Luffy was accidentally hit by Bonney's power, turning him into a one year old baby. Even in his baby self, it seems Luffy is a very hyperactive boy, making his crewmates dying of exhaustion.

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"Pops! There's a ship sailing towards us," yelled by teen pirate named Yashi while standing on the island's tallest tree, looking in his binoculars.

"What is it, Yashi? Marine ship or a Pirate one?" yelled back the old man with a long and distinguishable crescent-shaped white mustache he called 'Pops', gulping a big glass of rum. The old man's name is Edward Newgate or everybody called him as Whitebeard. The captain of Whitebeard Pirates and the most ferocious and strongest pirate known in this Era of Piracy. He and his crew stopped by this island this morning to gather necessities for their traveling and now they're having a little party for no reason at all.

"I think it's a pirate ship, pops but… oi Ace you better look at this ship!" he yelled back.

A certain man with no upper shirt whose busy hitting on one of Whitebeard's personal nurse ignore his crewmate's call. This man's name is Portgas D. Ace, Fire Fist Ace to his fellow pirates and the second Division Commander of Whitebeard's pirate crew.

An angry chip appeared on Yashi's forehead after being ignored by his Commander.

"Oi, stupid commander! Stop hitting Sandy on and look at this ship, numbskull!" Yashi yelled at Ace, throwing his yoyo weapon at Ace that weigh 2kilogram. The latter on the other hand, frown at his crewmate feeling the big swell behind his head.

"What the heck, Yashi! Can't you see I'm busy talking to Sandy here?" Ace answered back, the girl named 'Sandy' giggled, flip her blond curly hair to her back and walks away from Ace.

"Oi Sandy! Where are you going?" Ace called back the girl but she just ignored him. Ace pouted then he lazily jumps to Yashi.

"The hell's do want huh? My only chance of asking Sandy on a date and you blew it away you stupid yoyo freak," Ace said frowning at Yashi; the latter on the other hand throw his binocular to Ace.

"Look at the ship for yourself stupid commander, I think you know who's ship is that," Yashi said, started to play his yoyo "And stop hitting Sandy, it's crystal clear that she doesn't like you,"

"Oi, Oi! That is certainly not true; can't you tell that she's just playing hard to get on me," Ace answered "And why do I have to see this stupid ship of yours anyway?"

"Just look, okay? Geez!" Yashi said gesturing his head on their north. Ace lazily scans the ocean then he saw a ship docks the island. Noticing the pirate flag, a skull with straw hat, Ace suddenly gets excited; a wide grin stretches on his lips.

"Hey that's my little bro's ship!" Ace said excitedly while looking at Yashi's binocular.

"I told you, you know that ship,"

His smile fades in an instant and then her frowns looking thoughtful. "I wonder what they're doing here. I thought their heading towards the Fishman Island?" Ace throws back the binocular to Yashi then he jumps down the tree, landing perfectly in front of their Captain which they affectionately call 'Father' or 'Pops'.

"Pops, my lil bro's ship is on the shore, I'm just going to go to them, okay?" Ace said to his old man.

"The mugiwara gaki? The hell's he doing in this place, I wonder?" Whitebeard said gulping another shot of his rum. Ace shrugged as his answer.

"That is what I'm going to know, Ittekimasu!" Ace said, running towards the Straw Hat crew's ship.


"Chikushou! Damn those bastard Marines!" Roronoa Zoro, the crew's first mate and swordsman, cursed, jumping off from their ship, Thousand Sunny-go, a Brig Sloop type ship, the Straw Hat crew's second and newest ship.

"What should we do? We lost track of Jewelry Bonney now?" Usoop, the crew's sniper and story maker, asked his crewmates, scratching his head hastily with animated tears on his eyes.

"If only those stupid Marines didn't appeared back there," Franky, the shipwright and engineer, said tapping his finger on Sunny-go's wood railings, looking irritated.

"If we can't locate that woman, we can't continue our adventures like this," Chopper, the talking tanuki and crew's doctor, said while he's on top of Brook's shoulder. Brook, the musician and another swordsman, nodded.

"I knew we should've just leave Marimo back there," Sanji, the crew's cook, said hopping off Sunny-go, puffing out some smoke. An angry chip appeared on Zoro's head.

