Amanda. It'd be suicide not to see him all worked up about her. " Michael replies with agitation before groaning. " Gasp! Yolanda's going to kill me. I'm already late to escort her to our dinner."

"I can see it now." Noah grins. " 3:56. Kiss Michael Davies for showing up to escort me to our Valentine dinner. 3:57. Slap Michael Davies for being late to escort me to our Valentine dinner. 3:58. Rant to Michael Davies about the impoliteness and disrespect Michael Davies has given for being late to our Valentine dinner-"

"Noah!" Rebecca yelps, slapping his chest firmly making Noah lift his hands up in surrender, stifling the laugh that was dying to come out as Michael glared at him.

The moment was disrupted however as the elevator bell chimed, signaling someone was entering buzz. All eyes turned to the elevator as the door slided open.

"Omg!" Amanda squeals, a dozen nice looking roses in her hands. "Wilder, these are beautiful." She cries softly as she runs to him.

Wilder grins. "They should be. Those cost a months worth of allowance. Well actually, the dinner I rented and the people I got to serve us did. These were just from the money left over. Who knew people from our school could be so expensive?"

Everyone couldn't help but laugh. Amanda neared him, wrapping her arms around him. " You rock, wilder. Happy Valentine's day."

"Happy Valentine's day." Wilder replied softly. "I'm sorry I couldn't afford anything else. I already borrowed a ton of money from my dad to buy this tux."

"Ooh! Armani. I've always thought I'd like you in a tux." Amanda snaked her arms around his waist. "I'm impressed, wilder. You've really outdone yourself." She pressed a kiss to his cheek. " I'm going to go change and round up the limo."

Amanda skittered away, her figuracci heels click-clacking against the tile covered floors. " Hello, daddy's assistant. I need you to park the limo and give me my dress. " She paused. " No, I didn't pee myself."

"Roses, expensive dinner, expensive dates. It's like I don't even know you anymore." Michael announces, clutching his heart. " I've taught you so well."

"Amanda Peirce deserves a good valentine's day. Infact we all do. That's why I'm going to tell her I love her tonight."

"Gasp!" Michael screeched, clutching his heart as he reeled back.

"You what?" Sputtered out Noah.

"Oh dear." Rebecca muttered out in surprise.

"Are you talking about the same girl that threatened to murder you with your skateboard because you fell over her new Valencia purse."Noah questioned/

"Or the same girl that snapped at you for playfully saying your secret crush was Katherine?" Michael assisted.

"Yes and yes." Wilder replied without fault.

"Wilder… love's a pretty big word." Rebecca helped out.

"I know but I mean it. She's like Michael and his love of gossip or you and your passion of journalism or me after eating a really good sandwich. Noah dude, help me out here. I mean you should know how this feels like, right? "

"What?" Exclaimed Rebecca, directly turning to her boyfriend taken aback with shock and surprise.

"Uh…" Noah gulped embarrassedly.

"Oh! Oh! Sorry man. I… What was that? I'm coming Amanda!"

"Genius. Completely genius." Murmured Michael with amusement, resisting the urge to laugh.


You need to spell it out

You need to spell it out

You need to spell it out

You need to spell it out for me

Cause I'm still trying to

Learn the Art of Love

If I forget to get the door

(Get the door)

Remind you that you're beautiful

I know my detail requires more attention

If I ever hurt you, it's not my intention

"I can't believe you went through all this trouble just for me to have a great valentine's day. No one's ever done this for me before." Amanda said affectionately, admiring the view of the beautiful candle lit dinner that her boyfriend had managed to prepare for her. She never even knew this side of her boyfriend existed.

"I'd do anything for you, Amanda. Even if it meant skateboarding with a few aliens."

"But you'd love to do that."

"My point exactly." He mumbled, making Amanda tilt her head backwards as she laughed.

"After you, madam." Wilder impersonated in a british accent as he held her chair.

Amanda giggled as she slipped into it. " Thank you kind, sir."

"So what's next on the Wildman's top secret plan?"

"blowing away his lady with dinner."

"Well, since you put it that way, what's on the menu?"

"Garcon!" Wilder said in a disastrous attempt at a French accent making Amanda giggle.

Amanda couldn't help but crack up in laughter as her eyes managed to work out just who walked through the door with their food in hand. "That's who you hired to serve us?"

"I might've panicked last second." Wilder admitted.

"He got me at free food." Mr. Sheppard chimed in. "Voila!"

Amanda snorted. " Cheeseburgers, Wilder, really?"

"What happened to the esca- the weird shrimpy-fish thing rich people seem to like in the movies?"

"I couldn't exactly read your handwriting." Mr. Sheppard shrugged, making Wilder groan.

"Relax, Wilder." Amanda consoled. " I love cheeseburgers."

"Well help yourself to loving this fresh ensemble of water because it's the last time I ever step out in these ridiculous looking apron ever again."

