Chapter 17: Extraction

Hidan and Kakuzu entered a base just south of Yukigakure. The silver man shivered from the cold winds as he and Kakuzu trudged through the snow, his teeth chattered as he dragged the unconcious Jinchuuriki behind him not even caring if she was to get sick or not. But he did seem to enjoy the fact he was dragging a hot bloody chick back with him. Jashin be damned if he didn't. Pein would have his balls in the palm of his hand if he and Kakuzu were to fail. kicking his foot against a stone wall he knocked the snow off his shoes as Kakuzu implanted a giant seal on the entrance similar to the one that was in the land of Rivers that was turned to rubble by their newest member years ago.

"Lets go" Kakuzu's gruff voice said as he pasted his silver hair teammate.

"Pfft I know that already!" Hidan snapped

Following his partner into the chamber he was greeted by the others. Most of them holograms whose bodies were in Amegakure, Sakura was over by Pein who seemed rather pleased that their mission was a success wasting no time he began using handsigns that was so familiar to him, slamming his hand on the ground smoke filled the room "Kuchiyose: Gedō Mazō!" (1). The smoky mist disappeared in an instant. A giant statue sitting there with it's hands cuffed togeher and it's many eyes opened. Sakura looked at it like a repulsive animal as the other members made haste to their appointed spots.

Flickering up to the statue's left pinky finger she glanced side to side. Most of their eyes on her, it made her uncomfortable but she gave them a careless expression. "Hey Leader-sama do you think kitten should even be appart of this?" Kisame's rough voice cut in, it sounded more jagged to her ears since he to was a hologram. Pein's eyes darted to the shark man's beady little ones and scoffed softly "She can manage consider it training on her part after all she was able to learn it faster then any of us here" he answered.

The others mummbled among themselves before they got quiet.

Gathering their chakra into one spot they all mummbled "Fūinjutsu: Genryū Kyū Fūjin!" (2). The colassal opened it's mouth, light blue chakra in the form of dragons streched out they scretched loudly as their eyes set upon their prey. Slithering up to the unconcious Jinchuuriki Sakura closed her eyes not wishing to see as high pitched scream echoed through the walls of the cave. She flinched a bit startled as she can feel her chakra sucking away at another's. Peeking a look over to Itachi he seem rather use to it, not at all bothered by the woman's pain, same for the other's to who seemed to not care for this woman's life.

'Are people always so cruel...?'


She to was also cruel, her heart as full of ice like their's yet why did she react to the woman with what felt like pity? Perhaps because she is facing a possible event that might happened to Naruto? Sakura's brows knitted together in some frustration. She was NOT pleased on how much emotion she was been feeling lately, was her walls finally beginning to crack? The walls that she took so many years to carve since she was twelve? She felt envious of the Uchiha, knowing that they were the masters of keeping up a great defense when it came to their emotions.

Her shoulder relaxed slightly, she wondered if Itachi to was secretly disturbed as well.

Her eyes turned to him once more only to be a bit startled to notice that he was staring at her as well, his red eyes were the only thing she could see. And he only her darkish green ones, his figure was tensed and slightly rigid as much of the other memebers were. Sensing she had the most chakra along with Kisame they seemed totally fine since she had perfect chakra control and Kisame having a rediculous amount of it.

She thanked kami for blessing her with it along with her well known intellegence.

If it wasn't for that then she wouldn't have been the brightest of team 7, even though Sasuke was the genius and Naruto the victorious idiot. She shook her head from the thoughts and closed her eyes to concentrate, the red dark chakra of the Nibi's presence fully about her as if she was it and it was her. 'I wonder if the others feel it?' she mused.

She shrugged it off and continued her work.

Madara was impressed! To ever think a young kunochi such as Sakura could have so much potential, indeed he made the right choice to choose her. He licked his lips as he leveled out his chakra, he felt her's...and how intoxicating it was to his senses. If he could he'd pin her down and ripe off her clothes he basiclly have a field day with her. But that wouldn't make him much of a gentleman would it? Of course not, he was after all an Uchiha and the Uchiha men always gave the fellow female species EVEN if it was fangirls the respect that woman diserve.

Sadly the previous dirty thoughts gave him a bit of trouble inside his pants...oh my...

