Six woke in a cold sweat. He looked around and saw the bus stop in which he had died. He was curious, was this what heaven, or hell, or whatever happened after you die, looked like? Was it where you die you ended up in the afterlife? Six was nervous. Nai had just killed him and there was no sign of it.

He suddenly had a spark of a thought. He felt where the bullet hit his head. The hole wasn't there anymore. Nor was the one near his heart. He realised something and stood up. Six saw a dark figure in the corner. He shook.

The funny thing is he could blow up Straje Sammers, could be burnt by acid rain, could watch his brother's ship blow up, could find someone who really cared for him, could time travel, could have the deck, his world, destroyed but couldn't stay with his little sister in the time she needed him most. The poor thing was only nine months old.

He walked away.


Ace was pacing up and down in King's house. She checked her watch. Six had left two hours ago. If he was time-travelling, shouldn't he have at least called by now? Ace thought. King saw her pace up and down, then tidy his book shelf for the twenty-something-th time. It was written all over her face that she was overly concerned for Six. He would've smiled, except he was worried too. It had been too long since Six had left. He could almost read Ace's mind. It was a repetition of Will he be okay? mixed in with some other thoughts such as I miss him, How bad could it be? and When will he call? King knew this because it was an adaption of his thoughts into a lovesick teenage girl's point of view. He had told her, each countless times, to sit down, grab a bite to eat, to at least stop pacing. But still Ace walked up and down the small living area in King's home. In the same pattern.


Clean bookshelf.


Check watch.


Check phone.

Over and over again.

Many hours passed. There was a point where King told Ace to shower and go to bed. She did so, reluctantly. Every minute Ace had her eyes glued on the phone.

It was around 3 am when Ace finally put down the phone and really tried to sleep. She missed the first call.

She woke up later by ringing noise which she thought was an alarm clock. She grabbed the phone, but the person on the other end had already hung up. She looked at the caller ID. It was a pay phone. No way of calling back.

It was another hour before the phone rang again. Ace and King were at the table, attempting to eat breakfast. When the horrible bright tune of the phone rang again, Ace almost dived across the table to grab it. The result of this was a food-covered and distraught Ace. The caller ID wasn't Six's number. She was almost in tears when she answered the phone. King saw this and held her hand.

"H... Hello?" said Ace through a flood of tears.

"Hello Ace," replied the voice on the other end. The voice on the other end was croaky and harsh, like someone who was sick or hurt or had been crying? She would recognise it anywhere. Ace felt a new stream of tears trickle down her face. She tried desperately not to sob but she couldn't help it. At this point King let go of Ace's hand.

"Are you okay? What's wrong?" The voice on the other end sounded alarmed.

"I'm fine," Ace laughed. He was never this concerned about anything!

"So, do you want to go on that date?"

"Sure Six, I'd love to."