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That's the way it is, and things will never Change.

It was a rainy day in Britain and on the Private Driver, Surray. The houses were organized in nice neat rows and almost identical to one another. The air hung low and the cold stricken all the inhabitants to stay indoors. Although there were kids outside playing and chasing each other. One was in Number Four Private Drive. This boy could be seen in a cupboard under the stairs.

His eyes gleam full of tears and he was cradling his right arm. This boy wore clothes that were five times larger than his body. It looks so ragged and torn. The conditions of it were so dirty that it looked like it was going to fall apart. Looking closer at the black hair boy. His arms that he was cradling looked out of place. It had a sickening bulged on one side and that indicated one of his bones was broken.

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He silently whimpers and he shed his silent tears. Slowly his eyelids began to weigh down and he starts off to sleep. The next morning he was woken up to the loud banging at the door that held him in. He slowly got up and notices his right arm didn't hurt anymore but the female screams made him forget about the sudden miracle.

"Get up," the screech came from the other side of the door. The door swings open to reveal a tall female lady. Her long blonde hair shown and her long neck holding up her head like a pedestal. Her cold piercing eyes glance over him and she immediately barks, "Get in the kitchen and cook!"

Cooking, cleaning, these were thing he always does.

"Yes aunt Petunia," said the boy without emotion while staring down at the floor and avoiding his aunt's eyes. He went into the kitchen and began to make breakfast. While he was cooking their breakfast his barren stomach was have a battle that was trying to get his attention. In that robot like brain of his, he didn't comply with his stomach's demands. Its not that he knew his aunt was keeping her eyes on him like a hawk but for the fact that he wasn't allowed to.

There were rules he complied with:

Never speak unless told too.

Stay in the cupboard under the stairs.

Don't make a sound when companies are around and never be seen.

Do as they say.

NEVER eat their food.

Most importantly of them all:

Never ask questions.

There are many more but those six were the most important ones. He knew this was life and there are no other. It was how his uncle explained it to him when he was younger. He was to serve them, his reasons was that he was a Freak. Only he, in the house, was the only freak so he was to be the slave. The boy didn't know what his uncle meant by slave but he knew that asking questions would lead to punishments.

The way he moved was liked a zombie movie. His feet sliding against the cold wooden floor and his arms hung at the side as of weights were tied to them. His eyes had no life in it, not like most boys who were five years old. If someone saw the boy they would know that he didn't get out much if the pale white skin wasn't an indication. Even his emerald green eyes were a little bigger than normal.

After he was done and had set the table. His breakfast was a single pile of dog food and immediately shoved into the cupboard. The multiple sounds of dead bolts and locks clicking told him he was going to be inside for the whole day. This was the norm, nothing more.

His emerald green eyes pear around the dark cupboard and he stare at a spider crawling on the wall. Then there was stomping at the stairs telling him that his large cousin was up and as well as his uncle who spoke like the days was great. It was early morning, seven in the morning to be exact, also it was a Saturday and he knew what was going to happen.

His cousin will invite his friends over and play a game. Most of the time he was the point of the game. They would chase him around the house our in the backyard and after an hour or so he would be put back into his cupboard baring bruises and gashes like he came from a fight, a one sided fight.

Shaking out of his stupor he wait to get the day going. That's the way it is.

He didn't know how long he was in the cupboard. Slowly he heard all the bolts and locks clicking. Every click of the locks his heart pound at his chest and scream in his head. Another click and his hands began to sweat. Click, his breathings quicken. Click, he looks around to see where he could go. Click, he places himself in the dark corner and wishes he was dead. Click, he was hiccupping in fear and finally, clicks, the fifth and final click, the signal that will begin his torment. This was the norm and nothing more. The door swung open and he held his breath.

When the sun settles over the horizon, the black hair boy stumble into his haven. He collapses onto the makeshift bed that was nothing but a single sheet and cold stone floor and without complaints he was out like a light. Later that night he automatically got up again and this time the banging on the door was even louder. He slowly got up but exhaustion got the better of him. Without warning his hair was grabbed and he was drags out of the cupboard and into the kitchen.