He glanced over to the other Uchiha of the Akatsuki. Itachi stood there of course with the grace of a cat, his posture screaming authority and his features proclaiming his youth though the creases on his face made him appear older then he was. The younger Uchiha was stealing glaces at the young pinkette and she two looked back now and then, it made Madara frown in displeasure. But became pleased when Sakura decided to return to the work at hand only leaving Itachi to stare at her for a few moments before resuming his work.

Madara inwardly sneered.

'I can't wait till the poor bastard dies...'

True enough he was going to kick the bucket sooner or later. Madara prayed for the sooner as he evilly thought of the other man's death darkly.

Sakura didn't dare move to wipe the sweat that tickled down her forehead. It was a lot harder then she thought...but after all the tailed-beast would most likely fight back as everyone tugged on it and successfully sealed it inch by inch. Her chakra was still at a good level as well as Kisame's who seemed to be taking up a light conversation with his partner really quietly. Sadly...Sakura had no partner, she was probably going to be the back up or the one that gets placed with a random team.

Or worse...with Madara...

She shivered at the thought and felt like gagging, not that she didn't mind Deidara the happy go lucky bomber that is really soft hearted when it comes to his workshop. If there was someone she couldn't stand was his partner, "Tobi" the "Child" of the Akatsuki.

'Child my ass...' she thought bitterly.

'More of a pedo if you ask me' Inner Sakura pipped in, her voice all crept out as she felt the older Uchiha's eyes land on her. If she could she'd flip him off like she would do to any other normal man, but sadly Madara was far from normal in anyones books. Sakura sighed silently and glanced upon her comerades one more time before going into deep thought. What troubled her the most was the fact how many Jinchuuriki they have captured.

'This one...the Nibi...that makes one...' she thought, her eyes flickered their way up to the status' other eyes and counted four that had pupils and five that didn't...one was forming so that must have been the Nibi's duing. So that made five Bijuu captured, her eyes flashed darkly when realization of just four remaining troubled her greatly in fear for her blonde friend in Konoha and hoped those two fools of advisors kept their part of their deal.

She let out a breath that she didn't know she was holding.

"Well we are making better progress then we did with Orochimaru, un"

Sakura's eyes snapped towards Deidara who had spoken first. Pein kept a solemn expression "She has probably the best Chakra control among us..." he purred "That speeds up the extraction along with Kisame's large supply of his own chakra" The rouge mist ninja boasted his chest with some pride from being somewhat complimented by the leader. Which was rather rare usually Itachi got some of the praise or Sasori who was no longer among them.

"Well it gives me fuckin time to pray to Jashin for once!"

"And me to count my money..."

Hidan turned his head towards his partner "Your such a sinful man I fuckin hope Jashin shoves a foot up ur sinful ass when I send you to him!" Kakuzu glared at the Jashinist, his green eyes glowed like a cat's ominously "Then I'd shove your pike yup your ass to get eternally screwed"

Hidan opened his mouth to retaliate.

"Silence!" Pein hissed coldly. The zombie brothers both obeyed as their leader eyed them down "If you two don't get along then our system as a team will crumble do not forget our goals even if you two don't get along kill each other afterwords once we gain our prize" Sakura grew interested all of a sudden, not once has their goals or their ideas reached her ears or has ever been mention in front of her before. She had to sadly admitt she was highly curious 'If I learn what the goals are...then if could possiblely be helpful to Konoha and Naruto' not once had they mentioned it to her. Apperently even if she managed to get into good terms with some of the memembers doesn't mean i was in their little trust circle.

Sakura puffed her cheeks slightly and blew a piece of stranded hair from her vision, her eyes calculating her plan head on which gave her a rather blank look that could rival one of the dead.

Her eyes trailed the last of the red chakra before the extraction ceremony was finally at a end. She dropped her hands to her sides and heard the host's body hit the ground, it echoed off the cave walls as the once proud Jinchuuriki was finally put to rest and out of it's misery. She heard Pein's voice off in the distance of her mind as she stared into dead eyes that watched her plainly, unblinkingly, not alive.

Her heart grew cold with ice seeing the sight and turned away.

She felt a hand on her head that caused her to lose hold of the holographic jutsu, she snapped her head to look behind her growing a bit dizzy from doing so to find Itachi there. His fingers stroke her hair tenderly as he traced it down her back and continued the process again. Sakura stared at him with wide eyes, she felt...


