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A good year and a half has gone by and Harry was awaiting his diploma from England after sending his magistre results. Our young fighter had grown in height as will as in length with his hair. His emerald green eyes stare blankly at the crowd in front of him who moved at an easy pace. Harry was walking back to his school with his childhood friend Akane and several of his classmates.

As Harry was walking by he notice several large signs and balloons being hung and he knew what it was. This week was the Mahora festival and like last year it will be a wide academy event. Every district will be involved from Elementary all the way up to college level academics and clubs as will. Like any other Mahora festival, it will be big and dangerous.

"I guess a café for our classroom will do," The blue hair girl said getting Harry's attention.

"Indeed," Harry agreed and then they made their way into their respective classroom. There they were met with girls screaming and yelling about what to wear. While on the other end of the room an argument was raging about what color will this or that be.

"Yet we are not done," Harry intone and walk up to the front of the room and began writing down tasks.

After a few moments of writing, unbeknownst to Harry the class began to die down. When Harry finished his writings he turns around to stare at all of his classmates. Most of the girls were the same one as last years but with a few addictions of new students. Everyone was staring at Harry who gave everyone a gentle glare.

"I hope this is enough," Harry began and tap the board several times to emphasizes the tasks he wrote down, "While the class President is on a business trip over seas I have been tasks to keep this class in line, yoroshiku onegaii shimasu (please be gentle be with me)."

"HAI!" chores the girls.

"As per school policy we will have all skirt touching your knees," Harry continues, "as will as traditional Yukata, Kimono and over seas maid out fit. Please don't try to break these rules. If the school found out about this our class festival will be shut down and our fundraising for our class school trip will never happen."

"SHUT UP ALREADY!" Akane snaps and at the same time throwing her soccer ball directing in Harry's face.

During the whole days every classrooms were getting ready for the festival. At the same time Harry was standing on top of the school roof staring down at the mass of crowds down below. His long hair dancing with the winds and his school uniform flutter as if in a mood to dance.

"You seem off, boy," Someone shot in and Harry knew whom the voice belongs too.

"Just wondering, Eva-sensei," Harry said and turn around to see Eva, his magical instructor, Harry stare at her long blonde hair and glance over to her ever faithful friend. "How are you two doing Eva-sensei, Chachamaru-san?"

"We are doing excellent," Chachamaru replies.

"Something on your mind?" Eva asks standing next to Harry and looking down at the crowds.

"This will be my last couple months here," Harry said slowly.

"Yes you've told me this ones before," Eva said in her snarky tone, then she began to imitate Harry's voice, "I will go off into distant land because a dragon says so."

Harry looks at Eva and smiles, "No, my education is coming to an end and I will receive my Magistre diploma really soon."

"Okay whatever kid," Eva said gently not caring.

"This may be my last Mahora festival," Harry said looking down to the grounds.

"Shall we make it memorable?" Chachamaru suggests.

"No, I don't need that," Harry said and then put his hands in his pockets, "With you all here, it will be the best no matter what."

Suddenly both females began to turn red and steam coming out of their ears. Yet at the same time Harry didn't notice the change in color.

"You too, Akane," Harry shout out and there on top of the school entrance sat Akane who has the same color like the other two.

After school Harry was making his way down to is cabin and suddenly his cell phone began to ring.

"Mushi Mushi!" Harry said, "Hai, you will be here during the festival, will father Ba and Father Sakaki be here as will. Everyone? I understand, hai. A test? Can I ask why? I see, I will prepare for your arrival."

As a year and half had gone by Harry had done many things to improve his skills and his education. Recently he began to go out and play with Akane and the twins. This was to better his social skills which he lacks tremendously because of his study habits. His martial arts skills have reached another level while sparing with Ku and Kaede. His swordsmanship hasn't got to where he wants to be that's why he would thank Setsuna everyday for sparing with him. Even though several of his fathers compliment on his excellent progress in the end Harry's goal was to reach his mother's level.

When the festival start Harry's classroom was in full swings. There were lines of people, mainly guys, waiting to get into the classroom so they can get a drink and food. Harry on the other hand, being the only guy there and a martial arts expert, was your typical bouncer. He wore a nice tux without the ties or bow. His two top buttons were loose and slightly showing his chest. His sleeves were rolled up and he was wearing a rectangular sunglasses.

"Welcome to our restaurant, please read the board," Harry said in a steel tone voice which sent shivers down all the male's spines. While the girls on the other hand who heard it felt their knees buckle for a moment. "If anyone violates the rules they will be kicked out and arrested. Also we have several martial artist who can brake a brick with just one finger so please don't make us use force."