He lived with the pain but ignored the desire to scream.

"Cook!" His Aunt orders and he did as he was told. Sharp pain jolt all over his legs and his arms but he ignore it and finished his duty. He then trudge into the cupboard then all of the sudden his stomach scream at him to not forget about it. He hesitantly picks up his dog bowl and held it in front of him. While holding the bowl in his hands he weakly walk into the kitchen all the while his hands were shaking from lack of food. Holding up his bowl, like a beggar, at his Aunt who only glared at him.

"NO!" She yelled and swatted the bowl out of his hands, "You don't deserve it!"

A hard push from behind and he was sprawl on the floor. His cousin was the perpetrator. He was wearing an outfit from a private school. Shirt slacks and a tie. His outfit was small on him and it showed on the buttons that was begging to be ripped.

"Mummy, are you okay?" His cousin asked his mother adoringly.

"I'm okay Duddums, just this ungrateful brat, It just makes my blood boil is all, sweetie." She said petting her son with love.

"You!" His cousin said and bolted at the boy on the ground. He swung his leg several times at the defenseless boy. After his uncle came in the kitchen and he grab the boy and made him stand up. He was wearing his business attire that told everyone he had power and he didn't mind using it. His thick liked mustache playfully hung under his nose and showed his Englishmen roots.

"This'll teach you a lesson for harming my wife!" He spoke menacingly. The boy stare at with those lifeless eyes, "Yes I believed you know what we will do to you!"

The boy's eyes widen in fear and his emerald green eyes began to vibrate as if remembering past horror. His mind screams at him to move but his body didn't obey. The constricting leather strap was place around his neck but he didn't do anything. The boy felt that dreaded leather strap around his neck. It was a sign that he will be hurt but he knew that if he resist back he would be severely punish. This was the norm and nothing more.

The small boy stood bolt on the spot. His eyes glaze over and all of his color began to fade. His body relaxes and it seems like he didn't register the collar that was making his breathing harder

"Look at me!" Demanded the fat man.

When he looked at this uncle the only thing got back was a smile, just a simple gleeful smile. Then the boy look at his hands and knew that the pain was coming.

His uncle held a device, it looked like a gun minus the barrel, the handle was there and there was a button on top.

"Alright Harry," his uncle spoke gleefully, "Its time for your punishments!"

Harry, a word he hate, no, despised. Every time that word was uttered. He knew pain would coarse through his body for what would feel like an eternity.

What does Harry mean? But he came to know that Harry was a word of pain. Every time he heard it his body shook violently as if to tell him to run.

All of a sudden the boy collapse onto the ground and began screaming while clawing at the collar. His screams had carry to the neighbors who looked up from their dinner table. They then shrug it off knowing that their neighbors, the Dursely, were watching a horror movie and had their surround sounds on full blast. So they, the Dursley, had told everyone in the neighborhood.

The collar was no ordinary one. It was a shock collar used to train hunting dogs but this one was modify to go over the usual five volts. Average static shocks gives up to three to four volts. This one gives off up to thirty volts and it could even go higher if his uncle wanted too. It was sleek black with dark blood stains tread on the leather collar. Though this one collar had three shock generators, which is dangerous, one placed on the throat and two placed both sides of his neck. If one could look closely the collar held numbers of burned skins stuck to the miniature metal rod that was strangling the victim.

"I took you in!" He releases the button and he kicks the boy several times. "I feed you with my hard earn money!" He pushed the button again. "And I clothed you." He bellowed over the boy's screams. "And you do nothing but give this normal family pain and suffering!"

"Sto-op!" The boy mumble but his pleas fell on deaf ears. The screams kept on going until his throat hurt. When the pain stops he was on the floor inhaling a gallon of air a second. This was the norm and nothing more.

"Go outside and in the doghouse," His uncle said with fury, then he kick the boy one last time and made him fly several feet towards the back entrance, "NOW!"

Without another word said boy struggle to get up nonetheless did so. He was walking out the back door without making a noise. His step splash on the wet grass and the cold summer air struck him. His collar was still tightly wrapped around his neck. The cool summer raindrops were falling on him and when he made to a small doghouse. The abused boy was soaked to the bones and without protesting he curl up in the doghouse and await for his Aunt to come and get him.

