16 Final lessons Part 2

The next day Harry was making his way back to the final day of the Martial Arts Tournament. It seems the tournament had been publicize to the point where the tournament had to be moved to the largest stadium in Mahora. This stadium could seat a hundred thousand plus this stadium could almost match Rungrado May Day Stadium but not quite. The seats were filled to the brim and Harry did not know there were so many people in Mahora district that could fill the stadium. The fighting platform was in the center and there were seats surround in it. Remote hover cameras were zooming from one spot to the next and there were holographic giant screams appearing all over the stadium for all spectators to see.

Harry was at this moment in the waiting room and listening to the fight that was happening. Apparently his mother had joined in the tournament, no surprise, and she was doing amazingly well, which was no surprised to Harry but to the audiences they were. Today he will be fighting against Father Akisame, Father Sakaki, and Mother Shigure. Harry didn't have to watch the fight to know they would win. He felt really sorry for those who tried to go up against his family.

"Next up we have Harry-KUN!" Asakura scream into her microphone and when his name was called the entire stadium roar in approval. "Versus Akisame Koetsuji! That's right the resident Ju-Jitsu master of Ryozanpaku will face off against his pupil."

Our young fighter was making his way to the fighting ground and Father Akisame was walking next to him. His eyes were very analytical and calculating as if to find a way to win this fight but Harry knew his father wanted to teach him something. It has been a great lessons and he was going to learn as much as possible.

"Alright," Asakara said and she was sporting a nice skintight black leather dress that showed off her figures, "Both fighters, are you ready?" Harry got into his stance and Akisame just stood there, "FIGHT!"

The young fighter charge forward and starts to send out a barrage of fist and kicks. To Harry's predictions Father Akisame dodged all of his attacks. The Ju-Jitsu Master backpedals and dodged his disciple's attacks with an expert ease. Harry switched to his Muay Thai attacks and yet he wasn't making any connection. After he went through several more styles to only find Akisame easily escaping his strikes.

Harry jumps back and reassesses his opponent.

"And Harry-kun is now backing off, is this to figure a way to win?" Asakura voice echoes throughout the stadium.

"He's good," A tall man with a giant main said to Negi. Negi and his friends were in the VIP section of the stadium and located on the top floor looking down at the fight.

"He is," Negi answer, "Rakan-san, thank you for coming."

"No prob kid," Rakan said and chug down a gallon worth of beer, "why doesn't he used magic to win the fight?"

"He doesn't want to use it in a martial arts tournament," answer Kaede who walks up to the windowpane, "He's an honorable fighter but he's holding back quite a bit."

"Yeah, with magic he could wipe the floor with any fighter down there," Rikuo joins in.

"Yo demon lord," Rakan said.

"So everyone's here?" Negi said looking around the room to find all his former Ala Alba (White Wing).

There was Asuna who was in her princess formal wear. Haruna, who was having her, fits about how her new character in her manga should look. Konoka wore her white sakura petals Kimono and next to her was Setsuna who wore a strip suit. Nodoka sat in her chair wearing top and jeans. While her best friend, Yue, wore a long skirt and a button up long sleeve shirt. Chisame was standing next to Kaede and wearing her new cosplay outfit. Kotarou was watching the match with intense excitement and his girlfriend Ako giggles at his antics. The couple wore a matching Yukata.

"So why are we here anyway?" Asks the giant monk whose name was Aotabo.

"Shut it you dolt!" A monk in black robe said hitting the large monk with his Shakujou, "We don't need to know."

"I beg to differ," a man with a floating head said.

"It's not our place Kubinashi!" Yuki said gently, "So, please, have faith in our leader, Rikuo-sama."

Negi looks around the room and knew that this was the strangest gathering he had ever held. A yokai and mages gathering in one place, all they're missing now are some priests.

"Sorry I'm late!" A black hair girl dressed in her priest outfit walks in and looks around the room.

"Yura, you're late!" Rikou said getting the girl's attention.

"A priestess? Rikou?" Negi asks.

"Hey, she insisted on coming by, by insisted she twisted my arms to tell her where and when this was going to happen," Rikou said dodging an incoming Shikigami attack.

"Let's hope we don't need all of you for what will happen the following day," Negi said solemnly turning towards the fight that was happening.