Our young fighter gave a heavy sigh and knew that when the restaurant idea was brought up he was going to be somewhat of an attraction for the girls. Also the lines he had to say and the way he has to say it was really annoying. Harry didn't know how this was going to attract more business, it frightens the men and the female portion seems to freeze for no reason and that they fall over every time he says it.

"You're doing great Harry-kun," someone whisper into his ears and he looks over to see Setsuna in an Italian mob suit, "I'm here to let you go, you're done for the day."

"What if?" Harry began.

"We can take care of it, besides we have several security especially Negi sensei being here," Setsuna reassure and mush Harry away, "Go have fun after all you're only a kid ones."

So following his Kenjutsu partner Harry wonders around the school in his attire at the same time giving out fliers for the restaurant. Incidentally the fliers he was carrying ran out faster than he would've thought and when he went back to grab some more. The fliers were being protected by the mass of females from his classroom. They had the glare of a mother bear protecting their cub. It took quite some argument and a swift kick from Akane to get Harry out and have fun.

Here we find our young martial artist sitting on a bench. He was eating a chocolate ice-cream cone and watching people walk by. Some passerby gave a glance at him because of his Yakuza attire. Harry on the other hand knew his attire attracted unwanted attention so he decided to go change right after he finished eating his ice cream.

Now that he finished his cone he was in his martial arts uniform with his sword strap to his back. Then there was Orochi wrapped around his neck. Orochi's head was resting on his head like an assessorial decoration an ancient society would wear to worship a snake god.

Orochi's glittery green scale attracts quite a lot of attention and Harry being a kid didn't see anything wrong about having a snake resting on his head.

So during the day Harry went over to Chachamaru's Tea ceremony, The Library Club expeditions, Ku's marital arts demonstrations, and several other clubs. One important club was Akane's soccer (football) club. Akane's soccer team had taken several trophies home for the past year and half. Several of them were taken from passed champions.

Harry smiled at the memories of Akane's team taking first in several tournaments but one particular tournament where two cowardly opponents tackled Akane. They were twice her size but in the end Akane gave the ball off to someone else and they scored giving the match a 1-0 final score at the last second.

Shaking out of his nostalgic moment Harry began to walk towards a food stand that happens to be ran by one of his culinary protégé, Satsuki Yotsuba.

"I would like one please," Harry ordered while taking a seat at the trolley like stand.

"Ah Harry-kun how's you're day going," Hayase asks, being one of the best engineering student in the school has its perks when acquiring spare parts. The inside of the trolley had several arm like robots doing the dishes and taking care of little things.

"My day was excellent," answer Harry, "Do you need assistance?"

Suddenly a plate was place in front of Harry and he looks up towards Satuski-san. Her smile on her roundish face gave her a cute look and her apron was another feature that really suits her.

Satsuki shook her head and set a bottle of Ramone (La-mo-nay) saying that she doesn't need help but thanked Harry for his offers.

This was one person Harry understood the most. Satsuki spoke with her body more than words and she translate that into her food quite well. Especially when she cooks. Her food had different flavors that says, "Oh you passed your exam good for you," or "not a good day huh let me help," and especially "You've finally asks her/him out lets celebrate."

"If you say so Satsuki-san," Harry answers and then gave a small pray to his food before digging in.

After that quick lunch Harry was making his way back to his school and at that moment there suddenly was a small crowd in front of him. His school building was about another block away which wasn't that far. Harry could've taken several ways around this large crowd but something in him told otherwise.

With a tap of his feet Harry magically sent out a message to the teachers that could hear his calls. It was like a yell of magic and any magical teacher could hear it even if they are not paying attention. Most martial artist who is attuned to the natural world can hear this kind of spell as well.

These teenagers wore pants that were hanging down to their butts and several of them had bandanas wrapped around their neck. They had piercing from their ears to their nose. Several of them displayed their tattoos like a billboard sign.

"Excuse me," Harry shout out and releasing a little of his Ki (chi) getting everyone's attention. "Excuse me!"

That got their attention and in the middle of the crowd stood a long red hair girl who Harry didn't know. She was about Negi's age maybe older. She was wearing a standard magus robe that everyone in the Magistre branch would wear. Harry could tell that she was a fire type mage and her magic was about to explode.

"Disperse at ones!" Harry glare, "And leave her alone."