In that small doghouse it was surprisingly big for the boy. This doghouse could fit an adult Labrador. It was not that spacious compared to the cupboard but it gave him peace away from normal daily life. He looks around the dark backyard and notices slightly open gate. He knew he wasn't supposed to go outside or anywhere but the gates was moving back and forth as if it was beckoning him to come towards it.

Slowly and painfully, he got up and walks slowly towards the gate. When his right hand lands on the wooden gate. A sudden horrible feeling immediately shot down his spine. Punishment was inevitable. He recoil his hand back as if being shock. Then something inside of him told him to go and never look back. His hand slowly reaching for the gate handle, his hand shaking like leafs in the storm, when he pulls the gate open he suddenly felt something wash over him. It was either the shock from disobeying an order or taking his first step out into the world, he didn't know.

The frighten boy pokes his head out and notice the street already emptied and the tall long looking broom with a lamp on top lit the streets. He then made his way to the street and began to walk towards the park where he plays with his cousin's and his friends. He had feared the park but the night and its emptiness gave him a new feeling but he didn't know what those feelings were.

Suddenly the boy was on the ground coughing a storm. His stomach flex and relax and nasty liquid spew out of his mouth. The liquid wasn't water or puke but his stomach acid though He didn't know it. He got up and wipes his mouth then he noticed that there was some red water on his already dirty shirt. He didn't pay any mind to it.

Then it happens. The sky rumble and bang like time his aunt banged two pots together. The boy whips around convince that his uncle was coming down the stairs. He looks around found a hiding spot under the large metal doghouse with many holes and bars. For a long time He sat and shiver under the metal doghouse waiting for the storms to pass. The rainfall found its way through the many holes and cracks above His head.

Out of nowhere the boy spot a tall figure walking toward him. At first instinct he assumed that was his Uncle. Punishment was inevitable. This was the norm and nothing more.

The sounds of footstep in the wet sand grew closer to every step that his Uncle took. A jet of pain sparks his stomach making him double over. The boy was in a fetal position waiting for his Uncle to tell him to get up or use that punishment that was wrapped around his charred neck.

It never came.

He felt himself getting pick up and he face a man. This person was different from his large uncle. His eyes were slit and his face was chiseled out like a sportsman. The features of the man who was holding him didn't register much but told him that this person was different. The gentle arms that he was in warms his body slightly. A smile broadens on the stranger's face and that was all He knew until he closed his eyes succumbing into his exhaustion.

There was a faint noise that the boy heard but couldn't make out. When he force his eyes to open be was attack by nothing but blinding white walls. He slams his eyes shut and then he tries to listen to things but something overcame him and he went back to sleep.

That morning the boy stirs something soft and warm. He moves his limbs to notice that he was covered by something light or maybe it were clothes that he needed to do and his Aunt dumps it on him. Again the clothes were very light and it didn't try to suffocate him. He forces himself up to cook breakfast and if he knew any better. If he knew better, his Aunt opened the door and was waiting for him. Strange, she didn't make screeching noises at him.

He then roll out of the cold…wait, soft? He shot the train of thought down and slowly stood up and walks towards the light. He took three steps and then a rush of fear screamed in his stomach. This time he was on a cold floor not the soft floor before. He felt pain on his head and knew that he was punish for being too slow and add to the fact that he was on the ground feeling like he as hit. He picks himself off the floor and mumbles his apologies. He tries to make his way towards the door.

All of a sudden he felt a tug at his arm and knew that his Aunt was holding them. He waits for his Aunt to make loud noises that indicates her disproval. He waited for a long time but nothing came after. Nothing came but his arm was still being tug. Slowly he tilts his head up at his arm and focus at it. There he saw no hands but a string pulling at his arm.

He stares at the strange looking string for a long time. The string was thick and he notice that it didn't have color like all of his Aunt strings he had to organize. He gave a tug at the string and a sharp pain shot through his arm. The boy didn't really react to it but knew that if he did it again that horrible feeling will return. Then again He knew that if he didn't get breakfast on the table before his Aunt and the others woke up. Then he will never be fed. He tugs on the clear string again and again while the pain responds to his tug. Frantically he pulls the string harder and it came loose.