His gaze was caring, soft, understanding. She examined the emotions in his eyes before they flickered away to their normal stoic ways though his kind action resumed, they shared a peaceful silence together.

"You will get use to it..."

Sakura gazed up at the man's Sharingan "Its cruel..." she mummbled, her souless eyes almost made him flinch.

"We are Shinobi we hve no choice to kill another" He spoke, Itachi paused before twirling a single pink lock of hair around his finger. He recieved a glare from the female before she moved her head slightly to free her hair from him. Such a shame he was having fun, her hair was soft to the touch and was long and beautiful like she was a fantasy hime from a far away kingdom.

"There's always a choice"

"Not within Akatsuki their isn't"

They eyed each other for a minute "I don't like you" she suddenly stated. Itachi blink, did he hear hear her correctly? Before he could even say anything she was up and out of her room in a flash leaving him in the dimly lit room. His lips formed a frown on his face as he raised himself up from the bed and towards the hallway. Closing the door behing him with a soft click he didn't feel Sakura's presence anywhere near him. Was he truely hated so? He knew she hated the Akatsuki, she didn't wish to be here and she didn't ask for it just like he did.

He turned left and closed his eyes.

He was silent as he passed many doors feeling a bit of sadness linger behind him. Sakuras words echoed in his head as he took each step.

'I don't like you'

But why would she say that if she told him she liked him not to long ago? She bemused him. So complex that not even he could discover the mystery of Akumakage no Sakura, she was something else. The Uchiha made a small grunt of aggravation. Was she that disturbed by the extraction that she would have to turn all her anger out on him? Possible.

Itachi so deep within his own mind didn't notice Yasou was trailing behind him. His golden eyes watching his back like a kitten. He stopped when Itachi stopped, he turned when he turned, he copied all of his movements like a mime. Finally having enough Itachi made a sudden stop that allowed the boy to smack into his back face first. "Ow!" Yasou stumbled back and held his nose glaring at him as he tended to the poor appendage.

"What was that for Itachi-nii-san!" he whined.

Itachi rolled his eyes and poked him on the forehead "That was for following me its rude to stalk someone Yasou" the said boy pouted and rubbed his forehead tenderly. Lowering his hand he took on a slightly guilty look "I'm sorry it was just that Nii-san felt sad or disturbed" he mumbled.

Itachi rose a brow "I am never sad or disturbed by anything"

The boy uttered 'Lair' under his breath as he crossed his arms, much like Sasuke would in his younger days that made Itachi reach out and ruffle his hair in a somewhat affectionate manner that made Yasou blush with embarassment. Inspecting the boy closely Itachi noticed that he was a bit dirty as if he was playing outside with the other kids, picking him up slightly he started to head towards the Akatsuki bathing quarters "You need a bath your filthy" the Uchiha wrinkled his nose with distaste.

"I DON'T NEED ONE I COULD ALWAYS TAKE ONE LATER!" Yasou protested loudly that stirred a few of the members of the Organization awake after their long extractrion ceremony.

Not listening to the boy he made his way to the fifth floor where he went down two halls, made a left then a right to the middle door in the hallway on the left that said 'Indoor springs'

Grasping the door knob he twisted it and pushed open the entrance to hot spring heaven as the steam welcomed him. Tossing the boy in Itachi followed in and closed the door behind him before the boy could even think of running out. "Oh come on you never use to force me into taking a bath!" he cried as Itachi ignored him and stripped himself of his cloak.

"That's because you weren't as dirty" he shot back.

Yasou snapped his mouth shut noticing he wasn't leaving no room for arguement and took off his shirt and tossed it angrily to the side calling the older man 'a meanie old man'. Itachi tossed his shirt at him and grunted with some disapproval as the two got undressed. Leaving the dressing room they reached the bathing area that looked perfectly like nature's beauty that Kakuzu was even nice to buy (after all the Akatsuki beat him for the money to get it) it was the most relaxing place besides the training grounds in the whole base.

Sinking his foot into the water Itachi immediately relaxed as he inched himself in, the boy following right behind him. Yasou's got in fully and loosened up his muscles "well this isn't so bad" he mumbled. Itachi placed a cold miniature towel on his head as he rested his arms up on some near by rocks, his lips curling up in a amused smirk as the small boy swam around the rocks. Closing his eyes Itachi let out a long breath feeling that loving relief that his muscles melted to.