"Oh this is rich a kid who thinks he could fight!" Someone shot in and Harry could tell that this person or all of these teenagers weren't from the Mahora school district. They looked to be from outside the district and or from another school.

"I have already called security and they should be here soon," Harry said and everyone looks at each other as if wondering what to do next.

"OH I'M SOOO SCARED!" One of them said which Harry figured was the leader of the gang, "Whatta you rich school ganna do, pour tea on us?"

"This school has harbor several prominent people you may know," Harry began, "Classes are elites and ranged from music, literature too Martial Artist!"

"Shut da hell up!" The leader shout out and went in and side kick Harry. In that instant Harry vanish and they find Harry in front of the red hair girl.

"Have they done anything to you?" Harry asks the girl. She shook her head in replied.

"Fucker!" The leader came at Harry and suddenly he trips and face plant on the ground.

"Oh my, are you okay?" Harry said in shock and walk forward, "Here let me help you up." Harry bent down and didn't notice someone try to grab him from behind and missed. "Okay all better now!" Suddenly Harry pull the down guy up and accidentally bash his head against the person that was behind him. That said person was sent flying several feet onto his back.

"Oh I'm so sorry I didn't see you there!" Harry's concern level was rising by the minute. Harry turns around and one of his hand accidentally parry a punch that was sent into someone other else's gut. "Do you need any medical assistance?"

Harry examines the down guy that was previously behind him and notice that he was out cold. He brought his left hand up to scratch his head and close his eyes to recall anything that would do this to a healthy teenager. While his eyes were close a wood bat swings from his left. Unconsciously Harry hit the bat at an intense speed and no saw it. The wooden bat blast into several pieces at the contact with nothing. Harry was deeply thinking about the situation and didn't even notice the attack. When he opens his eyes again he notice a piece of the wooden bat resting near the down man.

That must be why he was out cold, a hit to the head would do that, Harry thought.

"You are in serious trouble for this!" Harry snaps at the person who was holding a half wooden bat. "Assaulting someone with a deadly weapon will lead to a million yen fine and ten years in prison."

"I didn't do it you did" The teen exasperate seeing Harry not affected by the hit at all.

"And lying on top of that!" Harry shot in, "You sir are really in serious trouble it's better to come clean!"

Another teen came charging from behind Harry with a small knife in hand. Harry turns around and dodges the oncoming attack.

"And you! Harassing a girl!" Harry said pointing a knife at the leader of the group who was still in pain. "That's serious consequences especially in Mahora academy!"

The teen thought he had a knife in his hand notice that his knife wasn't there anymore. His knife was now in the hand of an eleven-year kid. Several teen starts to back away from Harry who was having quite a row at everyone.

"Also carrying a weapon!" Harry flings his arms around as if point at everyone and surprisingly the knife that was in his hand suddenly appears in it's owners hand. Then Harry points his fingers at the one with the knife. "I carry a sword but I'm granted to do so because I was given privileges. Now how do you feel? Breaking all of these rules?"

"Ah!" Everyone was frozen out of uncertainty. A kid dodge a kick, the bat broke before reaching him. Then he disarmed someone without noticing it. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YA!"

"Someone you don't want to mess with," someone said and everyone look over to see Takahata. Several teachers popping up and every teen cower.

"Anye, what are you doing here?" Negi said after getting closer.

"I came to visit!" Anye snaps, "and I got something from Headmaster."

"Oh its here?" Negi said and guide Anye away. "And Harry, really? Playing around with your opponents?"

"I was told to have fun?" Harry began and smiles sheepishly, "The letter's Sensei?"

"Oh Harry-san, you have visitors," Negi said and points towards the school, "Their waiting, if you get there soon I think you can stop them from eating everything."

"What do you think that means?" Orochi asks.

"Knowing Father Sakaki and Father Apachai," Harry said pinching the bridge of his nose, "I think they ordered more than they can pay."

In a flash Harry made his way up towards his classroom and slam the door open. Sure enough Apachai and Sakaki were on their fiftieth plates. Off to the side the cheerleader trios were cheering them on. Also there were several other people making bets.

"Oh Kami-sama!" Harry sighs out. The young boy made his way into the classroom and waves the girls to not serve. Then he brought a chair in front of two-muscle bulk man.

"Oh hey Harry!" Sakaki said without thinking and continue to eat.

"OH soo goood!" Apachai belches out.

"So how would you like to pay for this?" Harry chides in and that stopped Sakaki from eating.

"Oh! Hey Harry," Sakaki shot in slowly and stare down at the kid in front of him, "Well I thought you would help me with this one."

