Forgotten Wings; Chapter Two ~ Twinned Hearts


Seraph and Tobias are © to me

Drakengard and any canon characters are © Square Enix

NOTE: Tobias's Mindspeech is in italics with a (( ))
Seraph/Akila's Mindspeech is in italics with a

Time marched by, its steady footfalls heard by all that drew breath, regardless of race, gender, rank, or one's wrongly elevated sense of importance. That was what Tobias liked most about the general way of things. It was also most convenient, then, that the stately march of Time was also the thing he loathed most. On the one hand, Time made meals for worms out of aspiring tyrants, but it did likewise to the few that made the world easier to bear. So, there were both reasons to like Time and to dislike Time. But Tobias would give Time his due; Time had not yet ravaged his, Tobias's, person.
Then again, that might have something to do with exchanging hearts with a Dragon.
He didn't stop walking, though he did take the time to wonder where that thought had come from. It had been at least eighty years ago since he had last seen the Dragon and since they had parted last he hadn't thought much about her at all. It wasn't as though they were avoiding each other; it was simply to avoid showing their hand before preparations were complete. That, and to avoid rousing suspicion; for example, if anyone figured out their pact and tried to use it against them say, by capturing Tobias and holding him, there wouldn't be any chance of stopping the Dragon from showing herself in her true form, and poof. Their cover would be blown, and a whole lifetime or two of building a false identity would be wasted.
So, here he was, trying to avoid thinking about the Dragon when suddenly he felt a most annoying sensation in the back of his head that left him wishing he could open his skull and scratch his brain.

Eyes widening, he darted glances about him. Had some minion of the Nameless guessed who he was, and was even now trying to invade his mind? No-one nearby looked even remotely like the evil-demon-cultist type, save maybe the one guy accosting people and trying to make them answer endless questions for a survey. Sagging onto a bench, Tobias slapped a hand into his forehead, even as the itching intensified. No wonder he'd been thinking of the Dragon! It was none other than she that was trying to speak to him now. Frowning as he tried to recall the process of mindspeech, he laboriously lowered the barriers about his mind and reach out to the Dragon.

Who else do you know that can speak to you inside that cavern you call a mind? Yes, of course it is me!
((It's been eighty years, dammit, so forgive me if I'm a bit, oh, cautious, of suddenly having a Dragon scratching at the back-door of my mind like a cat asking to be let in!))

No respect! I never get any respect…

((You did just barge in unannounced. You could have called beforehand and warned me.))
…I do not trust technology.

Tobias rubbed at his temple. He felt a headache coming on, but more from the trend of conversation rather than the act of it.
((You broke that phone I got you, didn't you?))
Such accusations! I took great care of it!
((Up until…?))

A mental sigh, behind which Tobias could perfectly imagine the Dragon's eyes gleaming green, scaled face somehow conveying emotions perfectly.

I dropped it in the pond. Water does not seem to work well with any of this new fangled Technomancy. But that does not matter! Where are you now?

((A bench near my house. Why?))

Where? Tobias had the unsettling sensation of the Dragon rummaging through his thoughts until she pinpointed the exact place she wanted, much like a person flicking through a photo album.
Aha! I know where! Wait there, I will be right along.


Will you recognise me? Pah, use your head for once! We are Pacted; Hearts speak to Hearts.

And suddenly, she was gone. Tobias let out a long breath and sagged back, looking up at the sky.
So, she was real, and it wasn't all a bad dream.
Sometimes, he wondered if he were mad, and then the Dragon went and did something like this, and it proved that yes, he was completely bonkers.
Still, it sure beat having to listen out for Time's march.