Where You Lead

AN: I'm sorry I've taken a few days to update, I've had a lot of things to do that I procrastinated on… Umm…..oh yeah! So, this chapter is another time jump. It's two years later and Abbey is a sophomore in high school. It took me a while to realize this my self because I couldn't remember to how much time I actually wanted to pass, but I think this is a good jump…

It had been two years since life started to feel like life, like what she wanted life to feel like. Abbey was fourteen and very much a teenager. She'd be lying if she said that some of her hormonal outbursts weren't just for fun. Abbey had just started her sophomore year of high school and everything felt right.

She and a couple of her friends, Hannah and Kristin, were lounging around her room after school. They were talking about hanging out the entire weekend like they tend to do at times. They were wanting to actually talk because they hadn't had much time as of late. So, they were making time, and they were definitely not expecting to be disturbed—at least so soon. But, they were wrong. They heard a scream, followed by a clatter come from the kitchen, then laughter.

"Oh my God!" Abbey grabbed her stomach embarrassed, and not wanting to know what was going on downstairs.

"Abbey!" Hannah exclaimed getting up, laughing. "What was that?"

Kristin was already out the door, waiting for Hannah and Abbey. "No, don't worry about it. It was just my moms…" Abbey told them.

Kristin got a huge grin on her face. "Well what are they doing?" She pointedly looked over at Hannah. They love Allison and Remy. They thought that the doctors were the coolest couple ever and they couldn't get enough of them…

"Hopefully baking cookies…" Her face was pained, regretful, and more than embarrassed.

"I think it's time for a break." Hannah darted out of the room with Kristin hot on her heels. Abbey… had no other choice but to follow them.

Remy and Allison got home early, really early. Like mid-morning early. House didn't have a new case, and Remy didn't have any clinic hours. Cameron asked Cuddy for the rest of the day off, and considering who was asking, Cuddy said of course. They came home and slept, deciding that sleep was what they really needed to start their early weekend.

Cameron woke up to her stomach growling, so she went to the kitchen to get something to eat. She was reading the paper—something she rarely got the chance to do—and eating her sandwich when her lover walked in. "Hey baby." Remy said kissing the top of her head and sitting down next to her.

"Hey. How was your nap?" Cameron asked popping a chip into her mouth.

"Mmm, delicious." She replied as she stretched.

"Delicious?" Cameron questioned while walking to the sink to put her dishes away. "I wasn't aware that anything besides food could taste good…"

Thirteen can become a very stealthy when she wants to be, and right now, she wanted to be. She snuck behind Allison and smacked her ass, causing her to scream and drop her plate, before she wrapped her arms around her. "That, love of my life, is where you are dead wrong." Thirteen kissed from the base of her neck up to her ear. "See, you aren't food, but you are delicious—just like in my dream."

This made Cameron laugh and melt at the same time. When they were at home, she didn't hold back; she actually laughed, guffaw and all. She released her inhibitions so to speak. She turned around and leaned against the sink. "Is that right?" She put her arms around her.

Thirteen started nodding with a huge grin on her face. "Uh huh." She had her hands on the counter on either side of the older woman. She scooted them down so that Cameron could hop up on the counter and not fall into the sink.

"Well then I guess you've proved me wrong." She wiggled her eyebrows at the brunette and grabbed her cheeks so that she could lean down and kiss her.

Allison had her legs and arms wrapped around Thirteen, and Thirteen was playing with the hem of her shirt. She got it about half way up before they were interrupted. "Well, well, well. What's going on in here?" Hannah said as casually as possible, but she couldn't hide her smile as the older women tried to readjust themselves.

Remy spun so fast she almost did a 360. Once she gathered who was there to interrupt her, she smiled. "Hi, Hannah, Kristen." She leaned against her lover.

Cameron let her arms fall over Remy's shoulders and she held her, "Hi girls, is school already out?" She asked looking at one of their numerous kitchen clocks

"Yeah mom. Has been for over an hour now." Abbey said in a tone that told her mother she should have clearly known this fact. Remy laughed slightly.

"Abbey, I don't think they were making cookies." Kristin said completely innocent. "Unless that's a euphemism…" Her eyes widened as she spoke these words.