Harry had not land any hits on Akisame and his grappling had no affect at all. During his time studying under Father Akisame he had never seen his father show any weakness. Most of his family had a little weakness here and there but a small amount that couldn't be used against them. Akisame had never shown any towards Harry or his opponents. It was like fighting someone who you can't take advantage off.

Harry slowly let out a deep breath and got into a relaxing stance. He plants his left feet forward and his right back. His right fists on his hip and his left hand face his opponent who was ten feet away. Suddenly he shot his right fist forward and Akisame was pushed backward. His father had a surprised looked that was foreign on his face. Harry half moon kick and Akisame move out of the way from an invisible attack.

"Air pressure," Negi said surprised.

"What?" Rakan asks, "That's magic!"

"No, its air pressure created by moving at a super sonic speed," Kaede said and smile, "He's quite a bag of tricks."

"I like this kid already!" Kotaruo smirk at Negi, "Why didn't you tell me about him?"

"I did," Ako said softly, instantly Kotaruo began to agree with her and stammer an apology for not listening to his girlfriend.

Harry now knew the best way to defeat his opponent. Like most grappler they need to get close to their opponent to put them in a submission. The young fighter knew that all he had to do was keep his opponent at a distance and attack him from afar. Harry unleashed a barrage of air punches and as usual Akisame easily saw the attack and side step it. Each steps the Ju-Jitsu Master took, was another step closer to Harry and he knew it.

Hmm, why is he letting me get closer? Akisame said to himself. He was really proud of his son to figure out how to fight him. It was amazing to see young Harry recreate the phenomenon that Hayato does without trying. A close fighter versus a distance fighter spells doom for the close fighter, to counter that the close fighter must get close to negate the distant fighter's advantage and you are letting me get closer. Why?

True to Akisame's analysis, he was closing on Harry and he hasn't move from that spot near the edge of the platform.

Oh very good, making me get closer so you could knock me out of the ring to win, Akisame said finally seeing Harry's plan, what will you do when your opponent knows your plan? How will you adapt?

The moment Akisame was at arms length from Harry, the younger opponent step forward and spin pass him and push his master over the edge. Suddenly Harry was grab and pull over the edge of the platform. Akisame saw the horror look on his son's face suddenly his son's features turned from horror to a smirk. While in the air Harry's hand shot out and grabs the Ju-Jitsu Master's arm, he then pulls himself over his opponent and threw an air punch. That air punch didn't do any damage but made a loud rining noise Akisame's. With that few second Harry put his master's in an armlock before hitting the ground.

Harry's move surprised Akisame greatly. Harry had assessed his opponent and found a way to fight back with his disadvantage. To his credit, Akisame knew Harry couldn't hold him at all but that wasn't the point of this match.

Akisame smirk and knew his son had learned his lesson.

"AND AKISAME TAPS OUT! WHAT A GREAT MATCH THIS WAS!" Asakura scream, "Harry-kun almost knock his opponent out but when that didn't work he put his opponent in an armlock submission! What a way to go!"

Harry let go of his Father's arm and got up. His father was rubbing his beard and looking down at Harry. The Ju-Jitsu didn't have to say anything to know that Harry knew what he was trying to teach him.

Everyone has a weakness no matter how skilled or powerful they are. If you could find that weakness then you could take advantage of it to the fullest. Harry had found out he couldn't defeat his Father in a conventional straight up fight. Akisame was a close fighter and Harry knows it. Also he couldn't use weapons so he utilized one thing he could use. Father Hayato method in creating air pressure by moving at a super sonic speed. That air pressure gave Harry a weapon to use against Akisame.

When that didn't work the young disciple lured the master into a trap that was obviously flawed. Akisame say it and counter the trap with his own. In the end the Ju-Jitsu Master was outwitted and that was all it needs for Akisame to tap out.

"Thank you Akisame-tou-san," Harry said and bows to his father and master, "and I knew you could've gotten out of it Akisame-tou-san."

"That wasn't the point of the match," Akisame fluster knowing that Harry would argue about who actually won, "I think Sakaki wants to be next."

Harry was about to object when he felt a huge ki directed at him. He turns around to find Sakaki making his way towards him. The Karate master's evil glare was something Harry had seen ones and was against someone else. His steps were heavy and making cracks on the platform.

"Hey your not next!" Asakura said.

Sakaki rushes forward and Harry side step an axe kick. The ground next to him crashed into debris and Harry knew his Karate master was going all out. For the next minute Harry was running around the decimated platform that used to be nice and clean. Now Sakaki was having the time of his life destroying it. Harry on the other hand was evading for his life.

