Luffy was accidentally hit by Bonney's power, turning him into a one year old baby. Even in his baby self, it seems Luffy is a very hyperactive boy, making his crewmates dying of exhaustion.

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"Oi! Ace!" Usoop cried out while running towards Ace and co along with Chopper.

"Eh, Usoop-san and Chopper-san,"

"Ace, I and the others are now searching for Luffy." Panting heavily, Usoop and Chopper collapsed after reaching Ace and his crew mates. "Zoro said that we need your help, some of them searching the forest now but with just the five of them it'll take time. Zoro added that we have to find Luffy before dawn. It'll be difficult to search the forest when the night falls,"

"You don't have to ask me, Usoop-san. I'll be going now there, I already asked my comrades to look for Luffy too," without any word Ace run towards the forest followed by his comrades.

"So Chopper let's go check out this side shall we?"

"Understood! Let's go!"


10:30 AM

Whitebeard steps out of his humongous tent and notices that Marco and the others are missing. Usually the minute he woke up his sons will gathered around him for no reasons especially his main Division Commanders, now only his personal nurses and some cooks assemble besides him.

"Where are Marco and the others, eh?" he asked as his cooks offered him his breakfast.

"They're in the woods now Captain,"

"What on earth are they doing there?" Whitebeard frown as he took some barrel of rum from one of his crew.

"Apparently Ace's baby brother's missing and their searching for him now,"

"Missing? Was he taken by someone?"

"No one knows that yet,"

Whitebeard frowned, clutching his barrel of rum.


Meanwhile back to baby Luffy, it's been four hours since mother bear took him in. Baby Luffy look around him, both bears are still sleeping. Glancing towards the cave's mouth baby Luffy saw the rainbow-colored butterfly. Because of his non-ending fascination about the beautiful butterfly baby Luffy crawled outside the cave, making his way through out the bushes (that seems to hide the entrance of the cave).

"Ai!" he cooed as he followed the butterfly, getting further and further away from the cave. A meter away from him, the stubborn and unlucky snake heard him cooed. Distracted by the butterfly, baby Luffy didn't notice the boa constrictor followed him quietly, making sure that this time it'll make baby Luffy its early dinner.

The butterfly set down swiftly next to the bee swarm, as if it's waiting baby Luffy. The butterfly landed not so high bushes, even baby Luffy can reach it that is if baby Luffy stood up. His caramel eyes firmly fixed at the unmoving butterfly. The snake behind him rejoices it's already time for it to eat the unaware baby. Opening harshly his wounded mouth it slowly approaches the baby.

Baby Luffy on the other hand pushes his body up to stand and tried to walk towards the butterfly. Wobbling a bit baby Luffy focused on his right foot, staring at it as he tried to step forward. He giggled as his first attempt succeeded when suddenly he felt the urge to sneeze.

"Ha… Haa… Hat-chuu!" baby Luffy's knees buckled and he fell on his bottom at the same time the poor snake with zero luck in life unfortunately landed off towards the bee swarm.

The poor snake gulp as it stares at the angry bees in front of it. He hastily crawled away from there but the bees followed it and strike it with their sharp stings. Lucky baby Luffy laughs as he watched the poor snake crawling away from him.


Ace and his comrades split up in different directions to look for baby Luffy. Ace's heart's beat hard as he searched every nook and cranny of the forest for his little brother and making things worst is that he often imagines Luffy crying out there alone and wounded.

Damn! Wait there Luffy! Nii-chan's coming now! Ace shouts out in his head. Just wait a little longer okay?

"Luffy? Where are you? Answer me!" come to think of it? How could a baby like Luffy answered for his call? Ace taps his forehead hard muttering the word 'stupid'.

Oh God please… don't let anything happened to Luffy. He desperately prayed.



In the town market, Nami and Robin asked every single person in the town.

"Ojii-san, have you seen a baby with a straw hat wondering out here?"