"Oh, gross!" Abbey pushed her. "That isn't even the last thing on earth I'd want to know about!"

Not liking being talked about so blatantly, by a teen at that, and seeing Abbey's discomfort, Remy changed the subject. "So, how was school?"

"Good." The three of them said in unison.

"Hey moms?" Kristin asked, getting grins from Allison and Remy. "Can Hannah and I spend the night?"

"Yeah! We haven't gotten to hang out with Abbey very much lately…"

Abbey smiled at her friends, loving how they ask her parents about things instead of her. She looked over at the doctors. "Please?"

Remy and Allison looked at each other, smiling. Remy nodded up at Allison and kissed her just under her jaw as she looked back up at the girls. "Of course. We don't see why not as long as it's okay with your parents…"

Hannah and Kristin looked at each other with 'awwww' faces, then grinned over at Abbey. Abbey rolled her eyes. They looked back at the older women, "Sknaht!" Hannah said.

"Shut up you loser! No one is going to know that you're quoting Spy Kids!" Kristin said.

"You knew what I was quoting…" Hannah looked at her. "So, does that include you in this no one category?"

Kristin closed her eyes, slightly annoyed with the comeback…she should have known that it was coming. "The only reason I know what it's from is because I watched it with you!"

"Aww! When did you guys watch Spy Kids?" Abbey asked, feeling a little left out.

"Why?" They both asked looking at her.

"Jealous?" Hannah had to be a little bit sarcastic.

Abbey turned and looked out the window, feigning hurt. She then started picking at her nails. "Maybe." They all laughed. Abbey turned to look at Remy and her mom. "Hey Mom?"

"Yes?" Cameron was staring at her already.

"Can we have some cookies? All of this talk has made me crave some…" She looked at her mother with a hint of that puppy dog face she knew couldn't be said no to.

"Since when do you ask for food?" Remy looked at her.

"Since we don't have any cookies…?" Abbey answered.

"There's Oreos in the pantry." Remy crossed her arms.

"Remy! Oreos aren't the same as mom's special chocolate chip cookies…" Abbey trailed off.

"Mom's special chocolate cookies aren't that special either…you know that. You can make them…" Remy retorted.

Cameron was trying to hide her grin, while she slapped Remy in the arm. "You don't like my chocolate chip cookies?"

"Of course I do…but I also know—just like everyone else—" She stared pointedly at Abbey, "That I'd be able to make them too…I just choose not to."

Cameron faked hurt. "That was a recipe passed down from my great grandmother!" She started laughing.

"Yes, you got me the first time! Haha! It was so funny!" Remy pulled away from her and popped up on the island.

"What did she do?" Hannah asked completely confused.

"She baked cookies for me and Abbey a while back, and I told her that they were the best I've ever eaten." She looked over at Cameron who had her arms around her legs, laughing. "So, she told me that it was her great grandmother's recipe… When I snuck a peek at the index card that had the recipe on it, it said Madame Ness-lay Toll ows." She spoke the last three words with a French, or as French as she could get, accent.

The three teenagers stared at her. "Nestle Tollhouse." They all understood.

"Oh I get it! That's clever mommy Cameron." Kristin said.

"Thank you, I thought so! I got it from Friends." She said.

"What friends?" Hannah asked.

"No sweetie, the show. Friends." She replied. Hannah understood fully then. Cameron hopped off the counter and walked over to her daughter. "You really want some chocolate chip cookies?" She asked hugging her and kissing her head.

Abbey nodded with the full-blown puppy face. "Okay baby girl."

"Dank you Mommy." Abbey said hugging back.

"Oh Jesus!" Hannah shook her head. (They talked as they would at school around Cameron and Remy because well…they just felt comfortable doing so. They don't get looked at or scolded. The doctors realize and understand that they are in high and it's the inevitable…so, why not roll with the punches?) "You are so frackin' spoiled!"

"Thank you, I know." Abbey retorted as if it were a compliment. Releasing her mom she walked over to one of the bar stools they had and sat next to Kristin, but faced Hannah. "It's okay to be jealous. I understand." She smirked.

Remy and Allison laughed quietly. Pushing herself off of the island, Remy went around to where her lover was getting the cookie sheet. With the girls fully engrossed in conversation, she thought that they had a moment to themselves.