His arm felt a little better and something red came out of his arm. He stares at it for a while. The red water was coming out of his arm. He then looks at his body and several strings were on him. He heard several thumps and groans. That was his Uncle and he was getting up.

The scare child frantically rips the string off noticing that it didn't hurt like the first time. When he tugs that last string off his body. A constant long beep echoed all around him. He looks around like some animal in a cage. He tries to pin point where that noise was coming from. Then he heard something. He looks at a door that burst open to flood in people in purple and white suits.

This people stare at the boy and he stare back. Automatically he panic and rush under something to hide from the people. His Aunts had company and they spotted Him. He didn't know it but usually he was told with screams from his Aunt to be quite. He never had the warning.

"What's he doing?" Someone asks.

"He's afraid," someone answers.

The boy was under something and he was looking at several legs that were not far from him. One of them then lowers his head to look at the boy under the bed. The black hair boy instantly curls up into a ball and without thought stayed quite. He closed his eyes hoping they would ignore him and not tell his Aunt that they saw him

"Is that blood?" Someone asks.

"Bloody hell it its, kid get out from under there now!" Command someone.

On the command the boy got out from under the bed without any resistance, it was rule number 4. Instantly the small boy was haul onto the bed and his right arm was getting looked at.

"My names Doctor John," John said bandaging the wound that previously held the ivy needle. "What's you're name?"

The child stares down at his feet not answering the man's question. It wasn't because he wasn't allowed to answer the question but he didn't know what the questions mean. What is a name?

Doctor John was examining the boy and notice many things about him. For one he's very scrawny, an isolated man on an island would have more on him then this boy. Another thing he notices were multiple scars all over the body. Most of it was hidden under the pajamas they gave the boy. The most prominent scar were a lightning bolt shape scar on the center of his forehead. At first he thought it was a random scar but after he examine the boy he came to one conclusion, the lightning bolt scar was a mark of ownership.

It was about a week ago when the boy was brought to the Hospital.

"Doctor?" A female voice cut in taking him out of his stupor examining the boy, "I have one of the LADO (Local Authority Designated Officer) here."

"Good bring them in," John answer and then began to check on this boy for any signs, sure he wasn't psychologist but he knew that this boy in front of him was abuse. Even without the number of bruises on his body, can't forget several broken bones that had healed, this was a case he wasn't familiar with. "I'll be damn if they get away." He said softly.

"Hello," someone said and John look up to see a nice business suite wearing man. He had a handbag in one hand and an umbrella in the other. "Its me, Sam Kunther, how is he?"

"Doing well," John answer straightening his back, "You've got the medical reports?"

"Yes," Sam answers in disgust.

"What now?" John asks, "Now son please lie down." The boy did so but when he felt a hand on him his heart raise in beets. "Now I'm going to hook everything back up okay?"

He didn't respond. So when the doctor finishes with the hook up and the monitor pads. He began to check the child's eyesight. John then held up a pen size flashlight and began to check the small boy's dilation.

"Everything seems normal, reaction to the light nominal," he felt the small boy trying to resist the flashlight but the boy didn't move or blink, strange? "Temperature," He places his right hand on the boy's forehead then he picks up the heart monitor. The monitor beep in rapid secession, "Good."

John took off his right hand and pull out a clipboard and then the monitor began to decrease in beeps. Checking the clipboard he then pull the boy's wrist and then the heart monitor repeated the loud rapid noise. Checking the box and finally marking the last line with anger. He then left the boy in the room with a nurse who was looking over him.

The LADO worker follows the doctor.

"I want you to take these people to prison!" John screams loudly when the door to the patient's room closed. "All the wounds, scars, broken bones, head trauma, concessions, signs of previous internal bleeding and multiple healed bones. I'm surprised this kid's even alive and he looked to be no older than five or younger! His body lacks food and I can say that he's better off dead. I don't know how he's survived this long! Don't forget his neck, we've had to remove a bloody shock collar from that boy. His neck were charred skin, crisps like burned meat!"