The boy beside him wrapped his arms around a rock and hanged there limply as he chatted away about a girl he liked, she was from this Village and she was very pretty and nice but always oblivious to Yasou's feelings but he always found her at the park on the swings.

Itachi wanted to drowned the boy as he seeked for silence, standing up he rested a hand on his hip and glared "Yasou if you don't shut your mouth and bathe then I will personally "bathe" you down to the bone"

Yasou snapped his mouth shut and nodded quickly.

"Good now If you need me I will go to the other side of the bath house so just shout when your done and just leave so I know" Itachi moved through the water not giving the boy a chance to whine, moving around the larger rocks gracefully Itachi traced his hand along its rough surface finally making his way to the other side of the large room, sitting down he finally found some peace. His thoughts melting away from his mind as he took a deep breath.

The only thing thing floating around his head was Sakura's angered face.

How could he enjoy himself if she taunted his thoughts like she did now? The water rippled slightly against his skin sensing someone was moving about the water, curiosity getting the best of him his eyes slowly opened to catch a glimsp of someone in the steam. Moving carefully not alarm the person he noted that the form was to big to be yasou and to small to be any of the male members...that means it was female...

Itachi's eyes widened as his mind began to panic but his body told him to remain still. His eyes watched as the woman moved around in the water, she had a very curvy body that was very fragile looking as she traced a form of a rock with her hand. Never has he been placed in such a position! Itachi's heart raced when he noticed the steam was clearing and the figure becoming more clear, moving very slowly the water sent some ripples which made the female pause and look around causing the Uchiha to remain still once more.

'I better get out of here before I get-'


Snapping his head towards the direction of the voice he came eye to eye with a pair of dark green orbs. His stomach just lurched as Sakura stood there staring at him with mild surprise in her features, her body was slim and well build without any scars at all, her breasts perfectly round, soft looking, and...very tempting to stare at. His gaze traveled downwards and forced himself to stop just above her hips, forbidding his eyes to travel any lower.

"Sakura-san..." he said slowly.

She paled once when she realized he was accually there and covered her chest and sat down in the water "A-AGH!" she shrieked. Itachi raised his hands to cover his ears. Her cheeks flushed a furious red "What are you doing in here!" she cried as she splashed water at his face, Itachi tilted his head to avoid the assult and raised his hands defensively.

"Sakura-san its just a misunde-"

"Lying pervert!"

Itachi glared at Sakura's back both forgetting their situation as Itachi stood and loomed over her darkly. If there was anything he could be called in the world...it surely would not be a pervert. Through all his years he was never dubbed as that and he wouldn't be today, closing his eyes saving the last of his honor he turned his head away, his brows slightly furrowed as he clenched his hands "As I said before...it was a simple misunderstanding I came in here with Yasou who is on the otherside of the room bathing..."

Sakura eyed at him with suspicious look before settling down, she took a deep breath through her nose to try and calm her once known temper as Inner Sakura hid within her mind completely embarassed.


Sakura agreed feeling a bit regretful for insulting the man before her, her eyes staring at his clenched fists. Relaxing her shoulders she mummbled under her breath.

Itachi glanced at her "Hn?" he grunted.

Sakura sighed and splashed her hands in the water slowly in a shy unusual way "I-I'm sorry..." she mumbled. Itachi's hands unclenched slowly as his facial features relaxed, he studied her face which had a sincere look. Her eyes casted downward looking dull still as her cheeks held a abnormal blush like someone would if they were embarassed or ashamed, sitting down slowly he kept his back towards her "Ah..."

Its alright...

Sakura raised her head looking taken aback for the Uchiha's amnesty. She moved closer to him to just barely brush her finger tips on his back, as suspected he tensed but didn't look at her.

"Itachi-san?" she called.

He grunted.

Sakura gave a rare smile along with a small sound of laughter "your very kind...thank you perhaps you are one person I can't count on in Akatsuki" unexpectedly to herself and to him she hugged him, her arms wrapping around his neck as she held him close her gesture innocent yet intimate. Itachi stared at the wall before him, shock written in his appearance...how long has it been since he was been held close like this?

Itachi took a sharp intake of breath.

-Flash back-

Itachi loomed over the dead bodies of his parents his katana held tightly in his hand as it dripped with his family's blood, his kin, his clan. Men, woman, and children slain just like he had been told to do. Itachi's keen ear twitched a bit due to the sound of the front door opening.


