Hello! This is my first Vampire Knight fanfic, so don't hate me if it sucks. I haven't read the manga or watched the show in a while, so bear with me! :)
This will be a three-shot. Plot:
Cross Academy is losing money. When Yuuki suggests an auction, the Chairman has other plans. He wants to auction off the boys of the Night Class to Day class fangirls!!! Why does Kaname agree? What are Yuuki's feelings about this?
I do not own Vampire Knight in any way. But I do own the plot *does a little dance* :)

The Auction

Chapter One: Preparations

Yuuki's POV:

I was running down the empty hallway to the Chairman's office. He had called and said that he was in trouble and needed my help. So, of course, here I am, running to help the Chairman with God knows what.

"Hey," said a familiar voice, and I whipped around to see Zero leaning against the wall, "you going to the Chairman's office? He called me, too. Says it's an emergency."

"Everything's an emergency for the Chairman," I said, hopping from one foot to another, "C'mon! Let's go!"

When we got to the Chairman's office, I kicked the door open to see the Chairman sitting at his desk, smiling over a cup of tea at the two people sitting in front of him.

The two people were Ichijo and Kaname.

"Yuuki! Zero! You're here! How wonderful!" the Chairman sang, as he started jumping up and down.

"Yuuki! How nice to see you!" Ichijo said before he ran up and hugged me.

I awkwardly hugged him back, "It's, um, nice to see you too, Ichijo."

He let me go and said quietly, "Hi, Zero."

Zero didn't reply, only nodded his head.

"Hello, Yuuki. You're looking well," Kaname said, standing up.

"I-uh. He-Hello, Kaname-sama!" I said quickly, stuttering, and bowed to him. God, I am such a dork.

"Okay everyone! Sit, sit! I have something important to say," the Chairman said.

We all sat down in the chairs in front of the Chairman's desk.

"Okay. Cross Academy has been running into some financial problems lately. We don't have enough money. So I thought it would be fun if we all sat here until we come up with something to raise money for the school!" the Chairman said, starting off in a serious tone, but ending in a cheerful one.

"WE SHOULD HAVE A BAKE SALE!" Ichijo yelled, jumping from his seat.

We all just looked at him.

"Okay, moving on… Maybe we could auction off some old materials to people," I offered as Ichijo sat back down.

"That's a great idea, Yuuki!" the Chairman said.

I beamed. "Really?"

"Yes, except… I have an idea: Instead of auctioning off old items… Why don't we auction off the boys of the Night Class!" the Chairman said happily. (A/N: I hate saying males. It makes me think of chimpanzees)

"What!?" Ichijo yelled, standing back up.

"That isn't really what I meant when I said let's have an auction. I meant auctioning off books and-" I started, but the Chairman interrupted me.

"That would be a good idea… But think of all the money we could rake in! We could have the auction right here in the academy and we could auction off the boys to the Day Class girls only. They could get money from their families, and some of these girls come from really wealthy families!" the Chairman said loudly, jumping from his chair, "And we could sell the boys for one day with one or more of the Day Class girls. They can -ah, what do kids these days call it? - hang out? Yes, yes. Nothing inappropriate."

"I still didn't mean it like that. And I would be concerned with Aidou for this…" I said, leaving the rest of my sentence hanging.

"Yes, I agree. Aidou would be a concern. And what about the boys that don't want to be auctioned off?" Kaname said steadily.

"Hmmm… You're right. How about this: We control the amount of boys we auction off. We can probably control Aidou, too." The Chairman pondered.

"Wait- What is all this 'We' talk? What part of this do I have," Zero demanded.

The Chairman flinched and said, "I thought that you and Yuuki could be the ones auctioning the boys off." (A/N: they are called Auctioneers)

"Maybe…" Kaname said, surprising me. Was he actually going to go along with all this? The Chairman squealed in delight.

"Okay," the Chairman said, propping his elbows on his desk, "For the boys to be auctioned off, I was thinking you, Ichijo, Shiki, Aidou and Kain. We don't need it to be a big thing. Unless want it to be…"

"No, no, no. There's no need for it to be big," Kaname said, waving his hands in the air making it clear that he disagrees, "What about you, Ichijo? You've been awfully quiet."

Ichijo put his fingertips together, and then pulled them apart. "Well, if you want my opinion, I'd have to say that I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE THIS IDEA!!!"

Of course he did.

After making the plan, we decided that we would have those five boys to be auctioned off (Ichijo and Kaname have to ask them first, though) and Zero and I would post flyers around the Day Class girl's dorm saying that there was an auction and stuff. Then, Zero and I would be the auctioneers.

