Whatever Helps You Sleep At Night

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Summary: Demi is tired of Selena's denial. Will a change of scenery help Selena get past her issues? Or will it only make things worse? Its an AU, no one I famous in this they're all just normal girls.

Rating: uhm… I wanna say PG13 for now, but will go up to M. OH in this they're 19 and 20. And not famous J

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Authors Note 2: Some of this I took from their lives, some from mine. This doesn't mean that I think their lives go like this, or that I expect mine to. It was just a random idea that popped into my head one day on vacation.

Chapter One

Demi Munroe was frustrated. It was a Friday night and she and Selena had spent it like every other Friday night. Staying over at one another's house while making rice krispies and watching movies. Only this time Miley and Taylor were also joining in on the fun. That would normally be a very enjoyable experience for Demi except for one thing.

While watching the movie, what was supposed to be a particularly romantic part came on and the male actor had screwed up his shot with the female lead. As always Demi and her best friend groaned at the tv and commented on how stupid this guy was. Then they discussed at length (much to the annoyance of the other two guests) precisely how the actor should have gone about it instead of his gigantic blunder.

Fed up with listening to the Latinas' rant Miley chimed in, "Well since you two so clearly understand what should have been done, maybe you two should date! In the mean time, please shut it so we can watch the rest of the movie!"

Taylor and Demi laughed while Selena scoffed.

"Just because we have the same tastes doesn't mean we should date. We're best friends, it just wouldn't work. Besides, hello, I'm straight!"

Demi rolled her eyes but said nothing. Was it really necessary for Selena to point out EVERY time they got close that they weren't dating? Sometimes it felt like a slap in the face to the younger girl. Everyone knew Demi was head over heels for her bestie. It wasn't like she could help it. There was just so much to like about the older girl! Right now however, the younger Munroe couldn't help but feel irked. She was well aware that Selena didn't feel the same way and had long ago accepted it. They were best girl friends so it was expected that they would be really close. It was normal. But there were times, when the girls were at their best, perfectly in synch in thought and action, that Selena felt the need to reinforce the barrier. Some days it almost made Demi feel as though she were saying that she wasn't good enough.

At first Demi completely understood, because she had still harbored the hope that one day Selena would like her too. Now however, Demi had since abandoned such foolish thoughts to the point where even when they were having a moment, the thoughts didn't even cross her mind anymore. So why did the older Latina feel the need to continue to reinforce the barrier? Demi knew her bestie didn't mean to hurt her. Selena just thought she was doing her part to protect Demi from getting her heart broken with false hope. What was frustrating her now was that it clearly wasn't necessary anymore. So once again, why?

Sometimes Demi wondered if maybe Selena was just saying it to convince herself. The saying 'methinks the lady doth protest too much' often came to mind. Then Demi would shake her head. Yeah right. That was the hope right there, sticking its nose in where it didn't belong. Still, thought Demi, Selena always would vehemently deny any possible insinuations that the two of them were together. Most people would eventually let it drop. Even Miley and Taylor let it drop.

Fingers snapping in front of her face brought Demi out of her daze to see all three of her friends looking at her quizzically. "Uh, sorry, what?"

Miley rolled her eyes, "Never mind." Taylor smacked the girl's arm lightly at her rudeness and Miley yelped. "Hey what was that for?"

Demi giggled a little at the pair's arguing before her attention was caught by Selena.

"So, where were you?"

"Just.. I don't even know actually!" the younger girl laughed and Selena shook her head, amused.

"Whatever you big dork. Okay guys, the movies over lets go to bed so we can actually wake up the queen of sleep," Selena pointed at Demi. "at a decent hour."

"Hey!" exclaimed an indignant Demi. "Its not my fault I need at least ten hours of sleep in order to function. Besides, not everyone wakes up at the freaking crack of dawn like you do! Honestly, I don't see how you can wake up at seven a.m. every morning and NOT be tired! You're like.. like.. a vampire or something!"

All the girls burst into laughter at Demi's failed attempt of defending herself.

The last thoughts that ran through the younger Latina's mind before she fell asleep were, that maybe this wasn't so bad of a night. Maybe she could overlook the bad parts. After all, Selena was her best friend and she would always put up with anything for her.

It was a few days since the sleepover and Demi was riding in the car with her mother and step-father to the grocery store. Diana and Eddie were preparing to go out for their anniversary and had been begging for Demi to come along with for the last week but she had politely refused. A trip to Orlando would be nice but it wouldn't be any fun with her parents going off to do their own thing leaving Demi by herself.

Diana seemed to ponder about something for a moment before turning excitedly to her daughter. "How about you bring your little friend with you! Would you come with then?"

To say that Demi was shocked was an understatement. Despite being best friends with Selena for years, Demi's mother was the kind who always kept distance between herself and her daughter's friends. Diana was always rather pessimistic, believing that Demi's friends would leave her in time, so she always warned her to not get too close. While Selena's mother was the exact opposite and always considered Demi to be part of the family. So now that Diana was asking Demi to invite Selena.. well.. that was just huge.

It was too soon to show excitement however. Demi's mother was known for changing her mind at the drop of a dime. Keeping her voice neutral, almost uncaring, Demi asked, "Why do you want me to go so badly?"

Diana seemed taken aback for a second before she recovered. "Well, honey, its almost the end of summer, and everyone deserves to have a vacation."

Feeling hope rise in her throat, Demi replied tentatively, "I'd have to text her right now to see if she can go, cuz like, aren't we leaving like, tomorrow morning then?"

Diana nodded. "Go ahead sweetie. I'm going to go inside and see what's taking Eddie so long." With that Demi's mother got out of the car and walked into the grocery store.

Demi felt her heart racing. A vacation? With basically just her and Selena? This would be the best vacation ever! As Demi's fingers flew across the keyboard of her phone it felt to her as though she couldn't move fast enough. Hitting send, it then felt like an eternity before she got a reply.

-Mom said yes!

And just like that their weekend adventure began.