Itachi held his breath as he heard the loud steps quickly approaching the room as Sasuke searched their home calling out for their parents. Itachi looked out the window to stare at the unpromising moon just in the night sky sitting there like it was mocking him as he noticed his little brother's steps went silent.

The doors opened quickly as the younger Uchiha bardged in his steps faultering as the sight of the corspes and then up at Itachi himself not able to get any of distinguished features of his older brother's face due to him being somewhat hidden in the shadows. Tilting his head towards Sasuke the moonlight luminated his pale as his brother looked highly relieved to see him as tears rolled down the boys face.

"Itachi! Mother and Father are...who could have done th-!"

Itachi's hand was a blur but looked like it didn't move at all as a shuriken zoomed past Sasuke's shoulder and into the door behind him.

Sasuke gawked at him in shock, fear, and betrayal as a cut formed...the blood staining his shirt. Gripping his shoulder tightly he griminced his darker eyes on Itachi as the ANBU boy stared blankly at him, seconds turned into minutes of silence.

Itachi finally opened his mouth "Foolish little brother..."

His eyes widened, the sting unbarable as he sent Sasuke into the world of Tsukuyomi, Itachi watched as his brother let out rather blood curling screams and falling the the ground. His fingers twitched as the seconds flew by knowing well that his jutsu was over.

His little brother lay flat on his belly on the floor, panting, and looking so...weak.

"Why...Did you?" Sasuke muttered out, his hand reaching out.

Itachi's stomach did a flip as he secretly bit his tongue to keep from crashing down "To measure my capacity" he swiftly reply, his keen ears heared his brother grind his teeth. Sasuke stared at him through his bangs, the look of betrayal in his eyes as he panted out, a slight bit of drool dripping down his chin to the ground as his moved towards their dead parents bodies.

Sasuke moved slightly "Measure your capacity?...you killed them for that?" he whispered out. Itachi stared at him, his eyes as dull as ever not looking down at Sasuke with those usual loving eyes. Then, his attention was turned to the dead Mikoto and Fugaku "I had to" he answered.

Sasuke glared at him and lifted himself slightly off the ground "What's wrong with you!" He shouted as he sprinted. Itachi took a alarmed step back as his brother approched in a almost impressive speed but not to fast as he launched his fist forward hitting Sasuke in the gut having the boy slightly puke and fall down. Sasuke struggled slightly and looked upward just only being a few inches from the two corspes, finally the tears stared to spill over. Itachi moved a step forward successfully frightening the young boy and having him sprint out of the room to the main street of the Uchiha compound. Itachi's grip on his sword loosened a bit as he walked calmly to the door knowing either way he'd be able to catch Sasuke.

Grabbing the door handle Itachi glanced over his shoulder, this was his final good bye to his parents. His father, he wished he was better towards Sasuke and his mother...he regrets killing her, she could have been the perfect one to take care of Sasuke. Mikoto's face looked peaceful like she was asleep, burning their faces into his memory Itachi finally stepped outside. Closing the door softly behind him he placed the weapon back on his back and jumped over the gate of his home in the state of pursue. His steps were light on the roofs of the now many unlively homes as he picked up on Sasuke's crying a street over. Bending over like a cat and taking a massive jump he landing perfectly in the middle of the street right in front of his target.

The tears on Sasuke's face made Itachi more bitter "It's not true...my brother wouldn't do this" he cried out "because..."

"Pretending to be the kind of brother you hoped for...was to determine your ability" Itachi stated. The shock on Sasuke's turned into heartbreak as Itachi continued to speak "You'll become the one throught whom i can confirm my ability you have potential...you felt anger and hated me" Itachi's eyes narrowed "You always hoped to surpass me, so i'll let you live for my sake...just like me you have the power to awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan but there is a catch"

Sasuke's brows furrowed up in confusion "..."

The wind picked up as a few leaves floated past them, Itachi's eyes grew a more pierceing back determined to have Sasuke get his message wide and clear "You have to kill your closest friend" Sasuke looked startled as the puzzle started to take shape in that little head of his.

Itachi scoffed silently to himself "Just as I did..."

Sasuke's mouth fell open as he remembered the day of the investigation of Itachi's best friend, Shisui's death. The police finding Itachi suspected as the murderer since he was the closest to the deceased boy. Sasuke gulped "Your the one...that killed Shisui?"