"Do you have his name?" Sam asks re-reading the list of multiple injuries and was surprised to read off it but was more shock to hear it from the horse's mouth, again. The report said that the shock collar was in plastic bags. It was hoped that it could be used as evidence. Frowning he knew that this was going to be a hard case to close.

"He doesn't know, my guessed that he has some sort of Amnesia, with all the head blows," John answer with frustration, "But I think he doesn't even know what 'name' means. I'm not a psychologist but I think he's afraid of people."

"What do you mean, he didn't move when you examine him," Sam said trying to comprehend the doctor's logic. "Most kids who are afraid of adults will run or hide."

"He did that when the alarm went off when my pager went off," John said, "When I enter he immediately jump under his bed and hid. Though when I told him to come from under the bed he obeyed like a dog! You've notice the heart monitor right?" Sam nod. "A person's heart rate speeds up in situation from dangerous situation and such. Now hear me out, yes he's in a different setting but when I move away from him he calmed down. Then when I checked his pulse his heart sped up like he expected something to happen. I think he's afraid of me hitting him."

"That explains his lack of physical contacts but we need is name!" Sam said, "When we get his name and when and where he lived I assure you I will personally have justice. Now how's his condition so far to answer questions?"

"I don't think that's a good idea right now," John answer rubbing his chin as if trying to figure a complicated physics equation.

"These takes time," Sam understood perfectly, "I'm going to go see if we have anything from Sakaki or the constables."

Last week John thought those huge people were the one who caused the child's pain. John remembered like it was happen a moment ago.

"How did he get here?" Sam asked.

"He was brought by a man, his name was Apachai Hopachai," John answered, "Don't bother he's Thai and don't really speaks English but he was accompany by another man by the name of Sakaki, he's Japanese. Both are in a holding room. We suspect they were the one."

"Sakaki?" Sam asked a little shock, "Does he wear a leather jacket that has both sleeves missing and has a scar across his nose?"

"Yes," John asked a little surprised, "how?"

"He used to help out with the Guards for her Royal Majesty when she goes abroad," Sam answered feeling a headache coming on, "If he's involved and so will they!"

"They?" John asked a little shock by the mention of his Queen.

"No need to know, release them," Sam ordered, "I will go ask some questions. Also feed him some food when he wakes up. I'm guessing he's older than we think but smaller because he lack food."

"You've worked this kind of case?"

"Yes, but not to this extent of physical injury!" Sam said putting the files under his armpit, "Usually it's a couple hits and such but this is devils work. I can't be certain of the mind set of the boy but if what you says are true then he was trained to follow orders."

"You mean like-" John almost said but stop, "No, no, there weren't any signs of sexual abuse. There weren't any rectal scarring. Thank god for that."

"I can agree with you on that," Sam said relieved that one check box won't be checked, "Please have someone keep an eye on him also I'm going to get some Constables to guard this area. God knows how the media will react to this news."

"Have they picked up on this case yet?" John asks hoping the kid won't have to deal with media cameras shoved in his face.

"That's why the constable will be here," Sam said, "If we could get his name then all the more to have the constable as guards. Where's the holding room?"

"I'll take you there," John answered and led the LADO worker down several halls and down some stairs. Both were finally at a door with a security guards station at the door. "Let us in and your dismiss."

Sam went into the room and found two huge muscular men. One was in one corner eating a donut and another was on a chair. He observed Apachai who was eating the food with glee while Sakaki was sitting in a chair and his face showed annoyance.

"Sakaki?" Sam announces.

"Yeah!" Sakaki said and Sam immediately felt intimidated. This man's arms were huge and full of muscle. His face showed the looked of a fighter and all of his build could win him Mr. Olympic contest. "I am Sam Kunther, I work with LADO."

"Yeah!" Sakaki's accents were rough answering in English but Sam could pick his attitude as some sort of State's Punk.

"Thank you for bringing the child here," Sam forced out, "I would like to asks some question before we let you go. Where did you find the boy?"

