A/N: This has absolutely nothing to do with AF&TSB this is just some weird random shi*

I'm writing this weird because I've just read somfin that's weird and I'm kinda got it stuck… srry to that person… if u want u can find it in my Fav stories thing!

Artemis: Holly?

Holly: yes Artemis?

Artemis: why have we suddenly appeared out of no where to seemingly nowhere???

Holly: uh… I don't know…

Artemis: I see…

Mulch: HEY!! Where are we???

Artemis & Holly: MULCH!!!! WHERE DID YOU COME FROM??????

Mulch: I don't know… one minute I was in Eoin Colfer's head, now I'm…. where ARE we??

Opal: hey guy's! what's goin on???

Artemis: oh hey Opal, I don't know… are you behind it?

Opal: nope.

Holly: well, danm, there goes my only theory

Mulch: hey, have any of you guys noticed that if you look up you can see what we've just said with our names next to it? *_*

Artemis: oh, yeah….

Holly: weird…

Opal: you got that right…

Basic-bookworm: OMG I CAN'T BELIVE I CAN TALK TO YOU GUY'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Artemis, Holly, Opal, Foaly & Mulch: WHO ARE YOU????!!!!!!!

Foaly: Where am I???

Artemis: We don't know!

BB: HI I'm writing this WHOLE THING!!!!!! *squeak*

Opal & Holly: WHAT???

Artemis & Foaly: Is that why we aren't fighting Opal??

Mulch: hey I kinda like this girl… say… could you give me a million gold bars???


We are all suddenly surrounded by gold bars as far as the eye can see

BB: and if anyone tries to steal it they will be rendered unconscious until I decide otherwise!

Artemis falls to the ground, unconscious

Holly: wow… he looks kinda innocent…

Everyone looks at Artemis.

Opal: yep

Foaly: definitely

Mulch: not so cute really! He tried to steal my gold!

BB: you kissing Opal for that!!!!!!!!

Mulch and Opal start kissing passionately, everyone falls to the ground laughing

BB: cya Foaly! Your boring me

Foaly disappears

Holly: what did you do to him!!!!!!

BB: oohh I just thought of something!

Foaly appears and opal stops kissing Mulch and stars kissing Foaly

Mulch: HEY!!!! HE's MARRIED!!!!!!

BB: no he's not… they got divorced

Holly: awwww I always knew they where meant together!

Everyone looks at Holly as if she were mad

Artemis wakes up.

Foaly disappears and Opal get's up, not remembering anything


Opal: Hey, Artemis is awake!

Artemis gets on one knee and produces a ring

Artemis: Holly, will you marry me???

Holly: how old are you?

Artemis: 18

Holly: uhh… ok…

BB: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A/N: I might just do another chap… what am I kidding! This is SOOOOO fun!!