"Huh? No sorry, haven't notice any baby here,"

"Oh… Er… Thank you,"

Nami and Robin desperately search for baby Luffy out in every corner of the town.

C'mon Luffy! Where the heck are you? Show yourself now already damn it all! Nami scream inside her head. I'm getting worried now, what if something happened to him? Oh God please don't. Nami froze. What if he's hurt somewhere? No… He is Luffy so… but he's a baby now so what if... Moe!

"Nami-chan what's wrong?" Nami twitched as her nakama approach her. Robin heard her sob softly.

"D-do you think Luffy's okay? No matter what I rationalized my self, he's still a baby. I can't help but worried so much." Nami said in the middle of her sobbing. Robin grabs Nami's hands and squeezes it gently.

"Don't worry, a baby or not our Captain's got this so called 'Luck of Rookies' and he is Luffy after all so he'll be fine I'm sure he will. Right now all we can do is search for him everywhere," Nami wipe off her tears and smile at Robin.

"You're right, Robin." Nami nodded as she squeezes Robin's hand back. "Let's go. Luffy might be somewhere out here now," Luffy, just wait a little longer. We're coming!


The same worries rose inside Chopper's chest while he and Usoop search for baby Luffy and it's pretty obvious to Usoop because their reindeer doctor kept sighing. Usoop too is worried about Luffy but unselfishly decide to cheer up his friend now. Usoop secretly wears his Sogeking mask, thinking that it'll be a futile effect if Chopper would see his worried face too. He must hide his face; hide all his worries for the sake of cheering a friend.

"Are you thinking if Luffy-kun's okay right Chopper-kun?" Usoop said (changing his voice a little deeper than usual) after noticing Chopper's sudden silent.

"Oh! Sogeking! When did you—,"

"You're worried right?

"How did you know?"

"Because I'm Sogeking, the great Sniper from the Shooter Island! Usoop-kun told me about Luffy-kun and asked me to help you guys out," Usoop proudly answered.

"Wow! You're so kind Sogeking!" Chopper said with admiration in his eyes. "About your question… Yeah I'm worried Sogeking… I wonder if he's okay, that Luffy," Chopper's eyes sadden.

"You've been sailing with Luffy-kun for how long now Chopper-kun?"


"It's been long Chopper-kun and till now you didn't know how lucky that Captain of yours is?" Usoop said while running along with Chopper.

"Sogeking… You… You think Luffy's okay?"

"I think so?" Usoop said sarcastically, he tap his chest proudly. "I know so, Chopper-kun. He maybe in baby form but I'm sure Luffy-kun's having fun now out there. That Luffy-kun; going in an adventure without you and the great Usoop-kun. Unforgivable! So run faster Chopper-kun; you should join him!" Usoop added with a bright smile in his face (that Chopper on the other hand can't see).

"You're right, Sogeking! I'm sure Usoop would say the same thing, too." Chopper runs faster than usually; leaving Usoop behind. "Rwwarr! Luffy, we're coming! Hogging all the fun alone is unforgivable!" he screamed as he run.

"O-oi Chopper-kun! Don't leave the great Sogeking-sama behind!"

"Oh yeah! I wonder what happened to Usoop now." Chopper asked himself as he waited to Sogeking oblivious about the fact that Sogeking and Usoop is one person.


"He's not here too," Sanji said rather agitated, lighting his cigarette. Behind him is Franky and Brook, breathing heavily as both dropped their body off the ground. Brook noticed something.

"Anou… Sanji-san, Franky-san… I think something's missing now…"


"Hey where is that Swordsman-nii-chan gone off to?" Franky said as he wondered his eyes around them.

"That damn marimo! He must've been lost again! For-god's-sake!" Sanji cursed as he notice Zoro's not with them now. "Never mind him now. We'll worry about him later, Luffy comes first now."

"That Swordsman… He must've been genius enough to get lost around like that frequently." Franky commented as he, Sanji and Brook started to search for baby Luffy again.