"COME ON KID, SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!" Sakaki shouts, "Give me everything you can!"

Harry dodges a sweep kick and roll over a fist. He backs paddles and got a good distance from his crazed master. Harry stare at his master for a second and knew that Sakaki really wants a challenge and the only way to do that was to 'take of the glove', so to speak. Harry slowly unclasp the manacles and drop them to the floor.

"So he's finally going to show what he's got?" Rakan said approvingly and every one in the VIP booth stares down at the fight below.

A wave of ki washes over the entire stadium and everyone fell silent.

"What the?" Kotarou said surprised, "That's coming from the kid?"

"Off course!" Eva said out of nowhere and scared everyone in the room, "I trained the kid, I should know."

"With that much ki and magic mixed, he could be an opponent to remember," Rakan said excitedly, "I want a piece of that kid!"

"That kid isn't even a match to anyone in this room," Eva shot in, "Just like an unpurified metal, he may have a lot of it but without extreme training he can't use it to the fullest potential, just like you Gaki."

"But that's a lot of power," Kotarou said.

"Just watch," Eva points to the fight, "Look at how he punches with his ki and magic combined. If we have done that then our opponent would turn into oblivion but his punches only knocked his opponent back a couple steps."

"You're right," Kotarou said disappointedly, "but you've been teaching him about it right?"

"That kid down there is the most busiest kid I know, compared to you Gaki," Eva said, "He had so many plans in one day than all of us combined. Studying, martial arts, work, cooking, researching and developing, getting dragged to odd events, just to named a few."

"Wow," Nodoka said, "He's amazing."

"Careful or you're going to make Negi-sensei jealous," Yue said, "but that means you're out of the race for his heart!"

"I wa-ass ju-sst saying!" Nodoka stammered and turned beet red.

"Yet he's not using spells or incantations," Negi said.

"Harry can't incant when he's just throwing magic around," Eva said, "He has problem using spells while fighting. Unlike you Gaki, he wasn't brought up with magic. So he's having trouble incorporating it into his fighting styles."

"But, two years?" Someone shot in.

"Hey! Not my fault he can't do it," Eva shot back, "But he will, I know it."

"I see," Negi said smiling at Eva.

"What?" Eva glared at her former student.

"You care about him," Asuna shot in and every Ala Alba group turned their heads towards Eva who was trying to control her blushes. "I don't believe this! Eva has a crush!"

"SHUT IT ASUNA!" Eva screech and trying to strangle the tall red head but failed miserably.

Back to the fight Harry was giving his all and he was creating more damages than Akisame. Asakura had to be moved off the platform and onto the judges seating area. The spectators were having a blast because this was way better than a movie. There were so many scars and debris all over the platform. Harry was having trouble hitting his opponent. He needs to concentrate and use his strengths at the right moment so he doesn't waste his energy.

Harry jump back a little and bounce on his toes like a boxer. His eyes concentrated on his opponent and Sakaki was doing the same. The Karate Master was in his stance and waiting for Harry to make his move. Harry charge forward and threw some jabs to get Sakaki to back up. To his dismay the opponent blocked the jabs and counter with a side chop. The disciple ducks under the chop and backflip kicking his opponent in the chin.

"That was nothing!" Sakaki said and then Harry spin kick him in the side of the head and sent him crashing down to the ground, "That's more like it!"

Harry backs off and pull out a kurasi-gama, a sickled attached to a long chain that has a heavy weight at the end. He began to swing the weight end above his head and his opponent backs off a little bit.

"I thought we don't allow weapons!" Kotarou said in surprised.

"No matter how this ends Harry won already, so using a weapon against an opponent who is disqualified for attacking an opponent out of order won't hinder him," Negi states, "And he's really going all out using weapons, magic and different martial arts style to take down his opponent."

"I really want to take this kid on when he gets older," Rakan smirks, "Imagine the fun we could have."

Sakaki backs off a little and then he charges forward jumping up to avoid the weight and attack Harry. When his fist hit the ground dust and debris flew into the air and his intended opponent was nowhere to be found. The sudden pressures of immense ki suddenly disappear leaving a huge void. The Karate Master waves the dusts away so he could find his opponent. Sakaki looks around and when he looked up he spots the kurasi-gama weight ball hauled down at him through the dust. He side step and grab the metal ball connected to the chained. With one sharp tug he pull the rest of the weapon at him and he cocked his arm back to wait for the flying Harry to be hurled at him. What he got was a kama shooting at him at a speed he couldn't fathom. Sakaki barely dodged the blade and suddenly there was a bright glow surrounding him. In the next second several white light shot out of the ground and it wraps itself around him.

