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Chapter 5

A School Day


Naruto shot awake in his room with in the Xavier Mansion and fumbled with the alarm on his bedside table. Looking out the window Naruto saw that it was early morning outside; checking the time on his alarm clock Naruto saw that it was four a.m.

Right I will get in a couple of hours' worth of training but first a light sandwich. Naruto thought to himself before he then quickly got dressed but not too quietly because he had the room to himself. This was because Kurt shared with Evan and he knew he wouldn't have been allowed to share with one of the girls and Scott had his own room due to his age, so for the time being Naruto had his own room. Quietly exiting his room in a combination of simple grey sweat pants and sweatshirt with his old Shinobi sandals on his feet Naruto made his way down stairs. Once outside Naruto did some stretches and warm up Exercises before he began to run some laps around the Mansion grounds.

An hour later Naruto was kicking at one of the training posts that were in the back yard of the mansion when he was interrupted by a gruff voice.

"Finally, someone who has a serious attitude when it comes to training."

Spinning round Naruto saw that the person who spoke was the one called Logan.

"You mean the others don't Logan-san?" Naruto asked confused as to why anybody would neglect their training something he had always wondered with Ino and Sakura as well. Naruto then turned back to the training post and began to punch it.

Walking up to where he could observe Naruto's fighting style closer Logan answered Naruto's question. "No they don't… well Jean does but that's only cause she's on the girls soccer team at Bayville High." Explained Logan, and watched Naruto hit the post a few more times, then spoke again. "Something tells me you're a brawler type Whiskers"

Pausing in his punching Naruto looked at Logan. "Comes from growing up on the streets." Said Naruto and Logan nodded in understanding.

Logan then looked Naruto over. "Tell you what, how about I teach you a fighting style used by the military here called CQC or Close Quarters Combat. I think it would fit you better than just simply brawling with your opponent in an attempt to overpower them." Logan Suggested.

Naruto took a moment to think over Logan's suggestion before coming to a decision. "I would be honoured to learn CQC from you Logan-Sensei." Naruto said with a respectful bow.

Logan returned the bow and said "Let us begin then, we have an hour before the others wake." Logan then began to show Naruto the basics of CQC.


An hour later a sweaty Naruto re-entered the Mansion followed by a winded Logan. Damn that kid's got stamina. Logan thought as Naruto disappeared back upstairs to his room so he could shower and change into fresh clothes for school.

+++So Logan what do you think of young Naruto?+++ Came the telepathic question of Charles Xavier.

"Whiskers is an al-right kid, he may even motivate the others into training harder than they currently do" answered Logan as Charles rolled up to next to him.

"Really why is that old friend?" asked Charles with a raised brow.

"Kid was up and doing laps around the grounds at four in the morning. Then when I went out to do my own routine he was kicking one of those training posts you put up for him." then looked down to Charles. "When the others see how far behind them they are physically after I have put them through an endurance test after school today. Hopefully they will step up their own personal training afterwards." Explained Logan

As Logan finished his explanation the other students along with Naruto came down stairs and headed into the kitchen to get their individual breakfasts before they headed off to school.


It was around eight thirty and Naruto found himself sat across from Principle Darkholme. "So Mr Uzumaki, you are a transfer student from Japan and are currently a resident of the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters. Is that correct?" asked the dark haired women whose harsh brown eyes stared at Naruto from behind her wire framed glasses.

Naruto unflinching stared right back and answered. "That is correct Principle Darkholme."

"I must say Mr Uzumaki that your grasp of the English Language is remarkable." Commented Darkholme casually.

"Thank you; I spent an entire year studying English before I came over to the States." Naruto lied, using part of his cover story that the Professor had created for him. Thankfully Darkholme bought the lie or simply chose to ignore it.

"Hmm very well here is your class scheduled. You are in the same class as a Mr Daniels, Miss Rogue and a Mr Tolansky in classroom 3B… O tanoshimi ni o jikan." Said Darkholme the last part said in Japanese in an attempt to catch out Naruto.