Itachi's lips twitched "And now I have these eyes" he confirmed. A drip of sweat went down the younger Uchiha's forehead "In the Nakano shrine's main hall under the seventh tatami mat from the far right, there's a clan secret meeting place" Itachi softly instructed "there's a reason we Uchiha have ocular jutsu...the truth is written there"

Itachi unexpectedly smiled "If you open your eyes to the truth then you will also obtain the Mangekyo Sharingan so if that happens I would be right on letting you live...right now..." Itachi took a step away that made his brother fearfully flinch, Itachi closed his eyes and inwardly sighed "you are not even worth killing" he soothed reassuring that his brother would not die "baby brother your pathetic if you want to kill me, then settle for hating me...hate me and live like the coward you are! Clinging to life without honor!" Itachi glanced at Sasuke through the corner of his eye, his Mangekyo glimmering in the night as he mummbled his last sentence "And someday when you have the same eyes and I...you will find me again"

Inflicting Sasuke within the Tsukuyomi. Sasuke's eyes widened then slightly closed as he staggered back and forth ready to fall over once more he caught himself on his knee much to Itachi's surprise. His little brother's eyes snapped open, and there...it was Sasuke's sharingan activated for the first time. Itachi stood there looking down at him with that cold look, his fists clenched as he jumped away for get away from his brother.

"Wait!" Sasuke shouted as he followed right after. Running by a wall with some kunai stuck into it he jumped onto a roof seeing Itachi running down the street and tossed them accurately at him.

His ninja insticts kicked in as Itachi looked over his shoulder and yanked out his sword to deflect it, one kunai stiked him in the forehead thus knocking his headband off his forehead. Sasuke landed and knelt down holding his injured shoulder and panting heavily as he watched Itachi walking towards the fallen item to pick it up. Itachi tied it around his head and adjusted it not wanting to part with it as his heart thumped painfully in his chest. Again he but the sword away, slowly Itachi turned to his younger brother...his eyes were wide and scared with fear and so much sorrow Itachi felt weak for the first time in his young life.

Tears slowly flowed down his face not caring if Sasuke was watching him. The boy collasped and his mission was over...almost.

Itachi raised his hand and wiped his eyes. He was not going to back down now, it was far to late to turn back. He won't be the Hero of the Village like Danzou and the Elders wanted him to be...no he was going to leave this village with dishonor and will blackmail them by giving out the village's secrets to enemy nations.

Itachi walked slowly to the training area knowing fully well she would be hiding here.

He took his time to get there and when he finally did his search began. Madara would be waiting for him now to finish the job and wait for him at the grand eternace, Itachi was tired...he didn't want to move, he didn't want to go on anymore. Itachi's sobs and sadness was quiet as he looked behind bushes and trees, repeatedly he wiped the tears away.

"Hachi" Itachi called out. His sharingan scanned the area until he heard the sounds of leaves moving from a bush, as expected Hachi appeared looking frightened. Her eyes wide and wild as he could almost hear her heart beating "Itachi" she breathed out, her arms were wide open as she ran towards him pulling the Uchiha into a embarace, her cries of anguish loud in the air as she buried her fists into his shirt. Itachi raised his hands and stroke her hair slowly and rested his head on top of her's wishing he could promise her comfort and protection.

"Itachi e-everyone is dead!" she whispered to him.

Itachi closed his eyes "Ah..." He pulled away from her to stare at her beautiful face...her lovely face! Itachi shakily raised hands and cupped her face, which fitted perfectly...his thumbs stroked the tears away as she stared up at him with mild confusion "Itachi...?" she stuttered. His eyes were blank as he leaned down, his lips parted as he panted his very kirst kiss on her sweet warm ones. She stilled in surprise but she kissed him back! Hachi kissed him back! Itachi could only feel this only moment of happiness as his right hand fell limply to his side and into the weapon pouch that was strapped onto his leg.

She pulled away from him and gave a shaky smile before feeling something rather sharpe in her side. Hachi looked down slowly to see a kunai there...Itachi's hand on the handle as he twisted it ever so slightly.

She was about to scream until Itachi held her closer to his chest, soothing her and apologizing to her repeatedly...was he crying? She felt something wet drip on top of her head and he guided her down to the ground slowly "I-it was you..." she gasped as he laid her down. Itachi didn't reply as he watcheds her pale from the loss of blood, her face looking hurt as the blood pooled out of her mouth slowly "w-why?" she coughed out as her hand weakly gripped his.

