sway, sway
o! lovely night
come to me
from fair moon's sight

look to me
my black lit soul
so dark
it appears as coal

sway, sway
o! pale lit skin
o! crooked body
let me in

your ark is high
your lips of bloom
beauty so full
they make me swoon

sway, sway
o! rough set sea
in my sheets of tumble
you rescued me

cold as ice
our skin sets fire
close in touch
to meld my desire

sway, sway
o! eyes of ocean
o! deep and dark
and so full of devotion

your kiss is close
and yet so far
it races through me
like a shooting star

sway, sway
o! cool set hips
as I've yet to fumble
with my fingertips

as I rock your body
back and forth
I trace with mine
a still lit torch

sway, sway
o! sweet sun-kissed body
o! cradle for me the
sanctum of our sweet honey

a corpse so fragile
so weak with love
she sings to me with
the grace of a pure white dove

sway, sway
o! wave of white
provide for us
a small beam of light

in the dark night
I feel you here
I'm not so lonely
but with so much to fear

sway, sway
o! cold wind calls
but to her I cling tighter
afraid of its flimsy claws

so frail, so lovely
and so true to me
her sheet covered body
protects my heart's key

sway, sway
o! lovely sight
o! come to me
in the dead of night

- andromeda

Copyright © andromeda-smile

All rights reserved.

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