Ok guys, this is my first fic. This is a very short fic that I wanted to write, and basically, it's what I wished should have happened in "The adhesive duck deficiency" (ok, that's a spoiler alert!).

Of course, I really wish The Big Bang theory characters were mine, but unfortunately they aren't.

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Here we go!

We were there, standing in her room. She had just asked me to help her with a simple task: put her arms on the sleeves of her t-shirt. We had to go to the hospital, so she could be checked for a shoulder injury due to the lack of adhesive ducks in her bath tub floor. (I have to remind her of the security measures she must install!). Why on earth did my superior-two phDs, and future Nobel Prize winner - mind wasn't able to answer her now?

- "Mmm, sweetie? I just told you, that's not my arm…"

I wasn't able to articulate any movement, but then, I started thinking about our current predicament. I immediately took my hand off her… body, as I felt my cheeks reddening.

- "I'm so very sorry about that, Penny. I should have realized that due to your current position, your arm was about 180° to the left and not 45° as your right mammary gland."

And with that said, I couldn't understand why all the autonomic responses in my body weren't already off; even as I was standing there, about a foot of distance from her, I felt my heart rate rise, as well as tremors. What was happening to me? And why was Penny staring like that?

- "Sheldon, are you ok?"

- "Well yes Penny, thank you for a-asking."

- "Sweetie, I think you should see a doctor while we are in the hospital."

- "There, there, Penny. We should take care of your immobilized superior extremity first."

- "Ah?"

- "Let's go to the hospital."

The cold air of the parking lot of our building was a relief for my sudden temperature rise. Was I harvesting a viral disease? That would explain the fever. I seriously doubted that, I had no symptoms at all. And after Penny's healthy arm brushed against mine while I held the car's door open… I realized that my body temperature rise had nothing to do with a virus.

The next morning

My inner clock woke me up. It was about 6am, I always woke up at that time. As soon as I started to regain consciousness, I noticed some extremely unusual things. First of all, I was wearing my day clothes and not my Thursday pajamas. And a very peaceful and pretty Penny was laying next to me, with her healthy arm linked with mine. Wait a second; did I say "pretty" Penny? I'm definitely taking swab throat samples; this is a disease, eventhough those "doctors" at the hospital insisted on the opposite!

The weird thing is that I didn't feel that rejection towards Penny as I usually feel when someone invades my private space. I really felt "good", and I had also this strange feeling. I wanted to take care of her, protect her. That was obviously because she took care of me when I was sick… right? For the first time in my life I went to sleep again. And I felt Penny tighten her grip on my hand.