"Tell me what happened," Parker says in a rush, bursting in through her apartment door. Sophie almost jumps a freaking mile; she swears she locked that thing. She turns to look at her, reminding her in an annoyed tone, "Parker, knocking."

Her and Eliot got on the next flight back to Boston after their day together. She just needed to come home, needed to be where it was familiar, warm. Eliot dropped her off at her apartment not more than twenty minutes ago, kissing her goodbye. Telling her that they'll go say hi to everyone in the morning. Apparently, Parker doesn't wait that long. She has no idea how the hell she knew she was home. Maybe she doesn't want to know.

"Sorry," Parker says in a rush, closing the door behind her. "Now tell me."

"Slow down, breathe. Go have a cookie or something, just let me settle in first, damn," Sophie says, finally able to sit down on her couch. She takes a breath, but Parker doesn't. She's practically on top of her suddenly, half on the couch and half on her, in her face.

"Come on, please?"

Sophie rolls her eyes, but smiles, liking that Parker's taking such an intense interest in her love life. Made them really feel like friends. "Fine, but get off of me, and take slow deep breaths. Don't want you to keel over. It'd be a bitch to clean up."

Parker gets off of her, but she's looking at her eager. "I want details."

"I am not giving you details, you perv," Sophie chides her, and Parker looks disgruntled from being told no. But she relents.

"Fine," she says. Then a beat, "By the way, you're not as fat as you were when you left."

"Thanks," Sophie says, taking her messed up compliment, knowing what she meant by it. She settles back against the couch, and is silent for a minute, enjoying torturing Parker for a brief moment. Then she smiles and says in this girly way she wishes never came out of her mouth, "It was amazing."

Parker squeals a little, excited. "Tell me, tell me!"

She's way too excited about this, but it makes Sophie smile. "He showed up at my door, all awkward and whatever. So was I. I dunno, we talked for a bit. Admitted some shit."

"You told him you wanted him to rape you?" she asks, pressing for more details.

"Yeah, but he… didn't take it so well," she tells him. Parker's face falls, feeling sorry for her. She continues though, "We got into this big argument, and then I made him tell me his dirty little fetishes to prove a point. Prove the point you showed me before: that we all want something fucked up."

Parker's eyes go wide, and she's hanging on ever word. "Ooh… what are his?" she asks, curious.

"I'm not telling you that." Parker pouts. "No, Parker," she says firmly. "It's his business, so just no." Parker sighs, looking disappointed. She wanted the dirt on Eliot.

Sophie continues with her little story, "So I did one of his… and then he did mine," she has this smile on her face, and it's making Parker smile.

"He did it then?"

Sophie nods, then she bites her lower lip in remembrance. God, this whole conversation was reminding her of herself back in high school, gushing over her crush to her girlfriends. Parker watches her, and asks, "What? What else? What's making you smile?"

Sophie purses her lips together, and Parker waits, eager. "He… he had sex with me." Parker looks at her like she's lame for building up something as simple as that. "No, you don't get it, Parker," Sophie tells her. "He was soft with me, he kissed me, told me I was beautiful. He did it all slow and passionate and… god," she practically moans in remembrance, closing her eyes. "He made me feel bloody everything."

"So is he the new boyfriend?" she asks her.

Sophie opens her eyes to look at her. "I don't know, we didn't really talk about that," she admits to her. "I want him to be."

"Obviously," Parker says. "You're turning into a mushy pile of goo on your sofa." Sophie flips her off, but smirks. So does Parker.

"So tell me about your almost-moment," Sophie asks, sitting up straighter, wanting to know what happened with her and Hardison.

Parker blinks, readjusting to the changed conversation. "Oh," she says. Then she rolls her eyes a bit and shrugs slowly, becoming self conscious. "I don't know, it was nothing."

"It was something to you," Sophie tells her, pointing out how she was acting. "Tell me."

Parker fidgets a little, shifting from side to side, bobbing her head a little bit before she stops and looks at her. "Okay. We were in this vault, and Hardison was about to get caught, so I pulled him into this little side storage thing in the middle of it. We were trapped in there, and it was really small, so he was all pressed up against me. And he was like… he was like this," and of course, because Parker doesn't understand boundaries, she's suddenly pressed up against her, their lips only a breath away from each other. "This close," she explains, looking down at her, her voice lower from the close proximity.

Damn her.

"Uh huh…" Sophie says softly, not being to help staring at her lips. God, too close. Too close for comfort. Too close because it's doing something to her, oddly enough.

"You have pretty lips," Parker observes, looking at them. Looking at them in a way that Sophie wasn't sure she wanted her looking at them.

"Parker, focus."

"And I kind of…" she continues, moving her head towards her, just slightly, but then she pulls it back. "My heart was going really fast, and it felt funny in my stomach. I was breathing really hard, and he was looking at my lips and…"

"AND??" Sophie asks breathless, not being able to take the suspense.

"….And then we fell through the floor." Parker says, sighing a bit, and climbing off of Sophie to sit back on the couch. She's disappointed, but Sophie sighs a little in relief from Parker climbing off of her. She couldn't deal with that, apparently.

"It just… caved in?" Sophie asks, hoping neither of them were hurt.

"Eliot did it, I knew he was going to do it, but still. He could have waited maybe one more second. I don't know."

"Would you have kissed him in that one more second?" she asks, and Parker makes a face, squirming.


"Parker, I don't understand you. You want him, he obviously wants you. Why can't you just kiss him?" she asks, a little frustrated with her herself.

