Looking at you through the glass

God, I hate bloodsuckers.

So you can imagine how much I am enjoying, ripping them into nothing this very moment. I feel so empowered by my anger that I don't care about anything else but stuff that would just fuel my anger even more.

Everything that has screwed my life was taken out on these leeches. Every single piece of them was a part of the hatred, the pain, the regret that I ever faced in my entire life.

Just losing to Dana in running in the fifth grade. Rip

Losing my grandma's bracelet in the park when I was thirteen. Rip

Falling for Sam Uley. Rip Rip

For ever trusting Emily Young. Rip Rip

For taking the life of my mom's husband. Rip Rip

For making my brother hate me right now. Rip Rip

For looking like a monster. Rip Rip

For even listening to Edward fucking Cullen. Rip Rip

But the last and the most painful and regretful point of my pathetic life;

For being who I am. Rip Rip Rip Rip

A complete bloodbath. A bloodbath for protection for the Cullens and the pack. A bloodbath for revenge for the red haired leech. A bloodbath for love for Bella, Ed-mind reader and for that clueless idio-I mean Jacob. But for me, this is a bloodbath of pure anger. I was fighting against everything. Anything that could or would destroy me.

I stomped on the remains of one red eyed leech that I had just taken care of. The crunching sound of the leech's skull turning into mulch underneath my paws, made me feel satisfied and fueled.

Damn Clearwater, and I thought that I was on a roll I heard that jackass Paul say as he jumped over the crushed body that he had also helped demolish.

I snorted as a reply. I wasn't in the mood for his talk, not that I ever have been. I wasn't in the mood for anyone. My 'beloved' ex bastard Sam forced us into pairs to 'assist' the Cullens in this battle.

Part of his 'tactical effective plan that will ensure victory as well as the fact that we have to support our brothers –gives-a-pity-gaze-at-the-harpy- and sisters' speech. Beautiful isn't it?

Right now, everyone was my enemy. Everyone was out to get me. I worked alone. Anyways, I did have to hold off the load when that stupid Jacob made a late entrance. And that idiot was gloating, like –you guessed it- an idiot. Why the hell is he beaming like the fricking sun? But then I saw it.

That fricking leech lover. And that mind reader let them do that? Isn't he a mind reader? I will never understand this –if you call it- relationship. I don't even want to try.

Jacob was no different from the others. He's the most pathetic in the lot and sometimes I wonder why is he like that? I'll never understand that either.

I'm so lucky at the fact that I was able to master the ability to hide some of my thoughts. At least I can keep some of them a bit private. No one would know what I'm thinking unless they actually listen to me, which of course, I know will never happen.

I let out a sigh as I gazed at the Cullens start lighting the torn up leeches. Well, that felt quick. I guess I was so caught up with my thoughts and my anger that time just whizzed by.

And suddenly, I felt a small pierce on my hind leg. And then I saw the sight of the sidekick to the red head leech twisting my baby brother's hind legs. It wasn't soo much of physical pain than emotional and mental pain.

Seth! I yelled in my head as I watched the leech dive for my brother again but luckily Seth was quick enough to move away and get a hold of its shoulder, biting into it.

He's fine, Leah. Edward is there Sam said as he kicked more ripped pieces of the leeches into the fire. How could you he say that? How could he be so heartless? This is my baby brother we are talking about!

What? We're just gonna ignore this? What happened to 'protecting our brothers', ass much? I snarled at the black wolf. He sighed and slowly turned to face me.

There is nothing we can do. He can handle it. Relax, Leah Sam merely trotted away along with the rest of the pack. Relax? He's telling me to relax? I stood my ground, trying to keep my anger intact as I felt their thoughts turn into murmurs.

Sam promised me. He promised me that Seth would be safe, then what is this? He promised me that he will stop hurting me, then what is this?

I'm the idiot. I'm the idiot to actually think that Sam's promises meant anything. That jerk. That bastard. That cheat. That asshole.

From the corner of my thoughts, I saw Seth shake his weak hind leg after ripping the leech but I was too agitated to bask in glory at the fact that my brother was okay.

Like I said before, I can't trust anyone. Everyone is out to get me. There are all my enemies. Not just these leeches, but the Cullens, the pack, Bella and even fucking Edward. I felt my wolf body shake a bit, with uncontrollable anger.

They think that I'm weak, they think that I'm not strong enough, they think that I need them, they think I'm pathetic that I need their pity? Well, screw them. Everyone is my enemy and anger is my only ally. It has been for a while now and I've lived with it.

While I watching my damn pack and Cullens slowly retreat away from the clearing since apparently the red haired leech was carved up real nice, was when I caught the scent.

Bloodsucker. Not Cullen but a red eyed one. I whipped my head around and caught the glance of a leech running behind a bunch of boulders. A snarl escaped my mouth as I stalked to towards the boulders, baring teeth. This is just what I need, to rip another leech, to kill my mortal enemy, to vent my anger on.

Leah? Where the hell are you going to? I heard the idiot ask me but as usual, I ignored him. When I heard the leech's footsteps increase pace, I made a dash and grabbed the leech's shoulder with my teeth and threw the leech about 15 feet away but it landed on its feet, in crouched position and baring teeth as well.

Leah! What the fuck do you think you're doing? I heard him gasp again but I brushed him away and growled at the leech which he also returned. That leech was…horrifying looking. His clothes were tattered and his brown locks were in a mess as it covered its crimson eyes. He almost looked like that fucking mind reader. Now that is just great.

I made a dive for the leech at the same time he did, but he somehow was able to slid under me and get hold of my right hind leg and kind of twist it.