But first, we have to make sure that Shiki, Aidou and Kain to agree to this. Ichijo already agreed, of course. But what I don't get is why Kaname would agree.

The thing I don't get even more than that is why I don't like that Kaname will be auctioned off.

What is that about?

Kaname's POV:

I watched Yuuki skip out of the Chairman's office lightly, with Zero on her heels.

"Well, you two are free to go. You can go ask the rest of the boys now," the Chairman said, ushering us through the doorway before slamming the door behind us.

"Oh, Kaname, this will be so fun!" Ichijo said, glowing.

"I guess so. Okay, you go ask Shiki. I'll ask Aidou and Kain," I ordered.

"Aye-ye captain!" Ichijo said, saluting, then pranced off to find Shiki.

I shook my head. Why do I have to be friends with such an energetic vampire?

Ichijo's POV:

I skipped around the Moon Dorm, looking for Shiki. If I was Shiki, where would I be?

I saw a flash of yellowy-orange hair in pigtails and ran towards it.

"Rima!" I yelled, waving my arms over my head like I was trying to fly.

She turned around and looked at me blankly. "Yes, Ichijo?"

I jogged up to her and smiled. "Do you happen to know where Shiki is?"

Rima paused, thinking this over. "No."

"Okay! Thank you for your help!" I said, and then hopped away. (A/N: I don't know how that is helpful in any way, but Ichijo is polite)

A half hour later… (A/N: Lol, it took that long?)

"Shiki! There you are! I've been looking for you everywhere!" I said, bouncing up and down, happy that I found Shiki.

"I was in my room. Do you want something, Ichijo?" Shiki said in a monotone.

"Yes. So the school is running out of money, so the Chairman suggested that we have an auction!" I said.

"An auction?" asked Shiki.

"Yes. We are auctioning off boys from the Night Class to the Girls of the Day Class! Are you in?" I asked in a bubbly voice.

"No." he said.

"Wha-What?" I said, my eyes wide. I thought he would be as excited as I was for this! (Such an optimist...)

"You heard me," said Shiki, sounding bored.

"But, don't you want to? C'mon, Shiki! It'll be fun! We need your help to raise money for Cross Academy! If you say no, the school won't have any money! Do you want to be responsible for Cross Academy's misfortune?! And what about the Chairman and Yuuki! They'll have to live in poverty. Everybody will hate you, and when people go by you, they'll be all like, 'Oh look, it's Shiki Senri, and he made Cross Academy go poor and-"

"Ichijo, if you shut up, I will agree!" Shiki yelled.

"That's great! I'm going to go see how Kaname's doing. Bye!" I said quickly, waving to Shiki, and ran off.

Never underestimate the power of speech.

Shiki's POV:

Wait- What did I just agree to?!

Dammit, Ichijo!

Kaname's POV:

I was wandering, supposedly looking for Aidou and Kain.

But my thoughts kept coming back to Yuuki.

I don't particularly like the fact that I have to be auctioned off, but I'm doing it for the sake of the academy.

I wish Yuuki wouldn't be an auctioneer. I wish she had enough money to make the winning bid.

Why do I wish those things? You might ask. I wish for Yuuki to make the winning bid for me.

But it won't happen, I know it. Some strange human girl, wallet thick with her daddy's money, will bid me out.

Suddenly, I had an idea. If this auction is really gonna happen, I know exactly how to be won by Yuuki.

But first, in order for that to happen, I must find Kain and Aidou.

About two minutes later…

I saw Kain and Aidou walking together, talking. Ichijo already informed me that Shiki's in, so now it's up to these guys.

"Kain! Aidou!" I yelled.

They turned their heads and walked over to me.

"Hello, Kaname. Do you need something?" Aidou asked politely.

"Yes. Cross Academy is losing its money, and the Chairman thought that we should have an auction. And he thought that we should auction off some boys from the Night Class. He wants to include you two. So would you like to?" I explained.

"Of course!" Aidou said, squealing like a little girl. Okay…

"Are you taking part in this, Kaname?" Kain asked gradually.

"Yes, I am. It's all up to you, Kain," I said, hoping that saying that would make him say yes.

"Well… I guess. For the benefit for the academy," Kain said, sounding unsure.

"Thank you both. I'll report back to the Chairman and give you the details later. Goodbye," I said, giving them a slight smile before turning away.

Yori's POV:

Knock Knock

I jumped up, hearing the knock at my door, and went to open it.