"I don't know," she says quietly, and curls her arms into herself. "I'm just… I just can't. Not now."

Sophie doesn't press it, but she hopes Parker can find it within herself to do it soon. She needs to be happy, and Hardison makes her happy, that much is obvious. Parker's looking vulnerable, so Sophie sighs, running her fingers through the girl's hair, pulling her towards herself. Parker relaxes a bit and leans her head on her shoulder, just needing to lean on her. Maybe to be comforted, maybe just because she hasn't seen her in so long. Sophie doesn't know.

The next morning didn't go over as smoothly as she would have liked. When her and Eliot walked into Nate's apartment together, everyone turned around and looked at them. Nate, Hardison, Parker, Tara. Tara's face breaks out into a smile, and she gets up, coming over to her quickly to wrap her in a hug.

"Damn girl, fuckin' finally," she says, holding her tight. They didn't see each other after their phone call; Tara just went straight to Boston. Sophie was smiling, glad to see her old friend again. When they pulled away, she flicked her hair, "Like the long."

She smirks, flicking Sophie's. "Like the short."

But they're interrupted by Hardison, who pretty much tackles her, making her let out an 'oof!' as he squeezes her. "Never leave again," he tells her, still holding her tight. She can't help but smile at how cute he's being. "They yell all the time when you're not here," he tells her, like he isn't one involved in the yelling. Like he's telling on them, and it makes her smirk. She knows better though, she knows how he fights with Eliot.

He releases her, and Parker looks at her. "I already hugged you, I'm good," she says, and brings the straw of her juice box up to her lips and slurps loudly.

Sophie looks at Nate, but he isn't looking at her. He's looking at Eliot, in this way that signifies sudden death. Oh shit. "Three days?" he asks, trying to be calm. "What the hell were you doing for three days?"

Hardison, Tara, and Parker kind of back away from the conversation, moving away as if to watch from the sidelines. Sophie stays silent, waiting for Eliot to speak. She doesn't know if she wants to tell Nate yet. By the look on Nate's face though, he already suspected.

"Nothing, I was at fuckin' McDonalds for two of them," Eliot tells him flatly.

"I can back that up," Hardison says, raising his hand. "Got footage." But Nate just shoots him a glare, and Hardison sheepishly puts down his hand, staying silent. Then he's looking at them both again.

"Why?" he asks dangerously.

"It's none of your business," Eliot growls at him, not liking the way he was treating him. But Nate was staring him down. He knew. He just knew.

"Get out of my damn house, Eliot."

"No, not till you tell me what your fuckin' problem is, Nate," Eliot responds, raising his voice. Sophie didn't like where this was going, so she grabs hold of his arm, trying to pull him back towards her.

"Don't, please," she tells him, holding onto him. She doesn't want to start a fight, not here. Not now.

Nate just laughs in disbelief, like he can't believe what he's seeing in front of him. Hardison apparently just seems to get it, because he starts waving his finger at the two of them with this look for pure shock on his face. Parker grabs his hand though, pulling it back towards him quickly, like she didn't want to disturb the animals in their natural habitat. She's still watching what was going on. Tara was leaning back against the wall, arms crossed over her chest, apparently entertained by the interaction.

"You're a fucking bastard," Nate spits out at him, and Eliot starts to move towards him. Sophie desperately pulls him back, gets in front of him, trying to stop him. Block him. Hands on his chest, she tries to make him look at her.

"No, Eliot no. Stop, please. Let me handle this, please don't do anything stupid," she begs him, but Eliot's pissed, and his whole body is poised, ready.

"Make him stop talking shit before I feed him his fuckin' teeth," he growls, still not looking at him. He's staring over her head, right at Nate.

"Oh, this is fucking rich."

Eliot tries to move towards him again, but Sophie continues to block him. He just yells at Nate though, "You didn't fuckin' do anything for ten years! Don't get pissed off cause someone else had the balls to do what you couldn't!"

"You had no fucking right—" Nate starts, but Eliot interrupts him.

"I have every fuckin' right!"

"STOP!" Sophie screams, just desperate now. She can't handle this; she doesn't want a fight over her. She pushes Eliot back, gives him one more pleading look, the turns to Nate. "I need to talk to you, alone," she tells him, walking over to him, past him, right into the next room. She turns around to look at him, he's still unmoving. "Now, Nathan."

Nate just snarls at Eliot, and turns to follow her into the next room. She shuts the door behind them, and she rounds on him. "You need to stop."

"I need to stop? What fuck are you doing, Sophie?! Eliot?"

"Yes, Eliot," she says calmly. He just looks at her like he doesn't know who's in front of her. "You took too long, Nathan. I'm… I'm…" she chokes on the word again, but she forces it out, knowing she needs to say it, that it might be the only thing that makes this right. "I'm sorry, okay? But it was too long."

Nate just sets his jaw, pissed. Hurt. He's looking at her, and she feels so horrible about doing this to him. "I'm so sorry," she says again.

Nate takes a breath, narrowing his eyes in anger and looks at the wall. "I bet," he says, using a tone Sophie wishes he wouldn't. He's silent for a minute, as if debating on asking something. But he looks at her, "He… makes you happy?" It was like the words were killing him.

"Yes," Sophie tells him honestly.

There's silence. Long silence that eats at her. "I hate this," he tells her, trying to keep his voice steady.