Itachi, who was still kneeling down beside her caressed her face "I had no choice..." he muttered. Hachi struggled to live, she couldn't die here like this...not like this! Her hand gripped his, she was scared...death was at her door step and closing in on her "I loved y-you..." she sobbed. Itachi looked away wishing not to see any more and yanked the kunai from her body and tossing it aside he could her wheeze before nothing. It was silent...

Itachi glanced down and saw the blank dead eyes staring back at him, moving his hand he closed her eyes to the world and rested her hands on her stomach like asleeping princess waiting for her prince charming. Itachi bent over further and planted a kiss on her forehead "I have loved you to..."

Standiing up Itachi walked into the dark woods not daring to give one single glance back as he went to go meet up with Madara...his final days in Konoha were now at a end. He won't return from missions, he won't eat dinner with his family, he won't go hang out with Shisui, and he won't see Hachi anymore...

Uchiha Itachi was now a traitor...

-End Flash Back-

Itachi's eyes closed slowly, his sorrow taking the best of him as he raised his hand and rested it on Sakura's arm "Thank you...your very kind Sakura-san" the girl behind him released him slowly and backed up a few spaces "Your welcome" she replied.

"Itachi-nii-san I'm done!" Yasou called out, his voice bounced off the walls loudly.

"Alright you may leave" Itachi called back. Turning back to Sakura he patted her head which caused her to blush lightly "I am going to leave to let you bathe in peace Sakura-san" Itachi moved to get out until a hand grabbed his wrist. Peering over his shoulder Sakura averted her eyes and pointed at a basket filled with shampoo, conditioner and body wash. "I am sure I accidently cut your relax time so short and didn't have a chance to clean" Sakura started to speak a little quieter "You c-can use my stuff if you want I'll just go behind a rock and j-just wait until your done"

Itachi paused before sitting back down "I'll be delighted to take you up on that offer"

Sakura's eyes flashed with some momentary brightness before moving behind a rock as she promised.

Her hand over her fast beating heart as she heard Itachi moving about along with his business, taking a deep breath she was finally able to restrain her thoughts of the older Uchiha. She grasped a strand of her hair and twisted it around her finger until she heard some water splashing. Itachi was washing his hair she noted, now that she thought about his his hair looked a lot prettier then her's.

Sakura mentally slapped herself 'I can'ts be jealous of a man's hair!' she slapped her cheeks and huffed.

Why did all Uchihas have to be born with good hair and looks? Only Kami knew, Sakura sank into the water until it was up to her chin. She heard another splashing of water knowing that Itachi might be done washing his hair until his voice rang into the air "Sakura-san?" Sakura jumped in surprise and answered by looking from behind the rock. Itachi was standing there with a towel around his waist and the body wash in his hand, raising it up higher he shaked it side to side "Do you think you can wash my back?"

Sakura twitched as she stared at him, though it was a innocent question a million things started to go through her mind as she hesitantly nodded her head. Smirking pleasently Itachi took a seat on a small stool on the ground and waited "There is a towel on the edge of the bath to cover yourself in" as he said Sakura spotted the white soft towl laying there nicely folded and waiting for her. Moving towards it the reached out and touched the soft fabric and fastened it around herself. Getting out of the warm water she crawled her way to behind Itachi where he passed her the body wash and sat still.

Gulping Sakura opened the cap and pressed the bottle gently getting some of the body wash onto her hand. Setting the bottle aside and resting her hands on his back. Slowly she began to clean him, her hands running over his muscles which rippled under her touch. She scrubbed him clean from his mid-back to his shoulders to his sides and finally his lower back. Rubbing the last of it on Sakura moved back "Thank you"

Sakura turned away to let him clean the rest of himself. After a few moments she felt hands moving her and setting her on the stool "Your turn" Itachi spoke softly as he poured some shampoo into her hair and rubbed her scalp tenderly. Sakura opened her mouth to protest until she noticed the expression on the Uchiha's face he looked, content? What was he thinking about to make him look at her like that?