AHHH! Fuck, that hurts I growled and tried to wiggle him away but he didn't move so I brought my jaw down on his shoulder and bite right through it. You pinch me, I'll pinch you back, bitch.

Damn it LEAH! Jacob growled again and I could see him running towards me. Fuck him, why the hell does he have to care now? I'm not doing to admit defeat and let this idiot help me! I bit even harder into the leech which made him shout out and slowly loosen his grip on my leg. Shaking my leg, I moved my jaw from his shoulder up to his collarbone and pierced into it, throwing him forward. HA! In your face.

I don't need your help, Black! I snarled as the leech slowly started to get up. I smirked with confidence that I am able to take a leech full on. Before I could get my hold back on the leech, the leech was nowhere in sight.

What the fuck? I cursed and started to look around for it. I slowly stalked around the boulders and the mini rock cliff, trying to keep my guard. I should have ripped it when I had the chance! That fucking leech. I growled at myself and out of frustration at how stupid Jacob had to mess with my concentration. Everyone is always trying to make me lose. No one will ever understand what I need and what I am. Then my wolf ears picked up something. It sounded like someone's feet thrashing against small pebbles. And that's when I realized. I turned around so quickly, just to see the same leech launch itself off the rock cliff and diving down towards me.

This was the moment where all my anger had been flushed out of my system and I was vulnerable. I was just as vulnerable as I was before. Before when Sam left me, the same time my dad died, the same when Seth refused to even glance at me, and just as vulnerable now. I couldn't get my senses right. At that moment, everything flashed before me. It was as if I had already given in, because I was too vulnerable to fight. I couldn't escape. I could never escape. Escape from Sam, escape from all of this, just an escape.

NOOOOOOOOO! I heard someone growl as my eyes closed, ready to feel the leech crush my body. But something happened. Instead of feeling blinding pain on my body, I felt a strong force shove my tiny wolf body all the way across the clearing and collide hard against a giant tree.

LEAAAAH! I heard Seth's thoughts cry out for me as panic coursed through him. I was able to only focus on his voice when I felt a huge rush of pain spread through my limbs as my body landed flat down on the ground, peeling of the trunk of the tree. I let out a couple of small whimpers, trying to clear my head of the heat and trying to regain my sight.

NO! I heard another voice that wasn't any of the pack members. Edward? What—it was through Seth's thoughts that I could hear him and vaguely see him through Seth's eyes. I tried to move a bit but I collapsed down again. What's happening?

Sam—help him— I heard Edward gasp again. Sam? And that I realized; what the hell am I doing here? I was with the leech a minute ago…the leech had me. I was about to be killed by the leech…then what happened? I heard a couple of snarls and growls. Putting all my will power, I turned my body to face what everyone else was gazing at. I blinked a couple of times, trying to restore my vision but all I could see was blur, because of the collision and also of the water collected in my eyes.

Shaking my head out of the snarls, growls and orders been screamed in my head, I saw a lot of movement in front of me. I saw a black and dark gray blur, wrestling something before they dashed off with something dangling between them. My gaze moved all around the field, as I watched more blurs move around the clearing. My gaze fixated on a russet blur that was on the ground. I knew it was someone but my eyes couldn't focus. I slowly closed my eyes and heard an alarming cry of pain before my eyes slowly opened and focused.

Two tears that were covering my corneas fell when I opened my eyes and saw it, on the ground. It was on its back as small whimpers escaped from its mouth and then slowly its body started to shrink. Shrink till it became him. His arms were wrapped around his crushed torso and his jaw was clenched, eyes were closed as blood started to trail down, from his forehead down his aggrieved face.

I was drained. I choked out a small gasp, gazing at his head slowly rock to the side, his eyes flickering at me before a small breath escaped from his lips, and his eyelids slowly fell down over his eyes. Anger was no longer fueling my system. My body was tingling with guilt and most of all, shock. How…how did this happen? How could this happen? Why would he do that?

Did I want this to happen…? No, of course not. I don't think I ever wanted it to come to this. Then how did it? And why him? Why do feel even more hurt, even guiltier that it's Jacob?

"I don't hate you…or Jacob...I don't want to hurt either of you" I heard Edward's previous words rush in my head. What did he mean by that? Did I want to hurt Jacob? Did I actually hate Jacob?

"…I don't want another to suffer" rang in my head. Another…to suffer. Oh my god, recognition slowly started to ascend. How is this possible? What was I saying? Jacob wasn't like the others at all. He's different from the others. He's not pathetic…like I said before. He's in love and…he's fighting a losing battle.

Just like…I did.

How…how is it possible? How could I have not seen this? This can't be true. Jacob…he's, he's not like me…he's nothing like…but then again, that talk that Edward and Jacob had…was uncanny. It was almost exact to me and Emily.

Edward was Emily…and Bella was another Sam.

Jacob wasn't out to get me. He was…me. He was me…that I had to see through my eyes.

"I kissed you to prove that you're not a monster" Another line that Edward said, raced in my head. A monster…that was it. That was what I had become. I was a monster, in fact. I was soo fueled by anger that I couldn't tell what was plainly playing in front of me. See, as my past almost repeated itself in someone else's life.

He loved, so did I.

He lost, so did I.

He's hurting, so am I.

He's falling, I already did.

We both were different trains but our stations were the same.

No one understood what I went through and that angered me, but I never wished this on anyone. I didn't want to turn into the one thing that I feared the most; the monster I had physically become.

The bloodsuckers weren't the enemy, the pack or Jacob weren't the enemy, Edward and the Cullens weren't the enemy. I was my own enemy.

As I gazed at Jacob's unconscious, laying on the dead grass and heard the Cullens and pack rush to his aid, I laid frozen on the ground, staring at the mirror in front of me.

What have I done?

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