"I know," she says, her voice lower, sympathetic. She goes to touch his arm, but he moves away from her. "I'm sorry," she says again.

"You know how I feel about you," he says finally.

"Yeah," she says softly, watching him with pity. He's so angry, so broken, and she doesn't know how to make it better. "But you never…" she starts, sighing a little with the honesty, "You never said it. You never told me."

It takes awhile before everything is somewhat close to being fixed again. Tara left, leaving the five of them to work out the issues between them. It was a long time before they went on another job together, but when they did, Sophie and Eliot acted like they were just friends in front of Nate. Trying to make it easier, not throw it in his face. After awhile, the glares and snide comments to each other faded, and things were back to normal, at least for the most part.

But during that time, the long stretch of jobless time that lasted almost two months, Sophie was trying to, shit, have some kind of… relationship with Eliot. Which of course sounds absurd, because Eliot is not the candy and flowers type of guy.

It started out, the first couple weeks, with just sex. Raw, pure, animalistic fucking. Here, there, bloody everywhere. In his apartment, in hers; the kitchen counter, the bathroom sink, the couch, the damn porch (she wasn't too happy about that one, she's sure her neighbor saw them, he's been looking at her funny recently). Sex, all the time. He slapped her around, humiliated her, forced her to suck his dick, even experimented with breath play for her. Anal, they did that too. Hurt like hell at first but now she can take it with the best of them, actually enjoys it. But they didn't just do kink, sometimes he would lay her down and treat her like she's made of gold; kissing her softly, touching her gently, making her gasp and hold on to him and just wish for one damn second that he'd say that she was his.

He never said that. Never said she was his girlfriend, that she was exclusively his… and that he was exclusively hers.

But she couldn't ask about it, she didn't want to freak him out.

And then a month went by and all of a sudden he wasn't coming over as much anymore, wasn't calling as much. The sex was maybe two times a week at best, when it used to be four times a day. Never soft anymore, always rough and quick and out the door again. Something was wrong.

"I think he's cheating on me," Sophie tells Parker, the words choking up in her throat as she stands in Parker's doorway. It was the first thing out of her mouth.

"Do you want me to set him on fire?"

"What? No," Sophie says, and pushes past her, into her apartment, just needing to be inside. Parker closes the door behind her. Sophie collapses on her couch, and puts her face in her hands.

Parker just looks at her, "Good, it'd be a shame to ruin his pretty hair." She pauses, then says, "I thought he hasn't said yet that you were his girlfriend."

"He hasn't," Sophie groans, hating that.

"So how can he be cheating on you?"

That makes Sophie cry all of a sudden, and Parker's eyes go wide, not knowing what to do. "He's not… he's just bloody just going out and getting some from some stupid blonde fake tittied whore at the bar and there's nothing I can do about it!"

Parker walks over to her cautiously, as if someone crying was something to be wary of. But she sits next to her, and awkwardly pats her on the leg, in a 'there, there' kind of gesture.

"Are you on your period?" she asks sympathetically.

Sophie sniffs, looking up at her. Why the hell does she have to…? Ugh. "Don't tell me you can smell it or something weird," she says.

"No, just every three months when your birth control lets you actually have one, you start crying over everything," Parker explains. "Remember that time I was watching the Discovery Channel and you came in, saw the dolphins 'making love' and started crying because you weren't a dolphin?"

"That's not… that's not why I was crying, Parker," Sophie says, wiping her tears away. God, that was like a year ago, maybe even two. "I was just upset over Nate."

"No, you started talking about dolphins and how they can have love but you can't, and how you hated you were a person." A pause, "I assumed you wanted to be a dolphin. I can see the appeal."

"Parker, just… shut up, okay?" Sophie says, desperate for her to just… stop rambling about shit that doesn't matter. She starts lays her head on Parker's chest, just needing to be held. It takes Parker awhile, to adjust to the touchy feeliness, but then she puts her arms around her.

"I'm glad I don't cry when I get mine, or do anything else weird," she says.

Sophie scoffs, "Please, I can track your cycle by when your 'special angry place' arises. Usually there are guns involved."

"That's not my cycle, that's my bipolar."

"I keep telling you that you need meds," Sophie tells her, chiding her. Parker shrugs.

"I don't like them."

Sophie sighs, staying silent for awhile, just lying on Parker. Fuck, she hated this. Weren't things supposed to be happy with Eliot? Good? She might be on her rag, but that doesn't change the fact that he barely sees her anymore.

"Do you think he's fucking someone else?" she asks softly. Parker's started to play with her hair, probably knotting it up, but she didn't care. It still felt nice. Being touched.

"I dunno, you want me to spy?"

"No," she says automatically, then changes it to, "Yes. I mean no."

"Yes or no?"

"I mean no, but I won't be opposed if you do and then just… tell me," Sophie says carefully. She doesn't want Eliot to know that she got Parker to spy on him, after all. That's one bloody fight she seriously doesn't want to have.

Parker did spy on him. For four days. But when she came back to report, there was nothing to tell. Eliot stayed at home a lot, no one came over. Sometimes he'd go out to the bar, but didn't talk to anyone. He just sat there and drank. So when Eliot did come over for his once a week fuck, or whatever it was, after pounding into her so hard and making her scream his name until her voice was hoarse, this time she didn't just let him walk out on her.

He's picking up his clothes, putting them back on. He pulls up his jeans, buttoning them. "Gotta go," he explains to her. She just stares at him from a minute from on the bed.


