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Chapter One

Enter Naruto

Sixteen year old Rogue sat looking out from the cliffs of the Xavier Home for Gifted Youngsters silently crying. Why is she crying I hear you ask? Well you see Rogue is a mutant, now a mutant is a human whose DNA contains an extra genes known as the X-Gene. Now to understand why Rogue is crying one must first understand that many mutants are given special abilities which many view as a wonderful gift. But their are those like rogue who view the Gene as a curse.

Why? Why can't ah control it. Thought Rogue as she continued to cry Because of this power ah can't ever touch another person for as long as ah live. Rogue thought once again as she had finally had enough of the pain her powers brought her.

Slowly Rogue approached the cliff edge and closed her eyes missing the red flash behind her. Spreading her arms Rogue jumped.

Rogues eyes shot open when she did not feel the sensation of wind rushing passed her looking up she saw a boy her own age holding tightly an to her wrist. Her bare wrist.

Instantly Rogue began to struggle only to stop when she realised that the usual painful sensation that came when she absorbed someone's skills and memories and if they were a mutant, there power as well wasen't there.

Looking up Rogue saw a pair of the deepest blue eyes she had ever seen, unruly blonde hair and what looked like three scars on each cheek that reminded her of whiskers.

"Are you ok?" the blonde boy asked her and all Rogue could do was nod as the boy pulled her up. {AN: I will explain how Naruto can speak English later}


A few minutes later found Professor Xavier, Storm and Wolverine looking at the sight of a sobbing Rogue who had a bewildered blond in a tight hug while said blond was trying to calm her down.

Slowly the Professor approached the two sixteen year olds and asked "Rogue is everything alright?"

Rogue looked in the direction of the Professor and everyone saw the tears were not of sadness but of happiness. "Professor ah can touch him!" shouted Rogue as she moved to remove her glove and before anyone could stop her put her bare hand on the boys cheek.

Every one who was gathered there apart From Rogue and the boy gasped, as the boy displayed none of the ill effects that came when Rouge drained someone of their life energy.

"Young man what is your name?" asked a curious Storm because as far as they know no one has ever been immune to Rogues powers.

"Err… My name is Naruto Uzumaki. Can someone tell me where I am and how I can understand what language you are speaking?" asked the blonde who everyone now knew was called Naruto.


"Rouge what will your intentions be towards this Naruto?" the professor asked as Rogue stood before him.

"Ah want to get to know him first. And see what happens from there." answered Rogue. And ah think he needs someone as well. she thought forgetting in that moment who she was stood in front of.

Cocking his eyebrow the Professor decided to ask about that thought. "Rouge why do you think he needs someone as well?"

Damn ah forgot the Prof could read minds there she thought and saw that the Professor had a small smirk plastered on his face. Rouge took a deep breath then answered "To answer your question Professor. When I glomped him after I tried to…commit suicide, he flinched as if he expected me to hit him like he doesn't know what affection is. I think he is alone."

"Interesting, Rogue in an hour I want you to bring him to my office. We will find out if you are right about him."

"Yes professor." said Rogue and left the office.

An hour later found Rouge stood waiting for Naruto outside the med bay. It was not long until he emerged from the room and upon seeing him she smiled.

"come on suga the Professor would like to speak with you now that you've been checked out." explained Rogue as she grabbed Naruto's bare hand and dragged him towards the lift that would take them up to the ground floor.

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