"Watashi wa arigatō, sa" responded Naruto with a respectful bow surprising Darkholme with his perfect use of Japanese. Naruto soon left after that heading to his classroom.

As the door closed the paper clips that were lying on her desk began to hover as a shadow appeared in the room and Darkholme transformed into a woman with blue skin and red hair in a bob cut and was in a white dress with white knee high boots and piercing yellow eyes.

"So he's Xavier's new student." Mused the Shadow

"It would seem so. What should I do?" asked the women.

"Watch him for now and find out what he can do Mystique. Then report back to me." Ordered the shadow before it disappeared.

The now identified Mystique nodded before transforming back into Principle Darkholme.


Naruto found room 3B easily enough and knocked on the door. Naruto entered the room once he heard the teacher call for him from beyond it. Once in the room Naruto saw that it was vastly different from what he was used to back home in Konoha's Ninja Academy. Whereas in the academy there were desks that could seat three students at once, here there were individual desks for each student. Naruto had easily recognised Evan and Rouge.

"May I help you young man?" asked the teacher pausing momentarily in his lesson.

"Sorry sir principle Darkholme asked me to give you this as I am a new student." Naruto answered as he handed the teacher the note he was given by Darkholme to the teacher.

Taking the note the teacher read the given note and nodded before he turned and faced the class again. "Class we have a new student joining us today." The teacher explained who then turned back to Naruto. "Please introduce yourself to the rest of the class."

Turning to the rest of the class Naruto instinctively bowed before speaking. "Hello I am Naruto Uzumaki, a transfer student from a small town in Japan called Konoha." Naruto said and the teacher nodded before once again facing the class.

"Very good. Now does anybody have a question for Mr Uzumaki before we continue?" Asked the teacher as several students raised their hands looking over the class the teacher pointed to a young boy near the back of the class with sickly looking pale skin that seemed to have a green tinge to it and messy looking brown hair said boy was dressed in a long sleeved white t-shirt over which was pulled another t-shirt only this one was brown and had green edged sleeves, studded bracelets adorned each wrist while his jeans were pale blue with large holes in the knees and what looked like pale green high tops that's laces weren't tied. "Mr Tolanski."

"Yeah I's got a Question. If you's from Japan how come you don't sound it?" Tolansky asked in an ascent Naruto believed put the boy from Brooklyn.

"Why don't you think I'm Japanese and what's your first name?" Naruto asked back.

"Name's Todd, and it's like I said you's don't sound it." Was Todd's reply to Naruto's own question.

Naruto mentally grinned before speaking. "Kore wa sugureta no Todd imasu ka?" Naruto asked in perfect Japanese and nearly laughed out loud from the dumbfounded and utterly confused expression Todd now had.

"Whad he say?" Todd asked in complete confusion.

Shaking his head Naruto answered "I said, is this better Todd. But to answer your original question I don't sound Japanese because I had a very good English teacher back home." Naruto answered then looked at the teacher.

"Thank you Mr Tolanski, now are there any more Questions for Mr Uzumaki?" The teacher then asked and when nobody raised their hands he faced Naruto. Mr Uzumaki, would you please take the seat behind Mr Daniels and turn to chapter six of your text book." The teacher said receiving a nod from Naruto who went and sat behind Evan. Once sat the teacher continued the lesson on the American Civil War.

Naruto's second before lunch was science class where they were studying chemical reactions and when Naruto made a smoke bomb that reacted when exposed to air he was awarded a A+ for it.

By the time Lunch rolled round Naruto found himself sat at one of the school picnic tables along with Scott, Jean, Kurt, Evan, Rogue and Kitty. " You know I'm surprised at how much I am enjoying school seeing as I was bored out of my skull in lessons back home in Konoha." Naruto said after taking a bite out of his Pastrami and cheese Sandwich, then looking round Naruto spotted Todd stood with three other boys. "Hey Scott who are they stood with Todd?" Naruto asked motioning to where Todd was with his head.