"You can say that again. That shitty marimo doesn't know the difference between left and right," Sanji added as he and Franky laugh out loud. They can insult Zoro now that he is not around.

"But still I'm more worried about him more than Luffy-san," Brook said as he peek inside the bird's nest whispering 'Luffy-san are you here? Oh it's a bird's nest my mistake. Yohohoho!' Sanji kicked Brook 'Like hell he would be there, shitty skeleton!' Franky sweat dropped.

"I'm sure Straw Hat's fine. I'm not so sure about swordsman-nii-chan though. Well anyways, we should hurry up. It'll be nightfall now,"

They were about to start when suddenly a boa constrictor crawled in front of them, behind it is a pack of angry bees (they still continue to sting the poor snake). It's the unlucky snake that stubbornly followed baby Luffy awhile ago. It seems that it was unable to escape the wrath of the bees. The three of them sweat dropped as they watched the poor snake desperately running (more like crawling) away from the vicious bees.

"C-choto… Was that a snake?" Sanji slowly said as he tried to sink what they just saw.

"Ah," Both Brook and Franky answered, nodding at Sanji.

"And behind it are bees right?"


"That snake… it was actually crying… was it?"


"And those bees… they were actually hitting the snake with their sting right?"


None of them utter a word.

"It was my first time seeing a crying snake and bees attacking something bigger than their size." Brook commented first. "I can't believe my eyes. Oh I'm a skeleton so I don't have eye. Yohohoho!"


On the other side of the forest, Zoro's face is getting redder of frustration because no matter what run and turn he do he always ended up in that the same cliff before.

"What the— why do I always end up in this stupid cliff over and over again! Am I cursed or what?" Zoro frustratingly scratch his head. Just a minute ago Sanji, Brook and Franky were walking in front of him and now those guys are gone.

"Where the hell is that damn cook anyways?" he said as he scans the area with a frown on his forehead. "Don't tell me their lost now? Geez, those guys, they really know how to make things worst," he shook his head. "Anyways I should go look for Luffy than worry myself for nothing about those guys," turning to his left, he saw the shore and their pirate ship, Sunny-go. "Ara? I can see Sunny-go here. Man our ship's real cool! Crap! This is not the right time for this!" Zoro sighed as he run to look for baby Luffy but he cursed as he ended up in that same cliff like always.

"Damn this cliff!"


Meanwhile back at baby Luffy. Still following the butterfly, he suddenly stopped when he heard someone calling his name.

"Ai?" baby Luffy blink twice when suddenly the butterfly landed on his nose. He giggled. He was about to grab the butterfly when suddenly it flew. Baby Luffy pouted as he stubbornly followed the butterfly again. Baby Luffy climb the tree's large root with great difficulty and then falling down in the other side of it.

As if fate is trying to play a tricked on them behind that same tree is Ace, unaware that his little brother is just inches away from him. Baby Luffy gently giggled as he watched the butterfly fly on top of his head.

Ace peeked on the other side of the tree but Baby Luffy started to crawl again through the bushes (as he saw the butterfly flying towards that direction). Ace sigh, he thought that it's Luffy when he heard some sort of baby's laugh, guess he's just imagining things. Deciding to look to the opposite direction, Ace silently cursed.

While baby Luffy and the butterfly ended up in the very same cliff Zoro lost just awhile ago (it seems Zoro is now lost somewhere inside the forest).

"Ai!" the butterfly landed down the ground. Deciding not to approach the butterfly so that it won't fly again, baby Luffy seated near the butterfly and watch it dance around him.


The snake manage to escape from the ferocious bees and saw baby Luffy. Furious about its continuous bad luck the snake decided to follow baby Luffy and eat him. Thinking maybe this time it would be able to eat the oblivious baby.


Ten minutes before baby Luffy manage to get in the cliff. Both Nami and Robin return to Sunny-go.