"That would be 143,098 yen," Harry said counting the plate's offs. "And 110 yen for the drinks so that's 660 since you got six cups."

"Come on Harry cut your father a break okay!" Sakaki pleaded, "I'll teach you something new! JUST PLEASE!"

"Girls I think we have some new workers!" Harry shout out.

"Crap I'm outta here!" Sakaki as about to bolt but found himself glued to the chair and the chair glued to the floor. "YOU didn't?" Harry gave a small smirk. "YOU DID!"

Little did anybody know that Harry and Negi spelled the chair to glue anyone in it when they were thinking about dine and ditch. This prevents anyone from running off when the business gets hectic.

"Alright girls get these two some work clothes, anything appropriate but make it extravagant," Harry said smiling and after a second Sakaki was in a French made outfit with a feather duster in hand. Apachai on the other hand was in clean tux and still eating.

"What why does he get that suit and I have to wear this?" Sakaki complained.

"Well, Father Apachai called in early and said he was going to work for us after he got done eating his food," Harry said and then made his voice stern, "Have a nice day."

"Wait you know how to use a cell phone?" Sakaki shot at Apachai who was trying to gather people through the door.

"Oh and Father Sakaki if you get forty customers in one hour we can let you go," Harry chime over his shoulder and wonder off to find his mother.

On the way down to the first floor Harry met his perverted father who was hiding in the bushes with a camera in hand. He notices that his father was staring at the cheerleaders who were doing their cheers. Next to them was the school fabric design model club. They design and create dresses ranging from gowns to short skirts. At their demonstration they had a range of short skirt wearing girls and tight short shorts.

Why girls would torture themselves in those things Harry would never know.

"Father Ba do we have to had this conversation like last time?" Harry whisper into his perverted father's ear.

"Harry, for any style you wish to learn you will let me continue," Ba whisper back with determination and hope this will keep Harry happy.

"Will, you know that Takahata is right behind us right?" Harry warns.

This stops the Chinese martial artist and true enough the teacher was right behind them and he doesn't look all too happy. Last time there was a festival Ba and Takahata had a huge fight over this and it left several buildings in ruins and streets full of rubbles.

"Ba I thought as much!" Takahata said and suddenly Ba sprint out of his hiding place. All of a sudden his feet was stuck to the ground and he couldn't move it. Thinking quickly Ba punch the ground and he was off again but this time with a slab of concrete glued to his feet. "For a man who values his photos he sure forgets that static electricity at a small charge disrupt a digital camera's memory chip."

In the distance Harry heard a wail of a defeated pervert.

"Oh your mother's waiting for you in your classroom," Takahata said and Harry was made his way back into his classroom.

It took Harry several minutes to get to his classroom after weaving through several groups of girls and stopped to have several pictures taken. There his mother was waiting for him by a table and his tow father's were there as will. It was Akisame and Hayato along with Kenichi and Miu who was enjoying their food and drinks.

Yet there was someone else Harry hadn't anticipated. His teacher Negi was sitting with them and chatting away.

"Mina Konichiwa (Good afternoon everyone)," Harry announces to everyone and they in turn greet him back. "How was the trip Mother?"

"Good," His mother answer.

"Harry I've got good news," Negi jumps in, "Your letter arrived."

"Was the letter delivered by an owl?" Harry asks cautiously?

"Eh hehe yes," Negi answer nervously, "How did you know?"

"Just a guess," Harry reply thanking one of the girls for the drinks.

"Well, like I said I have good news," Negi continue while putting a white envelope on the table, "This is your diploma for the Magistre training. When this diploma was given to me I was assigned to a job that benefits my style, knowledge, and personality. At first I didn't think that I can do it but later on I knew why I was assigned to this particular training. When I was young I wanted to be like my father. I wished to be a powerful man with the desire to help people. I did by helping the students of Mahora. It may not sound like much but believe me it was quite an adventure. So to part words my student I'm giving you this diploma."

Negi was about to slide the envelope towards Harry until the brown mouse Touchumaru lands on it stopping the process.

"Harry before we can give you this diploma," The golden hair man began, "We wish to impart several final lessons before you receive this."

"I am ready!" Harry declares.

"Good," Akisame said nonchalantly, "In an three hours meet us here and be prepare!"

Akisame slid a flyer towards Harry and it said "Mahora Festival Martial Arts Tournament".

"A tournament?" Harry asks?

"What better way to teach a martial artist then at a tournament?" Akisame said smiling, "You will face every one of the Ryozanpaku."