"What the heck did you say, you love-love cook? Turn me into bait huh?" Zoro said angrily. Sanji twitched and frown at Zoro.

"The heck did you call me, stupid Marimo!"

"Curly cook! Love-love cook! Stupid cook! Yeah that's who you are!" Zoro answered back.


"Be quiet, you two!" Nami, the crew's Navigator, yelled at Zoro and Sanji. Sanji gave Nami a big smile and yelled 'Hai! Nami-swaan! I love you, Nami-swaaan! Do you love me too?' Sanji said while twirling animatedly throwing kisses at their unconcern Navigator, Nami ignores Sanji while Zoro eyed Sanji as if silently saying 'you're-one-heck-of-a-weird-pirate'.

Nami turned to Robin, the latter on the other hand is carrying a small sleeping being. "Robin did Luffy woke up?" Robin, the crew's Archeologist, shook her head gentle and looks at the baby in her arms.

"No, it seems that he fall asleep immediately after giving him some of Chopper's milk," Robin said, rocking the baby Luffy gently. Nami sigh of relief.

"Anyway, we should just spend our night here, I bet those Marines are still out there searching for us," Nami said, putting her hand on her head looking tired. "No use of sailing back there anyway," Sanji, twirling animatedly yelling 'That's our Nami-swan! Very knowledgeable! Ahh~ I'm falling in love with you again!' Sanji said throwing Nami flying kisses. Nami on the other hand sweat dropped trying her best to ignore Sanji again.

"Heh~ if you have time to act stupid why not try to help us set the camp you pervert love-love cook," Zoro said lifting the two folded tent from Sunny-go and hopping down again from the ship.

"I'm not taking orders from you, stupid Marimo!" Sanji yelled back throwing dagger glares at the crew's first mate. And so, the crew's swordsman and cook started their endless and animated dispute. Throwing kicks that clash with swords. Nami shivering with anger dropped her flawless legs on Sunny-go's wooded railing with fist tightly clenched.



All of the Straw Hat crew sets a camping site near Sunny-go. Usoop and Franky were scanning the area's safety, Robin and Nami tending the sleeping baby Luffy, Brook and Sanji searching for edible foods inside the forest, and Zoro and Chopper setting the two camp tents.

While having their dinner, Zoro halted when he heard the bushes near them rustle a bit. Another rustle was heard, Zoro immediately took his three katana and position himself towards the bushes. The rest of the crew was alerted when Zoro suddenly took his swords. They quietly and nervously waited for the enemy's attack. Robin and Nami hugged baby Luffy closely while being protected by Sanji and Franky.

"Who's in there?" Zoro yelled. Another rustle. They can hear their own heart beat Brook, Chopper and Usoop hug each other nervously when suddenly Ace appeared from the bushes. The three yelled but immediately shut by Sanji and Franky putting a stone cork they pick up from out of nowhere.

"Wait! It's me, it's me!" Ace said throwing his hands in the air, signaling them not to attack. The straw hat crews sigh heavily in unison. Zoro drop his three katana beside him. Chopper, Brook and Usoop tried their best to remove the cork from their mouth that harshly put on their mouths.

"Oh my, it's only Ace," the all said simultaneously.

"Eh? Ace? What are you doing here?" Nami asked the twenty year old pirate. Ace walks towards them brushing the leaves off from him.

"Ah, well me and my crewmates are staying on this island too," he answered while looking around, failing to see his hyperactive little brother, Ace frown. "Where's Luffy?"

Zoro, Nami, Usoop, Sanji and Chopper twitched, sweat profusely. With the sudden appearance of the big brother, they all now wonder how Ace would react after knowing that his seventeen year old little brother is now a one year old baby. When no one answered, Ace frown deeply.

"L...Luf...fy?" Nami stuttered twirling her index fingers together. Usoop gulped. Chopper shivered. Franky, Robin and Brook look confused. Who is this man? Is he related to their captain? Why the rest of their comrades are acts nervous?

On the contrary, baby Luffy opened his big round caramel-colored eyes after hearing a certain familiar voice. He stared at his carrier, Robin, while sucking his small chubby hand. Tilting his head to his comrades, he caught Ace's figure. Seeing Ace's familiar face, baby Luffy grinned.

"Ai!" he cooed. They all twitched then turned their eyes towards baby Luffy, even Ace.