Cameron had put the cookie sheet on the counter and grinned when Remy put her hand on top of her own. She looked into her eyes and saw the only thing that could ever make her toes curl without having sex. She smiled down at their intertwined fingers as Remy made it behind her.

Remy kissed her temple and cheek. She was just able to kiss her lips when they were interrupted. Why she still gets surprised. She doesn't know. "Awww. Abbey look, your mommies love each other." Kristin pointed at Remy and Allison.

"My God! Can't you guys save it for a room I'm not in?" Abbey said dramatically. "I mean, at least wait until I'm leaving the room…"

Allison looked like she was thinking about and considering Abbey's comment. "No." She said simply.

Abbey's jaw dropped and the other two laughed at her reaction. "Fine…Next time a boy and I are home alone you can't say anything about it!"

"Haha! Nice try!" Remy started sarcastically, getting the ingredients from the pantry for Allison.

"Bare in mind that we are the parents and you are the child. We get to say what goes on in this house—" Cameron started, getting things from the fridge.

"And it's only me and your mother." Remy pointed at her with a raised eyebrow, setting her armload down.

"Not you and your boyfriend of the week." Allison finished, setting her mixing bowl on the counter. Kristin and Hannah looked over at one another, amazed at how it could have been one person talking, not two.

"The last one was my boyfriend for over two months!" Abbey stated.

"Ooooooooooooooooooh! Two months!...Well, that makes all the difference!" Remy shot back dripping with sarcasm.

Abbey smiled over at her just as sarcastically. "I'm sorry, Remy. And when is it you claim to have fallen in love with mom?" She crossed her arms in victory. "I believe you always say the first time you saw her eyes."

"God dammit!" Remy said. The other four started laughing. She was caught. "It's still not gonna happen."

"Fine…" Abbey was laughing at her moms. "I still won that argument though."

"Think what you want. I'm still in charge!" Remy said loudly. Cameron elbowed her in the ribs. "Ooow. Along with your mother."

Later that night…a lot later that night, Allison and Remy were downstairs in the living room. Allison was skimming a magazine article with her head in her lover's lap, and Remy was running her fingers through her hair. Their clock chimed one. "Man is it that late already?" Allison asked.

"I guess so…" She started but stopped when she heard shuffling and feet on the stairs. She turned around. "Hello girls."

"Gahahajesus! Remy!" Hannah exclaimed in a rather quiet manner. She turned into her partner in crime who had frozen. They regained their composure and went into the living room with them. "Do you have any idea what time it is? You girls are too young to be up at this hour!" she scolded.

"I believe that that should be our line." Allison said sitting up. "So, why have we come downstairs…without the third musketeer?"

"Oh, because we were—are starving!" Hannah said standing back up and moving to the kitchen to get them some food.

The doctors turned and looked at Kristin who didn't move to the kitchen. "What? She's gonna get me something too.."

"No she not." Hannah said from the kitchen doorway.

"Yes she is. Because if she isn't someone is going to "accidently" blurt out someone else's secret!" Kristin stared her down.

"Yes she is…" She turned back to the kitchen.

Allison and Remy raised their eyebrows at Kristin, and Kristin smirked in their direction. She whispered, "I really didn't think that would work…" and started laughing. A few seconds later Hannah came in with two sandwiches, "Why thank you my dear."

"You are welcome darling." She sat next to Kristin.

Remy and Allison shook their heads at them.

Hannah and Kristin were in mid bite and were watching the older women. They looked at each other then back to them. "What?" They said at the same time.

Remy and Allison laughed at them.

"Can I ask you guys something?" Hannah said.

"You just did." Both of the older women said, getting closer together.

"Yeah, I tend to do that…What did you mean earlier when you said dysfunctional relationship mommy Allison? Because from where I'm sitting, your relationship seems pretty great. I mean, I want one like yours.."

"Oh, me too!" Kristin said.

"Well…I just meant that ours hasn't really been rainbows and sunshine…ever."

"Yes, well seven years without seeing one another can do that to a couple." Kristin said.

"Abbey's told you?" Remy asked.

"Well, she kind of told our entire English class…" Hannah answered.