He looks at her, and then bends down to pick up his shirt from off the ground, breaking eye contact as he says, "Got shit to do."

"Like what?"

He pulls the shirt on over his head and looks at her like she's the one being weird. "What is this? Fuckin' twenty questions?"

"No," Sophie says, not being able to contain the anger and the hurt in her voice. "I just want to know why you always come over, shag me, and then bloody walk out the door five minutes later. Is it that horrible to be around me?"

"Don't get all girly on me, jeez," he says, and her eyes flash at him as he turns. "I'll see you later." He starts to walk out of the bedroom, but she's up in a second, following behind him, still naked.


"I don't know, just later, okay?" He opens her front door, walking out of it. "Bye," he says, leaving her just standing there. Only she wasn't going to just stand there, hell no. She's out the door, following him outside, still completely naked.

"No, I'm not just going to let you walk out of here again!" she yells at him, and his eyes go wide before he turns, seeing her very nude and in public.

"Fuck, Sophie, get back inside!" he yells at her, and then he's pushing her backwards, guiding her back in the house, slamming the front door behind him once they're back inside. "What the fuck is wrong with you?!"

"You're what's wrong with me, you selfish prick!" she screams, angry. Fuck him, fuck the hell out of him. He really is one great big asshole isn't he?!

"What the hell did I do?!"

But she's upset, and she's emotional, and she can feel her throat start to close and the tears well in her eyes as she just glares at him. "You just come in here, whenever you want, and you take what you need and then you don't… you don't even look at me after anymore! You're making me feel like I'm a… like I'm just some bloody prostitute!"

"Thought that's what you wanted; being a whore," he says, looking at her like she's the one that's acting insane.

"It's just a game!" she screams, frustrated. Her fists hit his chest, just needing to hurt him, even though she's sure it doesn't. "It's just a sex game, Eliot!" she screams, hitting him again, though this time he grabs her wrists, trying to make her stop. She struggles, just still screaming at him, "You're making me feel like I'm nothing, nobody! Just a convenient pussy!" She screams again, just needing to make some loud sound of her anger. She's looking at him, eyes misted over, but so furious. "I want to be with you, you stupid fucking selfish bloody MORON! Not just act like I'm your fucking blow up sex doll!"

She's crying now, she can't help it. Fucking bawling, all over him. "Shit," he swears under his breath, watching the wreck she's become. "Sophie, shit, I'm sorry," he says, wrapping his arms around her. She just buries her face in her chest and cries, not knowing what else to do. "Come on, please don't cry. Fuck, come on, darlin', please…"

She chokes back a sob, and mumbles into his chest, her voice so distraught and broken, "Why are you doing this to me?" She's holding onto his shirt, scared like hell. This was either a beginning or an end, and she didn't know which way it was going to go.

"Hey," he says, pushing her back a little from him so he could look at her face. She looks up at him, mascara probably running down her face, but it didn't matter. "Hey," he says again softly, "Come on baby, please don't cry…" he says, and thumb wipes away one of her tears before coming into kiss her softly on the lips. But that just makes her sob into his mouth, not sure if she was crying because he called her baby (which he's never done before) or because she was still upset.

When they break, she asks again, one more time, feebly, "Why?" She's so broken; she can hear it in her voice. She hates the sound of it.

"I just…" he starts, looking away from her. Shifting uncomfortably, like he can't stand to be inside of his own skin. "Got freaked out," he admits, then looks at her. Then he speaks again, his voice full of regret, "I'm gonna hurt you, Sophie."

"You can't know that," she tells him, wiping away her tears, looking at him. He can't just know those things, he doesn't see into the future.

"Yes I can," he tells her, and steps away from her. He runs his fingers through his hair, and lets out this frustrated sigh. "Fucking hurt everyone. I ain't good for you."

"Eliot…" she tries, coming closer to him, but he steps away from her again. It breaks her heart, rips it in two. He can't just walk away from her.

"Ask Aimee," he tells her, his voice filled with self-loathing. "Hell, I got a fucking list a mile long. You wanna see it? Ask any of them." He looks at her, and she knows he hates doing this as much as she hates having it done to her. "I'm sorry Sophie, but this has got to stop. You need to find someone else."

"I don't want anyone else!" she cries. "I want you! I want to be with you! I don't care if you hurt me okay? Everything's got to come to an end at some point, right? Fuck, Eliot. You're so goddamn selfish! And so bloody stupid!" She's just angry now, again, still upset but more angry with him. "That's what relationships are about! It's bad, it's good, it hurts, it's fucking amazing, it's what makes it human!"

"You deserve someone who's gonna come in and sweep you off your feet, fuckin' buy you nice things. Jewelry, clothes, whatever. Treat you like a damn princess," he tells her.

"I don't want any of those things! Fuck, I already have all of those things!" she screams, and now she's coming over to him. She refuses for this to end this way. She shoves him back hard, and he falls back onto the couch. She gets on top of him, pinning him there. "It's not material shit that matters! I couldn't even give half a fuck if you ever take me out on a goddamn date, okay?!" she's breathing heavily, her anger threatening to consume her, but she controls it, tries to calm down. She looks down at him, and he's unmoving. "You… you feel things for me," she says softly, trying to suppress the anger. "I know you do. I can see it when you look at me."

"That doesn't have anything to do with this."

"That has everything to do with this!" she yells at him. "God, Eliot, just stop being such a scared little wanker and just fucking take a chance for once, even if it scares you!"