"Dj?" Amanda snorted in laughter. "It's okay. I'll convince daddy to flash you off to paris for a shopping day spree. Looks like you need all the help you can get."

"Ha-ha. Sheppard told me we were going on a date. He didn't tell me we were serving one. " She gritted out with a glare. "Water anyone?"

"This all really looked much better in my head. Or atleast I think it did." Wilder mused with a sigh. Amanda laced her fingers in his, intertwining them.

"It's perfect."


Cause we're gonna make

(Gonna make)

Our mistakes

(Our mistakes)

Find out how much a heart can take

But I know that

(I know that)

You got my back

(You got my back)

And baby I got yours

Cause I'm still learning the Art of Love

I'm still trying to not mess up

So whenever I stumble

Let me know, oh-oh-oh

"This has definitely been a memorable Valentines day, Wilder."

"I'm hoping to make it a little bit more special. Amanda… I…"

"I'm listening…"



"I…" C'mon Wildman, just say it. Wilder thought furiously to himself. "I.. D'you want some more water?"

Amanda's expression deflated a little bit. " That's what you wanted to say?"

"No one deserves an empty glass without water. I mean, how do you think the glass feels? It probably thinks its been abandoned."

"Umm… right." Amanda responded awkwardly. " I guess, I'll just call dj."

"How about you let me do it?"

"But dj-"

"Just let me pour the damn water." Wilder roared, grasping the water jug only to have the table jerk forward from his movements and the water to spill all over Amanda's outfit.

"Wilder!" Amanda shrieked, as the cold liquid fell all over her expensive new outfit.

"I-uh.. Want some fries with that?"


You need to spell it out

You need to spell it out

You need to spell it out

You need to spell it out for me

Cause I'm still trying to

Learn the Art of Love

Sometimes I'm gonna miss

(I'm still learning how to)

I'm learning how to give

(I'm still learning how to)

I'm not giving up

(I'm still learning how to)

I'm learning how to love

Learning how to love

" I can't take it anymore!"

"You're the one who ruined my dress!" Amanda retorted outrageously.

"I… I didn't mean to. None of this was supposed to happen. "

"I meant what I said about this valentine's day meaning a lot to me, Wilder. Obviously you don't feel the same." Amanda roared, standing up and clutching her phone as she dialed furiously on her phone.

"Amanda wait…"

"Hello, daddy's assistant…."

"I'm in love with you!" Wilder screamed, feeling an immense pressure being lifted from his shoulders.


"Love is about taking risks and maybe if we admit it to ourselves and admit it to each other it might work out. You're the first person I want to talk to. It's like something hasn't even happened until I tell it to you. I love you. I love me whenever I'm with you. I planned to tell it to you today, you know all romantic like, with the flowers and the food and the catering, like Edward Cullen would do if he were human. Except it didn't exactly work out like I wanted to but, I love you Amanda Peirce. And it's okay, I'll love you even if you don't feel the same way-"

Wilder was interrupted as he felt soft lips softly meeting his in a breathtaking kiss. It was long and passionate and mind blowing. Fire rumbled through the whole of his body as his heart felt as if it might explode. He reciprocated almost immediately, with hesitance, as if he couldn't believe what was happening.

With shaking hands, he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer to him. Needing her close to him. He could feel the rush and the thrill and the emotion of the kiss practically slapping him in the face.

They pulled apart as breathing became a necessity.

"You sure know how to charm a girl."

"Are you saying?"

"I love you too, Wilder."


"I love the way your hair flops into your eyes whenever you smile. I love the weird things that come out of your mouth when your embarrassed. I love how you treat everyone exactly the same whether their your friend or some random person on the street. I love that you went on and bought yourself an orbie to train yourself to be a good big brother. I love that your crazy and wild and daring and clumsy. But most of all, I love that even though you're not royalty, you still manage to make me feel like a princess."

"Even when I spill water on expensive looking dresses?"

"Even when you spill water on expensive looking dresses." Amanda agreed." Although, my lawyers will be in touch."

"How about our lips touch instead?"

"I think I can arrange that." Amanda smirked, leaning in to her boyfriend.

"You know, I think this might be the first memorable moment of my life that doesn't involve food."

"Well then, let's make it official." Amanda smirked, her lips brushing against Wilder's. "Happy Valentine's day, Wilder."

"Hey Amanda?"


"Did you mean it with the lawyers? Cause, I'm kind of broke and I think my parents might get mad."

Amanda giggled, grasping on to the back of his head. "Shut up and kiss me, Wilder."

"Yes m'am." He responded.

And then they kissed.

Cause I'm still learning the Art of Love


(The Art of Love)

I'm still trying to not mess up

So whenever I stumble

Let me know

(Let me know, let me know, let me know)


You need to spell it out

You need to spell it out

You need to spell it out

You need to spell it out for me

Cause I'm still trying to

Learn the Art of Love



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