She watched him grab a bucket full of warm water "Close your eyes Sakura-san" he ordered as he lifted it above her head. Obeying him she did as she was told as she felt the water fall on her head and Itachi taking all the shampoo out and worked with the conditioner next. And to more shock Sakura was acually ENJOYING this! Sakura sat there fiddled with her fingers, almost like the Hyuga heiress back in the days.

Finally it was time to wash her back, Sakura heard Itachi getting the body wash before his cool fingers touched her back sending goosebumps all over her body. It was as if he was massaging her and it felt soooo great! Sakura closed her eyes and slumped forward as the blush on her cheeks grew a bit brighter.

It irritated her that Itachi was able to make her blush so easily and make her express emotion so openly. Perhaps the Akatsuki was starting to grow on her...they weren't that bad.

'Wait yes they are!' she reminded herself.

The Nibi...that poor woman who had to suffer through the whole extraction. Sakura's heart sank to her stomach again just by the thought of it. "Sakura-san I'm done" Itachi said as he put everything but the body was in the basket. Standing up Itachi ran a hand through his hair "You can wash the rest of yourself I am sure, so now I am going to take my leave"

Sakura nodded her head "Okay, thank you Itachi-san"

The Uchiha bowed before he took his leave, Sakura's eyes followed him until he was no longer there anymore before she resumed in cleaning herself. She wondered what that look was that he gave her before was about. Shaking it off she smiled and and finished off her back-

Tsunade flipped through all the reports of Team Kakashi, how they found Sakura by one of Orochimaru's many hideouts. Sai's ink bird chirped and tilted it's head as she set the paper down, standing up she walked to the window and leaned against it tiredly. The rain poured down on the village, no one was outside unless it was a few patroling Shinobi on duty. Her honey eyes darted to the main gate where they saw some of her underlings chatting there happily.

A sensei and their students.

Tsunade sighed and went back to her desk to write a report back to Team Kakashi and the rookie nine. Her pen scribbled on a peice of paper not noticing her assistant Shizune entering the room "Tsunade-sama?" her voice spoke. Tsunade paused and glanced up see the young woman have a pile of paper in her hands "Yes?" Tsunade asked. Her assistant gave a cheery smile and entered the room and closed the door behind her, approaching the desk she placed the written documents down and pushed it towards her master.

"Some news came in from Jiraiya" she told Tsunade cheerfully.

Wasting no time Tsunade grabbed it and scanned over the pages quickly. Her hands shaking and her eyes widening after each word she read, Shizune's smile started to fade into a look of concern as she walked around the desk "Whats wrong?" she questioned. Tsunade slammed down the papers and rubbed her eyes tiredly with a new found anger. Shizune jumped and rested her hand on the Hokage's shoulder.

"The Akatsuki just captured the Nibi and it was extracted today..." she uttered.

Shizune gawked before reaching over and snatching the paper from the desk and reading it over "Sakura-chan was...part of it..."

Tsunade took a deep sigh and hid her face from view "Leave" she mummbled. Shizune protested until Tsunade stood up and over towered her with her eyes shining furiously at her "I SAID GET OUT!" she yelled, her finger pointed out the door. Alarmed by the rage Shizune did as she was told and closed the door quietly behind her with Tonton waiting for her in the hallway.

"Oink oink!" Tonton sniffed her foot sadly.

Shizune leaned against the door and slid down it, the little pig crawled on her lap and she patted it's head. Her expression down as the sweet little pig nuzzled up to her "Oh Tonton sometimes I worry about Tsunade-sama" She said. Tonton cried out her frustration to as it laid down on her master's lap as well.

And there for Konoha was in a state of sadness waiting for their shinobi to return home hopefully with their once promising cherry blossom.

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And there is something a little more about the mysterious girl Hachi!

(1) Kuchiyose: Gedō Mazō: Summoning: Demonic Statue of the Outer Path or Summoning: Gedo Statue its a summoning that is summoned by Pein (Pain) or Nagato, it is known for taking souls of the things it touches from the dragon shape things that come from its mouth you see it a few times within the Naruto series and manga

(2)Fūinjutsu: Genryū Kyū Fūjin: Sealing Technique: Illusionary Dragon Nine Consuming Seals or the Sealing Jutsu: Nine Phantom Dragons is a jutsu that is used by the Akatsuki to extract the Bijuu from their hosts during the extration ceremony that the user was Nagato or the Deva Path of Pain. Even without the presence of Pein/Nagato the Akatsuki members can seemingly still use the statue

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