He looks at her, his eyes burning into hers. "I am not scared."

"Yes you are, you're terrified that this is going to end badly. And you know what? It probably will. Some day, but not fucking today, and not right now. Right now you are going to sit here, and you are going to tell me exactly how you feel about me."

Eliot just looks at her, like he can't believe she's gonna make him do that. She knows he's bad with feelings, but at this point, she couldn't really care less. He was going to do it. "I… I don't know, I mean, you know how I feel about you," he tries to avoid.

"Tell me. Damnit Eliot, just bloody tell me."

Eliot's internal struggle is playing on his face, and so is his frustration. "Fuck, I don't know, what the hell do you want me to say? That I fucking think about you all the time? That I fuckin' look at you, and all the goddamn shit in this world don't seem like it's so fucked up anymore? Shit, Sophie…." He's really frustrated now. "This is stupid," he says finally, giving up.

Sophie bites down lightly on her tongue, and she just looks down at him. "It's not stupid," she tells him quietly. There's silence, and she needs to ask. "Are you in love with me?"

Eliot shifts his eyes away from her, looking at the wall. "I don't know."

It doesn't bother her, that answer. "I appreciate your honesty," she tells him, because she does.

"You're welcome, I guess," he says, still not looking at her. More silence. Then finally he looks at her, but it's cautiously, "Are you?"

She doesn't avert her eyes, doesn't avoid him when she answers, "Getting there. I don't know, falling, I guess." A pause. "Yes."

Sophie can see that Eliot's feeling something, and is trying to suppress his own emotions. "You shouldn't love me," he tells her.

"Tough," she says. "You don't get a choice in the matter."

He just looks at her, and it's another long, agonizing silence. Finally he lets out a breath, giving in. "You… want to be my girlfriend then?"


"Okay," he says. He's squirming a bit though, uncomfortable. "Want me to get you like a promise ring or something? Know girls like that shit…"

She smirks, "You don't have to get me anything. I just want you."

Things were better after that, and once everything at work had calmed down, it was even more amazing. They had their fights, sure. Every couple does. But the next month was just so perfect that it felt like nothing could bring Sophie down. Their little dysfunctional family was together again. Happy, for once.

It was all so… weird, maybe. But weird was her normal. And she loved every moment of it.

Sophie screams out of automatic reaction when she looks up from coming into her apartment and seeing Parker just standing there in front of her. She drops her shopping bag and puts her hand over her chest, trying to slow her breathing. "Damnit," she says, looking at her angrily. She knows she hates it when she does that.

"What'd you get?" Parker asks, scooping up the shopping bag from the floor. Sophie makes a go for it, but is too late.

"No, Parker, don't—"

But it's too late, Parker pulled out the box, staring at it in wide-eyed fascination. Sophie flushes red. "What's this for?" Parker asks, taunting her a little bit. She's waving it in front of her, bouncing it up and down. Sophie tries to grab for it again, but misses, and Parker steps back.

"Nothing, it's just—"

"A strap on," Parker finishes, smirking. "Are you thinking of switching teams?" she asks, like part of her hopes she might be.

Sophie's a little bit convinced that Parker does want her. Maybe a little bit. It's sure been looking that way recently.

"You wish," she says, and grabs the box from her successfully this time, putting it back in the bag.

"A little," Parker tells her honestly, and Sophie's taken aback by that. She's never really admitted it before. But she can't help but smirk, tease her a little.


"Maybe," she replies, but continues. "But I won't be if you tell me what it's for, if you're not thinking of using it on me."

Damn, Parker. That makes her flush red again. That was too blunt. Parker giggles at her reaction. "Tell me," she prods. "I mean it's not for…" then she pauses, and her eyes go wide, "It's not for Eliot, is it??"

"Shhhh," Sophie hisses at her, like Eliot can hear her or something, even though he's not even here. "Just shut up."

"It is!"

"Parker, please, if he finds out you know, he'll be so angry with me," she says, begging her not to say anything with her eyes. Parker grins, but holds out her pinky.

"Pinky swear. I won't tell."

Sophie takes her pinky and smiles, "Thank you. Now let me go put this away."

But when she walks back into the living room, it wasn't just Parker in there, it was Eliot. "What the heck? How the hell do you guys always ninja in here?"

"We don't ninja anything," Eliot tells her, searching the couch cushions for her remote. "- Which ain't a verb, by the way - you're just kind of deaf."

She rolls her eyes, she didn't need a vocabulary lesson. "Ain't isn't a word," she counters, just needing to be… right. She watches him search her couch. "What are you doing?"

"Looking for your remote; the game's on."

"You came over here to watch the game, seriously?" she asks, crossing her arms over her chest in annoyance. But they've been together for four months now, so annoyance wasn't anything new. It was a relationship, after all.

"Your TV's bigger. Plus, you got Parker. Go have girl fun; braid each other's hair or whatever you do." Then a smile lights yup his face as he finds the remote. Jeez. Sometimes he was such a man.

"Come on Sophie," Parker says with a little smirk. "Let's go have girl fun."

Parker was looking at her in a way implied more like girl-on-girl fun. God, she needs to get her with Hardison, this is getting ridiculous. While she understands the attachment, her being the closest person to Parker after all, she knew that Parker was trying to settle, maybe even avoid, thinking that she'll never get Hardison. Sophie still doesn't understand why she thinks that. She puts her hands on her hips. "Parker, go take a cold shower or something."