It was Kaname Kuran.

"Hello, Kaname-sama," I said, bowing, "Yuuki isn't here, if you're looking for her."

"Hello, Yori. No, I'm not looking for Yuuki. I've come to ask you a favor," he said seriously.

"What is it?" I asked. What could he possibly ask me for?

Kaname smiled and told me.

Zero's POV:

The Chairman called again. He said that he wanted to go over the details of the auction with us.

Like I care. I don't even know why I'm doing this.

I saw Yuuki skipping down the hall and into the Chairman's office. She noticed me and held the door open.

"Thank you," I said to Yuuki as I walked through the door.

She gave me a small smile, then turned and sat in the chair next to Kaname.

"Okay," the Chairman said, slapping his hands on the table, "Kaname has informed me that the other three boys have agreed to the auction. How wonderful!" he jumped up and twirled.

"So when are we having this thing?" I asked, sounding bored.

"I am thinking, maybe in about two weeks. That gives us time to get prepared and for the girl's to get money," the Chairman said, still twirling. Doesn't he get dizzy?

"Okay. Zero and I will make posters to put around. You'll help, right, Zero?" Yuuki said, looking at me.

"Sure…" I mumbled.

"Excellent!" Ichijo said as he jumped up and started twirling with the Chairman. Seriously, who gave these two Red Bulls?

"Ichijo," Kaname said in a firm voice, and Ichijo sat down.

I wish I had that kind of power.

Yuuki's POV:

Who knew painting posters would be so fun?

Zero and I were lying on our stomachs with paint brushes in our hands, advertising the auction.

"The Chairman said we have to make about twelve. How many have we made so far?" I asked Zero.

"Three," he stated, continuing to paint his poster, then he stopped. "Make that four."

I sighed in frustration. Zero had already made three, and I only made one. I was still on my second.

"How are you so good at painting, Zero?" I asked him.

He shrugged, dipping his paint brush into the blue paint. I watched as he painted the word 'Auction' in neat script.

"Are you going to watch me paint all day, or are you going to actually try to finish your second poster?" Zero asked, not looking up from his poster.

I flushed and looked down at my poster. I had painted a stick figure of Aidou next to a stick figure of a random Day Class girl. The sentence, 'Night Class Auction' was painted in green paint.

My first poster said the same thing, except instead of stick figure Aidou and stick figure random girl, there were yellow smiley faces and white daisies.

The Chairman said that each poster should be unique. Ugh, this is gonna be hard. Zero seems to find no problem with this. How did he do that?

Zero's POV:

After we ushered the fangirls away from the precious (note the sarcasm) vampires, Yuuki and I decided to put our posters up. In the end, I ended up making eight posters, while Yuuki made four posters, each having a large quantity of smiley faces. That girl is so optimistic.

"This is fun. We've never had an auction before. I wonder how it will turn out," Yuuki said in a thoughtful voice while putting up one of her posters, which had a stick figure Aidou on it.

"You probably wish you weren't an auctioneer so you could win Kaname's bid," I stated, staring at my poster as I put it up.

"What? N-No, of course, n-not!" Yuuki exclaimed, stuttering. (A/N: In denial, lol)

"Sure you don't. Just keep telling yourself that," I said, putting up another poster.

"Well… You probably want the Night Class girls to be auctioned off so you can win Rima's bid!" Yuuki blurted out quickly.

Two signs to tell that Yuuki's nervous, or in denial, is: One, she stutters, and Two, she blurts out random things really quickly. Take right now, for example.

"Rima's the one in the pigtails, right? The one with the umbrella? Isn't she with Shiki?" I asked Yuuki, and watched her blush.

Logic always wins.

Third Person:

That next morning…

"OMG, look at this!" one of the Day Class girls shouted.

A group of girls formed around her and stared at the poster.

"Kyaa! A Night Class boy auction?! No way!" one girl shouted.

"OMG, I'm going to die!"Another yelled.

"Look! Someone painted Idol!"

"I'm going to take all of the money out of my bank account!"

"Kyaa, I'm so excited!!" (A/N: Somebody gave those girls Red Bulls)

"I'm going to take all of my Daddy's money!"

Yori walked by, taking a moment to look at all the girls gathered around one poster.

"You know, there are more posters around the dorm," she said quietly.

The girl's heads snapped up and looked at Yori. Then, half the group stampeded down the hallway in search for the other ones.

Yori chuckled and shook her head. 'These girls are so silly,' she thought.

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