Author's notes

A fluffy little oneshot. A chlerek, obviously. (My favourite Kelley Armstrong pairing, though I do adore Elena and Clay, as well as Paige and Lucas. Both from the women of the otherworld series) basically comprises of a couple of lists-reasons why. And their thoughts on each others' sides of the lists. If this fic is liked, I might post the next story in the book of reasons, 10 reasons why I hate Tori by Simon. Followed by 10 reasons why we think everything turned out okay, by all of them, including my OC Ashes. (The reckoning) He isn't in this one though.

Chloe POV I woke up, my eyes slowly adjusting to the brightness in the room. I'd had a whole 12 hours sleep. How unusual. I walked into the kitchen, feeling ravenous. I got a piece of toast with jam, and sat down. No-one else was downstairs, but I heard a shower running, so I would be joined soon. Not that I minded being there alone, after all, the Edison group hadn't shown up in ages. Then again, maybe their visit was long overdue.

I ate quickly, then down a glass of milk. Remembering that this wasn't one of my dad's apartments, and that Andrew may not have housekeepers, I decided to put all, the stuff away. Then I thought I would clean the table for good measure; after all, I probably wouldn't notice a little bit of dirt, I had never had to clear anything up.

Then I actually looked at the table. There was a piece of paper, there in Dereks' handwriting. Maybe he'd had to do out. And my name was on the paper. I was not generally a nosey person, but my name was on the paper. And now that basically everything I had ever learned about helping others, keeping peoples' privacy, being non bitchy and everything had gone out the window (not that I liked attacking people of even being rude to them, being skittish, short and a little meek, though I wish I wasn't) it might actually concern me. So I picked up the paper and began to read:

10 reasons why I love Chloe Saunders and I think she loves me by Derek Souza.

She doesn't look at me like I'm an amoeba the way most girls do; she actually looks at me, talks, and smiles.

She stays when I change, giving words of comfort, without even a tiny bit of fear. She doesn't even realise that she's helping, let alone how much.

She makes me feel like I have a use, and am not just built to kill. She lets me save her, thanks me later, but doesn't annoy me the way Tori does. She also tries to find her own way out first, like she doesn't want to bother anyone with saving her life.

She doesn't constantly talk about herself, her appearance, or her life. She offers information but listen and talks equally.

She is gifted, but doesn't think of herself as any better than anyone else because of it. She doesn't waste it though, and talks to ghosts-or poltergeists- when it is necessary.

She didn't object to the other werewolves calling her my mate, but did object to them calling me stupid-the general reference to a Cain.

She never even wants to do anything that would deliberately hurt or even inconvenience them, but has to sense to know when it is necessary.

She is so selfless, that she would help even Tori when she is in trouble. She doesn't seem to realise just how selfless she is though.

She is very forgiving of people's mistakes, which is both an asset and a problem, depending on her choices. Generally, it just adds to her kind, caring character that makes you want to fall at her feet.

She is a cute little angel with a strange sort of power that always seems to make people calm down when they are arguing or distressed.

I love her more than the world...

I could picture Derek sitting at the table, writing this, frowning as he did so, hunched over the paper. It made me smile. Particularly his deliberate over the top-ness. Everyone knew Derek could most definitely count to 10.

I re read the list, picturing him again. Then I realised he was right. Not particularly his view of me, but that I loved him. I recalled the nameless something I always felt when our eyes locked, the way that I would help him or try to, not something I did for Simon, and the way that it made me so happy if he helps me, cheers me up, even if he is actually yelling at me about how stupid I acted. I picked up a pen, and re-wrote his list, with a few comments added. My part....

Derek POV

I walked down the stairs, silently, hoping that Chloe would be down there, but also wishing that she wasn't, so I wouldn't be made a fool of. What seemed sane at the time, certainly didn't when I consequences were just round the corner. Awkwardness wasn't something you wanted with anyone when you were on the run, and it being the person you love would just make it 10 times worse.

But she didn't look, sad, or smug, or even annoyed. She looked happy. And she was writing. What was she writing? I walked behind her, making sure that she couldn't see me, and read her additions over her shoulder.

After number one, she had added: He acts like I am an intelligent person rather than a stupid rich blonde. And he doesn't treat me like a little kid...

Number two. He stays when I accidentally raise the dead, and helps me put it right again. He does it even when I scream at him, hit him, or basically go into a hysterical fit.

Number three. He acts like I'm useful, rather than the hindrance that I know I can be.

Number four. He generally talks and listens equally, though sometimes listens more. He also talks about others, kindly without giving away information. I can have a conversation with him.

Number five. He is more gifted than everyone else, with supernatural powers, skills for survival, and with an amazing gut instinct. He takes control without making everyone feel useless, and he acts like the werewolf part is a curse, making him seem cute, and kind, thinking of what might happen to others because of it.

Number six. He could have handed me over to those werewolves, but didn't. He also saved me by not objecting to the general assumption that we were together, me his mate in their words.

Number seven. He never tries to hurt anyone, but has more sense than me. He can do what is necessary, and make snap shot decisions.

Number eight. Though he pretends that he wouldn't, we would save Tori if he had to, and he puts anyone and everyone before himself, depending on the situation.

Number nine. He is forgiving, but remembers. Takes everything more cautiously, something necessary to escape the Edison group.

Number ten. He generally argues fairly, almost forcing people to see things his way without actually doing anything. He doesn't hold the argument against you afterword, but learns from it, and everything goes back to normal.

But what I loved most about her additions to the list was the change in title. She had crossed out the word 'think' and replaced it with 'know' making the title read as:

10 reasons why I love Chloe Saunders and know she loves me by Derek Souza.

I didn't even stop to think. The minute I finished her list, I picked her up off her chair, toppling it over in the process, and kissed her. To my surprise she kissed me back. Not that I was completely thinking I would get rejected. I just thought she was so skittish that she would freeze, as usual. And typically, like in the movies, I swear I saw sparks, fireworks, the happiest parts of my life in front of me, and what our future might be like.

When we pulled apart for air, she must have seen and felt the same things as me, as she smiled at me, and without hesitation, stated. "I love you, Derek Souza."

And a coughing noise ruined the whole moment. Simon ginned, fake gagged, and added a joking, "Not at the breakfast table" to the whole scene. That was good. I expected him to be somewhat annoyed, after all Chloe had been his latest crush. Then again, he did have a new one every month or so.

Ignoring Simon, I leaned down to Chloe's ear, and said for the first time in my life "I love you too."