"Yeah. We were discussing Romeo and Juliet. Our teacher said that this was the greatest love story that had ever been written. She said that it has more than likely happened in real life also. That that was what made it even greater, and Abbey just kind of blurted out that it wasn't great at all." Kristin started.

"Our teacher told her to explain herself or be quiet, so she explained herself…" Hannah trailed off.

"Explained herself meaning…" Cameron asked.

"She said that the greatest love story she had ever known was her moms'. She said that it was more real to her than anything in the world. She said that her moms know what love really is and that Romeo and Juliet really didn't have a clue." Hannah started.

"Then our teacher told her to stop talking before she got in trouble…but you could tell that it was just because she was getting a little uncomfortable…so she didn't." Kristin said.

"She said that her moms' love was so great that they put Jack and Rose, Tristan and Isolde, and Edward and Bella to shame…to say the least, all the girls in our class gasped." Remy and Allison were laughing.

"She said that—"

Abbey made her presence known. "I said that my moms' love for one another today and right now is the only thing that I will ever want to go looking for because it's the only thing that really ever matters in life. I told them that seeing a connection and a love as strong as yours everyday only makes me want it more. I said that no matter what people think, today Romeo and Juliet is a story, but that my moms' are real, and what they have is real. That they deserve it more than anything because they both have lead pretty fucked up lives…and then I got tutorial detention for the next week and a half for cursing."

"I told you not in the classroom!" Remy said, indicating for her to get over to the couch.

"Yes, well, I was in the heat of the moment." Abbey shrugged as she made it over to her.

Remy crooked her finger so that Abbey would lean down to her. "I love you." She mouthed.

Abbey put her hands on either side of her face and placed her forehead on Remy's, like she would do when she was four, "I love you too." She mouthed back. She hugged her and Allison and went to sit next to her friends. "Why didn't you wake me up when that dumb movie ended? I'm starving!" Everyone laughed.

About a week later, Allison and Remy were watching old reruns of Friends. Remy wasn't really watching. She was thinking about her life and about her past. She was to one of the worst moments in her life, saying goodbye to Abbey, when she remembered the promise she made to her. She stood up.

"Where're you goin'?" Allison asked.

"I'll be right back, I need to ask Abbey something." She wasn't really thinking about what she was saying. She went up to Abbey's room and walked in without knocking.

"Can I help you?" Abbey asked as she stopped typing her research paper, looking up at Remy.

Remy just stared at her for a second. When Abbey raised her eyebrows, she realized she needed to speak. "Do you remember the day I left because I was being left when you were four?"

Abbey looked away from her, not really expecting it to be an actual conversation, let alone a bad memory of her own. "Yeah." She choked out.

Remy sat on her bed. "Do you remember when I told you that if we ever saw each other again after you moved that we would know that we were supposed to stay together?"

Abbey smiled at her and got up from her chair and sat down next to her. "I do."

"You do?" Remy looked at her.

"Yes." Abbey nodded. She stared at Remy for a moment and decided to give herself up. "Who do you think made sure everything worked out the way it was supposed to?"

"What?" Remy was gob-smacked.

"You heard me. I saw what was happening. I saw that at the rate you and mom were going that promise wouldn't be kept. That's why I got House to help me come up with a way to get you together. You see, he likes me; I don't know why, but I use it to my advantage. So, we got the test and he gave it to mom. And, when she told me about it, I told her to do what she did at your apartment..or at least I told her to go over there and not come back until she had you, not necessarily anything else that happened…" Abbey had a disgusted face.

"You did that?"

"Yeah. I was eleven and/or twelve depending at the time we're referencing, I wasn't stupid. I know what love looks like."

"And what does love look like?" Remy asked her.

"You and mom, Remy. You and mom."

Maybe it was fate that brought them together when she was four, but now it was all Abbey. Abbey was her chance. And chance was all that it was.

AN: I know that I said that I was going to get this up before the week was over, but like I said before…lots of crap happened that I needed to get done. And, I wasn't sure where I was wanting to go with this because I didn't know if you guys would want a sequel. And, if you did, I didn't know what kind, so I tried to leave it just open ended enough that I could continue, but I wanted it closed enough that I didn't have to, you know? Either way, it's up now. I hope you enjoyed it, please tell me what you think!!