Walking though the large corridors , hallways with secret doors and hidden passages I couldn't help but note how this felt like home. I haven't felt like this is a long time. Ever since Edward left I always felt something was missing but now, here at this place were I belong the hole in my heart disappeared. After a few months I got over the fact that Edward doesn't love me and I completely accept that. I understand that he thought he loved me but when he said how fragile I was he suddenly realised that he wasn't. I was never able to be myself. I removed the charm over my appearances. I have the same colour eyes as my father James and my hair has more red due to my mother Lily.

Hogwarts has always been my home even since the ages of 11. Although I never attended the school I always came here to see Dumbledore and them more recently to see my twin, who schooled here. I was excited as I walked to the Gryffindor common room. I muttered the password and the door swung open. I walked though the port whole. I saw Harry and his friends sitting on the sofa laughing and joking. I couldn't help but smile. He looked up at me. His eyes widened as a huge grin with could rival that of a Cheshire cat appeared on his face. His friends turned in in the direction he was looking at to see what he was staring. Harry jumped up running towards me before grabbing me in a huge hug. I laughed.

" Harry" I squeaked with delight. " put me down".

He slowly put me to my feet, he was a good few inches taller than me.

" What are you going here?" he asked confused.

" I'm the new student in your year" I couldn't help but smile, he hugged me again.

" Gryffindor I see" he stated.

" Of course, it's the family house" I giggled. " Although the hat wanted to put me in Slytherin"

" Don't worry the same thing happened to me" his face was still covered by a large smile.

I heard someone clear there throat's I turned around to see two people standing in front of me looking confused. One was a ginger haired boy - he was tall, well built -holding hands with a brunette - she was about my height her hair was in smooth ringlets, her eyes were brown.

Harry looked sheepishly over at them.

" This is Isabella-" he was cut off by the ginger one.

" Your girlfriend?" he raised his eyebrow. Both Harry and I winced, made gagging noises then laughed.

" No, She is my twin but call her Bella" he stated.

They both looked at me with there mouth open.

" But, How?" The ginger one asked.

" Well, when a mummy and daddy love each other-" I started out but then got cut by the laughing coming from Harry and the brunette girl.

" I know that" the ginger one wined, I raised my eyebrow questionably. Which caused the girl to laugh harder.

" I'm Hermione, this is Ronald" she extended her hand politely. I shook it, before turning to Ronald.

" So Ronald shall we continue our sex education talk." He blushed slightly before muttering something under his breath. Harry shook with silent laughter beside me.

" Harry how come you never mentioned Bella before?" Hermione asked.

" I asked him not to, he was known as the boy who lived, I didn't want that. Plus he only found out a year or two go when Dumbledore introduced us." I explained. She nodded in a understanding way.

" How come Harry was the one who got the scar?" Ron asked.

" We both did" Harry and I answered at the same time.

" Creepy" Ron muttered. I extended my left hand showing them the same lighting bolt scar near my thumb.

They both nodded.

" This is weird" Ron stated, Hermione hit him across the head.

" Sorry about Ron, he is… not very good at considering other peoples feelings" Harry tried to explain.

" Its okay, trust me it was weird finding out I had a brother, plus we don't looked anything alike much"

" I am clearly the better looking one"

I rolled my eyes at Harry's comment.

" You worry me sometime" I moaned shaking my head. He chuckled.

" Come on Bella, I will show you to your room, then we will go down for lunch" Hermione rambled as she grabbed my arm showing me to my room.

" Help me" I begged as I was dragged up the stairs. I heard Ron and Harry laugh.