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There was a batter of eyelashes, a vague dilation of the pupils.


The British male's drying lips parted slightly, and Damien felt an unnecessary breath slide out of him as he let his own mouth hover against Pip's, soft and inhuman with velvety texture. Pip's brief disembodiment had been a frightful one, for Damien at least. To let his soul slip away... well, that would have been a waste. He laced his arms around the Brit's waist for security, as though Pip might slip away for good this time. Where he was aware that Pip was slowly starting to lose his mind at Damien's expense, he cared for Pip's sanity about as much as he did for Jesus' birthday. Instead, Damien tested his tongue against the blond's mouth, pleased to find at least a half-hearted response as the Brit's lips came apart willingly, though from them came his voice, cracked and broken, instead of the affections Damien had hoped for.

"What did you do to me? Why are you doing this to me?"

Damien became blissfully aware of the delicate being in his arms then, laughing with a solicited bitterness in his tone as he ran his hands down the smooth landscape of the blond's bare back, cupping a moon-like cheek of Pip's rear in each palm and hitching the teenager up to his knees above him. Pip didn't move to wonder when Damien's trousers had come undone, or when he'd produced the tube of fluid in his palm, or when Damien's shirt had come undone, or when Pip's bedroom had peeled away into some other space or time, where the walls were dark and the world reached into him in the form of a dull scarlet. Pip's eyes breached the familiar sheets of his bed though, wondering if perhaps Damien had him half-lodged in hell mentally, or if the entire thing was an illusion. His home seemed far away, and his head lost the connectivity he felt he needed.

"I killed you. Because I need you."

Pip stared at him through teased, half-closed eyes that looked more like they were a ghost of something once lively as the glaze in them burned with a type of contempt that Damien had hardly expected from the blond. The Catholic boy's will was clearly too diminished to take any serious fight, however, and he slumped against Damien like a dying lover, lips slightly parted in a dramatic resemblance of a perplexed china doll. The demon's teeth left possessive marks against the blond's pale shoulders, and he grinned, pleased with the way Pip flinched away from him. He would have been highly disappointed if Pip had been a masochist; after all, there was no fun being a sadist if your pet enjoyed the tortures they were forced to endure.

On that note, the dark-haired male gripped Pip's hips and slammed him down, pegging him on his slick cock without warning.

The blond's mouth hung open in agony, eyes wide and tears jumping down his cheeks in a race to see which would sizzle against Damien's skin the fastest, but his voice was entirely lost to the breath that choked his scream. He twitched a few times, shoulders hitching forward as he fought with the pain condemning his backside, before finally a bloody cry escaped him into Damien's shoulder. The demon raked his fingertips down the boy's back and ass, peeling his cheeks apart in order to slide in deeper. Pip's shuddering cries only heightened in volume as he dragged his fingers into the blankets, sobbing messily into the demon's shoulder at the violation of his own rear.

Damien hated Pip, but with that hatred came an admiration for how he always resisted hurting someone, even when his own body was at stake. That admiration had at some point turned to an obsession, and then later, a realization that made everything come to sense. His father had told him, that each demon would find that one person that would stabilize their existence... and he had chosen Pip that day back when the Brit had freshly moved to America in the third grade.

The demon's grin only widened, pressing his mouth traditionally to the side of Pip's face in order to slip his tongue out and once more taste the bitterness of the blond's tears as his sobbing continued. Damien's hands lifted; his fingertips made their mission over the curves of the blond's back, gripping his shoulder blades securely in order to ensure his sex was within the other male to the hilt before he bit the other male's throat slowly, groaning at their unity.

"Let them out, Pip."

Pip slid a wet cheek against Damien's collarbone, shoulders shaking as he fought with the better of his senses, which were all scrambled with a one-sided mental argument he had no say in. He took another few breaths as Damien's palms pressed more firmly against his shoulder blades, before wings rolled away from the seventeen year old's body. Damien stared on at them with dancing red eyes, his dog-like grin lost against Pip's flesh as he reached his hands out to rake his fingertips through the fluorescent white feathers with obsession in his eyes glinting far beyond any healthy kind of need. Pip continued to quiver against him, drunk and confused by the new weight of his body as his world flickered and faded beyond his vision.

Things were making less and less sense to Pip, but more and more all at the same time as he flexed the plumes extended from his back and rolled his spine backward to tilt his head back to the dark space above him. The scent of ash filled his nostrils and he let his eyes sink around him as Damien's hands re-casted their journey down his body, caressing his behind and then throwing the angel back down against the now black bedsheets of Damien's haven. He kissed Pip, still burrowed within the angel as he stole his flavour with his mouth.

"You were the purest one. The only purest one. Not even a Mormon could become what you are. You aren't a messenger of God, now, though, Pip. You're all mine now."

Pip's vision swam as Damien drew out of him and then thrust back in with much more care than his initial invasion, driving an intoxicated moan from the blond's lips as the demon lead an extended nail to Pip's chest over his heart, tracing the clawed appendage in said shape before he seized a wing and ripped out a glowing feather.

"Feel fury."

Pip's cry did the emotion justice as his shrill scream echoed off of the walls of Damien's room, his thrusts even and hastening. He tugged out another.

"Envy my power over you."

And another.

"Swallow me whole like the good bitch you are."

More tears suited his tongue as he fucked Pip harder, sending the blond's mind into a downward spiral of mixed feelings teetering from pleasure to pain.

"Take me greedily, be proud you're my slave..."

A few more feathers to make his collection five.

"Submit to me, want nothing..."

Pip's cries had evened out into well-fucked moans, his head lulled back against the inky sheets and his fingers curling into the fabric as Damien plunged into him harder. The tips of his wings peeled away their white sheath to reveal an ebony plume in their place, the feathers turning black and curled as though they were paper exposed to an open flame. Pip's breaths skipped and jumped, Damien's name on his lips, begging for more as he pawed at all of Damien's being with growing necessity. The demon hovered over the mouth of his vessel of deadly sins, pressing his lips against the blond's as he plucked his last feather.

"Want nothing but me."

Pip came with the sacrifice of his chastity, and Damien was soon to follow, the hues of the angel's feathers dimming out into total blackness as the blond panted beneath him. Damien laid against him for some time, before he felt Pip's thin hands wandering around his body, curling about him as the demon pulled out and lifted his pet from the bedspread. Pip's blue eyes flickered, his past life completely lost as his legs twitched around Damien's waist, allowing himself to be pulled under a black curtain of sheets as the demon continued to explore his body feverishly with his hands. Pip hand-fed him the seven feather's one by one with his face nuzzled against the demon's collarbone, and Damien accepted them gratefully.

"Today marks your eighteenth birthday at last. You're mine forever now, Pip."

He pressed his lips against Pip's keenly with an intruding tongue, before licking his teeth in satisfaction of the Brit's flavour.

"You're my fallen angel."