When the dust settles there stood Sakaki all binded by what looks like white ribbons coming out of the ground. He tried to get out of it but he only cracked the ground a little.

"Okay, you win," Sakaki said and gave his trademark smirk, "You've learned to know when to go all out and when to use it at the right time. At the same time you've used all you knew and defeated me. In a fight with those who does not honor the Martial Arts world, you need to use all your knowledge to defeat them. Be it martial arts, magic or using your weapons. In another word do not limit yourself with one thing and…where's everyone?"

True enough the entire stadium was a bare wasteland. Everyone had left during Sakaki's speech and didn't even tell him. Also he was still bind to the floor by the white ribbons that seems to be unbreakable.

"They left me," Sakaki squeak out and he spots a note, "Gone for food, see you tonight? Apachai. WHAT KIND OF SICK JOKE IS THIS? GET ME OUT OF HERE, HARRY, HARRY, ANYONE HELP!"

Outside and in a restaurant Harry was having a meal with his family. They were being rowdy as usual and Apachai had been taking people's food. Akane was sitting next to Harry and congratulating him on his matches. Everyone from the Ryozanpaku was in an agreement about Harry's progress in martial arts, save for Sakaki who wasn't here. Oh well, more for Apachai then.

The restaurant was an old style Japanese restaurant with fusama doors and walls. The tatami mats was made out of woven straws and felt so comfortable. Everyone was sitting on a pillow around the long table near the floor and filled to the brim with foods. There was music playing in the background to finish the setting.

"Greetings," someone slid the door open and there stood Negi, "May we join you?"

"You may," Harry answer and bow to his teacher.

Negi walks in with Rikou and the room became a little smaller. There were so many people that the fusama had to be removed and allowed more people to join. Harry couldn't believe there were so many people who came to visit him. He didn't know he had so many friends and to top it off Eva was sitting next to him. Asuna, Negi's former student and princess, was eyeing Eva and giving weird gesture.

"So Great Uncle Ba! Your Student is great, I train him when I can," Ku said to Ba who was trying to hide that fact that he had a secret camera trained on Asukara who was still in her skimpy outfit.

"Yes, of-of course," Ba said, "Thank you."

"Why couldn't I sit next to Harry?" Ayaka hissed from far away. Her eyes were glaring daggers at both Akane and Eva.

"One Eva could freeze you," answered the manga-ka Haruna Saotome, "Two, Akane was already here."

"It Soooooo not fair!" Ayaka screech and when Harry looks over at her she instantly had stars in her eyes and wave at him.

"I'm surrounded by love struck puppies!" Haruna said facepalming.

Suddenly the door slams open to reveal a heavily panting Sakaki. Everyone in the room sat still and then got back to the food and drinks as if the interruptions weren't important.

"YOU GUYS LEFT ME!" Sakaki screamed and it shook the building.

"We told you about it and you just kept on speaking," Harry said in an honest innocent tone that left little to doubt, "I thought you knew but kept on talking so I silently let you continue."


"It's Mahora," Harry answered, "We could emptied the train and sprint to the school in less than thirty seconds."

The way Harry talked was in an honest and factual tone. His tone didn't give out any sarcasms or condescending way. It was too much for the room to hold it and they burst out in a gut-wrenching laugh. Eva was holding in her fits of laughter and Chachamaru smiled at Harry's replied.

After Harry repeatedly apologized for his mishaps and when Shigure glared at Sakaki telling him to shut up and eat. That got him to instantly sit down and began eating and drinking just so Shigure would stop glaring at him. No matter how you cut it Sakaki was freaked out by Shigure's motherly glared. Also, that blond hair short girl gave him the most creeps. The way she scowled at him was like jumping in the artic waters. Later he was told that the girl was over a thousand year old magic user vampire who could easily defeat everyone in the room.

Mahora Festival has been ranked the wildest festival in Kanto region. The festival has turned any student into an overnight billionaire. Also many companies from engineering too artistic would swarm Mahora to scout any prospect for their corporation. So as you can guess it is a hectic festival. People from all walks of life come just to experience the fable 'Mahora Festival'.