But Parker just keeps looking at her, this naughty little gleam in her eyes that Sophie's pretty sure she should fear. When she speaks, she's still looking at her, but addressing Eliot. "Eliot, is it okay if I kiss your girlfriend?" Sophie's eyes widen. What does she think she's...?!

"I don't care, just do it in the other room," Eliot says, eyes still not leaving the TV. She just stares at him, this look of utter disbelief on her face. One, because he actually gave Parker permission, and two because even though he gave Parker permission, he didn't even want to watch. She didn't peg him for that type of person. "Frankly I'm surprised you haven't already," he finishes, like it doesn't matter.

"What?!" Sophie asks, the outburst just coming out of her like wildfire. She just didn't get what the hell was going on. Parker was smirking; victory.

Eliot lets out a little annoyed sound that he has to explain this to her. "Best friends usually kiss each other, right?" he asks, but he still doesn't look at her. He's flipping through the channels, trying to find the game, or another game, or whatever he was doing. "Every girl I've dated always told me that; that they make out with their best friend, just for the shit of it. I don't care. Do what you do, just don't fuck her."

"I'm not gonna—!"

"You heard him," Parker says, and suddenly Sophie's being backed into her bedroom. Damn her, damn him. She doesn't want to just… find out if she'll actually like it. But Parker's more controlling than she thought, and she pushes her up against a wall. Sophie's looking at her, her breathing heavy. She can't…

"Parker…" she starts to say, but it comes out as sort of a whisper. Parker's pressed against her, her hands on her torso, holding her. Controlling her, just with one firm little touch. Sophie hates right now that she knows everything about her, because she's using it against her. Sophie's staring up at her, her body shaking a little. She's nervous, maybe even a little scared. Scared of what she might make her feel. She really didn't need to find out if she could possibly be bisexual today.

That was so not on her to do list for the evening.

"Don't look so scared, you're gonna ruin it," Parker tells her, voice low. Sophie can feel Parker's breasts up against hers, and yeah, okay, yes, it is freaking her out a little.

"I'm not gay," Sophie tells her, just trying to… explain. Something. But she's having second thoughts about what she said, because really, feeling just a little bit gay at the moment. It worries her to realize she likes the way Parker's tiny frame is pressed up against hers.

"Neither am I," Parker says, and she has a little smile on her face.

"I'm a woman," Sophie reminds her.

"No, you're Sophie," Parker says. "You're just Sophie, it's different…" Her hand on her torso is going lower, making its way to her hip. She purses her lips together, like she's trying to think.

Sophie doesn't want to admit that that made sense.

But Parker doesn't let her get out anymore words. Her lips find hers, and Sophie gasps a little, closing her eyes. Damnit. She was going to let her do this, part of her wanted her to do this. Parker kisses her in a way that leaves her panting, and she willingly opening her lips for her so she can take what she wants from her. Christ. She…. Christ.

Sophie hears herself moan softly against her lips, and finds that her hands are pulling her closer. She liked it. Shit, she liked it a lot. But Parker stops, just as soon as she started, pulling back from her and licking her bottom lip, leaving Sophie breathless and flushed.

"That was fun," she says, looking at her, studying her. She smiles, "You liked it."

"I hate you," Sophie pants a little, but her heart's not in the words, and Parker smirks. She likes watching what she did to her; it seems to make her a little excited. She bites her bottom lip a little.

"Now that I got you horny, I'm going to go," she tells her, factually. "And you can pry the boyfriend off of the TV, and fuck him with your little toy. I need to be somewhere."

"Where?" Sophie asks. Damn, her head was still kind of spinning.

Parker just purses her lips together, trying not to smirk. "Just… somewhere else." She looks at her one last time, before pressing her lips against Sophie's. When they break she smiles. "I'll call you," she promises, before turning and walking out the door. Sophie just stands there, her back against the wall. God, Parker. God, Eliot. That was his fault.

Now she's all sexually confused. She didn't need that today.

She decides Eliot is going to pay for that, so she strips herself of all her clothes before walking into the living room, standing directly in front of the TV. Eliot's eyebrows raise as he slowly looks up her body, taking in that she was naked. "Damn," he says slowly, and smirks. "If I knew she'd make you do that, I would have told her to kiss you sooner."

She narrows her eyes at him, then cocks and eyebrow. "I have a present for you," she tells him.

"I know, I'm looking at it."

Sophie rolls her eyes, "Not that, idiot." Really, their terms of endearment to each other were just twisted, but they both did it. It was just something normal for them; talking shit to each other, talking down to each other.

It's his turn to raise an eyebrow, "Alright then, let's see it."

She curls her finger at him, motioning for her to follow. He does, forgetting the game on the TV, only interested in the one they were about to play. "Get on the bed, close your eyes," she tells him, enjoying her brief moment of control. He always gives her a little, but it never lasts long. He does what she says, closing his eyes as she goes into the closet she gets it. She gets it out of the packaging, and she knows Eliot's curious from the noises, she can see it on her face. She smiles, coming over to him, crawling on top of him with it in her hand.

"Don't open your eyes yet," she tells him, low voice all hot and heavy in his ear. "I want you to guess."

"I don't know," he says, a little frustrated. He hated guessing games, Sophie knew that. For some reason that's what made it more fun for her. "That fuckin' massage oil you keep begging me to get?"

"Nope," she says, and starts to drag the toy down his chest.

"A vibrator?"