Looking over where Naruto had nodded Scott scowled at who he was looking at "They are The Brotherhood our rivals as they usually commit crimes of varying natures under orders from their leader Mystique who is our Principle." answered Scott.

Frowning as well Naruto asked another question. "What are their names?" the names was stretched indicating he wanted to know what they could do.

It wasn't Scott who answered but Jean. "The One in the Black vest is Lance Alvers aka Avalanche, he can send energy waves into the ground to cause localised and miniature earthquakes. Todd from your class is known as Toad has enhanced agility and can spit a green goop that hardens quickly. The one with white hair is Pietro Maximoff or Quicksilver he has the ability to run at extreme speeds finally we have Fred Dukes or Blob his mutation increases his Strength and durability and is known as the Immovable force." explained Jean

Naruto looked from Jean and back to where The Brotherhood were stood. "So they are the enemy?" He then asked.

"Ya zey are Naruto." was the answer supplied by Kurt


After Lunch Naruto found his class had Gym, a lesson that didn't really bother Naruto as he was used to physical exercises. After a set of warm ups the class was split in two and were told that they would be playing baseball. The group that Naruto was part of were fielding first and the coach put Naruto on as the pitcher to the utter humiliation of the other side Naruto managed to cause each person who went up to bat to strike out. Even more spectaculir though was when it was the side Naruto was on turn to bat.

"UZUMAKI! You're up at bat first." the coach shouted watching as Naruto went up to bat. Once at the plate Naruto looked to the Pitcher's mound to see Evan was there ready to try and make Naruto strike out. Watching as Evan shook his head after shaking it Naruto knew he was ready to throw the ball.

As Evan threw the ball Naruto waited and just as it looked like Naruto was about to let the ball fly past him, he swung and hit the ball sending it flying on to the roof of the school easily getting a home run. By the time the game had finished the team Naruto was on had won eighteen runs to zero seeing as Naruto was always up as his teams Pitcher.

As the class headed back towards the locker room Naruto was called over by the coach. "Uzumaki a word please." the coach said leading Naruto to one of the bleachers.

"What's up coach?" Naruto asked after the Coach had sat on the bench.

"I need a new Pitcher for the school baseball team, and you're it"said the coach much to Naruto's amazement

"Really?" Naruto asked getting a nod from the coach. "when is practice sir?"

"A week from now see you there. Now hit the showers." the coach answered and watched as Naruto ran off back to the locker room.


Once school was out Naruto found himself walking back to the Mansion along side Kurt, Kitty, Evan and Rogue.

"So Nar, what did the coach want with you after the game?" Evan asked looking at Naruto.

"He wants me as the school's baseball team's new Pitcher." Naruto replied with a smile

"Really! That's awesome dude." Exclaimed Evan.

"So, Like how did you manage to strike out everyone who went up to bat against you?" Kitty asked who saw Evan cringe as he had been one of Naruto's victims.

"Easy I just aimed for the backstop's glove and threw a fast ball." Naruto answered as if it was no big deal.

The casual way in which Naruto had answered caused the his four companions to trip on the pavement. "Ya used yu're N Training didn't ya?" Rogue asked with narrowed eye's.

Looking at Rogue Naruto smirked. "I'll never tell. So Kurt do you think we can get away with porting from here?" Naruto asked looking round to see it was clear.

Looking round the others nodded. Seeing the nods Naruto placed his hands on Kitty and Rogue's shoulders before vanishing in a cloud of red smoke accompanied by a BAMF sound. Seeing this Kurt grabbed Evan's shoulder and vanished in a blue smoke cloud accompanied by the same sound.


In the grounds of the Xavier Mansion a red and blue smoke cloud signalled the arrival of Naruto and Kurt along with their passengers. "You know guys that's still better than a Shushin any day, and I can't wait to show it off if I get back home." Naruto said with a foxy grin.