Our young fighter was just waking up from his good night rest. The night before was as wild as it could get and trying to calm three raging drunken master martial artist was easier said then done. Luckily he had magic on his side and a several well-trained magic users to help.

Harry made his way down to the kitchen and made himself some tea. A moment later Chachamaru came in and began to make breakfast. A little later a haggard worn out Eva slump into her chair. Her streak smooth blond hair was a mess.

"Good morning Eva-san," Harry greeted and set a cup of tea for Eva.

"Mo-rning," Eva barely got out.

"Good morning Master," Chachamaru said and set a plate of food for both Harry and her master.

"Please keep it down," Eva groaned covering her ears.

Harry looks at Chachamaru and without saying anything he knew why Eva was acting like this. Last night Eva, Rakan, Ba, Sakaki and Rikou had a drinking contest. Several barrels later Eva won by two glasses. Sadly to say the bills were astronomical but Ayeka, with all her theatrics, paid for the bill and got a kiss (on her hands) from Harry, which sent her into a comatose ecstasy.

"Harry-san," Chachamaru said, "I was told to give you a message, your family is will be meeting you at the park on the northern Mahora at three."

"Thank you," Harry said.

It was nine o'clock and this was the latest he has ever slept in. Luckily his wounds healed up and he was ready for the final day of the martial arts tournament. His finally opponent will be his Mother. He had fought her for the past several years and he was nowhere near defeating her. This fight will show his family of what he has learned and how will he utilize them.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Chachamaru went to the door and let in Akane. She was dressed in a nice blue sundress that went well with her blue hair. Harry had to tell himself to breath. Akane had never dressed like this before. This was the first time he has ever seen her in one of this dress. It was amazing. Her slim petite body gave the dress a nice curve…shaking his head, Harry stop his train of thought.

"Yo-uouu lolo-loo-olook great," Harry got out through his stammer.

"Thanks," Akane blush softly and tilt her head to the side, which actually made Harry blush.

"So, um, wha-what are you dressed for?" Harry asks. Unbeknownst to the two youngsters, a robot and a vampire were giving the blue hair girl their most deadly glares.

"You promised to spend the morning with me last night," Akane barked and back to her tomboyish attitude, then suddenly she softens her feature and said gently, "Did you forget?"

"No! No! Of course not," Harry said getting up and went up to his room to get ready.

The cabin became silent. Eva, Chachamaru and Akane were in an awkward silent until Eva said.

"Good luck," Eva said drinking her tea like a shot of vodka.

"Thanks," Akane said and turn towards Eva, "Promise me that you will look after him."

"I will kid," Eva sighed and the bloodlust gone, "Hurt him and death will be the least of your worry."

"I was about to say that to you," Akane said and smile at her, "History."

"What?" Eva shot in.

"Tell him about history," Akane respond, "That's his favorite subject."

"Ready!" Harry said making his way down the stairs in his jeans and t-short. His hair tied in his signature ponytail.

"Later Brood!" Akane shout and drag Harry out before Eva could respond.

After dragging Harry back into town and Akane was still holding his hand. They walked in silent and Harry would glances at his best friend who was a girl. A girl dressed to impress.

"What do you want to do?" Akane asks slowly coming to a stop.

"Anything you want," Harry said.

"Okay!" Akane shouts out gaining more confidence.

For the next several hours Harry and Akane roam the crowded festival. They enjoyed several delicious foods sold at stands and they were drawn by street portrait. Harry was dragged to several amazing and fun place. Like the Mahora Laser Tag club, which held a small tournament to show what the clubs do. Also Akane had taken Harry to a Mahora Historical Club show. In this building they were introduced to history from different cultures and timeline. Off to the side Akane glanced at Harry and saw his face show with great curiosity an attentiveness that she wished he had for her but her worries would vanishes when Harry smile back at her.

Not to far off from the cute couple there were several groups of people spying on the two. Ba, the Chinese martial artist, had a large camera and snapping every second. Behind the perve stood Akisame and Sakaki. Three pairs of eyes were trained on the cute ten-year-old couple. Sakaki had a knowing smirk plaster all over his face and Akisame was rubbing his chin in great anticipation.