"Ai!" he cooed again, gesturing his little hands towards Ace. Ace's eyes widen. That baby is strikingly looking the same as Luffy way back when Luffy is the same age as this child. Ace froze.

"D-don't tell me…" Ace muttered while his shivering index finger slowly pointing at the baby, the latter is struggling to let go of the hands around him.



"So you're telling me that kid is Luffy? Seriously?" Ace asked while looking at baby Luffy, the latter is playing with Chopper's hat, patting gently the hat of their young doctor. They all nod simultaneously after telling to him what happened.

"So, how can we turn him back to his old self?"

"Well, the only thing we know is to find Jewelry Bonney and asked her to undo this," Nami answered.

"If only those bastard marines wasn't there, Jewelry Bonney's willing to turn Luffy back to his original age when they all suddenly appeared and chases us until we got separated with her," Franky added.

"I understand," Ace said with low voice still staring at baby Luffy.

"We're sorry Ace," Nami suddenly said, bowing her head slightly at Ace. Ace's eyebrows rose.

"What are you talking about?"

"Well, it's our fault that Luffy turn out like this,"

"I'm the one who's supposed to be apologizing," Zoro said, bowing his head at Ace. "Jewelry Bonney was actually after me but then Luffy protected me from that bitch's power, ending up him like that,"

"Yeah marimo it's your entire fault," Sanji teases the swordsman, Zoro twitched then glared at Sanji.

"Shut up, curly cook!"

Ace suddenly laughs. The crew blinks at Ace.

"You guys don't need to apologize. Besides it's not as if Luffy would be like this forever. All we have to do is search for Jewelry Bonney and asked her to return Luffy's real age," Ace said and then he grinned at them.

Man, Luffy's aniki is a real mature man; unlike our stupid captain They all thought admiring the difference between Luffy and Ace.

Baby Luffy stared at Ace when he heard him laugh, with a big grinned at his chubby face, baby Luffy crawled towards Ace and tugged his big brother's black short. Ace felt something that is pulling his short, titling his eyes down, he found baby Luffy pulling his short.

"What is it Luffy? Getting sleepy now?" Ace grinned back at his now baby little brother. He lifted baby Luffy then putting him on his lap. Baby Luffy snuggled on Ace's naked chest, feeling his big brother's warmth then he smiled at Ace. Ace felt nostalgic. Way back in Fuchsia, when Luffy was still a newborn baby, Ace is the one who nursed Luffy, he is the one who fed, dressed and bathed Luffy back then. Ace is known to be over protective to his little brother. And now seeing Luffy again in his baby form something kicked in Ace's chest. His old overprotective self, whom he thought he had lost it after seeing his little brother accomplished anything with his own hands with the help of course of his loyal comrades, rose again. Ace's eyes soften seeing baby Luffy tried to grabbed Ace's beaded necklace.

"Bleagh!" baby Luffy babbles wrinkling his nose because failing in attempt to grab Ace's beaded necklace. Ace chuckles lightly and his eyes soften, feeling a little nostalgic.

"Wanna play with nii-chan, huh?" Ace asked baby Luffy.

"Ai!" baby Luffy answers, as if he understands Ace. Ace grinned at baby Luffy then he tickled baby Luffy's stomach, making the baby laugh hard. The straw hat crews were all amazed, seeing Ace acting so soft towards baby Luffy is not something you would see everyday.

"You guys should camp with us," Ace said after rocking baby Luffy. "It's dangerous if you guys stayed in here,"

"Oh no! We don't want to intrude—,"

"Nah! It's safer if you guys are with us, besides I wanna spend some time with Luffy, too," Ace grin.

"What about our ship?"

"Don't worry he have a look out, I can asked him to look after your ship too,"

The straw hat crews looked at each other, and as if understanding each other without uttering any word, they all nodded in unison.

"If you insist, Ace," Nami replied in behalf of her crewmates. Ace nodded, helping his lil bro's comrades to pack all their camp set.


"Ah, Ace, it's good that your back already," Whitebeard said the moment he saw Ace entered their camp site. Whitebeard's eyebrows rose when he saw unfamiliar people behind his son. "And who are you?" His main commanders gathered besides him, his other sons pause simultaneously as they all watched the Straw Hat crew walks inside the camp site with Ace. Some of them pointed at the Straw Hat crews whispering something.