"I didn't, that idiot did," Sakaki answered jabbing his thumb at the other large man. "Though I can answer for him, he found that kid at a park near Surry, Private Drive, four kilometers west from here. How's the kid?"

"Doing fine," Sam answers, "Just to get this out of the way. How did you come by the boy? What was his state, bleeding, coughing and such?"

"From what I've heard he was coughing uncontrollably," Sakaki answered, "The shock collar was making him choked. Even so the kid was on the ground under the jungle gym. He was curled up but Apa over here told me that the kid was coughing up blood. Internal bleeding?"

"Yes," Sam said writing all of this down.

"Where are the police for this?" Sakaki took his full height that loomed over the five six LADO worker, "We've been here for six hours."

"Forgive us," John said feeling a shock down his spine, "We, I suspect that you were the cause of this."

"I'll just pretend I didn't hear that," Sakaki narrowed his eyes at the doctor who coward under his glare, "Mr. Kunther we would like to help out on this case of yours."

"Its perfectly fine, we can handle this," Sam cut in all the while sweating uncontrollably.

"It wasn't an offer," Sakaki barked, "Or should I get your Queen into this case?"

"No!" Sam shot up fearing if the Queen heard about this, LADO will be in bad light in the eyes of Her Majesty.

"Good, we will search in Surrey," Sakaki said, "Have the constable with us. アパチャイいいこ。"

"はい!"Apa answer getting up.

This was the first time Sam have seen the legendary bodyguard. Sakaki was a rumor among the police force for being the man who had gotten in good grace in the Royal family. This Apachai on the other hand, he didn't know about. Though both their size almost the same height their build were impressive and intimidating at the same time. Even though he, John, was five eleven close to six feet. A five foot eight muscular Thai was very intimidating.

Now after a week they were still helping out. John took a heavy sigh and remembered what his mother told him. Never judged a book by its cover.

The boy had been in this strange bright room for… he didn't know. Though it was strange for his Uncle to miss punishing him. He had seen the sunset and rise but the bright light shinning down in this strange room kept him awake. Also the beeping machine kept making loud noises that somehow frighten him. He didn't show it knowing that was abnormal, that's what his Aunt told him and they're always right.

There was this person sitting close to where he was lying. This person looks like his Aunt but this Aunt doesn't have a long neck or that bright sun ray hair. This person was indeed different from his Aunt.

"Are you hungry?" The person asks and the small child tilts his head for an answer. Her eyes shown with motherly concern though it didn't phase Harry one bit. He averts his eyes when the person took a quick look at Harry. "I'm a nurse, how old are you?"

On and on she asked these questions and he wanted to answer all of these questions but he knew no answer to. What is 'old'? Name? Or even Hungry? These words were so strange to him and even more he was being questioned. Then after ten minutes the nurse left the room and when she came back she had a tray off food.

The aroma was alluring and such a tease to his nose. The child then suppresses the urge that begged for food. He had tamed his urge to eat and if he didn't his Uncle will do something, though it was natural to be Punish. Heaving a small sigh he patiently wait for the food to be consume by this strange lady. To his ever surprise the food was set on an arm tray in front of him.

Without questioning he arches one of his eyebrow as if to ask a question but the Nurse didn't see it. She then places the fork and spoon on an empty spot for some reason. The confuse child took several quick glances at the food but most of the time his eyes were somewhere else.

"Eat up, its yours," The Nurse said gently with a hint of concern. Her name was Anne and she had been a nurse for thirteen years. Anne had taken care of numbers of abused children for the past years. She had observed several normal signs in an abused child. The boy wasn't talking, he wasn't making eye contact or look at her and finally, she tally off, sullen looks that was on the boy.

The boy didn't move or do anything. This Aunt was strange and the child didn't know what to do. He had never been given this lavish food or anything. All of his life he remember eating nothing but tasteless crunchy food. Something a dog would eat, that was what he was told by his relative.

Anne was getting worry if she didn't get food in this boy, he will pass out of hunger. She took a deep breath knowing that she will regret what she was about to do.