"They haven't found Luffy," Robin said as she and Nami climb on their ship. "No one's here yet,"

"Oi! Nami! Robin!" Usoop shout while waving at Nami.

"Usoop! Chopper!" Nami called out. Panting heavily, Usoop collapsed on the ground grasping for air as Chopper report what happen to them to Nami and Robin.

"No luck, we couldn't find Luffy at all," Chopper said in the middle of catching his breathe.

"Us too. We practically search every inch of the town. I wonder if Sanji-kun-tachi found him."

"I hope so,"

Minutes later Chopper saw Sanji, Brook and Franky (decided to go back to Sunny-go too) running towards them.

"Sanji-kun! Did you find him?"

"Not good Nami-san. We couldn't find Luffy,"

"My god. How about Ace-san?" As if a cue, Ace suddenly appeared, running towards them and behind him is his comrades who helped looked for baby Luffy.

"Guys, found Luffy?"

Their face fell, preventing to meet Ace's worried eyes they all looked in different directions. Ace clenched his fist harder.

"Ace…" Marco whispered seeing Ace froze when the Straw hat crew's navigator shook her head.

Ace felt his chest was about to explode. He wanted to scream but his voice failed to come out from his throat. He wanted to punch someone but his body failed to move an inch. It pain that he always had this proud self inside that he could protect Luffy every time and everywhere, he thought he's strong but it seems he's not.

They couldn't find his little brother, even just one of them. So much about being the older brother. He couldn't even protect his little brother. Ace cursed quietly as he tightly clenched his fist, so much that it started to bleed.

Silence lingering all around them and a heavy and awkward atmosphere surrounds them. Avoiding Ace's eyes, Nami turned her head on her left where the cliff is. Her eyes widen and sharply gasped. Ace was about to run back inside the forest when Name cried out Luffy's name.


"Eh?" they all turn their heads at Nami.

"Seriously? Where?" Nami, shivering a little, pointed at the cliff. Following her hand they all gasped in chorus.


Back at baby Luffy, he's busy watching at the butterfly didn't notice the snake sneakily crawled behind him. Clapping his chubby hands together, he giggled as his undivided attention kept him from noticing the snake inches away from him.


"This is bad, seriously bad!" Brook said shivering as he watched baby Luffy and the snake behind him. Chopper and Usoop paced around as they both shouting 'What to do? What to do?'

"Oh my God! Mugiwara look out!" Franky yelled, looking worried and sweating heavily.

"Damn! He's too far away!" Sanji cursed clenching his fist, his cigarette fall off from his mouth.

"I can do something about the snake but what if Luffy fall down the cliff?" Robin said then she holds her breath as she positions herself to fight.

"Usoop do something to that snake, leave Luffy to Robin!" Nami cried out her whole body is shaking.

"Eh? Why me?"

"Aren't you our sniper?"

"Oh yeah!" he hastily took out his weapon the 'Kabuto' a green metallic contraption that looks like a cross between a staff and a slingshot.

"Hurry up!"

Ace eyes widen his little brother's in danger and there he is unable to do anything. He was about to run to save Luffy when Marco grab his fist.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"I have to save Luffy! Let go Marco!"

"Damn Ace I know you wanted to save him but there's not much time!"

"I know and I don't care! I'm going to save him, like hell I would let that shit snake eat up my little bro in front of me."

"Choto matte minna! Isn't that…"



The snake opened his mouth. Just a few inches away from the baby someone grabs its tail. Squeezing its tail tightly, Whitebeard effortless spin the snake. Baby Luffy turn and laugh as Whitebeard spin the poor snake. The snake tried to attack Whitebeard, baring his poisonous fang at the old man and hissed angrily but his effort is futile.

"Get lost," Whitebeard said with firm voice, glaring at the snake and used his own Haki. The snake froze of fear, slowly crawling backward Whitebeard grab its tail again.