"Sophie," he says, fed up. She smirks, running the tip across his jaw. He's silent for a second, until she dangles the harness on him, making him feel it.

"…You didn't."

"I did."

He opens his eyes, seeing the strap on, and she smirks at him, "Wanna play?" she taunts, dangling it in the air in front of him. She watches his pupils darken, the desire set in. He did. He growls at her, something primal, as he flips her over, getting on top. Her control is over.

He tears his shirt off, up over his head, and throws it to the ground. She squirms beneath him, that amused victory look she has on her face from doing something right. "I bet it gets you off," he growls in her ear. "The thought of it. Fucking me like that 'cause I want you to."

Sophie bites her lower lip as Eliot starts to take off his pants. "Yes," she breathes out. "I want to satisfy you…"

"Suck it," he orders her once he's naked. Looking at her; controlling, demanding, sexy. "Suck it like it's my cock." He's watching her, hungry, and she does what he says, putting it in her mouth, making a show for him. She watches his breathing pick up, and she moans for effect, closing her eyes and taking the whole thing down her throat.

"Mmm, that's right. Suck it off, bitch. Good girl…"

Sophie really does love him, she knows that now. Not because of this, just because of everything. How they were, how they weren't. How it was everything and nothing all at the same time. He dominates her, controls her, but at the same time cares about her, protects her, makes her feel safe, happy. He's not ready to say it back to her yet, she knows that. But it didn't matter. She was patient, she could wait.

She continues to put on a show for him, until he tells her to stop. And when he does, he's already got the lube in his hand, rolling over onto his stomach. He throws the bottle to her, and she catches it. "One finger at a time," he tells her. "Slowly, then do it."

Sophie knew that already, but knows he has to say it, just to tell her what to do. As she snaps open the bottle, he gets on his hands and knees, and for a moment Sophie felt powerful, even though he was still controlling her. But he was all bent over for her, wanting for once for her to violate him, and it just made it all so sexy. She lubes up her fingers, nice and wet, before sliding her fingers down the crack of his ass. Eliot makes some sort of sound, almost a moan, but almost a growl, and pushes his ass back into her, needing to feel more of her.

"Do it," he tells her sharply, and she obeys. She slides her first finger in cautiously, and Eliot closes his eyes, rocking his hips. "God… fuck." he's panting a little from the feeling, obviously enjoying it. "Damn…"

Sophie kind of likes seeing him from this angle. It's really pretty, and yet at the same time so damn dirty. "You like that?" she asks, almost a taunt, domination of her own coming out of nowhere. It makes Eliot smirk.

"Mmm… you tryin' to top, darlin'?"

"Maybe," she says, sliding her finger in and out of him slowly. She likes the flashes of pleasure it makes play across his face.

"Fine," he says between gasps, a smirk playing on his face, almost like a challenge as he says the next words, "Top me."

That gets Sophie excited. She pumps her finger in him deeper, feeling him clench around her. "Tell me you like it!"

"I fuckin' love it, shit…" Eliot gasps out, his fingers grasping the bed sheets beneath them. "More…"

"More what?" she demands; she's gonna make him say it.

Eliot growls, clearly not used to being bottom. "More please…" It's said sarcastically, but she'll still take it as a win regardless.

"That's better," Sophie says, and slides another finger in him slowly. Eliot gasps. Lurches forwards, then back again, making her go in deeper. Sophie bites down on her tongue lightly, watching him push back into her hand, going deep to the knuckle. "And you call me a dirty little whore?" she taunts, watching him. Amused.

"You're the filthiest whore I've ever met," he gasps out, and it makes her cock an eyebrow at him. Two can play at that game.

"Oh, is that right?"

"Fuckin' right," Eliot groans, his hips straining further back, rocking. Harder, faster. But then a slap is heard, echoing in through the room, and Eliot swears as he lurches forward in surprise, "Fuck! Damnit, Sophie!" It makes her giggle.

"What? Can give but not receive?" she taunts. "Little pussy bitch." She knows she's getting him all riled up, angry. But at the same time she can tell it's turning him on. His pupils are huge; his muscles are poised as he holds onto the bed, still taking her fingers.

"What'd you just call me?"

"A little… fucking… pussy…. bitch," she says slowly, smirking. Then she slips a third finger in, slowly, cautiously. She knows if she hurts him that she'll pay for it later. Eliot's about to retort, but the feeling of more of her inside of him just makes him groan.

"Fuck," he swears, eyes shut tight. "Yeah… just like that… shit…"

Her other hand has found his balls, and as he rocks back against her, she plays with them in a way that she knows drives him crazy. "Mmm," she says, watching him. It was doing something to her, seeing him all bent over and submissive. Well, as submissive as Eliot could get. "Beg me for more…"

"I'm so gonna tie your ass up and tea bag your goddamn face later," Eliot promises as a retort, refusing to beg, getting tired of being the submissive, and annoyed that she's refusing to give up what power she had. It just makes her smirks. "God damnit… ummfff…." He moans as she starts to speed up the pace of her fingers.

"Gonna have to catch me first."

"You're asking for it," he tells her, groaning. "Fuckin' mean that… Shit." Sophie's slipped in a forth, and it was tight like hell, but Eliot was already holding onto the bed sheets like he was trying to control himself.

"You better not cum yet," she tells him, eyes flashing.

"Just stick the fuckin' thing in me, damn!" Eliot yells forcefully, thrusting his hips back against her hand as hard as he can. But Sophie isn't gonna let him finish before she gets to play, so she slides her fingers out of him, and Eliot swears at her, "Fuck you."