"Eat your food!" She said in a commanding manner. Immediately the boy in front of her shovels all the food in his mouth with his hands. His back was arched over the tray like an animal protecting its food. The fast pace eating was like an eating competition though Anne could tell there was a hint of relief. Soon he was choking on the food but his pace didn't slow one bit. The way he ate it reminds her of a movie where a prisoner was given food and that prisoner ate the food like it will be his last. Within seconds of commanding this boy to eat a tear tread down her eyes.

She didn't know why she was shedding these tears. She had seen several cruelled acts against children's but this took the top list of cruelty. All the while she was observing the child and shedding unknown tears, all she could relate what she saw was a starved dog eat.

Anne took several deep breaths but all her observation came to one conclusion. This child was treated far lower than a lowly street dog. Can't take anymore of it Anne made to the door and sprint to the bathroom all the while crying.

Several days later the boy was being check by John again. This was the third time today he came into the bright lit room to see his patient. This bright room hurt his eyes and though he didn't voice it John could till. The squinting of the boy's eyes was an indication.

John switch off one light and the room was a little darker. He observed that the boy was relieved a bit. A soft knock came from the door and there stood Sam and with him was a constable.

"Anything?" Sam asks walking into the room.

"What is your name," John asks the enigma of a boy in front of him. No answer came and though it frustrate John to no end he kept reminding himself that this boy was treated worse than a prisoner. He got up and walk over to Sam and whispers, "I'm going to try something, similar to a lie dictator."

"What are you doing Doctor John?" Sam asks narrowing his eyes at John.

"I'm going to say a series of words a five year old understands, from family to animals," John answer.

"You can't do that, that's the psychiatrist job not yours," Sam said alarmed.

"Look I-" John raise his voice but stops before he could say anything, He then whisper in a low voice and begin, "The heart monitor will tell us his reactions okay? I don't see a bloody psychiatrist having a lie bloody detector! Just jot down the words okay!"

Sam reply with a nod. This case was going too slow and the foreigners didn't find anything. Slowly John pulls a chair next to the bed, he reach up and turns the volume to the heart monitor above normal.

"Dad?" Nothing.

"Mom?" Still nothing.

"Sister?" Nothing.

"Dog?" A rise on the heart monitor.

"Cat?" Nothing.

"Dog?" Again there was a rise.

"Brother?" Nothing.

"Fish?" Nothing.

"Cook?" A rise.

"Clean?" A rise again.

"Food?" A spike in the heart monitor and the boy was whipping his head around as if expecting something like a dog would when the word biscuit was said. John leans back and look over at Sam who was writing down the words.

"Yes," nothing.

"No," a little rises.

John was thinking, clean, food, dog? What do all these means? No immediate family reactions but.

"Aunt?" A sudden spike. "Uncle?" The heart rate quickens ten folds. "Cousin?" A lower rapid beat but it was above normal. The boy was whipping his head around trying to find something. His long black mane flares at the movement of his head.

"John I think that's enough," Sam said seeing the worry look on the kid. The Doctor agreed nodding his head.

"Let's presume that he lived with his Aunt and Uncle," John said sullenly, a family member doing this? This was unheard of in Great Britain.

"No, what if those people were referred as Aunt and Uncle?" Sam inclines while jotting down some more. "I don't want to jump to conclusion to quickly."

"Sorry," John apologized while rubbing the bridge of his nose, "It's frustrating." Sam nods his head in acknowledgement, "When will the counselor be able to talk to him?"

"Is he ready, mentally?" Sam asks and John could hear the cautions in his voice.

"Mentally I think he's more of a two your old," John answer and Sam was about to say something but John cut in, "a well train two year old dog."

This place was strange, the boy thought after that strange Uncle who came to see him. This Uncle wasn't big like his Uncle and he didn't punish him.

At the thought of punishment, his right hand jolts to place on his neck. The feeling of a leather strap wasn't there anymore and he could breath without the jab of pain.

Several days later the boy notice something that he didn't see before. There was a brown creature at the foot of his soft floor. It had huge round ears, the eyes were scrunch and it had the look of an old man. There was some hair coming off near the nose. It even had some sort of tail.