"Ya, Naruto Zat it iz." Kurt said as they all entered the Mansion heading to the kitchen to get some soda's each to drink. Once they had their drinks the small group headed to the common room to relax for a while.

"So what's training like here at the mansion?" Naruto asked before taking a swig from his bottle of Root Beer.

"Hard for ze most part, Logan is a slave driver when it comes to the Danger Room sessions." Kurt answered while the others nodded in agreement.

"Really? Logan didn't seem that bad when he was showing me a new Taijutsu called CQC." Naruto responded Casually taking another swig of Root Beer. The shocked looks made Naruto chuckle as they clearly did not believe what he just said.

"Like you must be joking Naruto!" Exclaimed Kitty.

"Dude Logan runs us ragged with his training." Evan said with a shudder.

"I don't see what's up with you guys Logan's a pussy cat compared to some of the Sensei's back home." Naruto said with a shrug gaining looks of disbelief from the others.

"And how is Logan ah pussy cat compared to ya instructos back home Naruto?" Rogue asked looking at her friend.

Hearing Rogue Naruto mentally grinned wondering how they would react to what he was a bout to say. "Well my friend Rock Lee's Sensei makes him wear leg weights in excess of one thousand pounds on each leg. And during my Summoning training my own substitute Sensei pushed me off a cliff." Naruto answered and laughed out right at the now terrified expressions Kurt, Evan and Rogue had while Kitty had fainted at the notion of wearing one ton weights on each leg.

"Sound like the kind of guys I would get on with." came the gruff voice of Logan from the common room door prompting Kurt, Evan and Rogue to pale at the thought of Logan using training methods from Naruto's world. Smirking Logan spoke again. "Right one of you wake Half-Pint then suit up and head down to the Danger Room for some Endurance training." Explained Logan who then promptly left as the others headed to thir rooms to change while Kurt woke Kitty.


Half an hour later found all the younger members of the X-Men stood in a line before Logan who was in his uniform consisting mostly of the colour orange his arms were bare except for a pair of orange gloves with black straps three small metal holes for what Naruto didn't know. A pair of black pants held up by a orange belt that had a red X on a black background for a buckle. Logan's boots were again orange with black straps and built in knee pads. Finally upon his head was an orange and black cowl that was made to give Logan an animal like silhouette. Looking down the line Naruto took in what the other's were wearing as their uniforms.

Scott was in a full body blue body suit with a large gold coloured X that wrapped around his upper body, gold trimmed shoulder pads that held the X logo, gold coloured gloves and boots not unlike Logan's only the same colour as his own gloves and with out the straps. On Scott's face was a single red lensed gold coloured visor that he used to control the intensity of his optic blasts.

Jean's uniform was relativity simple compared to some in that it was a blue catsuit that's sleeves hooked on to Jean's ring fingers her suit had a green front and back that spread downwards from Jean's shoulders to her crotch/butt in a triangular shape and a black on red X in a circle on each shoulder. A pair of gold bangles on her wrists and a pair of simple but comfortable looking shoes. Finally on her head was an open faced cowl that also let her long red hair flow freely

Evan's uniform was the same as Scott's only without the large X a gold belt with the X Logo in a rectangular buckle, short boots and something like arm warmers, again in a gold colour for the boots and gloves and blue for the body suit and the same shoulder pads as Scott.

Kurt's Uniform unlike the others appeared to be made up of two parts a lower pair of dark blue pants that had a small hole for his tail a gold coloured belt with the X logo only in a square buckle. A dark blue top with red flared shoulders gold three fingered gloves and red three toed boots.

Kitty's uniform was like Kurt's a two piece consisting of a dark blue and lavender top that had a gold coloured collar with gold coloured gloves that had folded cuffs. Dark blue pants with a small amount of lavender near her crotch the standard gold belt with a circular X buckle.