"I'm gonna be fucking you in a minute," she retorts, and grabs the strap on, putting it on. It was double-headed, allowing her to slip one end into herself before securing the harness around her hips. She squirms a little at the feeling of it inside her. Fuck, this was gonna feel good; for both of them.

"Sophie!" he yells, impatient. Annoyed and frustrated. She rolls her eyes, grabbing the lube. He was such a tantrum child sometimes, always needing to have his way.

"If you don't shut up I'm gonna make you suck it before I stick it in you," she warns as she squeezes some lube into her hand before running it up and down the shaft of the dildo. Eliot just narrows his eyes at her, like she'd be suicidal to even dare. It doesn't even phase her; she's having too much fun having some control.

When she's ready, she slaps his ass again. He growls at her, but it just makes her smirk. "Come on now baby, don't be like that," she mocks, feigning hurt, but not being able to keep the amusement out of her voice. Running her lubed hand up the crack of his ass again, she tells him, "Now spread yourself nice and wide for me." A pause, a bigger smirk, "Like a good boy."

"So not doing that," he tells her. "Gonna make me look like some gay fuckin' prostitute." She giggles.

"I know, so do it."


"Do it or I'm not gonna fuck you," she tells him, harshness in her voice. Serious. He growls, giving in. He lays his head on the bed, keeping his ass nice and high as he reaches back and spreads herself for him.

"So gonna fucking give you orgasm denial for four goddamn hours later," he warns her, but she's just staring at his ass. Man he looked like such a whore; it was hot.

"I can take it," she tells him, getting in position behind him, holding the dildo with one hand so she can position it right. He scoffs.

"Yeah right, you're violent and threatening to castrate me after only two."

He was right, but whatever. She was having fun at the moment. If that was the price to pay, then so be it. She can be a good little bitch when she needs to be. She gets serious for a minute though.

"If it hurts, tell me."

"I can fuckin' handle it."

"I'm serious, Eliot," she says, knowing he's all big macho man and tries to pretend like a shit ton of bricks in the face doesn't hurt him.

"Just do it!" he yells at her. He's squirming a little in anticipation. She gives in. Fine, if it hurts, it's so not her problem. Stubborn bastard.

She slides the head in first slowly, and Eliot groans low in the back of his throat. "Fuck," he pants out. She's about to ask if that hurt, but he's pushing back against her slowly, working it in deeper at his own pace. She stays still, letting him have the control. He stops when it's halfway in, panting, his knuckles turning white as he holds onto the bed beneath him.

"I can go back to using my fingers if this—"

"It's fine," he gasps out. "Fuckin' got this." Stubborn. She watches as he presses back into her slowly again, more slowly than before. Finally it's all the way inside him, her hips pressed up to his ass. She's holding onto him, biting her tongue softly. God, okay, this was sexier than she thought it was gonna be.

"Jesus," he groans. He's still spreading himself for her, even though it's not necessary at this point. It makes Sophie smirk, knowing he's finding the sexy in it. "Fuck me, Sophie," he tells her, but it sounds strangely like begging.

It makes her drip with desire. She pulls back slowly, then thrusts into him, gasping at the feeling of the other end of the dildo inside of her. "Shit," she pants, holding onto his hips tighter. She thrusts into him again, making them both groan simultaneously.

Eliot's eyes are closed, this look of pure pleasure and lust on his face. She thrusts into him again, a little harder this time. He pants out, and it makes the dominatrix in her rise to the surface. "You like that?" she taunts him breathlessly, "Huh?"

Another thrust, and Eliot gasps out, "Yes! Fuck, Sophie, harder!" She does what he asks, sliding in and out of him with more force, more passion, more control. The end that's inside of her keeps slamming against her g spot, and she's gasping hard.

"Fuck, Eliot, oh fuck…"

"Faster!" he yells at her, and she can do nothing but obey him. Her nails are starting to dig into his flesh, and his hands have found the bed again, pushing himself back up on his hands so he can thrust his ass further into her. His force makes the end inside of her shake, making her senses go on overload. She slaps his ass again, pushing into him more, quickly, desperately.

"God, I want you to cum all over yourself," she pants out, the desire dripping from every word like sweet molasses. She cries out again as she tries to pick up the pace, tries to be the one still in control, but his hips are moving faster, making him the one that's slamming into her. All she can do is hold onto him.

"Yes, Eliot!" she screams, eye shut tight and head spinning. She was about to cum, and she needed to take him with her. She slaps his ass again, digging her nails in roughly and he growls something primal as he speeds up the pace that he's forcing himself back onto her. Panting, grunting, sweating, he was taking it and yet giving it to her at the same time. But that was Eliot for you.

Then she feels him tense beneath her, teeth clenched as he gasps out hard, and she can see him release all over himself and the bed beneath them. That sight alone would have made her cum, even without all the extra penetration. She screams, swearing, cursing his name but praising it at the same time as her orgasm makes her see stars.

She has no idea how the hell they got unattached, or how the hell he ended up being the one on top of her, his hands undoing the harness, sliding the dildo out of her. All she knows is that she's on her back, breathless and feeling infinite. Then there are lips on hers, and she moans softly into his mouth.

It was all so perfect. Unconventional, bloody screwed up sometimes but all so damn perfect, being with Eliot. He was amazing, he really, really was.

And she was never going to let him go.