"Ai!" he claps his chubby hands together when Whitebeard threw the snake into the cliff. Tilting his head down at the laughing baby, Whitebeard can't help himself but smile. Baby Luffy giggle throwing his hands at Whitebeard asking the old man to carry him. Whitebeard's eyebrows rose, he chuckled and bends down to carry baby Luffy.

Baby Luffy snuggled himself when Whitebeard carries him. He was fascinated by Whitebeard's unusual crescent-shape mustache. His one hand grabs the mustache, pulling it downward. But Whitebeard's mustache is like a rubber as it moves back to its original position. Baby Luffy laugh as he pulls the old man's mustache over and over again and his laugh grew louder while watching the mustache sways up and down. He followed it with his eyes and Whitebeard laugh out loud when baby Luffy animatedly wobble after following the movement of the mustache. It seems baby Luffy felt dizzy while watching it go up and down.

Baby Luffy stared at the laughing old man and as if he understands anything baby Luffy laugh along with the old man.

"Ai!" baby Luffy throws his chubby hands in the air.

"Gurarara… Cheeky brat" Whitebeard flick baby Luffy's nose gently as he walks back to their tent.


"Pops!" they all yell together. Some of them sigh, relief wash over their faces as they all watched Whitebeard carries the baby.

Usoop, Chopper and Brook collapse at the same time. Robin relaxed her body and Nami still feeling her knees quiver she sigh of relief. Sanji and Franky after clapping their hand together they both fall abruptly on their bottom.

Ace still can't believe what just happen. Still his eyes focused on the cliff, Marco tap the back of his head.

"You can relax now nii-chan." Marco teases as he grins at Ace.

Ace didn't say anything, his face is totally blank.

"C'mon Ace stop sulking already. You should be celebrating now."


Marco sighs while staring at Ace.

"Now what is you're problem. You should be glad Luffy's safe now. Stop blaming yourself for everything that happened Ace. It's not your fault." Marco said then leaving the quiet Ace, the latter bite his lower lips as he tried not to make any sound as he cry.

Of course he is glad that Luffy is now safe but thinking about being helpless it's just crashed his heart painfully. It would be great if he's the one who saves Luffy back there but Marco's right. It's not the right time to be sad. Luffy's safe and that's all that matters to him. Sobbing silently, Ace wipes his tears away before turning around him.

He was surprised to see that his comrades watching him sulk. Marco must've been told his comrades that 'Fire-fist Ace' is actually crying like a girl.

"O-nii-chan!" Thatch said, imitating a baby voice, throwing his hands towards Ace as if asking to carry him. They all laugh.

"Shut up," Ace said and instead of getting angry at them he just laugh along with his 'nakama'. Charging Thatch with his playful punch they all walk back to their camp site to meet up with their captain. He noticed that his little brother's comrades are not following them, Ace turn back.

"Hey, you guys coming?"

"Ah, we'll be there Ace-san. We'll just rest for a little."

"Yeah that was an intense scene awhile ago. I think my energy's been drain to zero."

The Straw Hat crews laugh weakly as they simultaneously dropped their body off the ground.

"Arigatou" Ace said with low voice. They all drag their eyes at Ace.


Nami smiled "You don't have to thank us Ace-san, Luffy's part of this family. He's everything to us, not because he's our captain but because he's a precious nakama,"

"Yeah, but still thank you… so much,"

"Nah… It's okay… You better go there now. I bet Luffy's going to look for you,"

"Don't worry we'll be there, promise."

"Okay," Ace run back to their camp, leaving the Straw hat crew behind.


While waiting for their captain slash father Ace chat with his friend, laughing animatedly. The straw hat crew arrives at the site, Thatch hits Marco's side gesturing his head at Nami. Both men grin and decided to walk over to Nami when someone announces Whitebeard's arrival.

"Oyaji is back minna!" someone cried out, they all turn their eyes towards their captain. Ace heard Luffy's laugh, apparently he's still playing their old man's mustache.