On another building hid the rest of the Ryozanpaku. Miu had stars in her eyes and Kenichi was a little afraid of that look. The only time she has that expression on her face was when she would fantasize about romantic situations. Most of them somehow involved an unlikely conflict to meet the desire outcome. Apachai and Hayato were drinking tea and glanced at the couple from time to time and Hayato was smiling underneath his golden beard.

Shigure, Harry's mother, stood tall and proud of her son yet her face wore a heavy expression. Underneath that stone face hid many secrets and soon one of the greatest secrets will be revealed. Shigure didn't want to reveal it but she knew the time was coming soon. She looks at the envelope in her right hand and her left hand brush over the address written in emerald green ink.

Back to the two couple who were having the time of their life. Harry was laughing and enjoying Akane's little antics at one of the vendor tent. She was screaming and arguing about how she shot correctly but nothing happened. So Harry grabbed the cap gun and shot the can over to win a stuff teddy bear.

"Hey that was mine!" Akane shot in and Harry hand the blue teddy bear over to her. She looks down at it and gently held it. Slowly her cheeks began to redden and she said, "Thank you."

"No problem, Akane-chan," Harry said and smile at her. He held out his right hand for her to grab it. For Akane, time stood still and her heart beat a little slower and a little louder. Her hand slowly reaches out to grab his.

Was this it? Does he want me? Does he love me? Akane asks herself but when both hands grasps each other she didn't care if he returned her feelings. All she knew was that this was the happiest day of her life and nothing will change that. The teddy bear was in held closed to her chest in her other hand. The butterfly feeling was working overtime and she loved it.

A little a ways in the bushes, an angry young overprotective girl was being held down by several of her friends. Ayaka was not having a good day. Her honorary little brother was being taken advantage off and as his sister she must do something about it. Then again it was hard to do anything when you have three martial artist holding you down and four friends covering your rants.

Harry's mind was racing while holding Akane's hands. He was thinking about Akane as a girl. They had known each other since they were in elementary school. She had been there for him and he for her. It was like a bad romantic Manga, a main character was beginning to find his emotion and that emotion was making the main character realize something about his childhood friend.

"Come on," Akane said and began to take the lead, as the two made their way down the stairs. The azure hair girl missed step and she plummeting to the ground. Suddenly Harry spins her around and brought her close to save her. One of his left hands was around her waist and his left hand still holding hers.

Akane stare into his green eyes and her heart began to beat loudly. They were close, half an inch away from kissing, she was thinking about it. Slowly Harry place his forehead on hers and without uttering a word the two began to understand one another. Akane slowly brought up her hand and place it on his right cheeks and gently leans in.

"NEVER!" Ayaka screamed from the bushes startling the two to jump back, Ayaka was crawling out from the bushes with several people trying to drag her back, "I WILL NOT LET MY HARRY-IMOUTO-CHAN BE VOILATED!"

Without warning, the two bolted out of there and wondered of they lost who ever were following them. Akane was livid, she was that close to kissing Harry and Ayaka ruined it!

After running for who knows how long, Harry and Akane found themselves staring up at the world tree. The largest tree in Japan was loaming over them with grander presence. There have been numerous stories pertaining to that tree. One legend spoke about how if one confesses your love to the person you loved then your relationship will be forever written in destiny. Other stories spoke of traveling to a far away land and such fable.

The weather was gentle and the sun bright as ever in the afternoon sky. Several birds and random flying vehicles zip above the couple. Akane's sundress gently flutters in the wind with Harry's ponytail as its partner. The view was breathtaking, the sight of western architectural design cover the whole lay of the land but there were pockets of Japanese buildings.

"This is a great view!" Akane scream and rush over to the fence forgetting the incident that had happened.

"It's great isn't it?" Harry asks, "I had a great time today."

"Me too," Akane said softly, "Look, Harry." She turns towards Harry and he in turn did the same, "I..I've got something to say."

A distant bell chime rang and that parted the couple. Both green and blue eyes stare at each other.

"It's three!" Harry said suddenly, "I've got to go! Sorry Akane-chan, I will make it up to you!" And he was gone.

"No, please!" Akane softly beg at seeing Harry running away, "Not yet, it can't be now, why!"

It took several minutes for Harry to sprint from rooftop to rooftop and made it to the park where he was to meet with his family. There he spots his family on a picnic blanket with several foods out. Apachai, as usual, was devouring several plates of food and Miu was trying to stop the Muay Thai fighter from eating everything. Sakaki had his beer in hand and talking with Akisame. Ba and Hayato were playing Shogi (Japanese Chess) while Kenichi was watching them. His mother was off to the side waiting for him.