"Pops! These guys are my little bro's comrades, I asked them to spend the night with us, is that okay?" Ace said gesturing Nami and Co. behind him.

Usoop grab Nami's sleeve, bending slightly to their navigator, he whispered. "Never in my entire life that I've imagine myself meeting the Whitebeard personally,"

"Me, too. First Rayleigh-san, the first mate of Pirate King and then Whitebeard! I can't believe we're all meeting the legendaries of Grand Line one by one!" Nami whispered back while Usoop nod hastily.

"I don't mind it but may I ask why that is? And who is that baby in your arms anyway?" Whitebeard asked Ace while frowning at baby Luffy, the latter is now sleeping in Ace arms sucking his chubby thumb.

Ace tells Whitebeard and his crew what happened to straw hat crew animatedly, while baby Luffy is tending by Nami inside their camp tent the rest of the Straw Hat crew is doing their own tasks.

"Now that you mention it, I heard that Jewelry Bonney can do that. It seems that she can manipulate someone's age, though no one knows what is her power called," Curiel said, 10th Division Commander of Whitebeard's crew. Curiel wears a vest and large eyeglasses.

"For the sake of saving his first mate without thinking the consequences, your brother has your naïve attitude," the 4th Division Commander Thatch said elbowing Ace, the latter hit back his co-commander and the two ended up hitting Marco, who's sitting quietly besides Ace.

"Opps, sorry Marco," Ace said but the 1st Division Commander of Whitebeard's crew hadn't notice it and just stared someone or something besides them. Thatch and Ace look at each other then simultaneously tilted their head to the direction where Marco is staring; there they saw Nami and Robin playing with baby Luffy. Thatch and Ace seems to understand why Marco is staring at the two girls, grinning Thatch flick his fingers in front of Marco's face.

"Oi, the hell's you looking over them, huh?"

"Ne, Ace who's that girl? With the orange hair I mean?" Marco asked not bothering to look at his co-commander.

"Her name's Nami, Luffy's navigator. She's first class navigator mind" Ace said with a hint of proud with his little brother's navigator.


"You're interested in her, aren't you?" Ace teases him but instead of being annoyed Marco grinned back at him. Thatch smirk besides Ace.

"You read my mind, eh?" Marco said tugging Ace towards Nami and Robin. "C'mon you've gotta introduce me to her, Ace," Thatch, who doesn't want to miss this fun, tag along with his co-commanders.


Ace let out a fake cough, Nami and Robin halted, dragging their eyes off to baby Luffy towards Ace and his co-commanders.

"Hey guys, let me introduced to you my comrades," Ace said, tilting his head at Thatch first.

"This guy's Thatch our 4th division commander," Thatch bow at Nami and Robin then offering his right to the girls.

"Pleasure to meet you beauties," Nami and Robin accept Thatch hand and shook it gently.

"That guy is our 1st division comma—,"

"Marco's the name Mademoiselles, it really is a pleasure to meet such beauties as you girls' possess," Marco cutting Ace's words bowing like a gentle man at Robin and Nami. Both girls smile polite at Marco.

"The pleasure is all mine, Sir," Nami answered politely. Ace and Thatch sniggered secretly when Nami said 'sir' at Marco.

"Please just call me Marco," Marco said ignoring his comrades' snicker.

"Oh, that would be rude," Nami said with her natural innocent-flirt smile.

"No, please I insist," Marco answered.

"Oh okay if you insist Marco," Marco winks at Nami, the latter just smile at him. The three boys walk away afterwards.

"It's clearly that he likes you, that Marco," Robin said smiling at Nami.

"Oh, I'm used to it, you know that boys falling over my charm," Nami shrugged with her rather proud smile then she sticks out her tongue winks at Robin then grinning after while.

On the next tent, Sanji is watching all through the scene glaring at Marco.

"That bastard's flirting with my Nami-swan and Robin-chwan!" Sanji said his fists are tightly closed.

"Exactly when did Nami and Robin become yours, huh Sanji?" Usoop asked looking at their cook's jealous face, shaking his head and shrugging at the same time.


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Japanese Translation: Mugiwara gaki - straw hat brat /Ittekimasu - I'll be going /Chikushou – damn /Aniki/nii-chan - big brother / Tanuki - reindeer