They we're all amazed, sure Whitebeard laugh sometimes but not with manner. Looking at both of them it's as if looking at a grandfather babysitting his grandson.

"Gurarara… Here pipsqueak we're back already." Whitebeard said as he put baby Luffy down the ground. "I was getting bored so I thought about having a little walk when I saw this brat with the snake." Whitebeard sat down to his usual large seat. His nurse automatically surrounds him scolding him not to disappear like that again, growling at his nurses he gulp his favorite rum and ignore them. His nurses sigh because of their captain's stubbornness.

Marco patted Ace. "Oi, why aren't you moving Ace? Your little brother's staring at you," Baby Luffy saw his older brother giggling he pushed his body up to stand. The baby's focused on his left foot, trying to move it. They were all amazed when he successfully step his left foot forward. Ace was shocked and he felt nostalgic. He witnessed Luffy's first step years ago too, in fact when Luffy took his first step it was him who he came first and he was so happy back then. Today he wondered if Luffy's going to come to him just like the old time.

Baby Luffy look at Ace leisurely clapping his hands and held out his own tiny hands smiling to him. Swaying mildly he stood up and slowly started to put a leg in front of the other.

"Oh my, Luffy's walking!" Nami gasped blushing slightly. It was cute to see baby Luffy trying his best to walk. Adding that he stared at his big brother while he continues to step forward, they all gazed at him with awe.

With his clumsy steps, baby Luffy managed to reach his big brother. Still Ace is speechless while staring at his smiling little brother. Baby Luffy tag Ace's short, holding his little hands out at him.

"Ai! Asy… Asy…" he babbled as he tag Ace's short.


"Luffy's trying to speak too! Aww…"

Ace kneel in front of baby Luffy, the baby on the other hand pat Ace's face gentle as he giggled. Baby Luffy's attempting to speak his name.

"Asy… Asce… Asce… ACE! Ai!"

Ace snapped out of his thoughts as his eyes widen. He would never have thought that his own name would be his little brother's first word again just like before. Ace felt something swell in his chest and his eyes softened as he watched his brother call out to him 'Ace! Ace! Ai!'. He hugged Luffy as he grin at him. He lifted baby Luffy as the little baby played his drool. Ace tickled Luffy's stomach.

"That's right Luffy," he said as he rubs his nose against Luffy's. "I'm here Luffy. I'm your big brother Ace,"


Till baby Luffy return to his original age, both siblings are inseparable. Ace baby-sit his younger brother 24/7, never leaving the baby alone. Three days had pass, Jewelry Bonney is coincidently stop by the very same island the Straw hat and Whitebeard crew's resting and undo Luffy's age. After their hyperactive captain turn back, Luffy immediately scream 'FOOD!' and was a bit confused about what happen after he was turn into a one-year old baby. It seems that he didn't recall anything about his little adventure or anything happen after that all he wanted after returning back is to eat. Straw hat crew sigh in chorus as they watched Jewelry Bonney and Luffy stuff their face with foods. Ace's comrades continue to tease Ace calling him 'Onii-chan' imitating a baby voice w/c Ace finds it very amusing.


THE END (me: *placard* or so I thought)

"Matte minna I was wondering what happen to Mr. Swordsman?" Robin asks interrupting their celebrati0n. The whole crew froze.

"Ah," they tap fist on their palm in unison. "Oh yeah... We forgot about Zoro..."


Meanwhile somewhere in the forest a man with three swords and haramaki ended up in the same tree, the tree that he ended up about three times already.

"How on earth did I got here again? Damn it all!" Zoro screams his face is in deep red clutching his swords tightly.


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Japanese Translation: Haki – ambition (it appears to be an ability of sorts that channels one's Spirit to intimidate opponents, However, its true nature has yet to be determined or stated –source- onepiece dot wikia dot com-) / haramaki - green sash /choto – wait / matte – minute /Oyaji - old man/Pop/Father / arigatou - thank you /minna - everyone/everybody / ojii-san - old man/mister