"Konnichiwa mina-san (Good Afternoon, Everyone)!" Harry said and the group greets him back. The sky was clear with several white clouds. The area he was in was big and to his surprised there were just his family. It was nice to be alone and not to worry about people getting in his way.

"Yo!" Sakaki said waving at Harry, "Come on! We don't get to do this often."

"Indeed Sakaki-tousan," Harry said sitting down and bow at everyone, "What shall we do today?"

"Relax kid!" Ba shot in and moved a knight, "It will okay."

"Yeah Harry," Miu said handing Harry a cup of tea, "You know that we all love you no matter what."

"And I to, love you all," Harry said and sip his tea.

"Apachai love Harry!" Apachai said setting a chicken leg down.

"You've made us proud Harry," Akisame said with a smile on his face.

"Never forget that Harry!" Hayato said rubbing his golden beard.

"This past years went by quick and you have shown us that you've inherited Ryozanpaku and the meanings behind it," Kenichi said in such a way that was out of character for him. "Remember we will always be there for you!"

"Now to why we are here," Akisame said and everyone turn towards Harry. "Shigure?"

"Harry," His mother said and as always she was a woman with few words. Slowly she places the tan envelope on the ground and pushes it towards Harry. "You pass."

Harry bows his head and took the envelope. The envelope was heavy as if it held a lot of things. Upon looking at his family who gave Harry a nod of approval and he slowly put a tear in the envelope.

"YO Harry!" The Fumika twins came over and join the group, "So how's it going? What, having a party and didn't invite us."

"If you don't mind?" Harry asks his family who invited the girls and after a moment there were a bustling of people coming out of nowhere and joining the picnic party. Everyone from his classmates to those fro the Youkai clan had appeared. Everyone was drinking and having fun but there was one person Harry never seen before.

This person was a teen around thirteen years old and had long red hair that streak from his head. He wore an unusual Korean outfit that dated back to the 18th century. He carried a strange sword that Harry had never seen before and wore a large gauntlet that was hidden by a scarf wrapping. This person had a deep red stone necklace that reminds Harry of blood.

This person was leaning against the tree and his body told Harry that he was relax and didn't have a care for the world. Suddenly the Youkai leader as will as Negi walks over to the teen and they spoke several words. Rikuo had a look of relief on his face as will as Negi Sensei. The teen gave a hearty laugh and then spoke back to the two and their facial features changed into a look of worry.

The teen walked over to Harry and flop down next to him. Harry offer a drink for the teen who took it in kind.

"Harry Potter," The teen said and Harry had to hold his breath for a moment. No one had called him by that name before not even Negi-sensei who knew his birth name. "Names Mejah. You're a good fighter."

"Thank you Majeh-san," Harry thanked the teen and he observed him closely. The way Majeh moves and his attitude told Harry that he was confidents and very brash.

"I wouldn't mind a fight or two," Majeh said and look up to the sky and his long red hair fall backwards, "It's a good day."

"Umm," Harry was at lost for words.

"The dragon sent me, something about a destiny and blah, blah blah!" Mejah said and took the bottle of Sake (alcohol). "But you knew that right? Besides you'll do great! I can see it and this eyes of mine have never been wrong."

"MEJAH!" A man in what looked like a ninja garb but looked more pajama liked. He carried what seems to be like a large scroll on his back and his eyes blazed with burning fiery.

"YO, Samhuk, wanna chicken?" Majeh said the man and offer the chicken as a way to show his kindness.

"YOU INSUFFERABLE!" Samhuk barked but suddenly he felt the shadow of doom overshadowing him.

"Who are you calling insufferable?" Majeh said darkly and his eyes gleamed red.

"Eh," Samhuk took a step back from the incoming doom that was Majeh.

"It's a PARTY!" Ba said pulling out his cameras and starts taking pictures of girls with skirts barely covering them and also running away from Setsuma because he took a lewd picture of Konaka.

"You're right!" Majah said and grab Ba by the shoulder and began singing a song at the same time dodging several swings from the young white wing Tengu.

The envelope forgotten and Harry was looking around at the chaos that will ensue and how everyone around him was smiling. One thought had made its way into his head and made him smile and it said, "This has been the best Mahora Festival."