And finally there was Rogue who was in a dark blue catsuit over which there was some green chest armour attached too two gold trimmed shield like black on red X logo shoulder pads black boots and knee pads. A pair of brown leather gloves and a gold belt with a rectangular X logo buckle that hung at a slight angle.

Naruto himself stood wearing a dark blue sleeveless top with a rust orange V styled trim on his chest and back, gold coloured shoulder pads styled similar to Rogue's. The standard Gold coloured belt with the black on red X logo set in a circular buckle. The belt was holding up a pair of dark blue pants with rust orange trim running down his legs. Finishing off his own uniform was a head band like his old ninja one only with the X logo in a circle in place of the leaf, a pair of rust orange fingerless gloves with gold coloured forearm bracer's and finally a pair of gold coloured armoured boots with built in knee pads.

"Right listen up kids, today's training is a easy endurance test to see where you stand physically and what your individual levels of stamina are." Explained Logan who saw the various teens before him nod in understanding. "Now what you have to do is simply run laps around the danger room till you drop. When you drop you will drag yourself to the side and rest until the end of the exercise when I will evaluate you all. For extra motivation the last one standing will have the option to not participate in tomorrows training exercises." now line up and get ready to start running." Logan further explained and watched as everyone stood in a row at the side of the danger room ready to begin. Raising his hand Logan paused momentarily then dropped his hand signalling the exercise had begun. Logan then left the danger room floor and headed to the control room to monitor the teens.


once in the control room Logan saw that Charles and Storm were there already watching the teens. Turning storm who was in her civilian clothes looked to Logan and spoke. "Logan what's the purpose of this rather easy exercise?"

Moving to where he could see the team of youngsters from the vantage of the control room windows he watched as Kitty collapsed and dragged herself off to the side, after only Ten laps. "That's why Ororo I want the kids to finally take their training seriously and I am hoping that when they see how far behind Naruto they are physically they will step up their training a lot." Logan answered

"I don't think that is entirely fair Logan, from what we have learned Naruto has been in training since he was very young. The others haven't." Ororo said her tone indicating her disapproval of Logan's underhanded teaching methods as she watched Kurt drop and drag himself to sit beside Kitty. Kurt was followed by Rogue a few laps later leaving only Evan, Scott, Jean and Naruto still running.

It was to Ororo's great surprise however when Professor Xavier spoke in defence of Logan's methods. "I actually approve of the idea Ororo. Yes Naruto has been in training longer than the others but because of that the others will see this as a challenge to better themselves through harder training then they currently perform." Xavier explained as Evan collapsed after completing his twelfth lap. This left only Scott, Jean and Naruto left and even then you could see Scott was tiring while Jean was just starting to show she was tiring.


An hour and a half later Logan left the control room after seeing Scott collapse followed by Jean a few laps later. Entering the Danger Room Naruto had just started on his fiftieth lap and was only slightly starting to sweat. "Ok Whiskers you can have tomorrow of is you want." Logan shouted causing Naruto to slow down before stopping and then jogged over to the others who were stood before Logan. "Right as of now this is were you stand Naruto with fifty-one laps is first followed by Jean with forty-five laps, Scott with forty, Evan with thirty, Rogue with twenty-five, Kurt with twenty and Kitty with only Ten. I hope now you will all take your training more seriously from now on. Now shower and rest up and think about what I've said." Logan explained before letting the teens leave the Danger Room to shower and relax for the rest of the night.

After everyone was showered and back in their casual clothing they were once again in the common room eating a pizza each and enjoying various sodas. "Hey Nar, what do you sugest we do to increase our stamina?" Evan asked before taking a bite of his pepperoni pizza, the question gained every body's attention.

Swallowing the bite of the anchovy pizza he had asked for Naruto answered. "That's easy Evan just get up at four in the morning and do some light exercises for two hours." Naruto then mentally chuckled hearing them all groan.

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