The creature and the black hair boy had a staring contest for a long time and then someone came into the room. On impulse the underfed boy jump off the bed and hid under it. The boy tries to stay quite and not be seen. Though it became hard too when that ball of fur was on the ground and staring at him. What really made this feel so strange was the fact that this creature was standing on its hind legs. Also it had what appeared to be a cane in one hand to lean on. Though this creature reminds him of that magic box his Cousin stare at all day on Saturday about some turtles and a rat.

Then the strangest part was that the creature was giving him what appeared to be a disappointing look. How the child knew, that was beyond his thinking capability.

"Touchumaru," a soft voice echoes in the silent room. The creature looks up and then disappears to someone. The Child stares at a pair of legs. Then slowly the leg bends down and he came face to face with long dark green hair Aunt. Her hair was so long it came pass her hips. This Aunt had one of the smallest robes he had ever seen. It only came halfway down her thigh. The robe was in pled pink color. Her eyes pierced through the boy like laser through paper. His green eyes met with her dark pink eyes and they were lock for a while until she lye down next to him.

"Harry," she said softly and the boy shot a look at her and his hands claps his neck. She notices this action and her eyes narrows as if contemplating something. Slowly she reaches out with her hand and the boy grew stiff. He slowly watches the hand came towards him and when it was close he shuts his eyes waiting for the pain to ensue. It didn't come. The only thing that the boy felt was someone patting his head.

"Harry," she said patting the boy and the boy tries to move back but the soft feel of her hands were so enticing. "Harry," she repeated and though his body grew stiff. Something in him told him that this Aunt would not hurt him. Though the animal in him told him to stay away from her. "Harry," She said and for who knows how long. The child had fallen asleep loving the feel of his head being stroke.

"What? You know his name?" Sam shot at the man in leather jacket who was sitting around a table. There were three other people besides John and Sam. They were the large burly man, Sakaki, Apachai and a girl with a long stick that was wrapped up in some sort of cloth.

"Yeah," Sakaki shot back, "His name's Harry. Though I couldn't find his last name."

"Wha-how?" John shot in.

"It was on the collar," Sakaki said indicating the shock collar, "Though I can see why you missed it. It was covered in blood and burned skin cells. So we know his name's Harry but there are thousands of Harry in England alone."

"Yeah," Sam said, "We'll try to get a child psychologists in a day or two."

"だめ," the female in the group said.

"What did she say?" Sam asks Sakaki who was looking at the green hair girl.

"She's said 'no'," Sakaki said, "どうして しぐれ?"

The Japanese girl looks up at the large man and then Sakaki only gave a smirk for a replied.

"She's already made some connections with the kid," Sakaki said pointing at the green hair Japanese girl.

"Wait you spoke to him?" John asks incredibly. The girl nods her head, "and he didn't try to run away?" She shook her head.

"The kid hid under the bed and she went there to comfort him," Sakaki said and then he looks at the girl, "Am I close?"

The girl didn't reply but if you look closer you could tell that she was sporting a light blush on her cheeks.

From that day forth there weren't any progress as to who harmed the child, named Harry. They even went to the media to for help but they came empty handed. Although they downplay the child abuse and went with a lost child instead so the media won't go crazy. After another month Harry came to know his name and deep down he feared it. Though this green hair Aunt that came to him on an hourly basis was so gentle and smell so good.

Then the time came when the whole investigator came to a realization. Where will the child go? Surely the orphanage can take him but Harry has grown attach to this Japanese lady. No one can approach him instead of her and she was the only one he was willing to be with. John could tell the attachment were getting stronger and that if they force to separate the two then the child will go into a depressed state that he may not recover from.

There was only one option and that Harry will have to go with the lady to Japan and live with her. The only problem was going through adoption papers, customs papers and getting a passport for the kid to go to Japan. With the help of Sakaki pulling some favors from the British Ministries. Harry got a passport and all the paper done in less than a week. To say Sam and John were surprised were an understatement. They thought it would take months to get the kid register as an abandoned orphan and get the adoption paper written up.

All they could do was act like some carp fish watching the glass window at the fish store.


Just to be cleared, again, LADO was what I found similar to Social Service, I've checked and feel that it was accurate but if I'm wrong please tell me.